Infinity Claims Chapter 3


AN:   Who loved Dada Carlisle?  I can’t express how much I am enjoying writing this story, and how much I enjoy reading all your wonderful reviews.    Thanks goes out to my support team, who has decided to come with me on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-readers SherCullen71 and LadyAngel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading. 


I own the storyline for Infinity Claims, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.


The next two years flew by, and Lizzy Bell grew more beautiful everyday.  She was a precocious child, and acted like someone twice her age.  Carlisle and Elizabeth were both amazed at how intelligent she was, because, at a tender age of three, she had already started reading and her vocabulary grew each day.  However, it wasn’t just the proper words of a young girl she was saying.  No, it was also evident that she had been hanging out with her foul-mouthed father and his friends.

Elizabeth had left her with Carlisle one afternoon while she went to the doctor, and ran some errands.  A few hours later, she returned to find a sight that made her laugh.   Sitting on the floor in the den was Carlisle, Garrett, who was his second in command, and Alistair, the most deadliest hitman in the country, with pink boas around their necks, and tiaras on top of their head.   However, what she saw next shocked her even more, they were watching Lizzy Bell put a gun together.

“Damn, that was even faster than before.”  Garrett said.

“Fuck yeah it was.”  Carlisle agreed.

“Fuck, dad, this is fun.”  Lizzy chimed in.

“CARLISLE!”  Elizabeth yelled.  “What the hell are you doing?”

“Watching Lizzy Bell put a gun together.  Fuck, she is a better than half my men.”  Carlisle boasted.

“You can’t let her play with a gun.”  Elizabeth argued.

“Why not, I made sure it wasn’t loaded.”  Alistair said, and held up a pink and rhinestone purse.   “I’ve got the bullets in here.”

“Mommy, this is fun.”  Lizzy Bell chimed in.

Elizabeth threw up her hands, and walked out of the room,  knowing that she was never going to win this battle.   She had thought about what the future held for her daughter.   Lizzy Bell would be trained to take over the family, and that included learning how to hand a gun,  hand to hand combat,  and, the most disturbing thing,  how to kill.   Deep inside, she wished that Lizzy Bell could have a normal life,  but she knew that was impossible.

Aro and Caius were on the docks behind on the warehouse going over their plans.

“I found a couple in the country who would be willing to the take the girl.  I paid them handsomely. They will keep her as long as we need them to, or not.”  Caius said.

“Why do they think she is being placed with them?”  Aro asked.

“I said that her father is an evil man, who has killed his wife, and wanted to cause harm to the child.”

“But the child is going to be crying for her father.”

“I told them that she has never seen that side of him, but I showed them some pictures of him beating one of the guys who stole that shipment a few months back.  They were shocked by the damage he had caused.  But, when I take her I will tell Isabella that her mother and father were killed by the bad men, and I am taking her to somewhere safe,  but she can never tell anyone her true name, or they will find her.   I have all the documents for her new identity as Bree Tanner.”

“So we are all set?”  Aro questioned.

“Yes.  Elizabeth is taking Isabella to the dentist this afternoon.  I was able to get a body from the morgue that is the same size and age as her.  There will be nothing left but bones after the fire, and there will be enough witness to say they saw both of them in the car right before it went up.”  Caius explained.

Angelo had just finished his paperwork, and was doing his finally check of the docks when he heard voices behind the warehouse.  Quietly, he came closer to hear what they were saying.  When he heard what they were talking about, he became mad as hell, but he needed to see who was planning such a horrendous act.  He moved in closer, but accidentally stepped on a piece of glass, cause a cracking noise.  Stopping his movement, he listened intently to see if they had heard him.

Caius motioned for Aro to remain quiet while he pulled out his gun, and put on the silencer.   Slipping around the back side of the building,  he saw Angelo close to where they had been talking.   Damn,  the fucker had to die.   He took aim, pulled the trigger, sending the bullet speeding through the air and straight through Angelo’s temple.  He immediately fell to the ground.

Aro rushed around the corner, and saw Angelo’s bleeding body on the ground.

“Fuck.  This was something I hadn’t planned.”  Aro groaned.

“Actually, this is perfect.”  Caius said.  “While I am off taking care of Elizabeth and Isabella, you call Carlisle and tell him we have problems on the docks.  He will be here trying to figure out what happen, unaware his entire world is about to change.”

“Damn, that is perfect.”  Aro said, then looked at his watch.  “You better go. Remember, don’t call me unless there is a problem.  I don’t trust my brother; he may be monitoring my phone.”

“Sure thing.” Caius smirked.

Aro pulled out his phone, and dialed Carlisle number.

“Carlisle…we have a serious problem down here!”  Aro screamed.

“What is going on, Aro?”

“I came to the docks to check things out, and I found one of guys gunned down.”  Aro explained, trying to sound worried.

“FUCK!  Have you seen Angelo?”  Carlisle asked, as he was putting on his jacket, and heading out of his office.

“No, but, wait.  Oh fuck, it is Angelo.  Carlisle, Angelo is the guy who is down.”

“Holy hell.  I am on the way.  Keep an eye out, brother, and be careful.”

“Garrett, we got problem down at the docks.  Call in some backup, and tell them to be armed to the teeth.”  Carlisle barked.  Whoever did this was going to suffer and suffer painfully by his hand.  Then, it hit him, Esme and Edward.  He had had to do this just a few times over the years, but never to a family member who had a child.  The family would financially take care of Esme and Edward. He couldn’t help but wonder who was going to be there to be a role model for Edward?





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    amazing. really loving this story.


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