Chapter 11 Cold Black Heart

            “Tony, why?  Why did you kill that man?  I can’t be with a man who has taken another life.  Goodbye.”  Bella said, then she turned and walked out the door.

Edward rushed to the door, but she was gone in the blood red smoke and fog.

“BELLA, COME BACK.  PLEASE COME BACK!!!”  Edward screamed, reaching out to find her.

Edward sat up in his bed, covered in sweat, his heart racing like a horse that had run a mile.  This wasn’t the first time he had this dream, and he was sure it wouldn’t be his last.  Over the years, he had been made to do things that he knew that, if Bella knew, she wouldn’t understand.  After that first time that Carlisle had made him take all those lives, it didn’t stop.  Time and time again, he took many lives: some with guns, some with knives, and some with his bare hands.  He had taken so many lives that he had lost count.  As bad as that was what happened next was even more tortuous.

“Edward my boy, you have been doing so good.  I think it is time for you to have a little fun.”  Carlisle said.  “Irina, Tanya, Kate come in.”

The door opened wide and in walked three women, dressed in nothing but very tiny panties and bras.

“Oh, Carlisle, he is a dreamboat.”  Irina moaned.

“Ladies, make my son a man.”  Carlisle smirked.

            Edward couldn’t believe what was about to happen.  Carlisle took a chair at the end of his bed, and watched as the women took turns having their way with him.  He couldn’t believe his cock got hard time and time again.  Each woman did something different to him.  At one point, he was tied to the bed while Irina rode his cock, Kate had a strap-on dildo and was fucking his ass, and Tanya was straddling his mouth, making him eat her pussy.  The entire time, Carlisle sat and watched, hell, at one point he had his own cock out, and was stroking it.  When it was over with, Carlisle congratulated Edward, and told him that he was proud.  Edward prayed that was the end of the torture, but he was badly mistaken.  Over the years, Carlisle had made sure he had a woman in his bed at least three times a week.  Like the men that he killed, he had lost track of the women.

Looking back, he knew that even if he could get Esme out, and kill Carlisle, Bella would never accept him back.  His love for her never wavered; in fact, it grew.  He actually had a heart tattoo over his like, which was exactly like the necklace he had given her, except that underneath it was T + B 4ever.

“Edward are you ready to go to the docks?”  Jasper asked.  Jasper was a guy who was his age and his father was a guard in the family.  Carlisle had allowed him and Jasper to be friends, but not until he warned Edward about going against him.


As they drove the docks, Edward looked over at Jasper.  “Hey, do you still have a date with that short, dark haired cutie?”

“No, she has to work.”  Jasper grumbled.

“Where does she work?”

“An office on North Warbash, Chi Town VIPs.”

“What is that?”  Edward asked.

“I don’t know.  I figure it’s a high-end boutique.  The damn girl wears some of the most expensive clothes I have ever seen.”  Jasper said.

“All right.  Let’s get this business over with, then we will go get a drink and relax.  It has been a long month.  I can’t believe how many times that fucking Aro has tried to come on our territory.”

“Well, you did have go on his territory the other night.”  Jasper joked.

“Fucking don’t remind me.  I had to take a bath in bleach after that.  Damn, she was nasty bitch.”

“What did you expect?  She is Aro’s daughter.”

“She has been blowing up my phone.  Begging to come over again.  There is no way in hell that is going to happen.”  Edward groaned.  “I only did it to get back at Aro.”

“Is Carlisle still having that fancy party next week?”  Jasper asked.

“Yeah.  He has invited everyone who is anyone; hell, even the fucking Mayor is coming and so is the Police Commissioner.  Damn dirty rat.”

“Do you have a date?”

“No.  Dad said I needed the right type of girl for this party, so he was going to have the “arm candy” hired for it.”

“Damn.  Have I ever told you that Carlisle has you on a very short leash?”  Jasper asked.  Edward never really talked about his father, other than business.  Actually, Jasper had never heard Edward even mention his mother.  He wondered what had happened to her.

Edward looked at Jasper.  He so much wanted to tell him about what Carlisle had done to him and his mother, but he didn’t know if Carlisle had the car bugged.  It wouldn’t surprise him if it was.  “Oh, he is just looking out for me.  One day I will be taking his place, and he wants to make sure I have the right connections.”

They arrived at the docks, met up with the other family members, and ensured that the drugs were unloaded safely.  The shipment was placed on the trucks and taken to warehouse for distribution.

Edward and Jasper went back to Jasper’s apartment and drank until all the bad memories faded away.

****Defiance *****

“Chi Town VIPs, how may I direct your call?”  Angela asked.  “I am sorry but Ms. Masen is not taking calls at the moment, but I can take a message for you.”

Bella had just gotten off the elevator and had walked through the frosted glass doors to her business.   Chi Town VIPs was written in beautiful black script lettering.  She had renovated the entire floor to her tastes.  The entire floor was done in black and white.  The receptionist’s desk and waiting area was done in white Italian marble floors, white walls, and all white furniture.  The only thing that was not white was a black and white painting of an abstract woman and man in a loving embrace.

“Hi Angela.  Any messages?”  Bella asked.  She loved having Angela working for her.  She had met her when she first arrived in Chicago.  Angela was working in a diner that her father owned.  Bella enjoyed the food and made it one of her regular places to eat.  Right after Bella had decided to open Chi Town VIPs, the diner was robbed and Angela’s father was killed.  The robbers tried to hide any evidence by burning down the diner.  Angela lost everything.  Bella was by her side during the funeral, and even paid for most of it, unbeknownst to Angela.  The life insurance policy that Angela thought was enough, turned out to be a fake.

“Yes, Bella.  I sent them to your mailbox.”

“Thank you.  Drinks tonight?”  Bella asked

“Sure.  Benny is working.”  Angela replied.

“You need to tell me all about him tonight.”

Bella walked through the office, and back to her private domain.  When she went to decorate her private office, she wanted black to be the predominant color.  She had black carpet on the floor, the walls were a flat black with white chalk drawings of the Chicago skyline.  Her desk was a bright glossy white, with black laptop and black desk accessories.  Placing her Burberry bag on her credenza, she started up her laptop.   Today, she had worn one of her favorite suits.  It was a black, low cut jacket and a matching black pencil skirt.  As she browsed through her messages, she saw several from of her platinum level clients.  They were the ones that she handled personally.  Spinning around in her chair to look out her window, she thought back on how she had gotten here.

She had traveled all around the country once she left Forks.  Some places, she would only be there for the night, but some she stayed for a while.  However, each place, after a while, would remind her of Tony.  It wasn’t until she reached Chicago that she felt some comfort in this noisy, busy city.  She couldn’t describe how, but she felt that Tony was surrounding her with his strong arms somehow.  The first few months, she got to know the city, and also began to start play the stock market.  It started out as hobby, but it wasn’t long until the money started to roll in.  She experienced all that Chicago had to offer: the theatre, the galleries, nightclubs, and restaurants.  It was a night at a gallery opening that she found something she wanted to do.

She was admiring a piece of artwork when she happened to see one of the executives of the marketing firm she that she used.  On his arm was a girl who didn’t even look eighteen, dressed in short electric blue dress and four-inch clear plastic heels.  When the girl walked away, she went up to say hello.

“Good evening, Mr. Sanders.”

“Ms. Masen, good evening.  I didn’t know you liked the arts?”

“I have become to really appreciate them.”  Bella said.  “Mr. Sanders, I couldn’t help to notice the young lady you are with.”

Mr. Sanders face turned a bright shade of red.  Rubbing his hand around the back of his neck, he started,   “Well, you see, I needed a date, so I called an escort service.  I was shocked to see what they sent me, but it was too late to cancel.”  He grumbled.  “And to think I was two grand for the night.”

“Two thousand dollars for her?”  Bella asked.

“Ms. Masen, see that is the problem.  No one knows what it takes to furnish men or, hell, women with top quality escorts.  And I am not talking about sex either.”

It was after that night that she decided what she wanted to do.  She wanted to start a high-end escort service for professional men and women.  Each escort would have to be held to a high standard of appearance and etiquette.  Bella hired team of hairdressers, makeup artists, and professional shoppers.  She didn’t want to be known as an expensive fuck, so she promoted the business as executive escorts.  Of course, she wasn’t naïve to think that sex wouldn’t be involved at times, but that wasn’t expected out of all the escorts, only the ones who were willing, and, if that was expected, the clients would have to supply current blood tests and would have to wear a condom during sex.  All the escorts would be tested monthly, and their test results would be made available if the client requested.  She had, on occasion, gone as the escort for some of the top-level clients.  Those clients were known as her platinum level customers and deserved the best of best.

If a client overstepped the boundaries, he or she was black balled and would never be able to use the services again.  Over the years, only a few had crossed the line and Bella was swift with punishment.

As she looked through her list of messages, there was one from Carlisle Cullen.  Damn it.  He had used the service on several occasions; each time he called, he wanted Bella to be his escort.  They had met at a fundraiser while she was with Mr. Sanders, and, for some reason, she didn’t like him.  He really didn’t do anything, but she didn’t like the way he looked at her.  Mr. Sanders, or Brad, told her that he was a very powerful man in Chicago and to be careful.

Bella picked up the phone, and dialed Mr. Cullen’s number.    “Hello?”  He answered.

“Mr. Cullen, this is Ms. Masen of Chi Town VIPs.”

“Oh, the beautiful Ms. Masen.  How are you this beautiful day?”  He cooed.

“I am fine.  I was returning your call.”

“Yes.  I need a date for a fundraiser next week.”

“I am sure I can find someone special for you.”

“No.  I want you and you alone.  Edward, my son, needs to have the best on his arm for this event.”

“Mr. Cullen, I am sorry but I usually don’t work anymore.”  She implored.

“Look, Ms. Masen.  I require the best and, in this situation, that’s you.  I promise you that he is a good-looking motherfucker, and is about your age.  I am willing to pay ten times the rate.”   Carlisle stated.  He knew that Ms. Masen was sex on legs, but she also looked the part of a high-class lady. Edward needed someone like that when he went to the fundraiser.  But he also hoped he might get her into his bed, because he could tell she would be a hellcat in bed.

Bella thought for a moment.  If he was willing to pay two hundred thousand dollars for one evening, then so be it.  At least it wasn’t him, but his son.  “Fine.  Please send me all the details of the event and a profile of your son.”

Infinity Claims Chapter 16

Edward followed Felix inside his house.  It had been Felix parents’ home, but, when a couple of robbers at their shop in town killed them unexpectedly, Felix moved out of his apartment and back into his childhood home.  It had taken some time to change the furniture and decorations, but, after a while, he finally did it.  Edward had been in the house several times, and made himself comfortable on the sofa.  Felix came back from the kitchen with two bottles of beer.

Felix looked down at his phone, and saw that Emma Rose had sent him a text, thanking him for a great time.  He couldn’t help but smile.

“So, are you going to see her again?”  Edward asked, even though he didn’t want to really know.

“Sure.  We are going out to lunch tomorrow.”

“Lunch?  I didn’t think you went to lunch, well, not in public that is.”  Edward grimaced.  “I can’t imagine that she is good enough for round two.”

Felix sat down in the chair across from Edward, and took a big swig of beer.

Sitting the bottle down on the table, he looked at Edward dead on.  “Cry me a fucking river Edward.  You are worse than an old woman moaning and groaning.  Yes, I took Emma Rose out, after you fucked up.  Come on, man, you know you drive like a maniac, and the only thing you had to do was say you were sorry, but, nooooo, you had be badass Mafia Edward.  I showed her around Florence, and we talked; that’s it.  She is an extraordinary woman, but there is something you need to know about her.”

“What?”  Edward barked, not liking how Felix was talking to him.  The problem was that Felix was right, and he hated to admit it.

“She is not only here on vacation, but also to research for her book that she is writing.  It is a romance fiction, but she wanted to make sure she got that background information as close as possible to reality as possible.”

“So, what is she writing about, Italian lovers?”

“No, the mob.”  Felix said quickly.

Edward’s eyes grew large.  “The mob?”

“Yup.  It seems she has been fascinated with them most of her life, and now she wants to write a love story about them.”

Edward raked his fingers through his hair and tugged.  What the fuck was a woman like Emma Rose doing researching the mob?  Damn, didn’t she know that sticking her nose in the wrong place, could get her hurt, or, worse, killed?  Fuck.  “Did you say anything about me?”

“Fuck Edward, do you really think I would say ‘hey, you know that guy that almost ran you over? Well, here is the thing; he is the son of one of the largest crime bosses in the world?’  Damn, I know better than that shit.”

Edward stood up and began pacing back and forth; trying to figure out what the hell, he was going to do.  He knew nothing about her, other than her name was Emma Rose; she had her nipples pierced, drank hard liquor, and knew some self-defense.  Fuck, what if she was from a rival family trying to infiltrate.  Even worse, she could be a damn pig.  Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.  Edward walked back over and sat down.  “Tell me everything you know about her.”

“She is from Boston.  Her father is Emmett McCarty; he played in the NFL as a linebacker, retired, and now owns his own law firm.  Her mother is Rosalie McCarty, who was a teacher, but quit after she was born.”

“What else?”  Edward asked, knowing by the expression on Felix’s face that he was holding something back.

“She doesn’t remember anything before the age of eight.”

“Well, most kids don’t.”  Edward answered.

“Come on, Edward, you have to remember some things from your earlier childhood.”

Edward thought for a moment, and the memories of his childhood came flooding back. As he kept thinking, the image of little Lizzy Bell dancing around him,  hugging her little lamb that he had gotten her for her birthday flooded his brain.  Then, he remembered the day that Carlisle had to bury her; it was the day after his own father was buried.  “Fine, I do remember.  Did she have the reason why?”

“She was ill, and, when she got better, all her memories were gone.”  Felix explained.

Edward didn’t like that at all; it just didn’t add up.  Pulling out his phone, he called his good friend, Jasper, who was also part of family.  “Jasper, I need you to do me a favor.  Run a background check on an Emma Rose McCarty and her family.  Make sure it is a lifetime background check.”

“Who is this person?”  Jasper asked.  “Should I get Carlisle involved?”

“No, don’t tell Dad.  Just get me the information.”  Edward barked.  He needed to talk to Emma Rose and see if he could get any more information out of her.  “Felix, I need to talk to her.”

“I don’t think she likes you very much right now.”  Felix chuckled.

“I fucking don’t care.  Felix, she might be trying to get in good with the family for some reason.  Damn, maybe that is why she came onto me at the bar?”

“Fuck, Edward, she didn’t come onto you.  Maria told me how you were on her as soon as you laid eyes on her.”  Felix knew why Edward wanted to talk to Emma Rose, but, for some reason, he felt very protective of her.  “Fine, but I am going to be there the whole fucking time.”

“Fine.  But don’t get in my way.”  Edward barked.

“Fine” Felix pulled out his phone and texted Emma Rose.  He argued that, instead of lunch out, he would wow her with his cooking abilities.

Edward was too nervous about seeing Emma Rose and that he hardly slept that night.

Jasper finally called him back, and told him basically the same things that Felix had.  He went even further to say that he found no connection to other families or the cops; actually, the complete opposite.  The McCarty has led a quiet life outside of the limelight.  Jasper did make a comment on how fucking hot she was, and he wanted all the details when Edward nailed her.  Edward told him to fuck off and hung up on him.

He arrived at Felix’s early, because he wanted to be there when Emma Rose arrived.  Felix was in the kitchen whipping up his favorite summer pasta dish with fresh vegetables.   A few minutes before noon, there was a knock on the door.  Felix went to answer it while Edward remained in the living room.

Felix opened the door to find Emma Rose wearing a striking orange halter sundress that showed off her firm legs.  “Emma Rose.”  Felix said, kissing each cheek.

“Thanks for having me.  Here is a bottle of wine.  I figured it was never too early to enjoy the fruit of life.”  She chuckled.

“Oh, you are so right.”  Felix said, taking the bottle and offering her to come in.

He was nervous; he didn’t know how she was going to react when she saw Edward, but it had to be done.  As she followed him into the living room, he stepped to the side, and, when he did, she saw Edward.


“I can be any fucking where I want.”  He argued back to her.

Emma Rose walked over, and stood in front of him toe to toe.  Looking him right in the eye, she began poking her finger into his chest.  “Look, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but I only know you as an asshole who doesn’t know how to drive.  I came here today to have lunch with a gentleman, not an asshole.”

Edward had never had anyone, man or woman, ever talk to him the way she did, and, as much as he hated to admit it, it was turning him on.

“Edward sit down.  Emma Rose, please, just listen to him.”  Felix implored.

“Fine.”  She said, sitting on the chair furthest away from him.  As she looked at him, she remembered how fucking hot he was; damn, his chest was rock hard when she poked it.  Damn.

Edward took a few cleansing breaths to hopefully bring down his temper and arousal.  He was here on a mission, and he need to get the information from Emma Rose.

“First, I am sorry for today.  I shouldn’t have said that, but I also want to say I am sorry for almost hitting you.  I didn’t even see you, but, as Felix reminded me, I do drive rather fast.”

“Rather fast?”  Emma Rose grunted.  “You drive like you are on a NASCAR track, except they know how to drive.”

“WHAT?!  I know how to drive.  You have no…”  Edward argued back, but was interrupted by Felix.

“Edward, Emma Rose, this is going nowhere.  How about you two go out in the garden and I will fix us some drinks?  I think you both need some fresh air.”

Edward huffed and walked to the French doors that led to the outside with Emma Rose following.  Once they were outside, Emma Rose walked away from Edward and began to look at the countryside in front of her.  The pictures in books and on the internet didn’t do it justice.  She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.   Turning back to Edward, she could see he was frowning and raking his fingers through his rusty brown hair.

Edward looked at her. “I can’t believe how bitchy you are.”

“What?”  She steamed, stomping over to where he was standing, and came within a few inches of him.  “I am no bitch.”

“I didn’t call you a bitch, I said you are bitchy.”

“I might be bitchy, but at least I am not a fucking asshole.”  She declared, once again poking his rock hard chest.

“Stop poking me.”  He whined, rubbing where her finger had been.

“What a fucking baby are you?  I thought last night you might be a man, but I see now I was badly mistaken.  There is no way you could have taken care of my needs.”

Hearing her say he couldn’t take care of her needs made something snap inside of him.  He grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss.  His tongue demanded entrance into her mouth, and, when she allowed it, he was overcome by the tantalizing taste of Emma Rose McCarty.  Her tongue quickly began its dominance of his tongue.  Edward’s hands slid down her body and over a swollen breast, where he felt her piercing.  Grabbing a hold of it, he gently pulled it, causing Emma Rose to moan loudly in his mouth.  Her head fell back, and he attacked her neck with kisses while he continues to tug and pull at her piercing.

“More.”  Emma Rose cried, needing him to give her a release that she so needed.

“What do you want?”  Edward asked, placing kisses up her neck and nipping on her earlobe.

“I need a man to make me scream in ecstasy.”  She said, then looked into his blazing green eyes.  “Are you that man?”

Edward removed his hand from her breast, placed both hands on her ass, and lifted.  As he did, she rubbed over his hard cock, which caused him to moan.  “I am man enough and more.”  He walked over to the table and sat her at the edge.  Running his hands up her smooth silky legs, he finally reached her lacy covered pussy, so wet and needy.  “Oh, does your little kitty need to be petted?”

Emma Rose smirked.  She reached forward, and began rubbing his huge, thick cock. When she reached the tip, she gasped, her eyes grew large, and she caught herself tightening up her pussy.  He had a Prince Albert piercing, and she needed it so badly to be inside her.

Felix had gotten the drinks, but, before he came out, he looked outside.  He knew it could be one of two possibilities:  One, there would be blood everywhere or, two, the sexual tension would break, and all control thrown out the window.  As he looked out, he knew that lunch was over.


Defiance Chapter 10 Wandering Heart


The sun rose on the cold, rainy, eighth of September.  Bella was awake and had been for hours.  Today, she was turning eighteen and she was going to make some dramatic changes in her life.   The last two years had been pure torture.  Each day, she awoke to a world that Tony wasn’t part of, but what made it worse was that the fact that everything in Forks reminded her of him.  With her first check, she purchased the land where his house once stood, and had a gardener come in and make a memorial flower garden with one lone black iron chair.  She would spend hour after hour sitting in the chair, thinking about Tony, daydreaming of how their life might have been.  As she sat in her despair, she began to make plans for eighteenth birthday.

She made arrangements to take her GED test.  At first, Principal Cope wanted to have a note from Bella’s parents, but the envelope with five thousand dollars helped to sway her.  Next, she purchased a new car and would have it delivered at noon to her home.  Charlie and Renee had not noticed the slow removal of personal items from her room, and that they were placed into three large suitcases.  She didn’t want them to know that, as soon as she took her GED test, she would be leaving Forks, never to return.  The love for her parents would always be there, but she couldn’t be in Forks without Tony, the pain was too great for her.

The test was easy; Ms. Cope graded it while Bella waited.  “Congratulations, Bella, you passed.  Here is your certificate.”  She said, handing her the piece of paper.  “I wish you would reconsider and finish out the year anyway.”

“Thank you for doing this.”  Bella said as she turned and left.  No one was talking her out of her decision.

When she arrived home, her new car was parked in front of the house.  She knew her old truck wouldn’t make it as far as she needed to go, wherever that might be.  There were no plans on where she would finally settle down, but she knew she would know when she got there.  Walking inside, she saw that her parents were smiling with a small cake.

“Happy Birthday, baby.”  They sang out.

“Thanks.”  Bella whispered, knowing that she was about to break their hearts.

“We saw you purchased yourself a birthday present.”  Charlie gushed.

“Mom, Dad I have something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?”

Taking a few seconds, she put her thoughts together before beginning, “I am leaving.”

“Do what?”  Renee asked.

“I am leaving Forks.”  Bella answered.

“You can’t leave, you have to finish high school first.” Charlie demanded.

Bella pulled out her GED diploma and handed to them.  “I took the GED this morning.”

Renee looked down at the paper and back up to Bella.  “Why?”  She cried.

“Mom, you know that I am in agony living here. Well, not with you, but in the town where Tony is no longer here.”

“Bella, give it time.  It will get easier.”  Charlie pleaded, hoping to change her mind.

“Dad, it hasn’t gotten easier; if anything, it has gotten worse.  I promise that I will stay in contact, but I need to do this.”

Renee opened her arms and Bella stepped into her mother’s warm embrace.  Renee softly cried, soaking in her daughter’s warmth and smell.  She knew that Bella had been having a hard time, and, as much as she hated it, this might just help.  No mother wants to be witness to their daughter’s continual pain and suffering.  “Promise me that you will try to find some happiness.”

“I really hope to; I love you.”  Bella said, with tears rolling down her face.

“We love you.”  Renee declared and looked over at Charlie.  “It is for the best.”

“For the best?  Are you crazy?  This is our daughter, who wants to leave to go God knows where.”  Charlie bellowed.

Bella pulled from Renee’s embraced and wrapped her arms around her father.

“Daddy, please understand.  I am dying here, and I am afraid that, if I stay, might happen.  I want, no need to find some relief from this horrible pain.”

Charlie looked into Bella’s sad, pain filled eyes, and knew he had to let her go.  He hated the thought of what might happen if she remained here.  Losing his daughter by her just leaving town was better than losing her altogether.  “Call us once a week, no matter where you are and remember everything I taught you about knowing your surroundings and listening to your gut.”

“I promise.  Would you help me with my bags?”  Bella asked.

“They are packed already?”  He asked.

“Yes.  I want to get started before it gets too late.”

Charlie kissed the top of her head and proceeded up the stairs to help her collect her bags.  Soon, everything was packed in her new, black, Aston Martin Vanquish Convertible.  After giving each one of them another hug, she climbed behind the wheel and took off.  She had one more stop before she left town, and that was to say goodbye to Tony.  Pulling up to the cemetery, she got out, and climbed the hill to his tombstone.

Rubbing her hand across his name, she sat down on the little lip of the stone.  “I came by today to say goodbye.  I can’t live in Forks anymore.  Everything reminds me of you, and it is slowly killing me instead.  You will always be in my broken heart and those little scattered pieces will give me strength to carry on, wherever it may be.  I love you so much.”  Leaning down, she placed a kiss on the cold stone.

After leaving Forks, she drove until she got tired, found a hotel, and checked in.  Along the way, she bought clothes to replace her own, and even dyed her hair jet black, which made her alabaster skin glow.  She was surprised what money could buy, like her fake license that got her into every bar and club along the way.  The first time she used it, she was scared to death, being a cop’s daughter and breaking the law, but the bouncer took one look at her in her expensive clothes and let her in. He had seen her pull up in that hot ass car and, when she stepped out, he nearly fell to his feet to worship at her feet.

It was at one of these bars that she met Ryan, a local professor.  After several hours of drinking, dancing, and heavy flirting, they ended up in her hotel room.  She had heard stories of a woman’s first time and how magical it was, but what she felt was pain and emptiness.  It wasn’t anything that she thought it would be like if her and Tony would have had a chance to make love.  However, after that experience, she learned it had nothing to do with the heart, but instead it had to do with finding a release.  She would forget the first man who actually knew something about how to take care of a woman’s needs before his own.  Orgasms were fucking great.

Bella kept her promise and called her parents once a week.  At first, they asked where she was, but after several months of not being told, they gave up.  They were happy just to hear her voice, and, as much as they hated to admit it, she did sound lighter.

The weeks of wondering became months; the months became years, and, after wandering around the country for so long, she finally found her home.  It was so different than Forks; here, she could lose herself in the noise and crowds.

Chapter 15 Infinity Claims

Edward laid his hand on the small of her back, and directed her over to the section that he normally sat in.  Once they were sitting on a small loveseat, he waived Maria over.

IC 15 Club

“Maria, I would like my usual; get this lovely young woman one of the house specialty cosmopolitans.”  Edward said.

Emma Rose smiled.  Did he really think she would drink that shit?

Maria chuckled softly, looked at the woman, and gave her a mischievous wink.  She was supposed to take a break, but she wouldn’t miss this for the world.  Whoever this woman was, was going to give Edward Cullen a run for his money.  She went to bar and placed Edward’s order, one special Cosmo, and one Jameson and Ginger.  The bartender quickly got the drinks ready, and she placed them on her serving tray and started back to the section.

When she returned, she placed the tumbler and Cosmo glass on the table in front of the couple.  “I will put it on your tab, Edward.”

IC 15 Jameson

“Thank you.”  Edward replied, then, he reached down to hand the beauty her glass, but, before he could, she had the tumbler in her dainty hand, and was taking a large drink.

“Damn, that is good Jamison.  Thanks, sweetie.”  Emma Rose said.

“But your drink is the Cosmo.”  Edward implored.

“I don’t or won’t drink that shit.  Jameson or nothing at all.”

Edward was in awe of this woman.  Where the hell had she been all his life?  She was smoking hot, cussed like a sailor, could defend herself, and only drank Jameson.

“Maria, please take back this shit, and bring us two more Jameson and Gingers please.”

Maria smirked and walked away to get the drinks.

Edward turned toward the beauty.  “I am sorry about that; my name is Edward.”

“I am Emma Rose.”

“Oh you are from America?”  He asked.

“Yes.  I am from Boston, and you?”

“New York.  Are you here on business or pleasure?”

“Pleasure, plus I hope to get some research for my book.”  She announced.

“Oh, you are writer.  Cool.”

“You must be a regular around here, since everyone seems to know you.”

“Yeah, my family comes here a lot.  We have a home nearby.  Where are you staying?

“The Brunelleschi.”

“Nice.  Are you here alone?”  He asked.

“Yes.  Are you?”  She asked, and hoped that he was.  She really hoped he was alone because she really wanted to get to know that bulge in his pants better.

“Yup, here alone.”

“How about we go back to my room, order a bottle of Jameson, and get to know each other better?”  Emma Rose requested.

“Holy fuck.”  Edward groaned.  “I like the way you think.”

Edward stood, and offered her his hand.  She put her hand in his, and they walked out of the club.  As they walked past Felix, they heard him say, “Holy fuck, Edward.”

They walked down the cobble sidewalk around the corner to the parking lot.  As the neared Edward’s car, Emma Rose realized where she had seen him.  This was the asshole who almost hit her earlier.  Well, fuck.

“So, Edward, where did you learn to drive?”  She said gritting her teeth.

“What do you mean?”

Emma Rose pulled her hand from his.  “Well, asshole, you drive like an idiot and almost hit me earlier.”

“I did no such thing.”

“Typical.  Look here, asshole, I don’t have the time or energy to fight your lying ass.  Goodnight.”  She spat.

She left him standing by the car with a confused look on his face.  Damn, she really wanted to know what he was packing better.  Now she would have to go back to her room alone.  She turned the corner to hopefully flag down a cab, and, when she did, she ran into a hard chest.

IC 15 Felix

“Oops, sorry.”  She said, as she looked up to see Felix.  “Felix?”

“Emma Rose, what happened?”  He asked looking around for Edward.

“Oh, you mean the asshole I left with?  I just found out that he is the asshole that almost hit me earlier with his car; fucker doesn’t even remember it.”

“I am so sorry about that.  I just got off, and I would love to show you around Florence.  It is quite beautiful at night.”  Felix said, hoping to get a chance with Emma Rose.

She thought for a moment; why not?  “That sounds great, but do you mind coming back to the hotel with me while I change into something more comfortable for walking?”

“Not at all.  My car is just across the street.”  Felix said, offering his arm to Bella.

She took it; together, they walked across the street.  Felix walked around and opened the door; as she began to get in, Edward passed in his car.  He stared at Felix, who smirked and flipped him off. Felix closed the door and got in behind the wheel.

Emma Rose told him where she was staying, and he quickly maneuvered through the small Florence streets.   Soon, he was pulling up to the hotel.

“Do you mind waiting here for me?”  She asked.

“Sure.”  He said.  He really didn’t mind, but he would have loved to gone up to her room.

A short time later, she was bounding out the door in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes, and carrying a hoodie.  She had taken off her earrings and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.  Felix was taken with her when she had walked up at the steps of the club, but seeing her like this made his heart skip a beat.  She jumped in the car with a smile that could light up the darkest sky.

“So, local boy, show me what Florence is like at night.”  She beamed.

The rest of the night was spent with Felix showing Emma Rose all the out of the way places that a typical tourist would never be able to see.  They were sitting on an overlook seeing the morning sun as it began to break.   They had laughed and joked the entire time, and, as much as Felix hated to admit, he didn’t see her as a potential quick lay, but more like a sister.

“Hell, I forgot to ask, but, are you here on vacation or what?”  He asked.

“A little of both.  I just graduated, and I wanted to come and enjoy Italy, but also research for a book I am hoping to write.”

“A book?  Fiction or Nonfiction?”

“Fiction, but I want to pull from real life information to make the book more realistic.”

“I can understand that.  What is it about?”  He asked.

“It is a mafia romance story.”  She said.

Felix heart skipped.  What was a nice woman like this researching the mob?  Didn’t she know that she was putting herself in harm’s way?  Fuck.  Then he thought, holy shit, Edward had seen her.  He had found out about Edward’s father when they were fifteen years old.  He and Edward were out back of the barn smoking cigarettes and drinking some of his father’s good whiskey when they heard a ruckus in the barn.

Suddenly he heard a man cry out in pain, so, he turned and looked through a hole in the boards.  Inside was Edward’s father and another guy; they had Leon, the bookie, tied to a chair.

“Leon, did you really think I wouldn’t recognize that you have been skimming from my share?”  Carlisle said as he landed another hard slap right on Leon’s cheek.

“Please, I am sorry, Boss.”  Leon cried.

“Sorry?  Sorry for taking money that was not yours.  Garrett, show him what happens when you steal from the family.”

Garrett stepped up, and in one quick motion, pulled his gun and shot him between the eyes.  Felix screamed when he saw that, and jumped to his feet and began to run.  He was quickly was tackled by Edward.

“Felix, you need to stop.”  Edward said.

“Edward, they just killed Leon.”  He cried.

“Yes, they did.  Felix, come inside the house and let Dad talk to you.”  Edward implored, because, if he didn’t, Leon wouldn’t be the only body buried today.

“Edward, they just shot him without blinking an eye.”

“Felix, it is going to be okay.  Come and listen to what he has to say.”

Felix did go with Edward and the afternoon was spent with Carlisle explaining about the family and what it meant to keep the family a secret.  He was still frightened, but when he looked at how Carlisle and Edward were with each other, he decided that he could keep the secret.

“Emma Rose, please be careful about asking questions about the mafia in these parts.  The Family wouldn’t take kindly of strangers sticking their nose in their business.”  Felix begged.

Emma Rose could see the concern in Felix’s eyes.  He knew something, but she was sure she would never get whatever it was out of him.  In her years of research, she had run into several roadblocks along the way, but she had hoped she might get some information here in Italy, but it seemed she might have been mistaken.

IC 15 Daybreak


Edward didn’t know what had happened; one second he was holding the hand of a intriguing young woman, and the next she was storming off.  He had to admit he did like to speed, but he didn’t recall coming close to hitting anyone on the street.  Then, as he was leaving to go to another club to maybe find some action, he passed Emma Rose with Felix.  FUCK!  Felix was going to have the pleasure of Emma Rose; the thought of them together made him lose his desire for female companionship.  Instead, he spent the rest of the night driving around, trying to get the images of them together out of his mind.  He finally went back to the villa, and, after drinking a half of a bottle of Jameson, he passed out and even in the state he was plagued with images of dark brown eyes and nipple piercings.

The sun was beating down on his face when he finally awoke.

IC 15 Edward

Groaning loudly at his pounding head, he tried to focus on the clock and found it was three-fifteen in the afternoon.  He rolled out of bed and into the bathroom. After taking care of his full bladder and taking a nice long shower, he got dressed and went out.  Driving down his driveway, he turned on the road and a few houses down saw Felix out in the yard.  He didn’t want to hear about his conquest with Bella; however, Felix was still one of his best friends.  As he pulled into Felix’s driveway, he saw Felix looking up and smiling.

“Edward, damn, you look like shit.  A late night of partying?”  He asked, chuckling at his friend.

“You could say that.  Do you want to go get a coffee and catch up?”  Edward asked.

“Sure.  Let me get my phone, don’t want to miss a call from a hot woman.”  He joked, and, when he looked at Edward, he could see the hurt look.  What was it about Emma Rose that made Edward look like he had lost his best friend?  They had only been together for a short time, but then Felix thought of Emma Rose and he knew that there was something special about her.  Knowing this, he knew that Edward had become enraptured by the dark hair beauty, but what would he think when he found out that she was researching the mafia.

Chapter 9 Saying Goodbye to Your Heart

The dark clouds hung across the cemetery, almost like they knew the undesirable pain and darkness in the hearts of Bella and her parents.  There was a huge turnout for the joint funerals for Tony and Maria.  Bella stood by Tony’s casket still, holding onto the necklace that he gave her.  Over the last two days, she had cried, screamed, and yelled so much, that now she was numb.  Only a few days before they were declaring their feelings for each other and now he was gone.  The fire department determined it was a faulty gas line in the kitchen that caused the explosion and that they didn’t feel a thing.

Then, this morning, as they were getting ready to go to the service, there was a knock on their door.  Charlie answered the door to find a young woman in an expensive suit.  “Mr. Swan?”  She asked.


“My name is Jane Smith, and, before you ask, yes, that is my real name.”  She laughed.  “I am with the MassMutual Insurance Company.  May I come in, please?”

“Sure.”  Charlie said, motioning for her to come in.  He directed her to the living room.  Bella and Renee were sitting on the couch when they walked in. “This is Jane Smith, and she is with some insurance company.  Please have a seat.”

“Thank you, Mr. Swan.  I know that you are grieving over the loss of Ms. Masen and Tony; I am very sorry for your loss, but their death is why I am here.  Ms. Masen took out a very sizeable policy on herself and Tony and in the event that both passed away at the same time, she named someone to receive the policy.”  She explained.

“But, what does that have to do with us?”  Renee asked.

Jane looked at Bella.  “Maria named Isabella Swan as the sole beneficiary of the policy.”

“Sole?”  Charlie exclaimed.

“Yes.  The combined policy totaled seven and half million dollars.”  Jane confirmed.   “Isabella will receive a yearly allowance of fifty thousand dollars until she turns eighteen, and, on her birthday, she will receive the remaining amount.  We will be putting it into a trust that will also generate interest income, so, in the two years until she becomes eighteen, the trust will be larger.”

The Swans were in total shock.   Charlie and Renee knew that Maria cared for Bella, but they never imagined this.  After having Bella sign some forms, Jane handed her the first of her yearly cashier’s check.

“If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone at the company.  We are very sorry for your loss.”  She said, then Charlie escorted her out the door.  When he returned, he found Bella staring at the check.

“Bella, are you okay?”  He asked.

Bella didn’t want the money, she just wanted them back; however, that was impossible.  “Not really.”

After Jane left, the limo came to take them to the service.  Bella said nothing during the entire service, and, when they arrived to place Maria and Tony in the ground, she knew that she needed to say her goodbyes.  She walked over to Maria’s casket and placed her hand on the cold metal.

“I am one of the luckiest girls in the world, because I had two mothers who loved me.  I will never forget our time together, and how you taught me how to make your secret cookies.  I know you are in heaven looking down on me, and I am sorry I never told you that I loved you like another mother.”  She said, then turned to Tony’s casket.  Wiping her tears, she rubbed her hand across it

“To think that tomorrow you won’t be here breaks my heart.  To think that we won’t be together for the last years of high school breaks my heart.  To think that I will never hear you laugh breaks my heart.  To think we will never kiss again breaks my heart.  Tony, when you died, my heart broke, and it will never mend.  I could never love anyone as I love you, and I know I never will.”  After saying her goodbyes, she leaned down and placed a kiss on the casket.  He was dead and so was her heart.


Carlisle and Edward were in the back of the limo, heading towards the mansion.  Carlisle needed to get started on breaking Edward, so he could form him into the man that he needed to take over the family later on.  He had no plans on doing it any time soon, but that whore, Esme, had raised the boy to be soft and that needed to stop right now.  Carlisle Cullen’s son would not be known as soft, he would be known as ruthless and cold hearted.  The first thing Edward needed to do was his first kill and Carlisle knew who it would be.

The car ride was quiet.  Edward was trying to hold himself together.  So much had happened since he woke up; he learned his whole life was a lie, his father was alive and evil to the core, his mother was going to be held hostage and endure a life of degrading shame, and, if he didn’t do everything Carlisle told him, then he would have Bella killed.

Soon they pulled up in front of Carlisle’s mansion.  “Edward, welcome home, son.  Come, let’s get our time together started.”  He announced.

Once they were inside, Carlisle took Edward down a hall, and then finally down a set of stairs that led into the bowels of the house.  He had this built so he could deal out the punishments when he felt like it.  In one special room was someone he had kept locked up since the day that Edward went missing, Johnny.  Over the years, Johnny had begged and pleaded to be put out of his misery, yet Carlisle refused.  When Johnny refused to eat, he was knocked out, and a feeding tube was put in.  Carlisle told Johnny he would remain alive until Edward was found. Today he was the day he was going to die.

Opening the door, he motioned Edward to walk in first.  When Edward walked in, he was shocked.  Sitting on a chair was a man, who was so skinny he could see bones; his skin was pasty white and paper-thin.  The man had dark circles underneath his eyes and they were sunken into his head.

Carlisle walked over to Johnny and kicked his leg, causing it to break.  Johnny didn’t cry out because a broken bone was nothing considered what he had endured over the years.  He had lost count how long he had been held prisoner; each night when he closed his eyes, he wished for death, yet it never came.

“Johnny Boy, it is your lucky day.  Guess who the good looking motherfucker is?”  Carlisle boasted.

Johnny looked up at the young man, and didn’t know who he was, but he hoped he was an angel that had come down to save him for the devil.  “I can’t boss, who is it?”

“This is my son, Edward.  Edward, this is Johnny, he was the one who allowed Esme to take you away from me.  He’s been paying for that ever since.”  Carlisle smirked and then pulled out his 9mm, and handed it to Edward. “Kill him.”

Edward’s mouth fell open.  He couldn’t believe that Carlisle wanted him to shoot this poor man.

“Do it now!!”  Carlisle barked.

“I can’t.  This is wrong.”  Edward cried.

“Fucking doing it and do it now!”

“I…I…can’t.”  Edward stammered, staring at the gun in his hand.  He couldn’t take another human being’s life.

“Well, I will just have to make a call and have that pretty brunette taken out.”  Carlisle smirked.

“NO!!!”  Edward screamed.  He couldn’t let Carlisle hurt Bella, so, he raised the gun, and pointed it at Johnny.  Charlie had taught him how to shoot, but he never thought he would be in this situation.  Closing his eyes, he pulled the trigger, the deafening sound of the gun blast roared through his ears.  He didn’t know if he hit Johnny, and was afraid to open his eyes to see if he did.

“OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES, BOY!!”  Carlisle yelled.

Edward thought of Bella being safe and opened his eyes.  Johnny’s head was slumped forward and blood was dripping onto the tops of his legs.  He had never seen a dead person and the sight of this poor man would stick with him the reason of his life.

Carlisle slapped him on the back.  “Well done, son.  Right between the eyes.  I knew you were just like me.  Come, we have more training to do.”

The rest of the day and into the night was spent with Edward killing man after man that was brought before him.  He had lost count how many he had killed, but the images of each of their faces were etched into his memory.  It was in the wee hours of the morning when Carlisle finally allowed him to stop and took him to his room.

“Remember, if you try to leave, I will kill either Esme or your precious Bella.”  Carlisle informed him.

Edward numbly nodded and went into the room.  He found the bathroom, stripped off his bloody clothes, and stepped into the shower, allowing the water to wash the blood off him.  The weight of the memories became too much. He sunk onto the floor of the shower, and began to cry.  He cried for each of the lives he took, he cried for his mother, and he cried for his love, Bella.  Carlisle had told him that he had staged their death, so no one would be looking for them.  Bella thought he was dead and, without a shadow of doubt, he knew she was grieving.  His heart broke with the thought of Bella hurting.



Defiance Chapter 8 – Confessions

Edward began to wake, but, as much as he wanted to open his eyes, it seemed impossible. When he went to raise his hands to rub his eyes, he couldn’t move his hands.  Pulling from all the strength he had within, he finally got his eyes opened, but was confused to where he was.  As he once again went to raise his hands, he realized he couldn’t, and, as he looked down, he saw that his hands and feet were tied together.  Looking to the right, he saw his mother, who was also tied up.

“Mom.  Wake up.”  Edward said, moving his shoulder to bump her.  “Mom, please wake up.”

Esme, too, was fighting to wake up, but hearing Edward call out for her helped her push through the darkness.  She didn’t know where she was, but she knew that it was only a matter of time before she was back in Chicago, and in front of Carlisle.  Looking over at Edward, she was heartbroken by the sad look in his eyes.

“Are you okay?”  She asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t understand what is going on.  I mean, we are just normal people in a small town.  This doesn’t make any sense.”  Edward said.

Esme had hoped she would never have to tell Edward about his real life.  However, she couldn’t hide it anymore.  She needed to prepare him for what was about to come.  “Tony, I need to tell you about your father.”

“Mom, this is not the time to go down memory lane.  We have to figure out why we are tied up. I think we are on a plane.”

“There is no easy way to say this, but, when you were an infant, I took you and ran.”

“What?” Edward asked; he was so confused by what his Mom was saying.

“Your name is not Tony.  It is Edward Anthony Cullen, and my real name is Esme Cullen.  Your father is Carlisle Cullen, Don of the Cullen crime family of Chicago.”

Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing; the name he had heard his entire life was not his name, and his father was alive.  But, as he looked at his mother’s face, he knew she needed to say something else that was very bad.  “But why did you do it, Mom?  Why?”

Tears welled up in her eyes.  “I hate to tell you this, but your father is an evil, evil man.  He has done some vile, cruel deeds, and has never been a loving, caring man.”

Edward thought for a moment; he couldn’t conceive that his father could be as bad as she said.  Surely, she was mistaken.  “I don’t believe you.”

“Tony…”  Esme said.

“Excuse me, but it seems that my name is Edward, and I would like for you to call me that from now on.”

It broke Esme’s heart to hear the harsh tone from Edward.  “Edward, I know I have hurt you by keeping this secret, but I only did it to protect you.  You must believe me. Carlisle Cullen is known for being the most ruthless leader of any crime family.  Son, he has tortured his victims for the sheer fun of it.  He has even killed FBI agents.”

“And how do you know that?”  Edward grumbled.

Just as Esme was about to tell him about the DVD, the door opened up and there stood Bobby “B”.  Esme might not have seen him in fifteen years, but she could never forget that face.

“Esme, you haven’t changed a bit.  That is your downfall.”  Bobby “B” said with a sinister grin.

“B, I see you are still a fat bastard.”  Esme sneered.

“Oh, Esme, I have a feeling we are going get to know each other really good in the future.”

“Not in this lifetime, asshole.”  Esme exclaimed.  There would be no way she would allow this slime ball to touch her.

Bobby then looked over at Edward.  “Edward, you have grown into a good looking motherfucker.  You are definitely Carlisle’s boy.  The girls are going to drop their panties for you.”

Edward was shocked by what this man was saying.  “I am sorry, but I am not interested in other girls.”

“Ah the fine little pig’s daughter.  I bet she was tight.”  Bobby said with a sinister smile.

“Excuse me.  But, please, kindly, don’t talk that way about my Bella.”  Edward said.

“Fuck, Esme, what did you do, make him into a lacy panty wearing sissy.  Boy, you never fucking say excuse me or please.  You are Edward Cullen, the next leader of the Cullen Crime Family, and you need to start acting like it.”  Bobby growled.

There was a knock on the door.  “B, we are about to land.” The guy said.

“Good.”  Bobby answered and took a seat in the chair in the room.  Since Esme and Edward was awake, there was no way in hell he was going to leave them alone together.  Ten minutes later, they were on the ground and taxiing to the private hangar, where Carlisle was waiting on them.  Two of the guards came in and untied Esme and Edward’s feet and stood them up.  Bobby walked through the plane and down the steps.

“Bobby, how is he?”  Carlisle asked.

“He is fine, but I think you have a lot of work ahead of you.  Esme has really done a number on him.”

“What do you mean?”  He growled.

“She has made him into this polite, pansy ass.”

“Oh, I can break him of that.”  Carlisle said, and then looked up at the steps as the guards started bringing down Esme and Edward.   They brought them both over, so they were standing in front of their leader.

Carlisle looked Edward up and down.  He was happy to see he was built, other than he needed some more muscle on him, and he was certainly a Cullen because he was good looking.  “Edward, my son, I am so glad you are back home, and I promise you that no one will ever stand between us again.”  Carlisle then turned to Esme and sneered.

“Did you really believe that I would stop looking for him?  You will pay for every minute you have stolen from me with my son.”

“Don’t harm my mother.”  Edward pleaded.

Carlisle pulled his hand back and slapped Edward against his cheek, causing his head to whip around.  “I will do whatever I damn will please with the bitch.  You need to learn and learn quickly that I am in control and what I say goes.”

Edward held his painfully cheek.  “Why?”

Carlisle pulled back once again, this time slapping the opposite cheek.  “Because I am God and my word is the only one that you will obey.  Starting today, you will start your training to take over the family when I see fit, and that begins with you not questioning me or acting like a pussy.  That bitch has raised you to be weak.  Since you are the son of Carlisle Cullen, you are not to be fucking weak.”

“But.”  Edward began, but was quickly hit again.

“There are no buts.”  Carlisle growled.

Edward looked at the man who was supposed to be his father. The look in his eyes told him that his mother had been right; he was a monster.  However, he needed to make sure his mother wouldn’t be killed, so he needed to do whatever Carlisle wanted, as much as he hated the idea of it.  He stood up straight, pulled all the courage he had inside of him, and looked Carlisle dead in the eye.  “I will do anything you want me to without question, but you must ensure me that my mother and Bella are not killed.”

Carlisle smirked.  He was impressed how Edward stood up to him, but he still needed to make sure he knew who was in charge.  Grabbing him by his collar he pulled him close.  “If you do everything I ask without question, then I will allow Esme and Bella live, but, if you step out of line, even once, I will kill one of them immediately.  Do you agree?”

Edward had no idea what he would be facing, but he knew that giving up his life for those he loved was something he had to do.  “Agreed.”

“B take Esme to her new accommodations, and go ahead and start breaking her into her new responsibilities for the family.”  Carlisle announced with a wicked smirk.

“Gladly, Boss.”  Bobby replied, grasping a hold of Esme’s arm, and pulled her towards one of the vehicles parked and waiting for them.

“What is happening?” Edward asked.

“I promised you that I wouldn’t kill her and I am not, but she must pay for taking you from me.”


“She is going to be the one that helps relieve the tension from my men.”  Carlisle said.

“Tension?”  Edward asked.

“My men have to be on guard 24/7 and their tension grows with each passing moment, so Esme here is going to spread her legs from them.”

Esme gasped upon hearing what Carlisle had planned for her.  However, she needed to remain strong, because her only hopes of getting Edward and herself out of this hell was the DVD hidden away in a child’s playhouse.  She knew that Carlisle wouldn’t allow Edward and her to be alone from this point forward, so she had to hold on until she could figure out how to get him the information.

Edward looked at his mother with a look of pure pain.  He couldn’t even imagine what she was going to go through, but, as he gazed upon her face, in the blink of an eye, he saw his mother shake her head no.  His heart was breaking and he wanted nothing more than to tell Carlisle to go fuck himself, but he had to be as strong as his mother was. He made a silent vow that one day he would make Carlisle pay.