Infinity Claims Chapter 8

The dark grey clouds hovered over the cemetery, as the two black hearse lead the procession of cars up the hill to the Cullen family plots.  Carlisle sat in the back of the limo, alone, preparing himself for his final goodbyes.  The days that followed after his men had found Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell’s limo burnt up with three bodies inside were met with disbelief, sadness, anger, and, finally, acceptance.  The days and nights alone in the mansion were spent with Carlisle grieving his loss.  Never did his men see him shed one tear, but, in the solitude of Lizzy Bell’s room, the tears never stopped.  He didn’t know how he would survive without her smiling face.


He had made the arrangements for their funeral and didn’t leave the mansion other than to go to Angelo’s funeral.  He stood beside Esme and Edward as they said their final goodbyes.  Edward would miss his father, and was sad over that fact he was gone, but when he learned that Bella had also been taken up to heaven, he couldn’t stop crying.  She was his best friend, and he never got the chance to say goodbye.


The limo stopped and Garrett opened the door for Carlisle.   Stepping out, he began walking up the path to the black tent and sat down on chair beside the two coffins, Elizabeth’s was black and Lizzy Bell’s was white.  There was a stark difference, not only in color, but in size.


There was not enough room in the tent for all the members of the family, so they stood outside in the light falling rain, fighting back their own tears for their leader’s wife and young child, killed for no apparent reason.  This was a rule that was not to be broken by rival families, because wives and especially small children were never to be touched.  So the investigation went on; who had done this horrendous deed.  Everyone in the family wanted a piece of whomever had done it.  This person would die a slow, painful death.


“We are gathered here today, to lay to rest Elizabeth Catherine Cullen and Isabella Marie Cullen.  Their bodies are here today, but their souls are with our Heavenly Father.  Elizabeth and Isabella were the bright lights of joy to the Cullen family and will be missed by so many.   May God grant us grace, that in pain we may find comfort, in sorrow hope, in death resurrection.

Let us pray:


God, our creator and redeemer, by your power Christ conquered death and returned to you in glory.  May all your people who have gone before us in faith share his victory and enjoy the vision of your glory

Forever, where Christ lives and reigns with you, and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Eternal rest grant unto Elizabeth and Isabella, O Lord.  And let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Amen.”  Father Christopher prayed.


Carlisle stood, walked over to Elizabeth’s casket, and laid a single white rose on top before he whispered his goodbye.  “You deserved a better life than you had with me.  I thank you for always accepting everyone in the family and accepting my many faults.  Take care of our Lizzy Bell, and know I will never forget you.”


As he turned, he laid a single pink rose on top of Lizzy Bell’s casket and bent over and kissed it.  “Oh my darling Lizzy Bell, what joy you have brought to my hardened heart.  I never knew that I could love anything, but the moment you were born you filled me with so much love that it overflowed my heart and soul.  I will never forget you and no one else will take your place in my heart.  Goodbye, my darling.  I love you with all my heart.”  Standing up, he regained his composure, walked over, and shook Father Christopher’s hand, thanking him for the service.  As he began to walk out the tent, Edward step out from the crowd, and looked up at him with tears rolling down his cheek.


“Mr. Carlisle.  I am going to miss Bella.  Do you think she is okay up in heaven?”  Edward asked, wiping away his tears on the sleeve of his jacket.


Even though Carlisle wanted nothing more than to get to his limo and let his emotions flow, he knelt down and handed Edward his handkerchief.  “I think she is happy and looking down on us, hoping we will remember her.”


“I will never forget her.”  Edward proclaimed.  “Mr. Carlisle, is it okay if I give you a hug?”


“Yes, Edward, I would love a hug.”


Edward wrapped his little arms around Carlisle’s neck and began to cry again.  Carlisle wrapped his strong arms around Edward and, for a moment, enjoyed the warmth of the child’s hug.


Esme walked up and laid her hand on Edward’s back.  “Edward, it is time for you to let Mr. Carlisle go.”


Edward loosed his hold, and looked up at Mr. Carlisle’s big blue eyes.  “Would it be okay if, from time to time, I came by to see you?”


“I would like that very much.”  Carlisle answered.  Standing up, he looked at Esme and gave her a sad smile.  “Bring him by soon.  I think it would be good for the both of us.”


“I will.  Take care, Carlisle.”  Esme said, wanting nothing more than to give Carlisle a hug as well, but that was something that she couldn’t do.


Not saying a word to anyone else, he walked back to his limo and climbed inside.  As the limo pulled away, he wiped away the tears and felt his heart break into two.


Aro sat on the second row with his wife and children. It took all that he had not to smile.  He had gotten rid of the kid, but he needed to make sure that Carlisle didn’t have anymore children.  He was buying his time for his son to take over, and lead the family the way he thought it should be run.  Carlisle was too soft, and that needed to stop.  The Cullen name should shake fear in everyone who heard it.  He would allow the child to stay alive a little while longer, just incase something came up and he needed a bargaining chip.


The months that followed was some of the hardest for Carlisle.  Each night he would dream of Lizzy Bell calling out to him to come find her.  She would beg and plead and even asked if he still loved her.  He would run toward her and, just as he got near, she would disappear in a puff of smoke.  Waking up in a cold sweat and a racing heart, he would give up on going back to sleep and go to his office and throw himself into work.


His housekeeper was worried about her Boss.  He wasn’t eating and had heard him in all hours of the night walking around the mansion.  He refused to allow her into Miss Bella’s room to clean or dust.  She hoped that someday soon he would begin to live once more, but, until that time, she would continue to watch over him the best she could.


Esme and Edward had come over several times to the mansion and Carlisle had taken Edward to the garden and played catch with him.  The joy in his eyes and sweet sound of his laughter, helped lessen Carlisle’s grief for a short time.  He enjoyed Edward, but also enjoyed Esme’s sweet calming spirit.


Esme sat on the bench and watched as they played; with each passing visit, she fell even more for Carlisle Cullen.  Several times Carlisle had looked her way, and, for a brief moment, their eyes locked. She almost thought she saw a glimmer of love in his eyes.


They were in the garden playing catch when Edward missed catching the ball, and it hit him directly in the nose, cause it to bleed.  He screamed out and Esme and Carlisle rushed to his side.


“Edward, I am sorry.”  Carlisle cried, hating the fact that he had injured the child.


“Let me take a look at it.”  Esme pleaded, hoping that the nose was not broken.


Edward removed his hand and allowed his mother to look at it.  It hurt so bad, and he wanted his momma to make the pain go away.  Esme looked at the nose, and felt for sure that it was not broken, but it would need some ice to relieve the swelling that was sure to happen.


“Carlisle, can we get an ice pack for his nose?”  Esme asked.


“Oh my God, yes.  Come on, let me carry him inside and make him comfortable first.”


Carlisle carefully picked up Edward, carried him inside, and gently laid him down on the couch.  When he stood up, Esme noticed that Edward had bleed all over his white shirt.


“Carlisle, I am so sorry about that.”  She said.


Carlisle looked down, and saw the blood.  It didn’t bother him; in fact, this was nothing compared to the times he had taken care of men who had tried to hurt the family.  “Don’t worry about it, Esme.”


“Maybe I could get it out?”


Carlisle didn’t like to see Esme so stressed over a little blood on a shirt, so he unbuttoned it and took it off.  He then handed the shirt to Esme, who stood, gaping at him.


Esme watched as Carlisle removed his shirt, and, when he stood before her, naked from the waist up, she was amazed on how fit he was.  His chest was covered in what looked like soft blond hair; he didn’t have a six pack abs, fuck, they were eight pack.  However, what got her the most was the sharp lines that made her eyes flow down to his crotch area. She could have sworn she could see the outline of his cock.


“Esme, are you okay?  Do you feel faint with the sight of blood?”  Carlisle asked, worried by how she looked.


“No, no I am fine.  Where are the ice packs kept, and where can I try to get the blood stain out?”


“You can go in the laundry room, which in down the hall, second door on the right, and I will get the ice pack.”  Carlisle instructed.


“Okay.  Edward, sweetie, we will be right back.”  Esme said.


“Okay Momma.  After this can we go get ice cream?”


In that moment, Esme knew he was okay, but she didn’t know about herself.

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