Infinity Claims Chapter 16

Edward followed Felix inside his house.  It had been Felix parents’ home, but, when a couple of robbers at their shop in town killed them unexpectedly, Felix moved out of his apartment and back into his childhood home.  It had taken some time to change the furniture and decorations, but, after a while, he finally did it.  Edward had been in the house several times, and made himself comfortable on the sofa.  Felix came back from the kitchen with two bottles of beer.

Felix looked down at his phone, and saw that Emma Rose had sent him a text, thanking him for a great time.  He couldn’t help but smile.

“So, are you going to see her again?”  Edward asked, even though he didn’t want to really know.

“Sure.  We are going out to lunch tomorrow.”

“Lunch?  I didn’t think you went to lunch, well, not in public that is.”  Edward grimaced.  “I can’t imagine that she is good enough for round two.”

Felix sat down in the chair across from Edward, and took a big swig of beer.

Sitting the bottle down on the table, he looked at Edward dead on.  “Cry me a fucking river Edward.  You are worse than an old woman moaning and groaning.  Yes, I took Emma Rose out, after you fucked up.  Come on, man, you know you drive like a maniac, and the only thing you had to do was say you were sorry, but, nooooo, you had be badass Mafia Edward.  I showed her around Florence, and we talked; that’s it.  She is an extraordinary woman, but there is something you need to know about her.”

“What?”  Edward barked, not liking how Felix was talking to him.  The problem was that Felix was right, and he hated to admit it.

“She is not only here on vacation, but also to research for her book that she is writing.  It is a romance fiction, but she wanted to make sure she got that background information as close as possible to reality as possible.”

“So, what is she writing about, Italian lovers?”

“No, the mob.”  Felix said quickly.

Edward’s eyes grew large.  “The mob?”

“Yup.  It seems she has been fascinated with them most of her life, and now she wants to write a love story about them.”

Edward raked his fingers through his hair and tugged.  What the fuck was a woman like Emma Rose doing researching the mob?  Damn, didn’t she know that sticking her nose in the wrong place, could get her hurt, or, worse, killed?  Fuck.  “Did you say anything about me?”

“Fuck Edward, do you really think I would say ‘hey, you know that guy that almost ran you over? Well, here is the thing; he is the son of one of the largest crime bosses in the world?’  Damn, I know better than that shit.”

Edward stood up and began pacing back and forth; trying to figure out what the hell, he was going to do.  He knew nothing about her, other than her name was Emma Rose; she had her nipples pierced, drank hard liquor, and knew some self-defense.  Fuck, what if she was from a rival family trying to infiltrate.  Even worse, she could be a damn pig.  Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.  Edward walked back over and sat down.  “Tell me everything you know about her.”

“She is from Boston.  Her father is Emmett McCarty; he played in the NFL as a linebacker, retired, and now owns his own law firm.  Her mother is Rosalie McCarty, who was a teacher, but quit after she was born.”

“What else?”  Edward asked, knowing by the expression on Felix’s face that he was holding something back.

“She doesn’t remember anything before the age of eight.”

“Well, most kids don’t.”  Edward answered.

“Come on, Edward, you have to remember some things from your earlier childhood.”

Edward thought for a moment, and the memories of his childhood came flooding back. As he kept thinking, the image of little Lizzy Bell dancing around him,  hugging her little lamb that he had gotten her for her birthday flooded his brain.  Then, he remembered the day that Carlisle had to bury her; it was the day after his own father was buried.  “Fine, I do remember.  Did she have the reason why?”

“She was ill, and, when she got better, all her memories were gone.”  Felix explained.

Edward didn’t like that at all; it just didn’t add up.  Pulling out his phone, he called his good friend, Jasper, who was also part of family.  “Jasper, I need you to do me a favor.  Run a background check on an Emma Rose McCarty and her family.  Make sure it is a lifetime background check.”

“Who is this person?”  Jasper asked.  “Should I get Carlisle involved?”

“No, don’t tell Dad.  Just get me the information.”  Edward barked.  He needed to talk to Emma Rose and see if he could get any more information out of her.  “Felix, I need to talk to her.”

“I don’t think she likes you very much right now.”  Felix chuckled.

“I fucking don’t care.  Felix, she might be trying to get in good with the family for some reason.  Damn, maybe that is why she came onto me at the bar?”

“Fuck, Edward, she didn’t come onto you.  Maria told me how you were on her as soon as you laid eyes on her.”  Felix knew why Edward wanted to talk to Emma Rose, but, for some reason, he felt very protective of her.  “Fine, but I am going to be there the whole fucking time.”

“Fine.  But don’t get in my way.”  Edward barked.

“Fine” Felix pulled out his phone and texted Emma Rose.  He argued that, instead of lunch out, he would wow her with his cooking abilities.

Edward was too nervous about seeing Emma Rose and that he hardly slept that night.

Jasper finally called him back, and told him basically the same things that Felix had.  He went even further to say that he found no connection to other families or the cops; actually, the complete opposite.  The McCarty has led a quiet life outside of the limelight.  Jasper did make a comment on how fucking hot she was, and he wanted all the details when Edward nailed her.  Edward told him to fuck off and hung up on him.

He arrived at Felix’s early, because he wanted to be there when Emma Rose arrived.  Felix was in the kitchen whipping up his favorite summer pasta dish with fresh vegetables.   A few minutes before noon, there was a knock on the door.  Felix went to answer it while Edward remained in the living room.

Felix opened the door to find Emma Rose wearing a striking orange halter sundress that showed off her firm legs.  “Emma Rose.”  Felix said, kissing each cheek.

“Thanks for having me.  Here is a bottle of wine.  I figured it was never too early to enjoy the fruit of life.”  She chuckled.

“Oh, you are so right.”  Felix said, taking the bottle and offering her to come in.

He was nervous; he didn’t know how she was going to react when she saw Edward, but it had to be done.  As she followed him into the living room, he stepped to the side, and, when he did, she saw Edward.


“I can be any fucking where I want.”  He argued back to her.

Emma Rose walked over, and stood in front of him toe to toe.  Looking him right in the eye, she began poking her finger into his chest.  “Look, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but I only know you as an asshole who doesn’t know how to drive.  I came here today to have lunch with a gentleman, not an asshole.”

Edward had never had anyone, man or woman, ever talk to him the way she did, and, as much as he hated to admit it, it was turning him on.

“Edward sit down.  Emma Rose, please, just listen to him.”  Felix implored.

“Fine.”  She said, sitting on the chair furthest away from him.  As she looked at him, she remembered how fucking hot he was; damn, his chest was rock hard when she poked it.  Damn.

Edward took a few cleansing breaths to hopefully bring down his temper and arousal.  He was here on a mission, and he need to get the information from Emma Rose.

“First, I am sorry for today.  I shouldn’t have said that, but I also want to say I am sorry for almost hitting you.  I didn’t even see you, but, as Felix reminded me, I do drive rather fast.”

“Rather fast?”  Emma Rose grunted.  “You drive like you are on a NASCAR track, except they know how to drive.”

“WHAT?!  I know how to drive.  You have no…”  Edward argued back, but was interrupted by Felix.

“Edward, Emma Rose, this is going nowhere.  How about you two go out in the garden and I will fix us some drinks?  I think you both need some fresh air.”

Edward huffed and walked to the French doors that led to the outside with Emma Rose following.  Once they were outside, Emma Rose walked away from Edward and began to look at the countryside in front of her.  The pictures in books and on the internet didn’t do it justice.  She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.   Turning back to Edward, she could see he was frowning and raking his fingers through his rusty brown hair.

Edward looked at her. “I can’t believe how bitchy you are.”

“What?”  She steamed, stomping over to where he was standing, and came within a few inches of him.  “I am no bitch.”

“I didn’t call you a bitch, I said you are bitchy.”

“I might be bitchy, but at least I am not a fucking asshole.”  She declared, once again poking his rock hard chest.

“Stop poking me.”  He whined, rubbing where her finger had been.

“What a fucking baby are you?  I thought last night you might be a man, but I see now I was badly mistaken.  There is no way you could have taken care of my needs.”

Hearing her say he couldn’t take care of her needs made something snap inside of him.  He grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss.  His tongue demanded entrance into her mouth, and, when she allowed it, he was overcome by the tantalizing taste of Emma Rose McCarty.  Her tongue quickly began its dominance of his tongue.  Edward’s hands slid down her body and over a swollen breast, where he felt her piercing.  Grabbing a hold of it, he gently pulled it, causing Emma Rose to moan loudly in his mouth.  Her head fell back, and he attacked her neck with kisses while he continues to tug and pull at her piercing.

“More.”  Emma Rose cried, needing him to give her a release that she so needed.

“What do you want?”  Edward asked, placing kisses up her neck and nipping on her earlobe.

“I need a man to make me scream in ecstasy.”  She said, then looked into his blazing green eyes.  “Are you that man?”

Edward removed his hand from her breast, placed both hands on her ass, and lifted.  As he did, she rubbed over his hard cock, which caused him to moan.  “I am man enough and more.”  He walked over to the table and sat her at the edge.  Running his hands up her smooth silky legs, he finally reached her lacy covered pussy, so wet and needy.  “Oh, does your little kitty need to be petted?”

Emma Rose smirked.  She reached forward, and began rubbing his huge, thick cock. When she reached the tip, she gasped, her eyes grew large, and she caught herself tightening up her pussy.  He had a Prince Albert piercing, and she needed it so badly to be inside her.

Felix had gotten the drinks, but, before he came out, he looked outside.  He knew it could be one of two possibilities:  One, there would be blood everywhere or, two, the sexual tension would break, and all control thrown out the window.  As he looked out, he knew that lunch was over.


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