Chapter 6 West Coast Surprise

Edward and Bella walked back from the beach to the hotel hand in hand.  He couldn’t get over the sheer pleasure of knowing that she loved him; he didn’t know when he would stop smiling.  As they got to the lobby of the hotel, they saw Charlie and Renee coming out of the hotel restaurant.


“Tony, Bella did you have a good time?”  Charlie asked.


“We did.”  They answered together, laughing at the fact that they had.


Charlie chuckled, but then looked down and saw that they were holding hands and after a second look at the them, he could tell that something had changed.  This was something he had been dreading since the day the doctor said that he had a daughter.  He knew that one day he would not be the only man in his daughter’s life.   Tony was like the son he never had, and, as much as he hated the idea of Bella having a boyfriend, he could not think of anyone better for her than him.  However, he still wanted to have a serious conversation with him about the right and wrong ways to treat a young lady.  “Bella, sweetie, why don’t you and Mom go into that shop you were talking about yesterday?  Maybe you can find something you would like to wear to the opening, since you were complaining that the dress you had wasn’t good enough.”


“REALLY?!”  Bella exclaimed.  “Thank you, Daddy.”   Looking up at Edward she smiled.  “I won’t be long.”


“Oh, he will be fine.  Actually, we are going to go sit outside and enjoy a ice cold soda.”  Charlie explained.


“Okay.”  Bella said, then stood on her tiptoes, and placed a small kiss on Edward’s lips.  It was quick, but Edward still was affected, and a bright shade of pink came across his cheeks.


Bella went over to Renee, and they walked away arm in arm chatting and giggling.


“Come on, Tony, let’s go outside, and wait for them.  I must warn you though, it may take them awhile for this.”


They walked outside and found a table facing the water.  The night sky was clear, and, unlike Forks, was full of stars shining brightly for them to see.  The waitress brought over the two Cokes that they had ordered, and, after a few awkward minutes of silence, Charlie knew he to had begin with what he wanted to say.  “Tony, I happened to notice a change between you and Bella.”


Edward was shocked by what Charlie had said.  He hoped that Charlie and Renee would be okay with the fact that he loved their daughter.  “Well, sir, it is like, well I, ah, and Bella, well you know.”  He stammered .


“First off, it has been and will always be Charlie, not that ‘sir’ shit.  Shit, sorry about that.”  Charlie grumbled, embarrassed over the fact that he used foul language in front of Tony.  “Tony, I have known you all your life, and I have watched you grow up to be a fine young man. You have always been a great friend to Bella.  But you are now having different feelings for her, and I wanted to give you a little advice.”




“Women are complicated creatures.  One second they are happy with you, then next they are trying to kill you.  But, Tony, I want you to treat Bella like the queen that she is; if you hurt her, I will hurt you.”  Charlie said with the look he gave people who had broken the law.  At this moment, he wished he had one of his many guns, because he would have showed it to him.


“I won’t, sir.”  Edward stammered once more as he looked Charlie dead in the eye, then, as Charlie raised his eyebrow, he realised what he had said.  “I mean, I won’t, Charlie.”


“Good.  Now drink up and then we will go see how our girls are doing.”  Charlie smirked.




Bobby “B” had gotten his daughter moved in. He was currently outside, smoking a much needed cigar.  His daughter was over the moon with her apartment, and how close it was to many galleries.  She had pulled him up and down the street looking in the windows of many of galleries; much of what he saw didn’t make any sense.


Most look like the painter had just thrown paint on a blank canvas and called it art.  The only one he like was a painting of a woman that was walking away from a city.  The gallery owner had come out and asked if they were interested in the piece, because it was part of a new showing starting tomorrow called Defiance.  He had told him no, but thanked him.  His daughter had gone on and on about how powerful the painting was and how much she loved it.  Before he left, he decided that he would stop in and buy it for her.  She was his little princess, and if she wanted something, he always tried to give it to her.


Taking another big puff, he noticed several people coming out of the gallery.  They were talking and laughing and the gallery owner was shaking one of the ladies’ hands.  As she turned her face toward the street light, Bobby “B” almost swallowed his cigar.  This woman was a dead ringer for Esme.  Taking a better look at the others in the group, he saw a tall young man, about fifteen or sixteen holding hands with a cute little brunette.  Taking out his phone he snapped several photos of the woman and young man.   As they continued their conversation outside the gallery, he quickly sent a text to James.


“B”:  “J”, I need photographs of Esme ASAP.


“J”:  “B” why?


“B”:  Just saw a woman here in S.F. that is a dead ringer for her.


“J”:  Have you told the Boss yet?


“B”:  Not yet, want to make sure first.  Send the photos, while I tail them.


Bobby “B” continued his surveillance, and, when he received the photos from James, he was sure that he had found Esme and Edward.  The group walked to a large black SUV, and, as Edward and the young girl rounded the back, he quickly took her into his arms and kissed her.  Well that fucking shit wasn’t going to fly with the Boss. Edward would marry whomever the Boss seemed fit, and a little nobody wasn’t going to get in the way. Edward better had kept that dick wrapped up, because no bastard child was going to stand in the way of Edward taking over the family one day. Bobby “B” knew that Carlisle had plans for Edward as soon as he was found.  He would have to be reconditioned from the apparent coddling he’d had with Esme, to become the ruthless killer that he would need to become the leader of the family.


Bobby “B” got into his rental car, and followed the SUV into a hotel parking deck.  After sending the plate number to James, he followed them into the hotel.  Keeping a safe distance, he heard the other couple call Esme and Edward, “Maria” and “Tony”.  So that was the name she was using.  After they all got on the elevator and went upstairs, he checked his phone to see if James had gotten the name of the person who owned the SUV.  As soon as he looked at the texted message, he knew he had to call James.


“James, what is wrong?”


“Why the fuck are you running plates on a fucking pig?  Wait, not just a pig, but the fucking king pig.”  James grumbled.


“FUCKING HELL!”  Bobby “B” yelled.  “Esme is hanging out with him, and, I figure, his wife.  Fuck, this complicates things.  Where is the pig from?”


“Some hick town in Washington called Forks.”  James answered.


“Okay, get me two teams in the air.  Send one to me and the other to Forks.  Make sure they know to keep a very low profile, and try to blend in if possible.  I am going to call Carlisle and let him know.”


“All right, I will call you if I find anything else.”


Bobby “B” disconnected with James, and took a moment to get his thoughts together before calling Carlisle.  Damn, he was sure that he would want him to grab Esme and Edward immediately, but with a damn pig so close, that couldn’t happen.  Picking up his phone, he hit the speed dial number for Carlisle.


“Hello “B”.”  Carlisle answered.


“Hey Boss.  I am calling because I have some news.”




“I found them.”  Bobby “B” said.


“FUCKING WHERE?”  Carlisle yelled.


“San Francisco.  But there is a complication.”


“Kill the complication and bring them back to me now.”  Carlisle barked.


“Boss, they are with a king pig.”


“What the hell?  I want my son back here.”


“I know and I will get him there, but we need to keep a level head about it.  We don’t need the police to stick their noses in our business.”  Bobby “B” pleaded, hoping he could get to Carlisle listen to reason.


Carlisle wasn’t happy that he had to wait to see his son, but “B” was right.  He didn’t need the pigs sniffing around.  “Fine.  Send me everything you have and keep me up to date with the plan.”


“Of course, Boss.”


After hanging up, “B” sent all the pictures and videos to Carlisle, and, as Carlisle sat in his office at home, with a glass of Jameson in one hand he looked at each of the pictures of his wife and son.  He had lost so much time, and he was going to make sure that Esme paid for each moment he didn’t have his son.

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