Epi for Bound and United

Edward and Bella were in the back of the limo on their way to church.  Today was the day that Trey was not only marrying his best friend, but would be taking over the family business.


The last twenty-five years had been filled with lots of love and happiness, but they did have its share of sadness.  Five years ago, Edward Sr. and Clara were killed in an automobile accident in Italy.  A drunk driver crossed over, and struck their vehicle head on.


The officials assured them they didn’t feel anything.  They had also lost five of the family members during an attack of the Russian Mafia ten years ago.  Thankfully, Seth was on duty, and quickly hid Bella and the children in the secret, secure room until the threat was over.   Edward was shoulder to shoulder with his men killing every one of the motherfuckers.


But, most of the twenty-five years were filled with happiness and love.   After Trey was born,  Sean called to say that baby Aine had been born as well.   She had a head full of red hair and a massive set of lungs.   Edward lost his bet with Sean;  little Aine’s first word was “fuck” while Trey’s was “shit”.

A year after Trey’s  birth, Bella was expecting again, but, this time, with twins.   Jackson and Sean were born just like their brother, in a hurry to see the world.


Edward and Bella enjoyed every moment with their boys.   Each day brought something new and exciting.   Trey was a natural leader and his brothers followed and mimicked his every action.   They were not always little angels, and the damage to Grandma Esme’s golf cart was evidence enough.

Edward and Bella weren’t the only ones with babies,  Jasper and Alice had two boys, while Emmett and Rose had triplets, all girls.


Alec and Maggie tried for years to have a child,  but it never happened.   Maggie felt she was such a disappointment for not being able to get pregnant, and fell into a deep depression.   Alec assured her over and over that it didn’t matter, as long as they were together.   He had been asked to go out on a Coven Inc. mission in South America, and, while there, he found a little boy living in an actual pig pen.   He asked the locals about the boy, who couldn’t be any more than two years old. They told him that his parents had placed him with the pigs because he’d have some type of shaking fit.   They also said that his name was Manuel. Alec knew he couldn’t let Manuel to suffer,  so he took him in, cleaned him up, and, when the mission was over, he brought him back home with him.   When he walked in the house,  Maggie rushed to the door to greet him home,  but, when she saw Manuel on his hip, she stopped dead still.


Manuel looked up at Maggie, and smiled a big smile, then reached out towards Maggie, and said. “Mama.”

In that second, Manuel became Alec and Maggie’s little boy.   He was diagnosed with a small benign tumor, and, with only an operation, he was a perfect little boy, surrounded with a large family who showered him with love.

“Mom,  Dad we’re almost there.”  Trey said in a shaky voice.

“Baby, are you okay?”  Bella asked.

“What if she decides not to show up?”

Edward chuckled, and patted him on the knee.   “I felt the same way the day I married your mom.   Your mother and I know how much you both love each other.   Fuck, we knew that you two were in love long before you admitted it to each other.   She will be there. Today will something you never forget.”

Trey nodded, and thought about what his father had said.   He knew that he loved his bride to be with everything he had inside of him.   She was not only his soon to be wife,  but his soon to be submissive, too.   Yes he had followed in his father’s, grandfather’s,  and great grandfather’s footsteps, and, when he was old enough, he studied to be a Dominant.  He had a few submissives, but he couldn’t fight the feeling that he was missing something special. Soon, he found out what that was in his best friend.   He had no clue that she had submissive qualities until he happened to go to the club one evening. That night, there was a submissive class being held, and, when he walked by the window, he saw her sitting in perfect form, waiting for a Dominant to take control.

After the class, they went back to his apartment, and, that evening,  finally admitted to each other that had fallen in love with each other.

Which brought them to today, their wedding. Tomorrow would be their first time in his playroom.   They had decided they wanted to wait until after their wedding to start their journey as a Dominant/submissive.

As the limo pulled up at the church,  the press was everywhere snapping pictures, and, as soon as Trey, Edward, and Bella stepped out of the car, they went nuts, taking photos, and yelling out questions.   They quickly made their way through the crowd and into the church.   Trey went to the small room off from the front of the church, where his best man was waiting for him.   Jeff was Jasper and Alice’s oldest son. He and Trey had grown up together, and formed a close friendship.   This evening, at the turnover of the family ceremony, Jeff would be Trey’s capo.

“Trey, it is time.”  Father Augusta said.

“Come on, man;  go get your woman.”  Jeff joked.

Trey walked out, and looked out of the church to see there wasn’t a seat to be had.    The music started, and the procession started walking down the aisle.   Once his parents,  her mother, the bridesmaids, and groomsmen were in place,  the doors were closed, and the music changed into the Wedding March, everyone stood. Then, the door opened, and there she was, a vision in white, with her delicate arm wrapped around her father’s arm.

It seemed like an eternity,  but she was finally beside him.   Her father handed her hand to him, and, when Father Augusta asked who gave this woman,  his voice cracked as he said he did.

The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, and, now was the moment they had been waiting for for months.

“Ladies and gentlemen,  it is my great pleasure to introduce Carlisle Masen and Aine Marie Cullen Volturi.”


The Cullen Volturi and O’Leary  crime families were now Bound and United.




The  End


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sher Cullen says:

    Wonderful end to an amazing journey through love, drama and some tears. I loved every moment of the ride. Sad that it’s over but looking forward to the published versions of these stories. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, my friend. 🙂


  2. bakergrama says:

    Wonderful story series…thanks for the journey


  3. so sad its ove but I’ve loved every minute, thank you xxx


  4. its been a long journey and its sad to see it end 😦 it feels like it was only yesterday that i was eagerly awaiting your update on the first bound series. this story is officially the best fanfiction story i have ever read! love you Clo!!


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