Defiance Chapter 7- Explosive Changes

Bobby “B” kept a close eye on the hotel until the team arrived.  Once they were in place, he went back to his hotel room, and contacted the second team, who had just arrived in Forks.  They said they were having a difficult time trying to stay under wraps.


“‘B’ this town is smaller than the estate backyard.  We are staying at a motel just outside the town.  We were able to purchase two old, beat up vehicles to drive, instead of driving rental cars.  I don’t think there is a vehicle any newer than 2010 in the entire town.”  George said


“Fuck.  Okay stay as concealed as possible.”  Bobby grumbled.


“We found their house; she is living next door to the pig.  She has some type of security system, but doesn’t look too difficult to bypass.”


“Good.  See how hard it might be and get back to me.  If you can get in, do so, and set up the surveillance equipment.  I will let you know when they leave here.”  Bobby said.


“Sure thing.”


Bobby hung up with the team and sent Carlisle a detailed report with all the information that teams had collected.  He couldn’t believe he had found them after all this time.  He often wondered where they were hiding out or if they were even still alive.  From what George said about Forks, she had definitely found a great place to hide out.  But, why the fuck was she friends with a pig.  Hadn’t she learned anything about keep those fuckers as far away as possible?  And how the hell could she allow Edward to be fucking a pig’s daughter; damn that is problem of epic proportions.


Over the next two days, Bobby and the team keep a close eye on Esme and Edward, recording their every move. Each evening, Bobby would report back to Carlisle.  The team in Forks was able to bypass the security system and had placed cameras and bugs throughout the home.  They searched the home from top to bottom and found nothing that tied Esme to Carlisle.  Bright and early on the third day, the team in San Francisco noticed that Esme, Edward, and the others were packing up the SUV with their luggage and were soon back in the vehicle traveling back north.  Bobby believed they were on their way back to Forks and quickly informed the other team that they were on their way back.


It had been decided how they would extract Esme and Edward without the pig sticking his nose into it.  The accident would take the life of Esme and Edward, along with the entire house.  They had been tapping into the morgues in the area to find two bodies that met the size and sex of Esme and Edward.  The gas line inside the home would be pulled from the wall and a simple lit candle would do the rest.  Esme and Edward would be drugged before, taken from the house, and brought immediately to a private airfield sixty miles away. Once they were there, a chartered plane would be on standby for them to board and be on their way back to New York.  Carlisle had arranged for transportation from the airfield to take them to the estate.  A specialized room was ready for Esme as well as the punishment that Carlisle had planned for her.  She wouldn’t die, but would wish for death daily.


However, Carlisle had plans to keep Edward in line and to begin his training immediately.  He had two aces in the hole, Esme and the little bitch that Edward had been sniffing around.  Edward would do everything he said, or he would torture and kill Esme and the little bitch.  His son would be just as ruthless as he was, and, one day, he would marry someone he arranged.  Marriage was for one thing, and one thing only, to bring the next boss into this world.  Love was never part of the deal, and Edward’s future wife would understand that.  Carlisle wondered if Edward had popped his cherry yet.  The pictures of the girl showed him that she was a fine looking little thing, and, other than being a little undeveloped, she would be a sweet thing pound his cock into.  Hmm, maybe he would have to keep that in mind.



Esme was happy to be going home.  She had been surprised by the response of her paintings.  All but one had sold within hours of the opening.  No one seemed to mind not meeting the artist once gallery explained that the artist felt that large crowds interfered with their creativity.  Esme, Edward, and the Swans went to the opening as fellow potential buyers.  After the opening, Esme was giving strict instructions to go home and start on her next collection as soon as possible.  The night before they were prepared to leave, Esme was handed a check from the sale of her work and she nearly had a heart attack.  She never imagined she would make  so much.  Her plans for the money was to put it away in Edward’s college fund.


Even though they had lived many years without being noticed, Esme knew that it could happen without notice.  The DVD that she had of Carlisle was placed in a metal box under the floorboard in the playhouse.  She didn’t know if she would have a chance to tell someone where it was, but at least it was in a secure spot.  Looking around the vehicle she was thankful for the friendship that Charlie and Renee had given her.  She thought of them more like family than friends.  Charlie had been a great role model for Edward.   As Esme looked in the back seat she couldn’t help but smile.


Ever since they had declared their love for each other, Edward and Bella were inseparable.  Currently they were both asleep, with Bella’s head laying on Edward’s chest and his arm protectively wrapped around her.  Esme had always considered Bella as the daughter she had never had.  She had taken out two very large life insurance policies, and made Edward the beneficiary of one and Bella, the other.  If, by some tragedy that Edward would also die, then his would also go to Bella.


They finally made it home and everyone was looking forward to sleeping in their own beds.  Edward helped Bella with her luggage and, when he felt no one was around, he took Bella out in his arms, and kissed her with all the love he had for her.


“I love you.”  He murmured breathlessly.


“Tony, I have loved you so much for so long.”  Bella confessed.   “I know that I could never love anyone like I love you.  My heart and soul will always be yours and yours alone.”


“Bella, my love, I feel the same way.  The inscription on your necklace says it all, Forever.”  Edward said then kissed her once again.  “As much as I would love to do this all evening, I should get home and help Mom.”


“I understand.  Call me later?”


“Definitely.”  Edward said then proceeded to walk next door to his house, unaware that his every movement was being filmed.


Bobby had arrived in Forks, and was shocked by the size of the town.  Fuck, no wonder she was never found until now, because there would be no way in hell Carlisle would be caught dead here.  He had purchased a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt, after what the first team had reported, and now he was happy he had.  Walking around in his thousand dollar Italian suit would have him sticking out like a sore thumb.


Dialing the team he got an update.   Everything was in place and someone was picking up the bodies for the swap.  Tonight was going to be the night.


Bobby called Carlisle and gave him the news.  “Boss, we are doing the extraction tonight at twenty-three hundred hours.  I will call you as soon as we board the plane.”


“Make fucking sure that Edward is unharmed in any way.”  Carlisle barked.


“And Esme?”  Bobby asked.


“Couldn’t care less about the whore.”


Bobby wasn’t surprised by the remark.  He knew how Carlisle felt.


Edward helped Esme take their laundry down stairs and even started the first load.  They ordered a pizza because neither of them felt like cooking.   Esme had taught Edward how to cook, clean, and do laundry.  They worked as a team on the household chores, and Edward picked up more when Esme had been getting ready for the show.


After dinner, Edward went up to his room and called Bella.  They talked until neither one of them could stay awake.  Edward promised that they would take a hike tomorrow and have a picnic in the large meadow by the pond.


Esme and Edward were both sound asleep when the extraction team slipped in.  The first pulled the gas line to the dryer and lit a candle on the kitchen table.  Quietly then went into Edward’s bedroom and quickly placed a cloth over his mouth and injected the sleeping potion.  He only opened his eyes for a brief moment before succumbing to the effects of the drugs.

Picking him, up they removed him from the house and to the van that was parked behind some trees.  The corpse of the young man was put in his bed.


The other team members went into Esme’s room and as soon as the cloth was put over her mouth, she opened her eyes and began to fight back.   One of the men held her down as another injected her. Just before she lost all consciousness, she knew that the devil had found them.


The other body was placed in Esme’s bed and the team exited the house and drove down the street and parked.  They would wait until the explosion before heading toward the plane.  The minutes tick by and then without any warning the house blew up, busting out the windows and doors.  The entire house was engulfed in flames.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here.”  George said.

Charlie was in the living room watching fly fishing.  He had tried to sleep, but just couldn’t.  He didn’t know why he had this feeling something bad was about to happen.  Then, all of sudden, he heard a loud boom and the windows in the house began to rattle.   Jumping to his feet, he ran outside to find Maria and Tony’s house engulfed in flames.   Running toward the house to see if they had got out, but, as he rounded the corner, he knew that there was no way they could have.

A few moments later, Bella came running and tried to go closer to the house, screaming Tony’s name.


Charlie grabbed her.  “Bella, sweetie, stop.”


“But, daddy, I have to try.” She cried.


“I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do.”  Charlie said with tears in his eyes.


Bella feel to her knees amongst the shattered glass and her heart broke into a million pieces that she knew that would never repair itself.  She then made a vow to herself to never love anyone again.





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