Infinity Claims Chapter 1

Infinity Claims




AN:    I have decided to take you on another ride with hot Mafia guys and gals.  As you know,  there will, of course, be some big twists and turns, but, in the end, it will be just a love story between two people who were made for each other.  Thanks goes out to my support team, who has decided to come with me on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-readers SherCullen71 and LadyAngel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.  


I own the storyline for Infinity Claims, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.


Marcus stood by his beautiful wife’s bed, and looked down at the two bundles of joy in her arms.  The love of his life had just blessed him with two healthy boys.  Carlisle Michael and Aromis Charles Cullen came into this world five minutes apart.  Each one was healthy, and had a huge set of lungs.  Carlisle, being the firstborn, would take over the family business at the age of twenty-five, and would have to meet the one condition that had been passed down from Don to Don.  Before the Don of the family reached the age of fifty, he must have an heir to take over the family. If he could not then his sibling’s family would take over.  Yes, Marcus Cullen was, in fact, the Don of the Cullen Crime family of New York.  They had ruled the city for decades, and had fought tooth and nail with every motherfucker who tried to destroy them and take over their turf.

Marcus’s father arranged his marriage to his wife, Renee. He didn’t even see her until he lifted her veil during their wedding ceremony.  However, as soon as he gazed upon her alabaster, smooth skin, dark soulful eyes, and pouty lips, he was head over heels in love.  They honeymooned in Italy, and spent their days getting to know each other, but, at night, they came acquainted with every inch of each other’s body.  When they returned to New York, Marcus took control of the family.  The first few weeks, he spent almost every waking hour fighting some asshole who thought that they could get the best of him.  His father had taught him well, and he was able to show all his enemies that Marcus Cullen was one man you didn’t want to mess with…at all.

Renee didn’t see much of Marcus those first few weeks, but Marcus’s mother had come over, and helped her to understand what was expected of the wife of a Don.

“Momma Cullen, it is a pleasure to see you.”  Renee said, as she met her in the foyer the home she and Marcus shared.   When Marcus and she had returned from their honeymoon, he brought her to this home, and carried her over the threshold.  Then, he handed her a wad of money, and told her to decorate it to her heart’s desire.

“Oh, dear, call me either Momma or Grace, but never Momma Cullen, because that is what I had to call my witch of a mother-in-law.”  Grace giggled.

Renee had to laugh at her comment.  Marcus’s grandmother had come up to her on her wedding day, and told her that her ass looked big in the dress.   “Thank you, Momma.”

“Better.  Let us go have a pot of tea, and talk.”  Grace said, wrapping her arm through Renee’s.

A little while later, and after several cups of tea, Renee had a better understanding of  what was expected of her as the wife of a Mafia Don.  Her number one goal was, always, protect Marcus and their children from outside forces and the cops.  Family First.

Grace also reassured Renee that the Cullen men had a rule that, unlike other men in their position, they held their vows of marriage sacred.  If Marcus was ever found breaking his vows of marriage, he would have to face the elders of the family, and take whatever punishment they put out.

After the birth of their twin boys, Marcus and Renee raised them to be good men, honoring their parents and the family.  Both boys were trained in hand to hand combat, how to shoot a gun, and how to wield a knife, but they knew that Carlisle would be the one that would be taking over for his father.  Carlisle and Aromis, or Aro, as he liked to be called, had a troubled relationship.  Carlisle was a natural born leader, while Aro felt he should be the leader.  Unlike Carlisle, who would take in account the entire situation before acting, Aro was quick tempered, and often leaped before thinking.

The boys grew up, and Carlisle was married to Elizabeth Milini, a girl who was a friend of the family in Italy.  Unlike his father and mother,  Carlisle was able to spent about a month getting to know Elizabeth. Even though he thought she was lovely and sweet, he didn’t love her.  Maybe over time the love would grow, or so he hoped.   Carlisle and Elizabeth’s wedding was lavish, fit for the Don of the Cullen crime family.  After a quick honeymoon, Carlisle was back to work, showing that he was Don Carlisle, and he would take care of the family and their interests at all costs.

Renee had done what her mother-in-law had done, and helped Elizabeth with her responsibilities.  She had lost count how many suits, shirts, and shoes she had to burn during the beginning weeks.  Every time he came home, he had blood somewhere on him.  Elizabeth had fallen for her husband, but she was not naïve enough to know that he didn’t return the feelings.  It was wasn’t cruel, but the look in his eyes told the truth.

Elizabeth became pregnant, and, on a lovely April morning, gave birth to the next leader of the Cullen crime family, Isabella Marie Cullen.  She was perfect in every way and she also had an infinity symbol birthmark on the underside of her left arm.  The look of undying love and devotion shined in Carlisle’s eyes for his daughter.   Once little Isabella was brought home, the whole family was invited to meet her.  Each member came forward, and welcomed her. She smiled and cooed at each one, until her Uncle Aro came forward with his wife, Victoria.  As soon as he looked down on her, she let out a scream that caused a shiver to run down Elizabeth and Carlisle’s body.

“Is it ill?”  Aro sneered.

Carlisle normally overlooked his brother, but he wasn’t going to let him talk about his child like that.  Taking a step forward, and standing tall, he looked at his brother and with a tone that sharp and deadly.  “Aro, she is perfect, and I expect you to remember that she is the next leader of the family. I will not let you disrespect her.  Do I make myself clear?”

Aro smirked.  “Sure.  Victoria let us get out of here, the stink is getting to me.”  Aro grabbed Victoria’s arm, and hurried out of the room and house.  There was no way in hell that Isabella was going to be the next leader; he needed a plan.

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  1. Leslie Ellis says:

    I do not understand the import of an “infinity symbol birthmark.” Is this from another book or story What does it imply?


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