Chapter 9 Saying Goodbye to Your Heart

The dark clouds hung across the cemetery, almost like they knew the undesirable pain and darkness in the hearts of Bella and her parents.  There was a huge turnout for the joint funerals for Tony and Maria.  Bella stood by Tony’s casket still, holding onto the necklace that he gave her.  Over the last two days, she had cried, screamed, and yelled so much, that now she was numb.  Only a few days before they were declaring their feelings for each other and now he was gone.  The fire department determined it was a faulty gas line in the kitchen that caused the explosion and that they didn’t feel a thing.

Then, this morning, as they were getting ready to go to the service, there was a knock on their door.  Charlie answered the door to find a young woman in an expensive suit.  “Mr. Swan?”  She asked.


“My name is Jane Smith, and, before you ask, yes, that is my real name.”  She laughed.  “I am with the MassMutual Insurance Company.  May I come in, please?”

“Sure.”  Charlie said, motioning for her to come in.  He directed her to the living room.  Bella and Renee were sitting on the couch when they walked in. “This is Jane Smith, and she is with some insurance company.  Please have a seat.”

“Thank you, Mr. Swan.  I know that you are grieving over the loss of Ms. Masen and Tony; I am very sorry for your loss, but their death is why I am here.  Ms. Masen took out a very sizeable policy on herself and Tony and in the event that both passed away at the same time, she named someone to receive the policy.”  She explained.

“But, what does that have to do with us?”  Renee asked.

Jane looked at Bella.  “Maria named Isabella Swan as the sole beneficiary of the policy.”

“Sole?”  Charlie exclaimed.

“Yes.  The combined policy totaled seven and half million dollars.”  Jane confirmed.   “Isabella will receive a yearly allowance of fifty thousand dollars until she turns eighteen, and, on her birthday, she will receive the remaining amount.  We will be putting it into a trust that will also generate interest income, so, in the two years until she becomes eighteen, the trust will be larger.”

The Swans were in total shock.   Charlie and Renee knew that Maria cared for Bella, but they never imagined this.  After having Bella sign some forms, Jane handed her the first of her yearly cashier’s check.

“If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone at the company.  We are very sorry for your loss.”  She said, then Charlie escorted her out the door.  When he returned, he found Bella staring at the check.

“Bella, are you okay?”  He asked.

Bella didn’t want the money, she just wanted them back; however, that was impossible.  “Not really.”

After Jane left, the limo came to take them to the service.  Bella said nothing during the entire service, and, when they arrived to place Maria and Tony in the ground, she knew that she needed to say her goodbyes.  She walked over to Maria’s casket and placed her hand on the cold metal.

“I am one of the luckiest girls in the world, because I had two mothers who loved me.  I will never forget our time together, and how you taught me how to make your secret cookies.  I know you are in heaven looking down on me, and I am sorry I never told you that I loved you like another mother.”  She said, then turned to Tony’s casket.  Wiping her tears, she rubbed her hand across it

“To think that tomorrow you won’t be here breaks my heart.  To think that we won’t be together for the last years of high school breaks my heart.  To think that I will never hear you laugh breaks my heart.  To think we will never kiss again breaks my heart.  Tony, when you died, my heart broke, and it will never mend.  I could never love anyone as I love you, and I know I never will.”  After saying her goodbyes, she leaned down and placed a kiss on the casket.  He was dead and so was her heart.


Carlisle and Edward were in the back of the limo, heading towards the mansion.  Carlisle needed to get started on breaking Edward, so he could form him into the man that he needed to take over the family later on.  He had no plans on doing it any time soon, but that whore, Esme, had raised the boy to be soft and that needed to stop right now.  Carlisle Cullen’s son would not be known as soft, he would be known as ruthless and cold hearted.  The first thing Edward needed to do was his first kill and Carlisle knew who it would be.

The car ride was quiet.  Edward was trying to hold himself together.  So much had happened since he woke up; he learned his whole life was a lie, his father was alive and evil to the core, his mother was going to be held hostage and endure a life of degrading shame, and, if he didn’t do everything Carlisle told him, then he would have Bella killed.

Soon they pulled up in front of Carlisle’s mansion.  “Edward, welcome home, son.  Come, let’s get our time together started.”  He announced.

Once they were inside, Carlisle took Edward down a hall, and then finally down a set of stairs that led into the bowels of the house.  He had this built so he could deal out the punishments when he felt like it.  In one special room was someone he had kept locked up since the day that Edward went missing, Johnny.  Over the years, Johnny had begged and pleaded to be put out of his misery, yet Carlisle refused.  When Johnny refused to eat, he was knocked out, and a feeding tube was put in.  Carlisle told Johnny he would remain alive until Edward was found. Today he was the day he was going to die.

Opening the door, he motioned Edward to walk in first.  When Edward walked in, he was shocked.  Sitting on a chair was a man, who was so skinny he could see bones; his skin was pasty white and paper-thin.  The man had dark circles underneath his eyes and they were sunken into his head.

Carlisle walked over to Johnny and kicked his leg, causing it to break.  Johnny didn’t cry out because a broken bone was nothing considered what he had endured over the years.  He had lost count how long he had been held prisoner; each night when he closed his eyes, he wished for death, yet it never came.

“Johnny Boy, it is your lucky day.  Guess who the good looking motherfucker is?”  Carlisle boasted.

Johnny looked up at the young man, and didn’t know who he was, but he hoped he was an angel that had come down to save him for the devil.  “I can’t boss, who is it?”

“This is my son, Edward.  Edward, this is Johnny, he was the one who allowed Esme to take you away from me.  He’s been paying for that ever since.”  Carlisle smirked and then pulled out his 9mm, and handed it to Edward. “Kill him.”

Edward’s mouth fell open.  He couldn’t believe that Carlisle wanted him to shoot this poor man.

“Do it now!!”  Carlisle barked.

“I can’t.  This is wrong.”  Edward cried.

“Fucking doing it and do it now!”

“I…I…can’t.”  Edward stammered, staring at the gun in his hand.  He couldn’t take another human being’s life.

“Well, I will just have to make a call and have that pretty brunette taken out.”  Carlisle smirked.

“NO!!!”  Edward screamed.  He couldn’t let Carlisle hurt Bella, so, he raised the gun, and pointed it at Johnny.  Charlie had taught him how to shoot, but he never thought he would be in this situation.  Closing his eyes, he pulled the trigger, the deafening sound of the gun blast roared through his ears.  He didn’t know if he hit Johnny, and was afraid to open his eyes to see if he did.

“OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES, BOY!!”  Carlisle yelled.

Edward thought of Bella being safe and opened his eyes.  Johnny’s head was slumped forward and blood was dripping onto the tops of his legs.  He had never seen a dead person and the sight of this poor man would stick with him the reason of his life.

Carlisle slapped him on the back.  “Well done, son.  Right between the eyes.  I knew you were just like me.  Come, we have more training to do.”

The rest of the day and into the night was spent with Edward killing man after man that was brought before him.  He had lost count how many he had killed, but the images of each of their faces were etched into his memory.  It was in the wee hours of the morning when Carlisle finally allowed him to stop and took him to his room.

“Remember, if you try to leave, I will kill either Esme or your precious Bella.”  Carlisle informed him.

Edward numbly nodded and went into the room.  He found the bathroom, stripped off his bloody clothes, and stepped into the shower, allowing the water to wash the blood off him.  The weight of the memories became too much. He sunk onto the floor of the shower, and began to cry.  He cried for each of the lives he took, he cried for his mother, and he cried for his love, Bella.  Carlisle had told him that he had staged their death, so no one would be looking for them.  Bella thought he was dead and, without a shadow of doubt, he knew she was grieving.  His heart broke with the thought of Bella hurting.



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