Chapter 23 Bound and United

The trees were in bloom; the flowers were coming out of their sleeping beds, and sun shined brightly.


The long, cold winter had come to an end, and it was time for birth of new beginnings.  Edward and Bella had spent the winter taking care of the business, as well as preparing for Trey’s birth.

Esme held a baby shower for Bella, and she received everything and more for Trey.  The things that she got duplicates of she donated to a women’s shelter, along with a hefty cash donation.


Bella had begun to make a name for herself as a woman who had a heart of gold.  Whenever she heard of a need in the community, she would do everything possible to help out.  There were times that someone would make a comment about her having ties to mafia, but they were quickly quieted because her good deeds outweighed any wrong doings she may have been a part of in private.

Baby Trey had been growing normally.  Soon, it was two weeks until his due date.  Bella was currently at home cleaning the nursery for the tenth time.  Every time she walked in, she would see a spot of dirt, and it would drive her crazy.  Edward walked in from being out with his father for a round of golf to find Bella on her hands and knees dusting under the dresser.

“Bella, what are you doing?”  Edward asked.

“There is a fucking dust bunny under this thing.”  Bella grumbled.

“You shouldn’t be down there; let Angela take care of it.”  Edward said as he walked over to her.

Bella looked up with fire in her eyes.  “I am not a damn invalid. I am just fucking pregnant.”

Oh shit, Edward thought.   He immediately thought of the best words to calm her down.    His father had been right; her hormones were all over the place. He had, for the most part, been able to get through them unskaved; he had only ended up sleeping in one of the guest rooms two nights.   Each time, the next morning Bella was in tears, and apologizing for her behavior.  As much as he hated the mood changes, he loved how Bella looked pregnant with his child.  Throughout the years, he had heard how beautiful a pregnant woman was, and never saw it.  But, Bella was the most beautiful woman in the world, and, with every inch her belly grew, she became even more so.

“Bella, dear,  let me help you up, and we can go for a relaxing walk.   The sun is shining so brightly today; it would do us some good to soak in natural vitamin D.”

Bella looked up at Edward, his face was so full of love and consent support that she knew that, once again, her mouth got ahead of her.   Damn these hormones.   “That sounds lovely.”

Edward bent down, and carefully helped Bella to her feet. Once she was stable, Edward got down on his knees, reached under the dresser, and picked up the dust bunny.

“Got you, fucker.”  Edward joked.


Bella giggled, and placed her hand over her heart, and, in her best southern drawl, replied, “My hero.”

Edward laughed, and placed it in the trashcan.   He offered his arm to Bella, and they proceeded down the stairs and out the back door.   Edward kept a good grip on Bella as they walked, because, due to the size of her stomach, her balance was unsteady at times.   This was the deciding factor in the postponement of their playtime in his playroom.   Bella was, of course, disappointed in herself,  but Master Edward assured her that it was his decision, and, that, as soon as she was physically, emotionally, and mentally ready, they would be back in his playroom.

They began walking arm in arm along their back yard.   The gardeners were working on the flower beds and trees,  cleaning up from the long winter, and preparing for the season of colorful blooms.


They walked toward the property that connected theirs to their parents.   A home was being built to house the security personnel for both properties.   From the outside, it looked like a home that fit in the upscale community,  but inside was a different story.  There was a large commercial kitchen and dining room,  state of the art surveillance room, and bedrooms and bathrooms for fifteen.


“I am impressed with the construction so far.”  Bella said.

“I am as well.   I was told by the end of June it will be complete, along with the high tech equipment.”

As they continued their walk, Edward filled her in on the family business.   Recently, it had been quiet, and there had not been anything pressing that required both of their decisions.

“Have you spoken to Sean today?”  Bella asked.

“Shit, sorry, I meant to tell you.   He said that if Elizabeth doesn’t go in labor by Monday, they are going to induce her.   Whatever that means.”

Bella giggled.   “It means they will give her some medicine to start her contractions.   If everything goes smoothly, their little girl will be born on Monday.”

“What are they naming her again?”

“Aine Marie.”  Bella replied.

“Aine?”  Edward questioned.

“Yes.  It is Irish, and, Marie after her Godmother.”  Bella smirked.

“He better fucking have my name in the next child.”

“I am sure they will.  Come, let’s go visit Mom and Dad.”

“You are not too tired?”  Edward asked, not wanting to overexert herself.

“No, actually, I feel very energized today.”

“Okay, but if you are too tired to walk back, we will take one of the golf carts back.”


They continued up the path, and, just as they walked through the gate at the back of Carlisle and Esme’s property, Bella gasped, and reached for her stomach.

“Bella, what is wrong?”  Edward worriedly asked, checking her over.

Bella took a few deep cleansing breaths.  “Yeah, just a sharp pain.”

“Are you in labor?”

“No, Marybeth told us that I should be expecting some Braxton Hicks.  They are not real labor pains, but a pain similar to what I should expect.”  Bella said, then took her hand, and placed it over Edward’s heart.  “It won’t be too much longer until we can hold little Trey in our arms.  You are my strength, and I will need for you to be strong for me when the time comes.  I love you so much.”

Edward picked up her hand, and kissed her palm.  “I promise to never leave your side.  I fucking love you, too.”

They continued through the gate, and up the path.  After they passed by the hedges, they saw Carlisle on the lounger with a cigar between his lips, and bottle of beer in his hands.


Esme was on the other lounger with a set of knitting needles, working on a baby blanket.  Just when Bella thought she knew all of Esme’s talents, she was shocked once more with the beautiful baby items that she had knitted.

“Bella, Edward.”  Esme shouted, waving her hand.

Bella waved her hand back, and they continued up to the patio.

“Hi, Mom and Dad.”  Bella said, as Esme’s stood, and encased her in a strong motherly hug.

“Bella, sweetie, you look so good.  How are you feeling?”   Esme asked as she led Bella over to the lounge set, and sat down on the couch.

Bella sat down beside her and took her hand.  “Oh mom I feel so good.  I have all my energy back, it is so great.”

Esme listened. When she heard that Bella’s energy level was back, she took a good look at her.  “Bella, dear, little Trey has dropped.”

Bella rubbed her stomach.  “Yes.  I am now going to the bathroom every thirty minutes.”

“Are you have any pains?”  Esme asked.

“No.”  Bella answered.

“Bella, what about that hicks thing then earlier?”  Edward said.

“I am having some Braxton Hicks pains.”

“Are you sure they are not true labor pains?”

“They are sharp, but very spread out, and sometimes not at all.   Marybeth told us what to look for in true labor pains, and when to call her.”  Bella explained.

“Has the hospital been agreeable to work with you?”  Carlisle asked.

“Yes, Dad.   That call to the hospital president opened all the doors.   Actually, it has been quite funny how they are now bending over backwards to ensure we are happy.”  Edward chuckled.

“Money and power have a lot to do with that, son.”  Carlisle smirked.

After a little while of talking on the patio,  the still early spring breeze made it too cold to remain outside.   They went in, and Esme convinced them to stay for dinner.

Bella enjoyed sitting around talking to Esme and Carlisle, but Trey kept kicking her bladder, and she desperately needed to use the restroom.   She wiggled her butt to the end of the couch, and tried to stand,  but couldn’t seem to make it   Edward saw her struggling, and quickly came over to help her up.

“Thank you, my love.”  Bella murmured, before quickly making her way to the bathroom.  As she finished, she stood and began to pull up her panties when an extremely sharp pain hit her in the back, and wrapped around to the front of her belly.  It was so painful that it brought tears to her eyes.  Grasping onto the edge of the sink, she tried to regain her breath.  Finally, it subsided, and she pulled up panties.  Washing her hands, she made her way out and back to the den, but, as soon as she stepped into the den, there was a large gush of water that began running down her legs, and onto the floor, then another strong pain hit.

“Gah!”  Bella cried out.

Edward’s head whipped around when he heard Bella, and rushed to her side, but he stepped on something wet, and slipped and fell to the floor.

“What the fuck is on the floor?”  Edward grunted, as he tried to stand, but slipped once again.

Esme and Carlisle came over; as soon as she saw the floor, she knew what was going on.  Bella’s water had broken, and she was in labor.

“Edward, be careful.  Bella’s water has broken.  Carlisle, call for the car and call Dr. Marybeth.”  Esme commanded.

Edward slid over, out of the way of the water, and finally stop up.  He was covered in the wet, sticky water.  Carefully coming over to Bella, he took her by the arm, and helped her away from it.  “Are you okay?”

“I am now.  Boy, that last pain was a doozy.”  Bella explained.

Esme took Bella’s other arm, and took her over to one of wooden chairs to help her down.  “Edward, we need to go get Bella some dry clothes, and her bag.  You also need to change.”

“But, I don’t want to leave to her.”  Edward said.

“Edward, please, I don’t want to go the hospital all wet.  You won’t be long, and I am sure we have plenty of time before Trey arrives.”  Bella explained.

“All right.  Mom, we are taking the cart.”

“Sure thing; I am driving.”  Esme said, with a gleam in her eyes.

Carlisle overheard Esme saying she was going to drive, and he called out to Edward.  “Fucking hold on tight, son.”

Esme turned around, and flipped Carlisle off.  “Asshole.”  Esme grunted under her breath.

“Mom,  we have to hurry.”  Edward said, rushing toward the door.   He turned, and looked back at his dad.  “Take care of her.”

“You know I will.”

Edward and Esme went out to her golf cart. As soon as she started the engine,  she pressed the accelerator to the floor,  sending the cart flying down the path, and towards Edward’s house.  Fuck, dad, had been right about holding on tight, because he was sure that, if he hadn’t, he would have been thrown off.   They reached the house in record time, and they quickly went inside.


They went upstairs, and into the Master bedroom.

“Edward, where are Bella’s lounge pants and tops?”

“In her closet on the left-hand side.”

“Great.   I will get her fresh clothes while you change, and get her bag.”

“We don’t have time for me to change.”  Edward said, wanting to hurry up so he could get back to Bella.

“Edward, you are covered in amniotic fluid.  Please change into something clean and comfortable because it could be a long night.”  Esme pleaded.

“Fine.”  Edward said.  He walked into his closet, stripped off his clothes, and put on a pair of jeans, white button up shirt, and a dark blue blazer.  He quickly slipped on his favorite tennis shoes.  When he walked out, he noticed his mother had Bella’s bag that she had packed, along with a shopping bag, which held the outfit that she had picked up for Trey to wear home from the hospital.

“You look good, son.”  Esme said, reaching out, and giving his arm a squeeze.

“Mom, I am scared.”

“Edward, I would be surprised if you weren’t scared, but you need to rely on the love you have for each other, and the strength that emerges from that love.  You are going to be a wonderful father, and I look forward to seeing it.”


Edward wrapped his strong arms his mother, and hugged her tight.  “Thanks, mommy.”  He said with a crack in his voice.

Esme wiped the tears from her eyes.  “Let’s go!”

When they arrived at the bottom of the steps, they were met by Angela.

“Ben and Seth are outside with the car.”  She said.

“Thank you.”  Edward said.

Edward and Esme got into the limo, and, in a matter of seconds, they were back to Bella.  When they walked in, Bella was still on the chair, doing some of the breathing techniques that Marybeth had showed her.

“Has she had another contraction?”  Edward worriedly asked.

“Yes, actually two.”  Carlisle said.

“WHAT?  How many minutes apart are they?”  Edward commanded.

“They are seven minutes apart.”

“FUCK!  Come on, love let’s get you changed, so we can get going to hospital.”  Edward pleaded.

With some assistance, Bella was helped up, and taken to the small room off from the den to change clothes.   Bella and Edward came back into the room and were followed by Esme and Carlisle out to the car.

“Ben, get us to the hospital.”  Edward barked.

Ben drove like the wind, and, before they knew it, they were pulling up to the hospital.  The security team was in position, and waiting for their arrival.  A nurse and Marybeth were waiting with a wheelchair.

“Bella, I see little Trey is in a hurry to come into the world.”


Just as Bella was about to answer, another contraction hit.  “FUCK!!”  Bella yelled grasping her stomach.

“Let’s get her upstairs NOW!”  Marybeth commanded.

The nurse started wheeling her into the hospital, and toward the elevator.  After everyone rushed in, they were quickly taken to the Labor and Delivery floor.  Bella was wheeled into the room, and her guard was stationed outside the door.  This had already been set up, so there would be no confusion over it.  Edward and Esme both would be in the room with Bella during her labor.  Carlisle would be in the waiting room with the rest of family.  He had put out the family wide text message that Bella was in labor.


Once Bella was changed into her gown, she was placed in the bed, and hooked up to monitors.  Marybeth put on her gloves, and placed Bella’s legs in the stirrups.

“Well, well, well he is in a hurry.  You are already nine centimeters and 90% effaced.  It won’t be long until you will be ready to push.”

“Damn.  I thought this was supposed to take a long time.”  Edward said.

“Everyone is different.  Bella, keep up with the breathing, and try to relax.”  Marybeth told her.

Edward and Esme helped Bella over the next hour with her breathing during the contractions.  Bella had never felt anything as painful, but she kept her eye on the end.  With each contraction, she was one step closer to holding Trey.  When Marybeth came back, Bella was ten centimeters and 100% effaced.  The nurses laid out the trays of instruments, and Marybeth positioned herself to help Bella deliver.

An hour later, Bella was still pushing, and the pain was so great that she was barely holding onto her sanity.

“Come on, sweetheart, you can do it.”  Edward said, as he held her hand.  He never knew she was so strong, because, at this point, she had squeezed his hand so hard that he had lost feeling in his fingers.

When Bella was resting between pushes, she looked over at Esme.  “Mom, can you get my purse for me.”

“What do you need dear?”  Esme asked.

“One of my fucking knives, so I can cut off  his fucking dick.”

Edward’s other hand instinctively went over his dick.  Did she really mean that?

Esme looked up, and shook her head at Edward.  “Bella, dear, you didn’t bring your purse.”

“Well, fuck.”  She said just as another pain started.

“One more big push.”  Marybeth urged.

Bella pulled on the strength left in her body, and pushed as hard as she could. Just when she thought she couldn’t push anymore, she felt relief.

“Welcome to the world, little man.”  Marybeth said, sucking out the mucus out of his mouth, which allowed him to let out a loud cry.  “Bella, Edward, it’s a boy.”

Marybeth brought the little man up, and laid him on Bella’s chest.

Bella laid her hand on his back, and looked through her tear filled eyes at the little miracle.  “Hi Trey.  I’m your mommy.”

In that moment, Trey stopped crying, and looked into her eyes.  He looked so much like his father. She didn’t think she could love him anymore, but, in that second, she did.

Edward leaned over, and placed his hand on top of Bella’s.  “Happy Birthday, Trey.”  Edward kissed Bella.  “I am the fucking luckiest bastard in the world.  I love you both so fucking much.”

“We love you.”

In that moment, it all came together they were Bound to the Family, together they were Dangerous against their enemies, but, in the end, they would forever be United.



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  1. So sad its all but over, but love love loved it xxx


  2. Sher Cullen says:

    Sad that its over, loved every moment of it and look forward to reading it one day in a published book. Looking forward to reading many other stories from you. Thank you for sharing this series with us. It has been a wonderful ride.


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