Infinity Claims Chapter 5

Caius drove toward the home of Brad and Louise Mathers.  They were the couple he had paid to keep Isabella.  She was still asleep in the back of the van, and he hoped she would stay that way until they got close to the Mathers’ home.  He had the story all planned out; he knew exactly what he was going to tell Isabella.  From what he knew about the child, he knew she was highly intelligent for a child her age. He was going to use that to his advantage.  Carlisle had already began teaching her what to do in case of an emergency.  He had a special room setup for his family just in case a rival family attacked.  She was taught about family and how she could always be safe with them, as well as the bad people who would try to hurt her.

“Where am I?”  Isabella called out groggily.

Caius pulled over, went around, and opened the door.  She was sitting up, rubbing her eyes.  “Hey, sleepy head.”  Caius said, with a fake smile on his face.

“Caius?  Where is my mommy?”

Caius climbed into the van, and sat down beside her.  “Isabella, remember when you father told you about the bad people?”


“The bad people came today. Sweetie, I have some really bad news.  Your mommy and daddy are dead.”  Caius said.

Izzy Bell just looked at Caius.  Her Momma and Dada were dead.  Were they dead like her new pet fish that she had forgotten to feed?  Did that mean they weren’t around to play with her, and to tuck her in at night?

“Do you understand that they are never going to around anymore?”  Caius asked.

“But Dada said he would never leave me.”

“He really fought hard, but there were too many of them.  But his last words were for me to take you somewhere safe.”

Izzy Bell’s little heart broke in half.  Her Dada was gone.  Burying her face into her little hands, she began to cry.  What was she going to do now?  Who was going to take care of her?

“I know you are sad, but you must be strong right now.  Your father had this plan set up just in case.  You are going to live with an older couple in a small town in Pennsylvania.  They don’t know your parents, but know that you need a safe place to stay.  Isabella, these bad people are still looking for you, and we need to make sure they don’t find you.  When we get to the house, you will no longer be Isabella Marie Cullen, but, instead, your name will be Bree Tanner.”

“But I am Izzy Bell.”  She exclaimed.

“No, sweetie, you are now Bree Tanner.  However, I promise you that, when it is safe again, I will come back and get you, but you need to be careful.  Can you do that?”

“I want to see my Mamma and Dada.”

“Isabella you can’t.  They wouldn’t want you to put yourself in danger; your Dada would want you safe.”

“Okay.  Are they nice people?  Will they read me a bedtime story?”  Izzy Bell asked.

“Yes, they are nice, and you are going to be on a farm with all kinds of animals.  Now, we have got to get going so we can get there.  Why don’t you lay back down, and I will tell you when we get there, okay?”  Caius asked, hoping she would.

She laid down, so Caius closed the door, got in the driver’s side, and started driving again.  He could hear her in the back crying softly.   About an hour later, he pulled up to the white, two story farmhouse with black shutters.  An older couple walked out onto the porch as they pulled up.

Brad and Louise had been watching for them to arrive.  When they had first been contacted about keeping a child, they were not interested, even though they were offered an astronomical amount of money.  However, when they learned what the poor child was going through, they agreed.

Caius got out of the vehicle, and walked around to get Isabella.  Helping her down, he looked deep into her little eyes.  “Remember, you are now Bree Tanner.”

Nodding her little head, she knew that she needed to be strong.  Caius took her hand, and they walked up to the porch.

“Hello, you must be the Mathers.”  Caius said.  “This is Bree.”

Louise leaned down, and held out her hand.  “Hi, sweetie, I am Louise, and this is Brad.  Would you like a cookie and a glass of milk?”

Bree looked up at Caius, who shook his head yes.  “Yes, please.”  She whispered.

Taking Louise’s hand, they walked into the house.  It was much different than her home.  The furniture looked old and worn. Unlike the shining floors at her house, these were a dull wood.  Louise took her into the kitchen, and, instead of the shining stove and refrigerator, both were a yucky green color, like the sweater that Aro had giving her for Christmas.  Louise pulled out the chair for her, and she sat down.

“I hope you like chocolate chip.”  Louise said.

“I do.”

Louise placed a small plate in front of her with three cookies and a glass of milk.

“Bree, we will try to make you happy.”  Louise promised.

Lizzy Bell looked at the cookies, and tried not to cry.  “Thank you.  I hope we can be friends.”

“I am sure of it.  After you eat, would you like to go take a look around the farm?  We have a new colt this morning.”

“Colt?”  Lizzy Bell asked.

“A baby horse.”  Louise answered.

Lizzy Bell eyes grew large with excitement.  “I love horsies.”

While Louise and Lizzy Bell were in the house.  Caius handed Brad the envelope with the money inside.  “That is 1.5 million dollars.  You agree to never search for any information concerning her family?”

“Yes, but what if she starts asking questions later on?”  Brad asked.

“She knows that her mother is dead, and I just told her that her father was killed.  She has no sisters or brothers.”

“I feel sorry for the child.”  Brad sighed.

“I do, too, but this is the best for her safety.  I must be off; just remember, don’t come looking.”  Caius warned.  He shook Brad’s hand, and walked to the van.  He had purchased two suitcases full of clothes for Isabella. He removed them, and left them at the end of the path.  Getting into the van, he pulled away in a cloud of dust, leaving Isabella behind.  He was now one step closer in getting the rightful heir to the lead the Cullen family.

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