Infinity Claims Chapter 6

Carlisle was barking out orders to all guard and family members around.  Everyone in the family was either on the phone or on the road, trying to find Elizabeth and Isabella.   As his men did everything they could, Carlisle paced around the docks and continued to call Elizabeth’s phone.  He rounded the building and came back upon Angelo’s body. In that moment, he thought of poor Esme and Edward.   This was a duty as Leader of the family that he had always done.  He felt that if a member of his family gave up their life for the family, then he should be the one to be one to notify their loved ones of the tragedy.   Calling Elizabeth’s phone one last time, and still getting no answer, he called Garrett to meet him where Angelo’s body was.  Ben didn’t have any immediate family.  His father and mother had been killed in a horrible house fire a few years back.   Ben had been a low man on the street with no ambition, but, after their death, Carlisle had a long conversation with him, and convinced Ben that he needed to strive harder, and to become someone that his parents would have been proud of.


Garrett quickly found Carlisle, because he wanted to do anything possible to help him find his family.  However, as the time ticked by, he had a horrible gut feeling that something bad had happened to them.


“Garrett, any news?”  Carlisle asked.


“No, Boss.  We are tracking every lead that we find.”


“Fuck.  Keep on it.  I want them safe and home.”  Carlisle said,  then looked down at Angelo’s body.  “I am going to go break the bad news to Esme.”


“Carlisle, let me do it.  We need to keep you safe, in case this is a rival family trying to make a move on us.”


“I will fucking kill every one of the motherfuckers.  This is my job, and I am going to do it.”


“Boss, at least take some extra guards with you.”  Garrett pleaded.


“No.  Everyone needs to be looking for my family.  I will be vigilant, but I need to do this.  You know how much Lizzy Bell likes Edward.”


“I do.  Call if you see anything out of the ordinary.”


Carlisle nodded, and started walking toward his car.  As he began to get in behind the wheel, he looked up and saw his brother standing by the building and the look on his face was not of concern for Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell, but that of enjoyment.  Fuck.  Surely he wasn’t part of this.


During the drive to Angelo and Esme’s home, Carlisle couldn’t get the look on Aro’s face out of his mind.  He knew that his brother had resented him, because he was older and was the leader of the family, but he never had one thought that he would do something to Elizabeth and Lizzy Bell.  Surely, this was just the stress of the day.  Before he knew it, he was pulling into Angelo’s driveway. Before getting out of the car, he tried Elizabeth’s phone once again, but still just rang and rang.


He exited the car and walked up to the door.  Taking a deep cleansing breath, he rang the bell.  He heard the running of little feet, and Edward yelling out that he would get it.


Edward opened the door to find Mr. Carlisle standing there.  “Mr. Carlisle.”


“Edward.  How are you?”


“Great.  Mommy found this old video game, and I am beating it.”


“That is wonderful.”  Carlisle praised Edward, and Esme walked around the corner, drying her hands on the edge of her apron.


“Edward, what have I told you about opening the door?”


“But it is Mr. Carlisle.  Oh, wait, is Bella with you?”  Edward asked, looking around him.


“No, Edward, she is out with her mommy today.”


“Well, truck.”  Edward grumbled.


“EDWARD!!!”  Esme yelled.   She had been telling Angelo to watch his language around Edward, but he continued to say “fuck” all the time.  Looking up, she was once again mesmerized by Carlisle Cullen, but, as she looked deeper into his eyes, she could tell there was something wrong.


“Mr. Cullen please come in.”


“Thank you.”


Esme lead them into the living room, and offered Carlisle a seat.  “Edward, why don’t you go play your game some more before dinner.  Don’t you think I am forgetting your colorful language, mister.  We will have a discussion about it.”


“Ah, Mom.”


After Edward had left the room, Esme turned to Carlisle.  “Something has happened?”  She asked, knowing that Carlisle wouldn’t be at their house like this.


“Esme, there is no good way to say this, but Angelo has been shot down at the docks. I am sorry to say that he has died.”


Esme just looked at Carlisle in shock.  Her husband was dead.  Time ticked by; with each passing second, she couldn’t bring herself to tears.  She cared for Angelo, but she didn’t love him.  The visions of another man was what got her through her wifely duties, and even find some enjoyment.  Looking up at Carlisle, her cheeks bloomed. She was never so glad that he couldn’t read her mind.


“Are you okay?  You look really flushed.”  Carlisle asked.


“I am fine.”


“The family will, of course, pay for any arrangements you make for Angelo.”


Esme nodded and then began to think what she and Edward was going to do for money.  She had a degree in art, but never used it, and she’d never worked.  They, of course, had a life insurance policy, but that would only go so far.


“I am sorry; I was just thinking about what we are going to do for money.  This house is paid for, but I don’t have a job.”  Esme declared.


Carlisle reached forward, and took Esme’s hand into his.  The moment they touched, he was shocked by the warm, comforting feeling that washed through his body.  “Esme, you both are family, and we take care of own.  An account will be set up and there will be deposits made each month.  Edward’s education will be paid for by the family, and that includes college.”


“Really?  I had no clue.  Are you sure that the family can afford to do that?  I mean I could get a job somewhere.”


Carlisle chuckled by her statement.  Angelo must have kept secret the amount of money that he only brought into the family, which didn’t include all of their other lucrative businesses.  “I can assure you that we have more than enough.”


“Oh, okay, thank you.”  Esme said, then the doorbell rang.  “I wonder who that can be?  Please excuse me.”  She got up and went to the door; when she opened it, she found Garrett standing there.  She had met him a few times, but really didn’t know him.


“Hello, I am here to talk to Carlisle.”  Garrett declared.


“He is in the living room, please come in.”


Esme walked ahead of Garrett to the living room. As soon as Carlisle heard footsteps, he glanced up and immediately stood when he saw Garrett.


“Garrett, what has happened?”


Garrett walked over to Carlisle. With tears in his eyes, he placed a hand on Carlisle’s arm.  “We found them.”  He choked.


Carlisle looked at his friend, confidant that something was wrong.  “Please tell me they are unharmed?” More like a question than a statement.


Not being able to get the words out, Garrett shook his head no.


Carlisle’s world went black, because his wife, and, the joy of his life, his Lizzy Bell, were gone forever.




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