Infinity Claims Chapter 14

The line outside of Tenax wrapped around the building.   Emma Rose could hear the beating of the music as it vibrated off the window and doors.  After her nap, she got up, took a relaxing shower, and then began to get ready.  She selected a sexy black, tight fitting short dress with lace that only covered the important parts; the rest of the dress was see through sheer material.

Her belly button piercing was in plain view with her new diamond and silver infinity symbol jewelry.  She loved the birthmark on her arm, and she embraced it with most of her jewelry, those one could clearly see and those one couldn’t.  Her favorite place was her nipple piercings; those were bars with an infinity symbol on either end.  However, her parents didn’t know that she had her nipples pierced, nor did they know about the tattoos…one of an infinity symbol on her always-bare mound and one of a little lamb on her right butt cheek.  She had carried around the little white lamb for as long as she could remember, even up to when it was unacceptable.  It had since been professionally cleaned and preserved in a crystal and gold box that sat on her bedside table.  She didn’t know why, but it held a special spot in her heart.

“Perdere?  Is this okay?”  The taxi driver asked as he parked across the street from the club.

“Si, grazie.”  Emma Rose said, paying him and getting out.  Looking both ways on the narrow street, she stepped off the curb to cross, when, suddenly, a red sports car blew past her, almost hitting her.

“FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!”  She screamed at the taillights of the speeding car.  She could only catch a glimpse of reddish brown hair.  How could someone be driving so fucking fast on this small street?  Idiot.

As she neared the bouncer for the club, she hoped that she wouldn’t have to wait in the extremely long line.  Looking up at the large, burly man, she had to smile because he kind of reminded her of her father.  Even though her dad had been retired all these years, he still worked out every morning and could go on the field today and keep up with the younger players.

The bouncer looked down the steps and noted that the woman walking towards him was the most beautiful goddess he had ever seen.  He had to shuffle his position so his ever-growing cock wouldn’t be so noticeable.  He only hoped she was single, and that, by the time he got his break, he could buy her a drink, take her back to his apartment, and show her what a real man was like.

“Buona Serata, Bellissima.”  He said, removing the velvet gate and allowing her to enter.  “May I ask for your name?”

“You may.”  Emma Rose grinned.  “But it doesn’t mean I will tell you.”

Placing his hand over his heart, he moaned.  “Oh, you wound me, Bellissima.  Please put me out of my misery.”

“Oh, you big softy.”  She said before she leaned in and whispered into his ear.  “Emma Rose, and are you rock hard all over?”

He gasped, and, as he turned toward her, she laughed and walked into the club.  Damn, what a woman.

Emma Rose walked and smiled.  Damn, this was her type of club.  The dance floor was crowded, the bar was hopping, music was blaring, and lights were strobing.  Looking around, she saw a sitting area a little way from the dance floor; as she found a seat and sat down; she looked around for a waitress.  Soon, a dark haired beauty leaned down at her.

“Ciao, Welcome to Tenax.  What can I get you?”  Maria asked the stunning woman.  She was sure she would order some girly drink.

“Jameson and Ginger on stone rocks, if you have them.  If not, then no ice.”


A little time later, Maria returned with the drink; as Emma Rose began to pay her, she stopped her.

“Your drink was paid by Felix.”

“Felix?”  Emma Rose asked.

“The bouncer as you walked in.  You must have made an impression, he never does this.”  She laughed.

“Oh.  Well tell him thanks.”

Emma Rose sat back, crossing her long legs, and then she took a drink of the Jameson, allowing the smooth, whiskey liquid to spread its warm down her throat.  She had not gotten her love for fine whiskey from her father, who loved beer, or her mother, who loved wine.  However, she couldn’t stand the taste of beer, or, in her words, “piss in a bottle” or even wine, which reminded her of rotten fruit.

“Buona serata.”  The tall, extremely handsome man said.

Emma Rose looked up.  Damn, what a fine looking man.  “Hello.”

“Oh, you are American?”  He asked, taking in the beauty.


“Would you like to dance?”

“I would love to.”  Emma Rose said, taking the hand that he had offered.


Edward arrived at the club and parked his car in one of the secured parking spaces.  Being the son of Carlisle Cullen had it perks; one of them was being able to get into almost every club in Florence without waiting in line.  Over the years, Edward had befriended several of the local owners and staff members of the clubs.  Walking around the building, he saw that his childhood friend, Felix, was working the door.  Damn that man got in a whole lot of trouble when they were children and even more trouble as young men.  But, the women, oh the women they enjoyed.


“Edward.  When did you get in?”  Felix boomed, shaking Edward’s hand.

“Earlier today.  Got settled and took a nap.  You know me; I wanted to be prepared for anything that might arise.”

“Still thinking with your cock, I see.  Well man there are a several hot bodies in there, one in particular.”

“Really?  Tell me.”

“Why?  I saw her first.”  Felix boasted.

“Oh, so that is how it is?  Fine, but if I happen to find her without knowing which one it is, it will be your loss.”  Edward gloated.

Edward slapped Felix on the arm and walked in.  Damn, he loved this club, the music was always great, the liquor was top notch, and there was always a tremendous amount of hot women to choose from.

He quickly made over to the section that always gave him the best view of the dance floor and the club.  Fuck, Felix was right; there were some hot women here tonight.  What a way to start his vacation.  He felt a hand on his arm and looked over to see Maria.  She was one of the waitresses at the club and a good friend.  Maria was smoking hot, but he wasn’t her type.  She was gay and proud of it.  Edward had been jealous of her on several occasions with the women she took into her bed.

“Edward, it is so good to see you.  How long are you here?”  Maria asked.

“A few months.  I just finished up college and wanted to spend a few months away and enjoy life before diving into the family business.”

Maria looked around the club and smirked up at Edward.  “Anyone catch your eye yet?”

Edward looked around once more, and, on the dance floor, there was a goddess draped in black.  She had long, chestnut brown hair and a body that made his dick weep.  She was currently dancing with Michael, a local known for use them and leave tactics.  He could tell Michael was using all his moves as he had her with her back to him as she moved that rocking body up and down him.  Edward glared intently at her breasts and he noticed something that made him even more intrigued.  She had her nipples pierced; holy fuck.  Did she have other piercings or even tattoos?  He had a few tattoos and one piercing.   The piercing was not by choice.  He had lost a bet with his friend Jasper, but after enduring the pain of getting it and the weeks of healing, he fucking loved it.  Yes, he had his dick pierced on the tip, or a Prince Albert as it is called.  Damn, just thinking about the first woman he fucked after it healed had him hard.  She fucking came and came, screaming his name and worshipping his dick.

“Do you know the woman with Michael?”  Edward asked Maria.

Maria couldn’t help but laugh.  “Damn, that girl has everyone creaming for her.”


“Felix is buying her drinks, Michael is doing his best moves, and I had to go clean up after talking to her.  Damn, I was hoping she swung my way.”  Maria disclosed.

Edward turned back to the dance floor and continued to watch the beauty dance.  With each move of her body, he could only imagine what it would be like to have her naked, dancing with him on his sheets all fucking night long and into the next day.  He watched as Michael leaned down, whispered something in her ear, and then reached around and shoved his hand up her dress.  What the fucking hell?  Edward took off to stop Michael for assaulting her anymore, but, before he could reach her, she had already turned, grabbed Michael’s arm, somehow had flipped him on the dance floor, and had her stiletto heel dug into his dick.  He was crying out in pain.  Edward stopped when he got beside her and listened and watched in amazement.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”  She screamed.  “You never, and I mean never, grab a woman like that.  I should dig my heel deeper in your pencil dick, but I don’t want to ruin my good shoes.”

Edward leaned down and grabbed Michael by the collar.  “I recommend you get leave and not come back, or you won’t like what I do to you.”

Michael didn’t know Edward was in town and he knew that he didn’t want to go against him. If Edward said he would do something, he would do it.  Who the fuck was this woman?  One second, he thought he might be able to take advantage of the situation and next he was on the floor with a heel pressing into his dick.  Rolling over, he crawled away from the woman and Edward, then quickly stood and ran from the club.

“Did he hurt you?”  Edward asked the beauty.

“Fuck no.  Just pissed me off.”  Emma Rose replied.

“Haha.  Can I buy you a drink?”  Edward asked.

“Sure, but if I was you, I wouldn’t try any of his moves I will do the same or worse to you.”

“Fuck, baby.”

Emma Rose smirked.  He was a fucking hot guy, and, as she looked him up and down, she could see the outline of his thick, long cock.  Damn, would it be too much to ask if it was pierced?  But, wait, he was American for sure, but he knew the asshole on the floor.  Looking at his face, she was drawn to his emerald green eyes and reddish brown hair, but there was something familiar about him.  Giving him one of her best smiles, she asked.  “Are you coming or not?”

Edward gasped, but quickly regained his head, then leaned into her, and whispered into her ear.  “Not yet, but I hope to have the honor later.”

Infinity Claims Chapter 13

The years seemed to crawl by for Carlisle.  He was extremely happy to have Esme and Edward in his life, but the hole caused by Lizzy Bell’s death was forever in his heart.  There wasn’t a day that went by that something didn’t remind him of her.  It could be the scent of freshly baked cookies, which reminded him of the tea parties that he had with her.  Or, it could be a butterfly flying around the garden that reminded him of the many times she would chase them, and carefully allowed them to crawl up her finger.


“Hey, Dad.”  Edward announced, walking into Carlisle’s office.  He wasn’t surprised to see him staring at Bella’s picture.   He knew that he still missed her and so did he.


“Edward are you all packed?” Carlisle asked.


“Yes, but mother keeps sneaking more underwear in.   I swear my suitcase is going to weigh a hundred pounds.”


Carlisle chuckled.   Esme had been fussing ever since Edward had told them his plans.   He had graduated with a degree in business and would be helping the family with both their legal and illegal businesses.  At first, Esme had wanted to keep Edward as far away from the illegal part of the family business as possible, but, over time, she knew that it was impossible.  Edward loved Carlisle and wanted to be just like him when he grew up.  At the age of ten, Carlisle had taught him the safe way to hold a gun, and began training him on how to shoot.  Over time, Edward became a very accomplished marksman and actually had his first kill during a rival family raid.


Carlisle, Esme, and Edward were at the mansion when a lone gunman had gained access to the compound.  Edward was in the kitchen fixing a sandwich late at night when the intruder opened the back door.  As soon as he heard it, Edward opened the drawer that kept Esme’s prize gun (yes as much as she fussed about Edward learning to shoot, she was a crack shot herself).  The intruder slowly walked around the corner with his gun in his hand; as he turned, he saw Edward standing behind the counter.  He knew who he was, and thought that he was lucky to find him alone.  He raised his gun to take the shot, but he wasn’t quick enough.  The flash of light coming from the barrel of the gun was the last thing he saw.  Edward’s bullet hit him dead on between the eyes.  Carlisle rushed down the stairs with his gun drawn when he heard the shot, and, when he turned on the light, Edward was standing over the guy in a pool of blood.  His hand was shaking, but he had a look of pure control.  Edward had protected the family, and he was so proud of him.


After the killing, Edward gained the respect of the other members of the family, well, except for Aro and his sons.  He had tried several times over the years to befriend Aro’s sons, Jamie and Theo, but they acted like he was beneath them.   It wasn’t until Carlisle explained that if he didn’t have a blood heir by the time he turned fifty, Aro’s oldest would take over the family.  So, if Bella had not been killed, she would have taken over.  One evening, he watched Aro as he interacted with Carlisle, when, suddenly, he had a crazy thought.   What if it Aro had something to do with Bella’s death?  However, after thinking on it some more, he knew that Aro wouldn’t have done that because he was family, after all.


“Edward, she is just worried about you being so far away from home.”  Carlisle replied.  “I know you can handle yourself.”


“You have taught me well, Dad.”


Carlisle couldn’t help but smile.  Edward was his son, even though there was not one drop of Cullen blood in him.  After Esme and he got married, he formally adopted Edward and made him a Cullen.  He didn’t replace Bella, but helped ease the pain of not having her still in his life.  Edward was a natural born leader, and would have made a fine Don, but there was no way he could go against traditions and family rules.  The family lived and died by the rules.   “The plane is ready whenever you get there and I have made sure you have a supply of guns.  Can’t have my boy go out in Italy without a few friends by his side.”


Edward smirked.  That was one of things that they had in common; their love of guns.  Once he had learned how to shoot, they began collecting all different types and calibers.  They would take one day a month to go and have some fun with their guns and then spend the night cleaning and storing them away.  He didn’t know which ones Carlisle had placed in the specially made storage area on the jet, but he knew that there would be one that would be a surprise.


A few hours later, Edward was on his way to Italy.  He couldn’t wait to for the next two months.  He had studied hard and needed this break before he became a more active member in the family.  He didn’t know what the future held for him once Jamie took over, but he hoped he could still be an asset.  His plan was to spend the next two months enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Italy.  The popular sites were on his list, but so were some hidden gems that Carlisle mentioned.


It was early afternoon when he finally arrived in Florence.  One of Carlisle’s prized cars was waiting for him in the private hanger.  Being the son of Carlisle Cullen did have its perks, and being able to fly in your own private jet, and have it wait for you in your own private hangar in Florence, Italy was fucking great.  Getting behind the wheel of the red Jaguar XKe convertible, he headed towards one of the many homes that Carlisle owned.  This would be his base, a safe haven if need be or just a place to relax.


The villa sat at top of a hill overlooking the lush green countryside.  They had come here several times over the years for family vacations.  Edward had run through the vineyard and climbed almost every tree.  He had befriended several of the neighboring boys, getting into trouble as boys do.  It was the summer when he had turned sixteen that he wasn’t getting trouble with the boys, but with the girls.  That was the summer when the male hormones took control, and, in the hay barn, he lost his virginity to a cute Italian girl with piercing blue eyes.  It was an awkward, messy first experience, but, more than that, embarrassing.   As he was getting ready to finish, in mid-thrust, his mother walked in.  Edward pulled out, and, as he did, he came all over the girl’s legs.  Esme screamed for Carlisle to come quickly.  Carlisle rushed to the barn, with his gun in hand, thinking she was being attacked, and walked in to find a naked Edward, a naked girl, and a mad as a wet hen Esme.  After the young girl was cleaned up and dressed, she was sent home.  Edward, on the other hand, spent the rest of the afternoon listening to both his mother and Carlisle.  Later that evening, once Esme was asleep, Carlisle slipped into Edward’s room with a box of condoms and told him to always wrap it up.


He listened to Carlisle and always kept it wrapped up tight.  Women were never a problem for him, and he enjoyed the act of sex, but that was just it, it was just an act.  He never felt any feeling toward them.  Many of them wanted something more, but he just couldn’t pretend; none of them were the one that made his heart feel full.  He had seen true love in the eyes of his parents, and what he hoped one day he would be able to find.


After unloading his luggage, he hung up his clothes and put away the twenty pairs of underwear, chuckling as he did so.  It wasn’t like he didn’t have access to a washing machine, actually the staff would be coming in twice a week to clean and do his laundry.  The chef would be on call if Edward needed him.  He called his mom and dad to tell them he had arrived and was fine.  When he finally got his mom off the phone, he decided to take a nap before hitting up some clubs.  It was time to start his vacation.


***********I C*********


“Emma Rose hurry up or you are going to miss your plane.”  Emmett boomed up the stairs.

She had thought she had everything, but remembered that she had not packed her birth control pills.  Damn, that would have spoiled her trip.  She had graduated with her Master’s degree in journalism and had dreams of writing an award winning book.  Her earliest memories were of her mother reading to her.  She had been so blessed to have parents who were so loving and supportive.


They lived by the water in Boston in a gorgeous brick home.  Her father had retired from football and worked as a lawyer for the rich in Boston.  He had built his clientele with having the reputation of being a loyal and fair attorney, which was something missing from the large law firms.  His customers loved the fact they knew their lawyer personally.  Her mom was a stay at home mom, and Emma Rose thought she was the coolest mom in the world.  She was home-schooled, due to the fact that her IQ was higher than most children her age.  Missing out on the whole high school experience wasn’t as bad as it sounded.  Not having to put up with the peer pressure and the hormone driving teenagers was a huge plus.


She attended Emerson College, and graduated with honors, and then, a short while later, graduated with a Master’s degree in Journalism.  Money was not an issue, so she decided she would take a few years and see if she could write the book that she had been researching for years.  From as early as she could remember, she had a fascination for all thing mafia.  She didn’t know why she enjoyed reading about mafia families, but it was her one true love.  Maybe that was why she liked the bad boys in college.  She dated a few guys that her parents would have died if they knew.


Marus was her last boyfriend and boy could he meet her needs.  He was six foot two, weight 180 and was all muscle.  Not an inch of his body was not covered by some type of ink and he had just as many piercings.  Her favorite was his Apadravya.  Man did it feel so fucking good when he pounded his monster cock into her.  Yeah she loved sex, but always required her men to wear condoms and she had been on the pill since sixteen.  Double protection was the only way to go, and that is why she was mad at herself for almost forgetting them.


“I am ready to go, Daddy.”  She said, rushing down the stairs.


“Are you sure you don’t want us to go with you?”  Emmett asked.  He still didn’t understand why she wanted to spend three months in Italy.  She didn’t know anyone in Italy.


“Dad, I am twenty-two years old, and I want to spread my wings.  I promise to be safe; I still know all the self defense moves that you taught me.”


“Fine, I just worry.”  He grumbled.


“I know and I love you for it.”


“I love you, too.”  He said, pulling her into a huge hug.  “Come, let’s go and catch that plane.”


She arrived in Florence and was bouncing from excitement at all the sights and sounds.  Her parents had made her promise to stay at the top notch hotels during her trip.  The taxi driver dropped her off at the first hotel which was the Brunelleschi Hotel.  She had booked the pool suite that had a four poster bed and a private hot tub because she wanted her privacy if she found a hot Italian man to share her bed.


After unpacking, she decided to take a nap before she would go and experience the nightlife that Florence had to offer.

Chapter 12 Infinity Claims

Emmett and Rosalie stepped out of the room to allow the doctor to run his tests.  They were still in shock that the poor child couldn’t remember anything.

“Rose, I think there is something very fishy with the home invasion and how Bree ended up outside our house.  Brad was very worried about something when he came in about his will.”  Emmett whispered, looking back toward Bree’s room.  “Do you think you will be okay for a few hours?”

“I think so.  Where are you going?”

“Back to Youngstown.  I want to open up that lockbox and see what was so important for Brad to ensure that I knew about it.”  Emmett explained.

Rose took Emmett’s hand and looked deep into her husband’s eyes.  “Please be careful.  I don’t think I could go on without you.”

“I will. I will go by the house and get us some clean clothes, as well as our toiletries.”  Emmett announced, giving her a kiss before he headed out of the hospital to rent an SUV to make the trek back home.

The drive back to Youngstown was treacherous.  The radio announcers were saying it was one of the worst storms in the last fifty years.  Many localities had been buried under at least two feet of snow.  Emmett hoped that, once he made it home, the bank would be open.  He really didn’t want to spend any more time away from his family than he had to.  The gut feeling that something terrible wrong was nagging at Emmett, and he wouldn’t stop worrying about Rose and Bree until he got back to them with the information.  Hours later, he was pulling up to his house.  He quickly went in, packed a bag, and picked up the key that Brad had given him for the box.  After placing the suitcases in the vehicle, he started toward the bank, however he slowed down when he got to Brad and Louise’s house.  One lone cruiser was at the driveway that led up to the house. As Emmett looked closer, he could see the police tape over the front door.  Brad and Louise were good people, and they didn’t deserve to die in such a violent way.

When he pulled up at the bank, he breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was open.  Cleaning the snow off his boots, he walked into the lobby, and was quickly met by the bank’s president, Tyler Reedy.

“Mr. McCarty, what brings you out this horrible day?”

“I need to get into a lock box.”  Emmett told him without blinking an eye.  He knew that Brad had put him on the signature card, as well as giving him a key.

“Certainly, Mr. McCarty.  Please come this way.”  Tyler gushed.  Emmett McCarty was the largest depositor at the bank; whatever he wanted or needed, he was going to make sure he got it.  “Which box number?

“One thirty-three.”

Tyler looked up the box, and saw that it was a box that Brad Matters had rented.  He had heard on the radio that Brad and Louise had been found dead in their home, and now Emmett was asking for a security box he had rented.  That was strange, but he wouldn’t say anything to piss off his biggest depositor.  He looked at the signature card and saw that Emmett was on the card.  Unlocking the vault, he took out the box, and laid it on the table.

“Please come find me when you are finished.”

Emmett took his key, unlocked the box, and looked inside.  It was full of papers, newspaper clippings, and a large manila envelope.  Sitting down at the table, he began to read.  At first, it didn’t make any sense that Brad had articles about Carlisle Cullen and the death of his only child.  Flipping over to see the next one he gasped.  There was a picture of a child who looked like Bree; he read the caption underneath.  “Isabella Marie Cullen, the only child of Carlisle Cullen, the rumored Don of the Cullen Crime Family of New York.”  Holy shit.

After seeing that, he knew that this was serious, and he needed to take the contents of the box with him.  Opening the manila envelope, he stuffed all the papers inside.  In doing so, he was, once again, hit with a surprise.  Inside were stacks and stacks of hundred dollar bills.  What the fuck was Brad doing with all this money?  Damn.  Quickly gathering everything up, he locked up the box.  Walking out the room, he ran into Tyler again.  Damn, he was always so clingy.

“Mr. McCarty are you leaving so soon?”

“Yes, Mr. Reedy.  I need to get home to my lovely wife.”  Emmett lied, because he needed to keep the information about Bree, no, Isabella’s whereabouts secret.  God, no wonder the child was having memory issues.

“Certainly.  Be careful driving home.”  Tyler said.

Emmett rushed out of the bank and into the vehicle.  Taking out his phone, he called Rose to check in and to make sure she was safe.

“Emmett, sweetheart, did you make it okay?”

“Yes, my love.  I have been by the house, and, am just now leaving the bank.  Rose, it is really bad.  I need for you to not leave the hospital until I get back. Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone that Bree is not our daughter.”

“You are worrying me.”  Rosalie cried.

“I am sorry, but we must be careful if we want to keep that little angel alive.”

“Oh no.  I won’t move, I promise.  Just get back as soon as you safely can.”  Rosalie answered.

“I will.   Love you.”. Emmett said and began driving back to the hospital.   As he drove, he thought about the information that he had read.   He couldn’t stop thinking about the look he saw on Carlisle Cullen’s face at the funeral.   Angst and pain were all over it.   There was no way he was faking it, but why hadn’t Brad made contact with him? Better yet, why was Isabella with the Matters?   There had to be something evil going on.   Then, he thought about the money.   He hadn’t taken the time to count it, but there had to be at least hundred thousand dollars in that box.  There was no way that Brad would ever make that type of money, especially cash.  Soon, he was pulling up at the hospital.  He now knew that he needed to go through the papers before he made a decision that would be the best for all of them.  Emmett knew how much Rosalie loved Isabella, and he had to take that in consideration.

He walked in and quickly went up to Isabella’s room.  Rosalie was sitting by her bed, reading her a book.  Isabella was smiling as Rosalie was making funny voices to each of the characters.  “Well, it looks like someone is feeling better.”

Rosalie turned toward her loving husband.  “Why yes I think this little bug is feeling much better.”

Bella giggled at the lady calling her a bug and then yawned.  She was sleepy again.

“Sweetie, why don’t I finish this after you take a little nap?”  Rosalie asked.

“Okay.  But you won’t be far, will you?”  Bella asked, worried that she would be alone.

“No, sweetie.  I will be just outside.  I promise.”  She said, placing a sweet kiss on Bella’s forehead.  “Sleep well.”

Bella rolled over and quickly went off to sleep while Rosalie and Emmett stepped outside.  Emmett looked around for a place where they could look over the materials and to talk privately.   He saw a nurse walking by, and he stopped her.

“Excuse me, is there somewhere close that my wife and I can sit down and talk privately?  We don’t want to disturb the little one with talking in her room since she is asleep.”

Sarah had been told to accommodate any requests made by Mr. and Mrs. McCarty.  “Of course, why don’t you the doctors’ consult room?  If she wakes up before you finish, I will come get you immediately.”

“Thank you.”  Emmett said.  He never liked using his fame, but, in this case he was more than happy to, because a lot was counting on what they would find out in the documentation.

Sarah opened the door; just as she was leaving, she remembered that the nurse from the trauma unit had found their daughter’s necklace in the room.  It had been taken off while they worked on getting her body temp back up.  “Oh, I forgot, we found her necklace, and wanted to give it back to you.”  Sarah placed it on the table and walked out.

Emmett and Rosalie sat downside by side. He removed all the documents out of the envelope, leaving the cash inside.  He didn’t need to have all that money lying on the table if someone happened to walk in the room.

Rosalie began to read through the documents and newspaper clippings; with each passing moment, she became more and more afraid: not only for Isabella, but for their own safety.  “Emmett, what do you think?”

Emmett had been reading a letter that Brad had written and addressed to him.  He had explained how Isabella had come to live with them, and who had paid them to keep her.  The letter went on to how he decided to do some investigating and found out the truth about Isabella’s father.  Carlisle Cullen might be a powerful Don of a crime family, but he loved his daughter with everything he had.  Brad explained he was afraid that if he contacted Carlisle that whoever had orchestrated what happened to Bella would get their hands on her again, but this time would kill her immediately.  Emmett knew that if Isabella was in extreme danger, and he had to do everything in his power to keep her safe.  He also knew that he and Rosalie were also in danger because, if whoever was behind this was evil enough to try to kill a child, they wouldn’t think twice about killing them.

“Darling, I think there is only one thing we can do.  We need to leave Youngstown and go far away.”

Rosalie was shocked.  “I won’t leave her.”  She exclaimed.  Isabella was the child that she couldn’t have; she loved her with all her heart.

Emmett wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.  “We’re not.  I have a friend from college who can help us.  He has a special business on the side.  Isabella will become our daughter, and we will move away.  We have lived out of the limelight long enough that, if someone from our past sees us, they wouldn’t know.  I feel horrible that she has lost her memory, but maybe it is for the best right now.  She can’t go by Bree anymore, or even Isabella, but we need a name.”

Rosalie thought for a moment.  Then, it came to her: she had always wanted to name her daughter a special name.  “Emma Rose.”  She whispered.

Emmett leaned down and kissed her.  “I think that is perfect.  But we have to be prepared if, one day, she regains her memories.  We will keep all of these papers and explain the reason why we kept her from her father.  I will hire security for us and a private investigator to see if they can find out who did this.  However, darling, if we find out whom, we have to contact her father.  We can’t keep her away from him once we can make sure she is safe.”

“I know, but, until that time, she is ours.”

“Yes.”  Emmett confirmed, and then he saw her necklace lying on the table.  Picking it up, he turned it over and saw the infinity symbol on the front.  Then, he discovered it opened; when he did, he saw a happy family, unaware that their lives who be torn apart in just a few short years.  “We will need to keep this safe until the day we can unite her with her father.”

“We will.”  Rosalie said with conviction.

Defiance Chapter 7- Explosive Changes

Bobby “B” kept a close eye on the hotel until the team arrived.  Once they were in place, he went back to his hotel room, and contacted the second team, who had just arrived in Forks.  They said they were having a difficult time trying to stay under wraps.


“‘B’ this town is smaller than the estate backyard.  We are staying at a motel just outside the town.  We were able to purchase two old, beat up vehicles to drive, instead of driving rental cars.  I don’t think there is a vehicle any newer than 2010 in the entire town.”  George said


“Fuck.  Okay stay as concealed as possible.”  Bobby grumbled.


“We found their house; she is living next door to the pig.  She has some type of security system, but doesn’t look too difficult to bypass.”


“Good.  See how hard it might be and get back to me.  If you can get in, do so, and set up the surveillance equipment.  I will let you know when they leave here.”  Bobby said.


“Sure thing.”


Bobby hung up with the team and sent Carlisle a detailed report with all the information that teams had collected.  He couldn’t believe he had found them after all this time.  He often wondered where they were hiding out or if they were even still alive.  From what George said about Forks, she had definitely found a great place to hide out.  But, why the fuck was she friends with a pig.  Hadn’t she learned anything about keep those fuckers as far away as possible?  And how the hell could she allow Edward to be fucking a pig’s daughter; damn that is problem of epic proportions.


Over the next two days, Bobby and the team keep a close eye on Esme and Edward, recording their every move. Each evening, Bobby would report back to Carlisle.  The team in Forks was able to bypass the security system and had placed cameras and bugs throughout the home.  They searched the home from top to bottom and found nothing that tied Esme to Carlisle.  Bright and early on the third day, the team in San Francisco noticed that Esme, Edward, and the others were packing up the SUV with their luggage and were soon back in the vehicle traveling back north.  Bobby believed they were on their way back to Forks and quickly informed the other team that they were on their way back.


It had been decided how they would extract Esme and Edward without the pig sticking his nose into it.  The accident would take the life of Esme and Edward, along with the entire house.  They had been tapping into the morgues in the area to find two bodies that met the size and sex of Esme and Edward.  The gas line inside the home would be pulled from the wall and a simple lit candle would do the rest.  Esme and Edward would be drugged before, taken from the house, and brought immediately to a private airfield sixty miles away. Once they were there, a chartered plane would be on standby for them to board and be on their way back to New York.  Carlisle had arranged for transportation from the airfield to take them to the estate.  A specialized room was ready for Esme as well as the punishment that Carlisle had planned for her.  She wouldn’t die, but would wish for death daily.


However, Carlisle had plans to keep Edward in line and to begin his training immediately.  He had two aces in the hole, Esme and the little bitch that Edward had been sniffing around.  Edward would do everything he said, or he would torture and kill Esme and the little bitch.  His son would be just as ruthless as he was, and, one day, he would marry someone he arranged.  Marriage was for one thing, and one thing only, to bring the next boss into this world.  Love was never part of the deal, and Edward’s future wife would understand that.  Carlisle wondered if Edward had popped his cherry yet.  The pictures of the girl showed him that she was a fine looking little thing, and, other than being a little undeveloped, she would be a sweet thing pound his cock into.  Hmm, maybe he would have to keep that in mind.



Esme was happy to be going home.  She had been surprised by the response of her paintings.  All but one had sold within hours of the opening.  No one seemed to mind not meeting the artist once gallery explained that the artist felt that large crowds interfered with their creativity.  Esme, Edward, and the Swans went to the opening as fellow potential buyers.  After the opening, Esme was giving strict instructions to go home and start on her next collection as soon as possible.  The night before they were prepared to leave, Esme was handed a check from the sale of her work and she nearly had a heart attack.  She never imagined she would make  so much.  Her plans for the money was to put it away in Edward’s college fund.


Even though they had lived many years without being noticed, Esme knew that it could happen without notice.  The DVD that she had of Carlisle was placed in a metal box under the floorboard in the playhouse.  She didn’t know if she would have a chance to tell someone where it was, but at least it was in a secure spot.  Looking around the vehicle she was thankful for the friendship that Charlie and Renee had given her.  She thought of them more like family than friends.  Charlie had been a great role model for Edward.   As Esme looked in the back seat she couldn’t help but smile.


Ever since they had declared their love for each other, Edward and Bella were inseparable.  Currently they were both asleep, with Bella’s head laying on Edward’s chest and his arm protectively wrapped around her.  Esme had always considered Bella as the daughter she had never had.  She had taken out two very large life insurance policies, and made Edward the beneficiary of one and Bella, the other.  If, by some tragedy that Edward would also die, then his would also go to Bella.


They finally made it home and everyone was looking forward to sleeping in their own beds.  Edward helped Bella with her luggage and, when he felt no one was around, he took Bella out in his arms, and kissed her with all the love he had for her.


“I love you.”  He murmured breathlessly.


“Tony, I have loved you so much for so long.”  Bella confessed.   “I know that I could never love anyone like I love you.  My heart and soul will always be yours and yours alone.”


“Bella, my love, I feel the same way.  The inscription on your necklace says it all, Forever.”  Edward said then kissed her once again.  “As much as I would love to do this all evening, I should get home and help Mom.”


“I understand.  Call me later?”


“Definitely.”  Edward said then proceeded to walk next door to his house, unaware that his every movement was being filmed.


Bobby had arrived in Forks, and was shocked by the size of the town.  Fuck, no wonder she was never found until now, because there would be no way in hell Carlisle would be caught dead here.  He had purchased a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt, after what the first team had reported, and now he was happy he had.  Walking around in his thousand dollar Italian suit would have him sticking out like a sore thumb.


Dialing the team he got an update.   Everything was in place and someone was picking up the bodies for the swap.  Tonight was going to be the night.


Bobby called Carlisle and gave him the news.  “Boss, we are doing the extraction tonight at twenty-three hundred hours.  I will call you as soon as we board the plane.”


“Make fucking sure that Edward is unharmed in any way.”  Carlisle barked.


“And Esme?”  Bobby asked.


“Couldn’t care less about the whore.”


Bobby wasn’t surprised by the remark.  He knew how Carlisle felt.


Edward helped Esme take their laundry down stairs and even started the first load.  They ordered a pizza because neither of them felt like cooking.   Esme had taught Edward how to cook, clean, and do laundry.  They worked as a team on the household chores, and Edward picked up more when Esme had been getting ready for the show.


After dinner, Edward went up to his room and called Bella.  They talked until neither one of them could stay awake.  Edward promised that they would take a hike tomorrow and have a picnic in the large meadow by the pond.


Esme and Edward were both sound asleep when the extraction team slipped in.  The first pulled the gas line to the dryer and lit a candle on the kitchen table.  Quietly then went into Edward’s bedroom and quickly placed a cloth over his mouth and injected the sleeping potion.  He only opened his eyes for a brief moment before succumbing to the effects of the drugs.

Picking him, up they removed him from the house and to the van that was parked behind some trees.  The corpse of the young man was put in his bed.


The other team members went into Esme’s room and as soon as the cloth was put over her mouth, she opened her eyes and began to fight back.   One of the men held her down as another injected her. Just before she lost all consciousness, she knew that the devil had found them.


The other body was placed in Esme’s bed and the team exited the house and drove down the street and parked.  They would wait until the explosion before heading toward the plane.  The minutes tick by and then without any warning the house blew up, busting out the windows and doors.  The entire house was engulfed in flames.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here.”  George said.

Charlie was in the living room watching fly fishing.  He had tried to sleep, but just couldn’t.  He didn’t know why he had this feeling something bad was about to happen.  Then, all of sudden, he heard a loud boom and the windows in the house began to rattle.   Jumping to his feet, he ran outside to find Maria and Tony’s house engulfed in flames.   Running toward the house to see if they had got out, but, as he rounded the corner, he knew that there was no way they could have.

A few moments later, Bella came running and tried to go closer to the house, screaming Tony’s name.


Charlie grabbed her.  “Bella, sweetie, stop.”


“But, daddy, I have to try.” She cried.


“I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do.”  Charlie said with tears in his eyes.


Bella feel to her knees amongst the shattered glass and her heart broke into a million pieces that she knew that would never repair itself.  She then made a vow to herself to never love anyone again.





Chapter 6 West Coast Surprise

Edward and Bella walked back from the beach to the hotel hand in hand.  He couldn’t get over the sheer pleasure of knowing that she loved him; he didn’t know when he would stop smiling.  As they got to the lobby of the hotel, they saw Charlie and Renee coming out of the hotel restaurant.


“Tony, Bella did you have a good time?”  Charlie asked.


“We did.”  They answered together, laughing at the fact that they had.


Charlie chuckled, but then looked down and saw that they were holding hands and after a second look at the them, he could tell that something had changed.  This was something he had been dreading since the day the doctor said that he had a daughter.  He knew that one day he would not be the only man in his daughter’s life.   Tony was like the son he never had, and, as much as he hated the idea of Bella having a boyfriend, he could not think of anyone better for her than him.  However, he still wanted to have a serious conversation with him about the right and wrong ways to treat a young lady.  “Bella, sweetie, why don’t you and Mom go into that shop you were talking about yesterday?  Maybe you can find something you would like to wear to the opening, since you were complaining that the dress you had wasn’t good enough.”


“REALLY?!”  Bella exclaimed.  “Thank you, Daddy.”   Looking up at Edward she smiled.  “I won’t be long.”


“Oh, he will be fine.  Actually, we are going to go sit outside and enjoy a ice cold soda.”  Charlie explained.


“Okay.”  Bella said, then stood on her tiptoes, and placed a small kiss on Edward’s lips.  It was quick, but Edward still was affected, and a bright shade of pink came across his cheeks.


Bella went over to Renee, and they walked away arm in arm chatting and giggling.


“Come on, Tony, let’s go outside, and wait for them.  I must warn you though, it may take them awhile for this.”


They walked outside and found a table facing the water.  The night sky was clear, and, unlike Forks, was full of stars shining brightly for them to see.  The waitress brought over the two Cokes that they had ordered, and, after a few awkward minutes of silence, Charlie knew he to had begin with what he wanted to say.  “Tony, I happened to notice a change between you and Bella.”


Edward was shocked by what Charlie had said.  He hoped that Charlie and Renee would be okay with the fact that he loved their daughter.  “Well, sir, it is like, well I, ah, and Bella, well you know.”  He stammered .


“First off, it has been and will always be Charlie, not that ‘sir’ shit.  Shit, sorry about that.”  Charlie grumbled, embarrassed over the fact that he used foul language in front of Tony.  “Tony, I have known you all your life, and I have watched you grow up to be a fine young man. You have always been a great friend to Bella.  But you are now having different feelings for her, and I wanted to give you a little advice.”




“Women are complicated creatures.  One second they are happy with you, then next they are trying to kill you.  But, Tony, I want you to treat Bella like the queen that she is; if you hurt her, I will hurt you.”  Charlie said with the look he gave people who had broken the law.  At this moment, he wished he had one of his many guns, because he would have showed it to him.


“I won’t, sir.”  Edward stammered once more as he looked Charlie dead in the eye, then, as Charlie raised his eyebrow, he realised what he had said.  “I mean, I won’t, Charlie.”


“Good.  Now drink up and then we will go see how our girls are doing.”  Charlie smirked.




Bobby “B” had gotten his daughter moved in. He was currently outside, smoking a much needed cigar.  His daughter was over the moon with her apartment, and how close it was to many galleries.  She had pulled him up and down the street looking in the windows of many of galleries; much of what he saw didn’t make any sense.


Most look like the painter had just thrown paint on a blank canvas and called it art.  The only one he like was a painting of a woman that was walking away from a city.  The gallery owner had come out and asked if they were interested in the piece, because it was part of a new showing starting tomorrow called Defiance.  He had told him no, but thanked him.  His daughter had gone on and on about how powerful the painting was and how much she loved it.  Before he left, he decided that he would stop in and buy it for her.  She was his little princess, and if she wanted something, he always tried to give it to her.


Taking another big puff, he noticed several people coming out of the gallery.  They were talking and laughing and the gallery owner was shaking one of the ladies’ hands.  As she turned her face toward the street light, Bobby “B” almost swallowed his cigar.  This woman was a dead ringer for Esme.  Taking a better look at the others in the group, he saw a tall young man, about fifteen or sixteen holding hands with a cute little brunette.  Taking out his phone he snapped several photos of the woman and young man.   As they continued their conversation outside the gallery, he quickly sent a text to James.


“B”:  “J”, I need photographs of Esme ASAP.


“J”:  “B” why?


“B”:  Just saw a woman here in S.F. that is a dead ringer for her.


“J”:  Have you told the Boss yet?


“B”:  Not yet, want to make sure first.  Send the photos, while I tail them.


Bobby “B” continued his surveillance, and, when he received the photos from James, he was sure that he had found Esme and Edward.  The group walked to a large black SUV, and, as Edward and the young girl rounded the back, he quickly took her into his arms and kissed her.  Well that fucking shit wasn’t going to fly with the Boss. Edward would marry whomever the Boss seemed fit, and a little nobody wasn’t going to get in the way. Edward better had kept that dick wrapped up, because no bastard child was going to stand in the way of Edward taking over the family one day. Bobby “B” knew that Carlisle had plans for Edward as soon as he was found.  He would have to be reconditioned from the apparent coddling he’d had with Esme, to become the ruthless killer that he would need to become the leader of the family.


Bobby “B” got into his rental car, and followed the SUV into a hotel parking deck.  After sending the plate number to James, he followed them into the hotel.  Keeping a safe distance, he heard the other couple call Esme and Edward, “Maria” and “Tony”.  So that was the name she was using.  After they all got on the elevator and went upstairs, he checked his phone to see if James had gotten the name of the person who owned the SUV.  As soon as he looked at the texted message, he knew he had to call James.


“James, what is wrong?”


“Why the fuck are you running plates on a fucking pig?  Wait, not just a pig, but the fucking king pig.”  James grumbled.


“FUCKING HELL!”  Bobby “B” yelled.  “Esme is hanging out with him, and, I figure, his wife.  Fuck, this complicates things.  Where is the pig from?”


“Some hick town in Washington called Forks.”  James answered.


“Okay, get me two teams in the air.  Send one to me and the other to Forks.  Make sure they know to keep a very low profile, and try to blend in if possible.  I am going to call Carlisle and let him know.”


“All right, I will call you if I find anything else.”


Bobby “B” disconnected with James, and took a moment to get his thoughts together before calling Carlisle.  Damn, he was sure that he would want him to grab Esme and Edward immediately, but with a damn pig so close, that couldn’t happen.  Picking up his phone, he hit the speed dial number for Carlisle.


“Hello “B”.”  Carlisle answered.


“Hey Boss.  I am calling because I have some news.”




“I found them.”  Bobby “B” said.


“FUCKING WHERE?”  Carlisle yelled.


“San Francisco.  But there is a complication.”


“Kill the complication and bring them back to me now.”  Carlisle barked.


“Boss, they are with a king pig.”


“What the hell?  I want my son back here.”


“I know and I will get him there, but we need to keep a level head about it.  We don’t need the police to stick their noses in our business.”  Bobby “B” pleaded, hoping he could get to Carlisle listen to reason.


Carlisle wasn’t happy that he had to wait to see his son, but “B” was right.  He didn’t need the pigs sniffing around.  “Fine.  Send me everything you have and keep me up to date with the plan.”


“Of course, Boss.”


After hanging up, “B” sent all the pictures and videos to Carlisle, and, as Carlisle sat in his office at home, with a glass of Jameson in one hand he looked at each of the pictures of his wife and son.  He had lost so much time, and he was going to make sure that Esme paid for each moment he didn’t have his son.