Chapter 15 Infinity Claims

Edward laid his hand on the small of her back, and directed her over to the section that he normally sat in.  Once they were sitting on a small loveseat, he waived Maria over.

IC 15 Club

“Maria, I would like my usual; get this lovely young woman one of the house specialty cosmopolitans.”  Edward said.

Emma Rose smiled.  Did he really think she would drink that shit?

Maria chuckled softly, looked at the woman, and gave her a mischievous wink.  She was supposed to take a break, but she wouldn’t miss this for the world.  Whoever this woman was, was going to give Edward Cullen a run for his money.  She went to bar and placed Edward’s order, one special Cosmo, and one Jameson and Ginger.  The bartender quickly got the drinks ready, and she placed them on her serving tray and started back to the section.

When she returned, she placed the tumbler and Cosmo glass on the table in front of the couple.  “I will put it on your tab, Edward.”

IC 15 Jameson

“Thank you.”  Edward replied, then, he reached down to hand the beauty her glass, but, before he could, she had the tumbler in her dainty hand, and was taking a large drink.

“Damn, that is good Jamison.  Thanks, sweetie.”  Emma Rose said.

“But your drink is the Cosmo.”  Edward implored.

“I don’t or won’t drink that shit.  Jameson or nothing at all.”

Edward was in awe of this woman.  Where the hell had she been all his life?  She was smoking hot, cussed like a sailor, could defend herself, and only drank Jameson.

“Maria, please take back this shit, and bring us two more Jameson and Gingers please.”

Maria smirked and walked away to get the drinks.

Edward turned toward the beauty.  “I am sorry about that; my name is Edward.”

“I am Emma Rose.”

“Oh you are from America?”  He asked.

“Yes.  I am from Boston, and you?”

“New York.  Are you here on business or pleasure?”

“Pleasure, plus I hope to get some research for my book.”  She announced.

“Oh, you are writer.  Cool.”

“You must be a regular around here, since everyone seems to know you.”

“Yeah, my family comes here a lot.  We have a home nearby.  Where are you staying?

“The Brunelleschi.”

“Nice.  Are you here alone?”  He asked.

“Yes.  Are you?”  She asked, and hoped that he was.  She really hoped he was alone because she really wanted to get to know that bulge in his pants better.

“Yup, here alone.”

“How about we go back to my room, order a bottle of Jameson, and get to know each other better?”  Emma Rose requested.

“Holy fuck.”  Edward groaned.  “I like the way you think.”

Edward stood, and offered her his hand.  She put her hand in his, and they walked out of the club.  As they walked past Felix, they heard him say, “Holy fuck, Edward.”

They walked down the cobble sidewalk around the corner to the parking lot.  As the neared Edward’s car, Emma Rose realized where she had seen him.  This was the asshole who almost hit her earlier.  Well, fuck.

“So, Edward, where did you learn to drive?”  She said gritting her teeth.

“What do you mean?”

Emma Rose pulled her hand from his.  “Well, asshole, you drive like an idiot and almost hit me earlier.”

“I did no such thing.”

“Typical.  Look here, asshole, I don’t have the time or energy to fight your lying ass.  Goodnight.”  She spat.

She left him standing by the car with a confused look on his face.  Damn, she really wanted to know what he was packing better.  Now she would have to go back to her room alone.  She turned the corner to hopefully flag down a cab, and, when she did, she ran into a hard chest.

IC 15 Felix

“Oops, sorry.”  She said, as she looked up to see Felix.  “Felix?”

“Emma Rose, what happened?”  He asked looking around for Edward.

“Oh, you mean the asshole I left with?  I just found out that he is the asshole that almost hit me earlier with his car; fucker doesn’t even remember it.”

“I am so sorry about that.  I just got off, and I would love to show you around Florence.  It is quite beautiful at night.”  Felix said, hoping to get a chance with Emma Rose.

She thought for a moment; why not?  “That sounds great, but do you mind coming back to the hotel with me while I change into something more comfortable for walking?”

“Not at all.  My car is just across the street.”  Felix said, offering his arm to Bella.

She took it; together, they walked across the street.  Felix walked around and opened the door; as she began to get in, Edward passed in his car.  He stared at Felix, who smirked and flipped him off. Felix closed the door and got in behind the wheel.

Emma Rose told him where she was staying, and he quickly maneuvered through the small Florence streets.   Soon, he was pulling up to the hotel.

“Do you mind waiting here for me?”  She asked.

“Sure.”  He said.  He really didn’t mind, but he would have loved to gone up to her room.

A short time later, she was bounding out the door in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes, and carrying a hoodie.  She had taken off her earrings and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.  Felix was taken with her when she had walked up at the steps of the club, but seeing her like this made his heart skip a beat.  She jumped in the car with a smile that could light up the darkest sky.

“So, local boy, show me what Florence is like at night.”  She beamed.

The rest of the night was spent with Felix showing Emma Rose all the out of the way places that a typical tourist would never be able to see.  They were sitting on an overlook seeing the morning sun as it began to break.   They had laughed and joked the entire time, and, as much as Felix hated to admit, he didn’t see her as a potential quick lay, but more like a sister.

“Hell, I forgot to ask, but, are you here on vacation or what?”  He asked.

“A little of both.  I just graduated, and I wanted to come and enjoy Italy, but also research for a book I am hoping to write.”

“A book?  Fiction or Nonfiction?”

“Fiction, but I want to pull from real life information to make the book more realistic.”

“I can understand that.  What is it about?”  He asked.

“It is a mafia romance story.”  She said.

Felix heart skipped.  What was a nice woman like this researching the mob?  Didn’t she know that she was putting herself in harm’s way?  Fuck.  Then he thought, holy shit, Edward had seen her.  He had found out about Edward’s father when they were fifteen years old.  He and Edward were out back of the barn smoking cigarettes and drinking some of his father’s good whiskey when they heard a ruckus in the barn.

Suddenly he heard a man cry out in pain, so, he turned and looked through a hole in the boards.  Inside was Edward’s father and another guy; they had Leon, the bookie, tied to a chair.

“Leon, did you really think I wouldn’t recognize that you have been skimming from my share?”  Carlisle said as he landed another hard slap right on Leon’s cheek.

“Please, I am sorry, Boss.”  Leon cried.

“Sorry?  Sorry for taking money that was not yours.  Garrett, show him what happens when you steal from the family.”

Garrett stepped up, and in one quick motion, pulled his gun and shot him between the eyes.  Felix screamed when he saw that, and jumped to his feet and began to run.  He was quickly was tackled by Edward.

“Felix, you need to stop.”  Edward said.

“Edward, they just killed Leon.”  He cried.

“Yes, they did.  Felix, come inside the house and let Dad talk to you.”  Edward implored, because, if he didn’t, Leon wouldn’t be the only body buried today.

“Edward, they just shot him without blinking an eye.”

“Felix, it is going to be okay.  Come and listen to what he has to say.”

Felix did go with Edward and the afternoon was spent with Carlisle explaining about the family and what it meant to keep the family a secret.  He was still frightened, but when he looked at how Carlisle and Edward were with each other, he decided that he could keep the secret.

“Emma Rose, please be careful about asking questions about the mafia in these parts.  The Family wouldn’t take kindly of strangers sticking their nose in their business.”  Felix begged.

Emma Rose could see the concern in Felix’s eyes.  He knew something, but she was sure she would never get whatever it was out of him.  In her years of research, she had run into several roadblocks along the way, but she had hoped she might get some information here in Italy, but it seemed she might have been mistaken.

IC 15 Daybreak


Edward didn’t know what had happened; one second he was holding the hand of a intriguing young woman, and the next she was storming off.  He had to admit he did like to speed, but he didn’t recall coming close to hitting anyone on the street.  Then, as he was leaving to go to another club to maybe find some action, he passed Emma Rose with Felix.  FUCK!  Felix was going to have the pleasure of Emma Rose; the thought of them together made him lose his desire for female companionship.  Instead, he spent the rest of the night driving around, trying to get the images of them together out of his mind.  He finally went back to the villa, and, after drinking a half of a bottle of Jameson, he passed out and even in the state he was plagued with images of dark brown eyes and nipple piercings.

The sun was beating down on his face when he finally awoke.

IC 15 Edward

Groaning loudly at his pounding head, he tried to focus on the clock and found it was three-fifteen in the afternoon.  He rolled out of bed and into the bathroom. After taking care of his full bladder and taking a nice long shower, he got dressed and went out.  Driving down his driveway, he turned on the road and a few houses down saw Felix out in the yard.  He didn’t want to hear about his conquest with Bella; however, Felix was still one of his best friends.  As he pulled into Felix’s driveway, he saw Felix looking up and smiling.

“Edward, damn, you look like shit.  A late night of partying?”  He asked, chuckling at his friend.

“You could say that.  Do you want to go get a coffee and catch up?”  Edward asked.

“Sure.  Let me get my phone, don’t want to miss a call from a hot woman.”  He joked, and, when he looked at Edward, he could see the hurt look.  What was it about Emma Rose that made Edward look like he had lost his best friend?  They had only been together for a short time, but then Felix thought of Emma Rose and he knew that there was something special about her.  Knowing this, he knew that Edward had become enraptured by the dark hair beauty, but what would he think when he found out that she was researching the mafia.

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