Chapter 12 Infinity Claims

Emmett and Rosalie stepped out of the room to allow the doctor to run his tests.  They were still in shock that the poor child couldn’t remember anything.

“Rose, I think there is something very fishy with the home invasion and how Bree ended up outside our house.  Brad was very worried about something when he came in about his will.”  Emmett whispered, looking back toward Bree’s room.  “Do you think you will be okay for a few hours?”

“I think so.  Where are you going?”

“Back to Youngstown.  I want to open up that lockbox and see what was so important for Brad to ensure that I knew about it.”  Emmett explained.

Rose took Emmett’s hand and looked deep into her husband’s eyes.  “Please be careful.  I don’t think I could go on without you.”

“I will. I will go by the house and get us some clean clothes, as well as our toiletries.”  Emmett announced, giving her a kiss before he headed out of the hospital to rent an SUV to make the trek back home.

The drive back to Youngstown was treacherous.  The radio announcers were saying it was one of the worst storms in the last fifty years.  Many localities had been buried under at least two feet of snow.  Emmett hoped that, once he made it home, the bank would be open.  He really didn’t want to spend any more time away from his family than he had to.  The gut feeling that something terrible wrong was nagging at Emmett, and he wouldn’t stop worrying about Rose and Bree until he got back to them with the information.  Hours later, he was pulling up to his house.  He quickly went in, packed a bag, and picked up the key that Brad had given him for the box.  After placing the suitcases in the vehicle, he started toward the bank, however he slowed down when he got to Brad and Louise’s house.  One lone cruiser was at the driveway that led up to the house. As Emmett looked closer, he could see the police tape over the front door.  Brad and Louise were good people, and they didn’t deserve to die in such a violent way.

When he pulled up at the bank, he breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was open.  Cleaning the snow off his boots, he walked into the lobby, and was quickly met by the bank’s president, Tyler Reedy.

“Mr. McCarty, what brings you out this horrible day?”

“I need to get into a lock box.”  Emmett told him without blinking an eye.  He knew that Brad had put him on the signature card, as well as giving him a key.

“Certainly, Mr. McCarty.  Please come this way.”  Tyler gushed.  Emmett McCarty was the largest depositor at the bank; whatever he wanted or needed, he was going to make sure he got it.  “Which box number?

“One thirty-three.”

Tyler looked up the box, and saw that it was a box that Brad Matters had rented.  He had heard on the radio that Brad and Louise had been found dead in their home, and now Emmett was asking for a security box he had rented.  That was strange, but he wouldn’t say anything to piss off his biggest depositor.  He looked at the signature card and saw that Emmett was on the card.  Unlocking the vault, he took out the box, and laid it on the table.

“Please come find me when you are finished.”

Emmett took his key, unlocked the box, and looked inside.  It was full of papers, newspaper clippings, and a large manila envelope.  Sitting down at the table, he began to read.  At first, it didn’t make any sense that Brad had articles about Carlisle Cullen and the death of his only child.  Flipping over to see the next one he gasped.  There was a picture of a child who looked like Bree; he read the caption underneath.  “Isabella Marie Cullen, the only child of Carlisle Cullen, the rumored Don of the Cullen Crime Family of New York.”  Holy shit.

After seeing that, he knew that this was serious, and he needed to take the contents of the box with him.  Opening the manila envelope, he stuffed all the papers inside.  In doing so, he was, once again, hit with a surprise.  Inside were stacks and stacks of hundred dollar bills.  What the fuck was Brad doing with all this money?  Damn.  Quickly gathering everything up, he locked up the box.  Walking out the room, he ran into Tyler again.  Damn, he was always so clingy.

“Mr. McCarty are you leaving so soon?”

“Yes, Mr. Reedy.  I need to get home to my lovely wife.”  Emmett lied, because he needed to keep the information about Bree, no, Isabella’s whereabouts secret.  God, no wonder the child was having memory issues.

“Certainly.  Be careful driving home.”  Tyler said.

Emmett rushed out of the bank and into the vehicle.  Taking out his phone, he called Rose to check in and to make sure she was safe.

“Emmett, sweetheart, did you make it okay?”

“Yes, my love.  I have been by the house, and, am just now leaving the bank.  Rose, it is really bad.  I need for you to not leave the hospital until I get back. Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone that Bree is not our daughter.”

“You are worrying me.”  Rosalie cried.

“I am sorry, but we must be careful if we want to keep that little angel alive.”

“Oh no.  I won’t move, I promise.  Just get back as soon as you safely can.”  Rosalie answered.

“I will.   Love you.”. Emmett said and began driving back to the hospital.   As he drove, he thought about the information that he had read.   He couldn’t stop thinking about the look he saw on Carlisle Cullen’s face at the funeral.   Angst and pain were all over it.   There was no way he was faking it, but why hadn’t Brad made contact with him? Better yet, why was Isabella with the Matters?   There had to be something evil going on.   Then, he thought about the money.   He hadn’t taken the time to count it, but there had to be at least hundred thousand dollars in that box.  There was no way that Brad would ever make that type of money, especially cash.  Soon, he was pulling up at the hospital.  He now knew that he needed to go through the papers before he made a decision that would be the best for all of them.  Emmett knew how much Rosalie loved Isabella, and he had to take that in consideration.

He walked in and quickly went up to Isabella’s room.  Rosalie was sitting by her bed, reading her a book.  Isabella was smiling as Rosalie was making funny voices to each of the characters.  “Well, it looks like someone is feeling better.”

Rosalie turned toward her loving husband.  “Why yes I think this little bug is feeling much better.”

Bella giggled at the lady calling her a bug and then yawned.  She was sleepy again.

“Sweetie, why don’t I finish this after you take a little nap?”  Rosalie asked.

“Okay.  But you won’t be far, will you?”  Bella asked, worried that she would be alone.

“No, sweetie.  I will be just outside.  I promise.”  She said, placing a sweet kiss on Bella’s forehead.  “Sleep well.”

Bella rolled over and quickly went off to sleep while Rosalie and Emmett stepped outside.  Emmett looked around for a place where they could look over the materials and to talk privately.   He saw a nurse walking by, and he stopped her.

“Excuse me, is there somewhere close that my wife and I can sit down and talk privately?  We don’t want to disturb the little one with talking in her room since she is asleep.”

Sarah had been told to accommodate any requests made by Mr. and Mrs. McCarty.  “Of course, why don’t you the doctors’ consult room?  If she wakes up before you finish, I will come get you immediately.”

“Thank you.”  Emmett said.  He never liked using his fame, but, in this case he was more than happy to, because a lot was counting on what they would find out in the documentation.

Sarah opened the door; just as she was leaving, she remembered that the nurse from the trauma unit had found their daughter’s necklace in the room.  It had been taken off while they worked on getting her body temp back up.  “Oh, I forgot, we found her necklace, and wanted to give it back to you.”  Sarah placed it on the table and walked out.

Emmett and Rosalie sat downside by side. He removed all the documents out of the envelope, leaving the cash inside.  He didn’t need to have all that money lying on the table if someone happened to walk in the room.

Rosalie began to read through the documents and newspaper clippings; with each passing moment, she became more and more afraid: not only for Isabella, but for their own safety.  “Emmett, what do you think?”

Emmett had been reading a letter that Brad had written and addressed to him.  He had explained how Isabella had come to live with them, and who had paid them to keep her.  The letter went on to how he decided to do some investigating and found out the truth about Isabella’s father.  Carlisle Cullen might be a powerful Don of a crime family, but he loved his daughter with everything he had.  Brad explained he was afraid that if he contacted Carlisle that whoever had orchestrated what happened to Bella would get their hands on her again, but this time would kill her immediately.  Emmett knew that if Isabella was in extreme danger, and he had to do everything in his power to keep her safe.  He also knew that he and Rosalie were also in danger because, if whoever was behind this was evil enough to try to kill a child, they wouldn’t think twice about killing them.

“Darling, I think there is only one thing we can do.  We need to leave Youngstown and go far away.”

Rosalie was shocked.  “I won’t leave her.”  She exclaimed.  Isabella was the child that she couldn’t have; she loved her with all her heart.

Emmett wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.  “We’re not.  I have a friend from college who can help us.  He has a special business on the side.  Isabella will become our daughter, and we will move away.  We have lived out of the limelight long enough that, if someone from our past sees us, they wouldn’t know.  I feel horrible that she has lost her memory, but maybe it is for the best right now.  She can’t go by Bree anymore, or even Isabella, but we need a name.”

Rosalie thought for a moment.  Then, it came to her: she had always wanted to name her daughter a special name.  “Emma Rose.”  She whispered.

Emmett leaned down and kissed her.  “I think that is perfect.  But we have to be prepared if, one day, she regains her memories.  We will keep all of these papers and explain the reason why we kept her from her father.  I will hire security for us and a private investigator to see if they can find out who did this.  However, darling, if we find out whom, we have to contact her father.  We can’t keep her away from him once we can make sure she is safe.”

“I know, but, until that time, she is ours.”

“Yes.”  Emmett confirmed, and then he saw her necklace lying on the table.  Picking it up, he turned it over and saw the infinity symbol on the front.  Then, he discovered it opened; when he did, he saw a happy family, unaware that their lives who be torn apart in just a few short years.  “We will need to keep this safe until the day we can unite her with her father.”

“We will.”  Rosalie said with conviction.

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