Infinity Claims Chapter 13

The years seemed to crawl by for Carlisle.  He was extremely happy to have Esme and Edward in his life, but the hole caused by Lizzy Bell’s death was forever in his heart.  There wasn’t a day that went by that something didn’t remind him of her.  It could be the scent of freshly baked cookies, which reminded him of the tea parties that he had with her.  Or, it could be a butterfly flying around the garden that reminded him of the many times she would chase them, and carefully allowed them to crawl up her finger.


“Hey, Dad.”  Edward announced, walking into Carlisle’s office.  He wasn’t surprised to see him staring at Bella’s picture.   He knew that he still missed her and so did he.


“Edward are you all packed?” Carlisle asked.


“Yes, but mother keeps sneaking more underwear in.   I swear my suitcase is going to weigh a hundred pounds.”


Carlisle chuckled.   Esme had been fussing ever since Edward had told them his plans.   He had graduated with a degree in business and would be helping the family with both their legal and illegal businesses.  At first, Esme had wanted to keep Edward as far away from the illegal part of the family business as possible, but, over time, she knew that it was impossible.  Edward loved Carlisle and wanted to be just like him when he grew up.  At the age of ten, Carlisle had taught him the safe way to hold a gun, and began training him on how to shoot.  Over time, Edward became a very accomplished marksman and actually had his first kill during a rival family raid.


Carlisle, Esme, and Edward were at the mansion when a lone gunman had gained access to the compound.  Edward was in the kitchen fixing a sandwich late at night when the intruder opened the back door.  As soon as he heard it, Edward opened the drawer that kept Esme’s prize gun (yes as much as she fussed about Edward learning to shoot, she was a crack shot herself).  The intruder slowly walked around the corner with his gun in his hand; as he turned, he saw Edward standing behind the counter.  He knew who he was, and thought that he was lucky to find him alone.  He raised his gun to take the shot, but he wasn’t quick enough.  The flash of light coming from the barrel of the gun was the last thing he saw.  Edward’s bullet hit him dead on between the eyes.  Carlisle rushed down the stairs with his gun drawn when he heard the shot, and, when he turned on the light, Edward was standing over the guy in a pool of blood.  His hand was shaking, but he had a look of pure control.  Edward had protected the family, and he was so proud of him.


After the killing, Edward gained the respect of the other members of the family, well, except for Aro and his sons.  He had tried several times over the years to befriend Aro’s sons, Jamie and Theo, but they acted like he was beneath them.   It wasn’t until Carlisle explained that if he didn’t have a blood heir by the time he turned fifty, Aro’s oldest would take over the family.  So, if Bella had not been killed, she would have taken over.  One evening, he watched Aro as he interacted with Carlisle, when, suddenly, he had a crazy thought.   What if it Aro had something to do with Bella’s death?  However, after thinking on it some more, he knew that Aro wouldn’t have done that because he was family, after all.


“Edward, she is just worried about you being so far away from home.”  Carlisle replied.  “I know you can handle yourself.”


“You have taught me well, Dad.”


Carlisle couldn’t help but smile.  Edward was his son, even though there was not one drop of Cullen blood in him.  After Esme and he got married, he formally adopted Edward and made him a Cullen.  He didn’t replace Bella, but helped ease the pain of not having her still in his life.  Edward was a natural born leader, and would have made a fine Don, but there was no way he could go against traditions and family rules.  The family lived and died by the rules.   “The plane is ready whenever you get there and I have made sure you have a supply of guns.  Can’t have my boy go out in Italy without a few friends by his side.”


Edward smirked.  That was one of things that they had in common; their love of guns.  Once he had learned how to shoot, they began collecting all different types and calibers.  They would take one day a month to go and have some fun with their guns and then spend the night cleaning and storing them away.  He didn’t know which ones Carlisle had placed in the specially made storage area on the jet, but he knew that there would be one that would be a surprise.


A few hours later, Edward was on his way to Italy.  He couldn’t wait to for the next two months.  He had studied hard and needed this break before he became a more active member in the family.  He didn’t know what the future held for him once Jamie took over, but he hoped he could still be an asset.  His plan was to spend the next two months enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Italy.  The popular sites were on his list, but so were some hidden gems that Carlisle mentioned.


It was early afternoon when he finally arrived in Florence.  One of Carlisle’s prized cars was waiting for him in the private hanger.  Being the son of Carlisle Cullen did have its perks, and being able to fly in your own private jet, and have it wait for you in your own private hangar in Florence, Italy was fucking great.  Getting behind the wheel of the red Jaguar XKe convertible, he headed towards one of the many homes that Carlisle owned.  This would be his base, a safe haven if need be or just a place to relax.


The villa sat at top of a hill overlooking the lush green countryside.  They had come here several times over the years for family vacations.  Edward had run through the vineyard and climbed almost every tree.  He had befriended several of the neighboring boys, getting into trouble as boys do.  It was the summer when he had turned sixteen that he wasn’t getting trouble with the boys, but with the girls.  That was the summer when the male hormones took control, and, in the hay barn, he lost his virginity to a cute Italian girl with piercing blue eyes.  It was an awkward, messy first experience, but, more than that, embarrassing.   As he was getting ready to finish, in mid-thrust, his mother walked in.  Edward pulled out, and, as he did, he came all over the girl’s legs.  Esme screamed for Carlisle to come quickly.  Carlisle rushed to the barn, with his gun in hand, thinking she was being attacked, and walked in to find a naked Edward, a naked girl, and a mad as a wet hen Esme.  After the young girl was cleaned up and dressed, she was sent home.  Edward, on the other hand, spent the rest of the afternoon listening to both his mother and Carlisle.  Later that evening, once Esme was asleep, Carlisle slipped into Edward’s room with a box of condoms and told him to always wrap it up.


He listened to Carlisle and always kept it wrapped up tight.  Women were never a problem for him, and he enjoyed the act of sex, but that was just it, it was just an act.  He never felt any feeling toward them.  Many of them wanted something more, but he just couldn’t pretend; none of them were the one that made his heart feel full.  He had seen true love in the eyes of his parents, and what he hoped one day he would be able to find.


After unloading his luggage, he hung up his clothes and put away the twenty pairs of underwear, chuckling as he did so.  It wasn’t like he didn’t have access to a washing machine, actually the staff would be coming in twice a week to clean and do his laundry.  The chef would be on call if Edward needed him.  He called his mom and dad to tell them he had arrived and was fine.  When he finally got his mom off the phone, he decided to take a nap before hitting up some clubs.  It was time to start his vacation.


***********I C*********


“Emma Rose hurry up or you are going to miss your plane.”  Emmett boomed up the stairs.

She had thought she had everything, but remembered that she had not packed her birth control pills.  Damn, that would have spoiled her trip.  She had graduated with her Master’s degree in journalism and had dreams of writing an award winning book.  Her earliest memories were of her mother reading to her.  She had been so blessed to have parents who were so loving and supportive.


They lived by the water in Boston in a gorgeous brick home.  Her father had retired from football and worked as a lawyer for the rich in Boston.  He had built his clientele with having the reputation of being a loyal and fair attorney, which was something missing from the large law firms.  His customers loved the fact they knew their lawyer personally.  Her mom was a stay at home mom, and Emma Rose thought she was the coolest mom in the world.  She was home-schooled, due to the fact that her IQ was higher than most children her age.  Missing out on the whole high school experience wasn’t as bad as it sounded.  Not having to put up with the peer pressure and the hormone driving teenagers was a huge plus.


She attended Emerson College, and graduated with honors, and then, a short while later, graduated with a Master’s degree in Journalism.  Money was not an issue, so she decided she would take a few years and see if she could write the book that she had been researching for years.  From as early as she could remember, she had a fascination for all thing mafia.  She didn’t know why she enjoyed reading about mafia families, but it was her one true love.  Maybe that was why she liked the bad boys in college.  She dated a few guys that her parents would have died if they knew.


Marus was her last boyfriend and boy could he meet her needs.  He was six foot two, weight 180 and was all muscle.  Not an inch of his body was not covered by some type of ink and he had just as many piercings.  Her favorite was his Apadravya.  Man did it feel so fucking good when he pounded his monster cock into her.  Yeah she loved sex, but always required her men to wear condoms and she had been on the pill since sixteen.  Double protection was the only way to go, and that is why she was mad at herself for almost forgetting them.


“I am ready to go, Daddy.”  She said, rushing down the stairs.


“Are you sure you don’t want us to go with you?”  Emmett asked.  He still didn’t understand why she wanted to spend three months in Italy.  She didn’t know anyone in Italy.


“Dad, I am twenty-two years old, and I want to spread my wings.  I promise to be safe; I still know all the self defense moves that you taught me.”


“Fine, I just worry.”  He grumbled.


“I know and I love you for it.”


“I love you, too.”  He said, pulling her into a huge hug.  “Come, let’s go and catch that plane.”


She arrived in Florence and was bouncing from excitement at all the sights and sounds.  Her parents had made her promise to stay at the top notch hotels during her trip.  The taxi driver dropped her off at the first hotel which was the Brunelleschi Hotel.  She had booked the pool suite that had a four poster bed and a private hot tub because she wanted her privacy if she found a hot Italian man to share her bed.


After unpacking, she decided to take a nap before she would go and experience the nightlife that Florence had to offer.

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  1. Love it, my heart beats very very fast.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter.


  2. Nix Slone says:

    Bella has obviously had a great life with Emmett and Rose, but I think they were being selfish keeping her from Carlisle. There would have had to have been away for him to contact Carlisle over the years, to let him know what had gone on. Maybe Carlisle would have let her stay with them to protect her (or not) either way I think the fact that they wanted a child of their own was the reason for bringing her up as their daughter. I wonder how she is going to feel when she finds out the truth!


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