Infinity Claims Chapter 14

The line outside of Tenax wrapped around the building.   Emma Rose could hear the beating of the music as it vibrated off the window and doors.  After her nap, she got up, took a relaxing shower, and then began to get ready.  She selected a sexy black, tight fitting short dress with lace that only covered the important parts; the rest of the dress was see through sheer material.

Her belly button piercing was in plain view with her new diamond and silver infinity symbol jewelry.  She loved the birthmark on her arm, and she embraced it with most of her jewelry, those one could clearly see and those one couldn’t.  Her favorite place was her nipple piercings; those were bars with an infinity symbol on either end.  However, her parents didn’t know that she had her nipples pierced, nor did they know about the tattoos…one of an infinity symbol on her always-bare mound and one of a little lamb on her right butt cheek.  She had carried around the little white lamb for as long as she could remember, even up to when it was unacceptable.  It had since been professionally cleaned and preserved in a crystal and gold box that sat on her bedside table.  She didn’t know why, but it held a special spot in her heart.

“Perdere?  Is this okay?”  The taxi driver asked as he parked across the street from the club.

“Si, grazie.”  Emma Rose said, paying him and getting out.  Looking both ways on the narrow street, she stepped off the curb to cross, when, suddenly, a red sports car blew past her, almost hitting her.

“FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!”  She screamed at the taillights of the speeding car.  She could only catch a glimpse of reddish brown hair.  How could someone be driving so fucking fast on this small street?  Idiot.

As she neared the bouncer for the club, she hoped that she wouldn’t have to wait in the extremely long line.  Looking up at the large, burly man, she had to smile because he kind of reminded her of her father.  Even though her dad had been retired all these years, he still worked out every morning and could go on the field today and keep up with the younger players.

The bouncer looked down the steps and noted that the woman walking towards him was the most beautiful goddess he had ever seen.  He had to shuffle his position so his ever-growing cock wouldn’t be so noticeable.  He only hoped she was single, and that, by the time he got his break, he could buy her a drink, take her back to his apartment, and show her what a real man was like.

“Buona Serata, Bellissima.”  He said, removing the velvet gate and allowing her to enter.  “May I ask for your name?”

“You may.”  Emma Rose grinned.  “But it doesn’t mean I will tell you.”

Placing his hand over his heart, he moaned.  “Oh, you wound me, Bellissima.  Please put me out of my misery.”

“Oh, you big softy.”  She said before she leaned in and whispered into his ear.  “Emma Rose, and are you rock hard all over?”

He gasped, and, as he turned toward her, she laughed and walked into the club.  Damn, what a woman.

Emma Rose walked and smiled.  Damn, this was her type of club.  The dance floor was crowded, the bar was hopping, music was blaring, and lights were strobing.  Looking around, she saw a sitting area a little way from the dance floor; as she found a seat and sat down; she looked around for a waitress.  Soon, a dark haired beauty leaned down at her.

“Ciao, Welcome to Tenax.  What can I get you?”  Maria asked the stunning woman.  She was sure she would order some girly drink.

“Jameson and Ginger on stone rocks, if you have them.  If not, then no ice.”


A little time later, Maria returned with the drink; as Emma Rose began to pay her, she stopped her.

“Your drink was paid by Felix.”

“Felix?”  Emma Rose asked.

“The bouncer as you walked in.  You must have made an impression, he never does this.”  She laughed.

“Oh.  Well tell him thanks.”

Emma Rose sat back, crossing her long legs, and then she took a drink of the Jameson, allowing the smooth, whiskey liquid to spread its warm down her throat.  She had not gotten her love for fine whiskey from her father, who loved beer, or her mother, who loved wine.  However, she couldn’t stand the taste of beer, or, in her words, “piss in a bottle” or even wine, which reminded her of rotten fruit.

“Buona serata.”  The tall, extremely handsome man said.

Emma Rose looked up.  Damn, what a fine looking man.  “Hello.”

“Oh, you are American?”  He asked, taking in the beauty.


“Would you like to dance?”

“I would love to.”  Emma Rose said, taking the hand that he had offered.


Edward arrived at the club and parked his car in one of the secured parking spaces.  Being the son of Carlisle Cullen had it perks; one of them was being able to get into almost every club in Florence without waiting in line.  Over the years, Edward had befriended several of the local owners and staff members of the clubs.  Walking around the building, he saw that his childhood friend, Felix, was working the door.  Damn that man got in a whole lot of trouble when they were children and even more trouble as young men.  But, the women, oh the women they enjoyed.


“Edward.  When did you get in?”  Felix boomed, shaking Edward’s hand.

“Earlier today.  Got settled and took a nap.  You know me; I wanted to be prepared for anything that might arise.”

“Still thinking with your cock, I see.  Well man there are a several hot bodies in there, one in particular.”

“Really?  Tell me.”

“Why?  I saw her first.”  Felix boasted.

“Oh, so that is how it is?  Fine, but if I happen to find her without knowing which one it is, it will be your loss.”  Edward gloated.

Edward slapped Felix on the arm and walked in.  Damn, he loved this club, the music was always great, the liquor was top notch, and there was always a tremendous amount of hot women to choose from.

He quickly made over to the section that always gave him the best view of the dance floor and the club.  Fuck, Felix was right; there were some hot women here tonight.  What a way to start his vacation.  He felt a hand on his arm and looked over to see Maria.  She was one of the waitresses at the club and a good friend.  Maria was smoking hot, but he wasn’t her type.  She was gay and proud of it.  Edward had been jealous of her on several occasions with the women she took into her bed.

“Edward, it is so good to see you.  How long are you here?”  Maria asked.

“A few months.  I just finished up college and wanted to spend a few months away and enjoy life before diving into the family business.”

Maria looked around the club and smirked up at Edward.  “Anyone catch your eye yet?”

Edward looked around once more, and, on the dance floor, there was a goddess draped in black.  She had long, chestnut brown hair and a body that made his dick weep.  She was currently dancing with Michael, a local known for use them and leave tactics.  He could tell Michael was using all his moves as he had her with her back to him as she moved that rocking body up and down him.  Edward glared intently at her breasts and he noticed something that made him even more intrigued.  She had her nipples pierced; holy fuck.  Did she have other piercings or even tattoos?  He had a few tattoos and one piercing.   The piercing was not by choice.  He had lost a bet with his friend Jasper, but after enduring the pain of getting it and the weeks of healing, he fucking loved it.  Yes, he had his dick pierced on the tip, or a Prince Albert as it is called.  Damn, just thinking about the first woman he fucked after it healed had him hard.  She fucking came and came, screaming his name and worshipping his dick.

“Do you know the woman with Michael?”  Edward asked Maria.

Maria couldn’t help but laugh.  “Damn, that girl has everyone creaming for her.”


“Felix is buying her drinks, Michael is doing his best moves, and I had to go clean up after talking to her.  Damn, I was hoping she swung my way.”  Maria disclosed.

Edward turned back to the dance floor and continued to watch the beauty dance.  With each move of her body, he could only imagine what it would be like to have her naked, dancing with him on his sheets all fucking night long and into the next day.  He watched as Michael leaned down, whispered something in her ear, and then reached around and shoved his hand up her dress.  What the fucking hell?  Edward took off to stop Michael for assaulting her anymore, but, before he could reach her, she had already turned, grabbed Michael’s arm, somehow had flipped him on the dance floor, and had her stiletto heel dug into his dick.  He was crying out in pain.  Edward stopped when he got beside her and listened and watched in amazement.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”  She screamed.  “You never, and I mean never, grab a woman like that.  I should dig my heel deeper in your pencil dick, but I don’t want to ruin my good shoes.”

Edward leaned down and grabbed Michael by the collar.  “I recommend you get leave and not come back, or you won’t like what I do to you.”

Michael didn’t know Edward was in town and he knew that he didn’t want to go against him. If Edward said he would do something, he would do it.  Who the fuck was this woman?  One second, he thought he might be able to take advantage of the situation and next he was on the floor with a heel pressing into his dick.  Rolling over, he crawled away from the woman and Edward, then quickly stood and ran from the club.

“Did he hurt you?”  Edward asked the beauty.

“Fuck no.  Just pissed me off.”  Emma Rose replied.

“Haha.  Can I buy you a drink?”  Edward asked.

“Sure, but if I was you, I wouldn’t try any of his moves I will do the same or worse to you.”

“Fuck, baby.”

Emma Rose smirked.  He was a fucking hot guy, and, as she looked him up and down, she could see the outline of his thick, long cock.  Damn, would it be too much to ask if it was pierced?  But, wait, he was American for sure, but he knew the asshole on the floor.  Looking at his face, she was drawn to his emerald green eyes and reddish brown hair, but there was something familiar about him.  Giving him one of her best smiles, she asked.  “Are you coming or not?”

Edward gasped, but quickly regained his head, then leaned into her, and whispered into her ear.  “Not yet, but I hope to have the honor later.”

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