Defiance Chapter 2 – Carlisle’s Wrath

Carlisle Cullen arrived home after finishing up some dealings with the supplier of his drug trade.  Business was good, and he actually increased his demand for more drugs.  The suckers were hooked, and wanted to keep up with the demand.  Before coming home, he had gone by Lida’s apartment. As soon as she opened the door, he attacked her, ripping the dress, which he had purchased for her, and fucked her against the wall.  She always knew exactly what he needed, and her pussy was alway tight and ready for him; no matter what time, day or night.

Walking into the den, he expected to see Esme waiting for him, like he had instructed her multiple times.  Fuck, that woman was stupid.  He had hoped that, when his father told him that he was going to have an arranged marriage, the woman would be hot as hell and a wildcat in the sack.  Esme was not ugly, but she didn’t have a rocking hot body, either.  She did look good on his arm, and presented herself as a good Don’s wife.  He would go to outside of the home to get his dick wet, and women fell at his feet and on his dick, because he was Don Carlisle Cullen, ruler of Chicago.

When he didn’t find her where she was supposed to be, he decided to call her to find out where the fuck she was.  As the phone began to ring, he heard it in the direction of her bedroom.  Walking up the steps, he walked into the room to find it empty.  On the dresser was her phone, but what was sitting beside it was shocking, her wedding rings.  Picking up the rings, he had an eerie feeling.  Rushing out of the room, he quickly walked to the nursery.  Opening the door, he saw that the crib was empty.  Where the hell were Esme and Edward?

Pulling out his phone, he dialed James.  “James, where is Esme?”  Carlisle demanded.

“She is at the estate, Sir.”  He replied.

“No the fuck she is not, and neither is Edward.  Get some men and find them and find them NOW!”  Carlisle yelled.

A few minutes later, the house was inundated with Carlisle’s men.  Every square inch of the mansion and grounds were searched. There was no trace of either Esme or Edward.  Carlisle was barking out orders. Many of his men were afraid to bring him the bad news, in fear that he would kill them.  They all had seen how ruthless and cold blooded he was, and by the look in his eyes at this time, they knew he was about to blow.

Carlisle was getting angrier by the minute.  Esme was going to pay dearly for this.  If she had harmed one hair on his son’s head, he would make sure her death was long and painful, woman or not.  Normally, women were not to be tortured or killed, but hurting the future Boss of the family superseded that rule.

“Boss, we looked everywhere; they are not here.”  James said.

“Then were the fuck are they?”

“One of the guard’s car is missing.  We think she took it.”

“I want the man brought to me FUCKING NOW!”  Carlisle yelled.

James walked out of the house, and went to find Johnny.  James had brought Johnny into the family.   He had worked on the streets for several years dealing and distributing drugs.  He had been a good money maker, and James thought he would make a good guard.  Fuck, what was he thinking?

James rounded the corner, and saw that Johnny was standing in a group of guards, smoking a cigarette and laughing.

“So Esme finally wised up and left him.  I always knew Carlisle wasn’t keeping her satisfied.  He was fucking all those other women when he had a hot, sweet thing at home.  Fuck, I saw that rocking body several times; damn, I wanted to hit it.”  Johnny boasted.

Not believing what he heard from Johnny’s mouth, James pulled out his gun, and placed it Johnny’s side, and pulled one of his arms behind his back.  “Come with me, asshole.”  James sneered, then looked at the other family members.  “I suggest that you fucking stop dicking off and find them, or you might meet the same fate as this asshole.”

Johnny jerked hard, trying to break the grip that James had on his arm.  Hearing what he had said to the other guys, he knew that, if he didn’t get loose, his life would be over.   Throwing his elbow back, he pushed James in the gut, causing him to drop his grip. Once he did, Johnny took off, running for his life. He ran down an embankment towards the bay.

James regained himself, and took out after Johnny.  Did the motherfucker think he was going to get away?  James saw him as he crested the hill, and knew he had to take him down.  Stopping, James took aim and fired, hitting Johnny in the leg, causing him to drop to the ground.  Carlisle would be livid if he wasn’t the one who killed him, and James never wanted to be on Carlisle Cullen’s bad side.  James had seen his evil side, and it was one of the most frightening things he had ever seen.  The look in those ice cold eyes was something that would keep you up at night.  Walking down the embankment, he came upon Johnny’s holding his leg, and crying out in pain.

“You shot me, you asshole.”

“Get up.”  James barked.

“I can’t.”  Johnny cried.

James kicked him hard in the ribs.  “If you can’t walk, crawl.”  He sneered, pointing his gun toward Johnny.

Johnny began to crawl up the embankment, and towards his fate.  When they got to the top, James yelled out to a couple of guys to help Johnny up, and take him inside.

Carlisle was pacing like a caged lion that hadn’t been fed for a week.  The rage was building and needed to be released on the person who had allowed his son to be taken from him.

“Here he is, boss.”  James said, as they dragged Johnny’s body in, and threw him onto the floor.

Carlisle looked down at the scum that had allowed this to happen.  Pacing slowly around Johnny, his expensive Italian leather shoes clicked against the marble floor.  After take a few circles around the body, he walked over to table, opened the Humidor, and took out one of his Cuban cigars.  Bringing up the tightly rolled cigar to his nose, and taking a deep breath, he enjoyed the aroma that was unique to a Cuban tobacco.  Picking up the cigar clipper, he clipped off the end, and placed the cigar in his mouth.  James took his sterling silver lighter, which had the Cullen crest on it, out of his pocket, and lit Carlisle’s cigar.  The lighter had been a gift from Carlisle when he made him Capo.  Carlisle took a long draw on the cigar, and blew a large buff of smoke in the air.

“Put him in the chair, and tape him down.”  Carlisle demanded.

Once Johnny was taped to the chair, Carlisle began, once again, slowly walking around him, but this time he was clicking the cigar cutter.  Each time Johnny heard the click, he jumped.

“Well, so you are man who allowed my son to be taken.”  Carlisle said.  “Who took you in, gave you a job that made good money, and took care of you?”

“You did, Boss.”  Johnny cried.

“And what do I get for taking you in? You stabbed me in the back.”  Carlisle sneered, bent down, and placed the cigar cutter around Johnny’s finger.  “I am going to take something of yours now.”

In one quick motion, Johnny’s finger lay on the floor.  Blood was gushing from the site where his finger once connected to his hand.  Johnny let out a loud, high-pitched scream.

“Now, why did you leave your post?”  Carlisle cold, hard voice asked.

“I just stepped away for a minute.”  Johnny groaned.

Carlisle picked up another finger, and clipped it off.

“You mean to tell me that Esme was able to pack up your car, along with Edward, and leave in a minute?  I don’t think so, so tell me the fucking truth, or you are going to be losing more fingers.”

The pain of losing two of his fingers and the gunshot wound in his leg was causing Johnny to lose all ability to control his thoughts.  “I was jacking off in bathroom.”

The red blinding rage took over Carlisle.  This man was jerking off while his only child was taken.  Dropping the cigar clipper, he began to beat Johnny repeatedly in the face with his fists.  Each blow stronger than the last; in the end, Carlisle had knocked out his teeth, and crushed every bone in his face.  Carlisle finally stopped, his hands covered in blood, his knuckles bruised and cut open.  James handed Carlisle a towel for him to wipe his hands.

“Stand the fucker up.”

The men who had witnessed what their Boss had already done to Johnny, quickly jumped to get him out of the chair and standing up.  There was no way he could stand on his own, so they continued to hold him up for the next phase of what Carlisle had planned.

Carlisle walked over to the table, and lifted the lid to the wooden box.  Inside were several vials of different medicines that would aid in torture.  Picking up a syringe with a dull pointed needle, he filled it with specialized formula that would put the makers of Viagra out of business.

“Pull his pants and underwear off.”  Carlisle demanded.

Once they were off, Carlisle walked over, and rammed the needle into Johnny’s thigh, pushing the meds in.  Within a few moments, Johnny’s cock was full and erect.

“So show me what you were doing, instead of doing your fucking job.”  Carlisle sneered.

“I can’t.”  He cried.

Carlisle knew he could just shoot the motherfucker, and get it over with, but that would be too easy.  This fucker was going to suffer and suffer until Edward was back to him.  Picking up his knife, he walked back over to Johnny, and whispered into his ear.

“I am not going to kill you, but you will know my pain of not having my son every day until he is returned to me.”

Carlisle took the knife, and cut off Johnny’s dick, letting it fall onto the floor.  “Get the doc in here and have him patched up. When he is, have the cuff and chain ready; place him in the basement.  He is never to leave, and will remain there.”

“Yes, Boss.”  The men said as they laid the bleeding Johnny on the floor, and called for the doc.

Carlisle looked at James.  “Make sure every member comes, and looks at him, because, if I find out that anyone is not doing everything possible to get Edward back, this will be their fate as well.”

2 Comments on “Defiance Chapter 2 – Carlisle’s Wrath

  1. Ooh.. Carlise’s wrath is legendary… I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. Love this story and can’t wait to read more. 🙂


  2. Damn!! I wouldn’t want to be on Carlisle’s bad side….I am falling in love with this story and I can’t wait for the next chapter:) keep up the good work Clo!!!


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