Chapter 22 Bound and United

The family arrived back home safe and sound.   The next week was filled with work,  the girls’ day out to take care of Maggie needs,  and the meeting with Alice with her plans for the nursery.

She had come up with a magical wonderland theme with woodland animals,  elves,  and fairies.   The only thing that was needed now to finalize the plans was to find out the sex of the precious next ruler of the family.   A little Don would have warrior elf defending the magical world, while a little Donna would have a warrior fairy   The centerpiece of the room was the gorgeous round cherry crib.   Alice had found a supplier who custom made the bed with a hand-carved C and V on the bottom of the spindles.

Bella and Edward loved every detail, and couldn’t wait to see it when it was completed.   The construction team had begun the minimal actual construction needs, which included sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors, painting the base on the walls, and constructing the gorgeous matching bookshelves.   The team of artists would come in, and paint the room mural, which would be a three hundred and sixty degree mystical world.   Bella and Edward had spent two nights at Carlisle and Esme’s because Edward didn’t want Bella around the dust and the paint fumes.

Today was THE day.   The day that they would learn the sex of the baby.    Sean had called Edward a few days before. and told him that they were expecting a little girl.

“Fuck, Edward, I am going to have to get more guns,  because no mother fucking boy is going to come within fifty feet of her.”

“Sean. you do know that one day she will get married, right?”

“Nope.   She is going to stay little forever.”

“Sean, you know that is not going to happen.  The best thing you can do is just raise her to be smart, and send her to her Godmother Bella for knife training.” Edward chuckled.

“Fine.   Call me when you find out, and we will be flying out the day after Christmas for the wedding.”  Sean said.

“I will call you when I see the dick.”  Edward joked.

“Asshole.”  Sean murmured and hug up.

As Edward and Bella came down the stairs, they were excited to see Seth waiting for them.

“Seth, so good to see you.”  Edward greeted.

“Thank you.  I am so happy to be back protecting Bella once again.   I have been going stir crazy.”

“Damn, I know that feeling.  Let’s get going; it is a special day.”  Edward said, offering his arm to Bella.

“Seth, I have missed having you around, and am so happy to see you are healthy and back to my protection.   I’m so relieved.”  Bella said.   From the first day that Seth had taken over her protection, she’d had a sense of calm over her. Even though she had been kidnapped, she knew that it wasn’t Seth’s fault.

“Thank you.   I have the car ready to go.”  Seth admitted, blushing.

Edward and Bella were quickly in the car, and off to the doctor’s office.   Once they arrived, they were taken to the examination room, and Bella was lying on the table, ready for the ultrasound to begin.

Marybeth came in carrying Bella’s chart.   She was happy to see that all her vitals were where they were supposed to be.   After her horrible morning sickness had subsided, Bella had been gaining weight at a normal rate.

“Bella, Edward, are we excited about today?”  She asked.

“FUCK YEAH!”  Edward exclaimed.

Marybeth giggled.  Edward Cullen’s colorful language was something she had come to expect.

She started the machine, and prepped the wand.   She started the exam by taking the measurements of the baby.   It was healthy, and growing right on schedule.   When she focused on the face,  Bella began to cry, and reached toward the screen.

“Oh, look at that sweet face.   Edward, it’s beautiful.”


“Looks just like their mother.”  Edward said, kissing Bella on the temple.

“All right let us see if we can find out the sex.”  Marybeth said, as she moved the wand into position.   After a few moments, what she was looking for was plain as day on the screen.

“HOLY SHIT! MY BOY IS PACKING ALREADY!”  Edward yelled,  smiling from ear to ear.   They were having a boy.


“Congratulations.   You are right; you are having a little boy.   He is very healthy, and is right on schedule for an April 20th birth.   Keep up with your diet and exercise.   I will come over closer to the time to teach you some breathing and focusing techniques for the birth.  I want to see you back in a month.”

Marybeth printed off the images, especially the one that show that, in fact, they were having a boy.   They thanked her, and left the office with huge smiles.

A sex reveal party had been planned for tonight.  As soon as Bella left the office, she called Angela with the sex.   She was responsible for filling the massive decorative box with helium balloons.  They would open the box, and the blue balloons would escape, revealing the sex.   Bella and Edward wanted it to be a surprise to their immediate family and the other family members who were invited.  Edward also ordered a humidor filled with Cuban cigars with blue ribbons to be sent to Sean, via courier.

After making the call, they went upstairs, and locked the door.  Edward pushed Bella against the door, and captured her mouth in a all consuming kiss.   When neither had a ounce of oxygen left in their lungs, they broke apart, but Edward began kissing up her jawline and to her ear.  Taking her earlobe into his mouth, he sucked and nipped, causing Bella to moan in pleasure.  Raising her leg, she wrapped it around Edward’s hip, and began to rub against his pants covered cock, which was hard as a rock.

“Baby, I need you.”  Edward groaned.

“Then take me,  I am yours and yours alone.”

Edward placed his hands under her ass, and carried her over to the couch.  Falling to his knees, he pushed her skirt up, and was pleased to find that she was wearing his favorite garters and lace panties.  Placing kisses up her leg, he unsnapped each garter, and slowly removed her panties.  He quickly stood, and unbuckled his pants, then left them and his underwear on the floor.  Crawling up her body, he ran his finger over her soaking wet opening, brought it up to his mouth, and licked off the nectar.   Lining up his cock, he slowly entered her and moaned with the indescribable feeling of pleasure that happened every time they were joined like this.

“Baby, you feel so fucking good wrapped tightly around my cock.”

“Oh, Edward, I love the feeling of you inside me.  Harder, please; I want to cum all over your cock.”


Edward lift her leg, and began to thrust harder, deeper, and faster.  “Is this what you want?”

“OH, GOD YES!”  Bella screamed.  “I am so close.”

Edward smirked, and continued, and, a few moments later, he felt the walls of her pussy grip his cock over and over again.  The events of the day, and feeling her orgasm, sent him over the edge and he shot long, hot streams of cum deep inside of her.

Edward slowly pulled out of Bella, and, as soon as he did, he missed her heat.  Every time they were together was as special as the first time.  Edward stood, and offered his hand to Bella.  As she stood, he pulled her close, and placed a kiss on her lips.  “I love you.”

“I love you.”  Bella said.

“As much as I would love to be buried in you the rest of the day, we have the Coven Commission coming in soon.”  Edward explained.

“I know.  I need to go get cleaned up, and I will be ready.”

Bella and Edward went in the bathroom, and cleaned up.   Bella had begun wearing her early maternity clothes, due to her ever increasing belly.  She had felt the fluttering of kicks of the little one, and hoped that soon they would be strong enough for Edward to feel.  He still continued his daily talks to her belly.

Once they were cleaned up and dressed, Edward stepped in behind her, and wrapped his arms around her, and laid his hands on her stomach.  Looking into the mirror, he smirked.  “I told you it was a boy.”

“Yeah, yeah.”  Bella joked.

Edward turned her, and looked deeply into her eyes.  “You do know that I only care that our little one is healthy, right?  He or she would be loved no matter what.”

“I feel the same way.  But, we are having a little boy, and I know that you are excited.”

“I am, but we will try again for a cute little girl who looks just like her mother.”  Edward said.

“And what will happen if that one is a boy as well?”

“We will keep trying until we do.  Even it takes a dozen tries.”  Edward smirked.

“Oh, no, I am not having a dozen children.”

“We will see about that.”

The Coven Commission arrived on time, and began with their report on how Coven Inc was doing.  The told Edward and Bella about the number of hits that the team had performed, and how much money they had collected.  As they suspected when they started the team, they were in great demand.  The word had gotten out about how professional and deadly the team was, and the orders kept flowing in from around the country.  The setup of making sure that the hit was a good one, had, in fact, found several requests that were not, which were quickly denied.  They had also been asked to do some cyber hits on targets, which they did, once Alec helped the Commission to understand what was required, and what to look for, when either approving or rejecting.   Each of the Commission members spoke highly of Alec, and explained that he was a key member of the team.  Bella was so proud of her brother.

After the Coven Commission left, Carmine came in to give his report from Eclipse.   The club had exceed the expectations in every area.  Carmine had begun research branching the club out into towns across the country.  From the research, he found that Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. were prime locations.  New York City and Atlantic City were also on the list, but they would be extremely expensive to start or build in either of those cities.  Edward and Bella gave him the okay to go next phase, and to report back once he got some pricing and projected revenue.  They would also have to make sure there were no other rival families in the towns that they were looking into.  A turf war would cost a lot of money, and, possibly, lives.

When the meetings were over, Edward and Bella headed home to get ready for the party tonight.  They couldn’t wait to see everyone’s face when they made the announcement.  Angela had placed the balloons in the box, then, she had made copies of the ultrasound picture, placed them in sterling silver frames, and placed them white boxes.  They would be gifts to their guests.  Edward had been getting phone call after phone call from his grandfather wanting to know the sex of the child.  When Edward explained that he would have to wait, Edward, Sr. said that his heart couldn’t take the waiting, wanted to know if Edward really wanted the death of his Grandfather on his hands.  But Edward’s grandmother took the phone away from Edward, Sr., and told Edward not to listen to the old fool, and that they would be at the party tonight.

Bella was wearing her new Ingrid & Isabel lace maternity dress.  It was black with gold lace, and showed off her small but noticeable baby bump.   Edward was wearing one of his favorite Armani suits, along with a crisp white shirt.  He originally wanted to wear a blue tie, but Bella explained that she didn’t want people to guess the sex before the reveal.


“But, baby, you alway loved me in this tie.”  Edward said.

“I do, but no.  Wear the black one or…”  Bella said, as she rubbed her finger down his adam’s apple toward the patch of hair on his chest.  Looking up at him, and licking her lips, she continued.  “Nothing at all.”

“Fuck, babe, you can’t say shit like that, and expect me not to want to be buried balls deep in that hot, wet pussy.”  Edward groaned.

“Payback’s a bitch.”  Bella chuckled.   “I am going to check on everything; hurry up, the guests will be arriving soon.”

Bella left the room while Edward had to adjust himself.  Little minx.

Soon, Edward and Bella’s home was filled with family and friends.  The excitement of the impending announcement was bouncing off the walls.

“Thank you for coming this evening for this special occasion.  I am one lucky fucking asshole.  This beautiful woman puts up with my ass daily, and is now giving me the greatest gift.  Bella, my love, thank you. Know that my love for you will last until my last breath here on earth, and beyond.”  Edward declared.

Tears formed in Bella’s eyes as she listened to Edward’s wonderful words, and, as much as she would have loved to say something back, she couldn’t.  Edward brought her hand up to his lips, and placed a kiss upon it.

“Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for,”  Edward said, as he and Bella each grabbed one end of the white ribbon around the box.  When they pulled it loose, the lid popped open, and the baby blue balloons flew out.


“IT’S A BOY!”  Screamed the crowd.

All the guests came up and hugged and congratulated Bella and Edward.  The grandparents and great-grandparents were beaming with joy.  Everyone went into the dinner room where Angela and the extra staff had moved out the regular dining room table, and set up round tables with white tablecloths.  On each table was a lovely arrangement of white roses and baby’s breath.  On top of each place setting was the box with the picture inside.


Once everyone was seated, Edward and Bella instructed everyone to open their gift.



Clara slapped Edward, Sr. hard on the arm.

“Damn, woman, why did you do that?”  He said, holding his arm like it had been permanently damaged.

“Because you, old fool, have no fucking filter.”


The rest of the dinner was filled with love and laughter.


The weeks the that followed were extremely busy around the Cullens homes.  This was the first Christmas Bella had had a loving family, and she purchased a special gift for each family member, as well as several gifts for each child in the Cullen Volturi family.  Esme, Clara, Claudia, and Bella also purchased gifts for each child that was in Randall Children’s hospital.  They had hired a Santa and a staff of elves to deliver each of the presents.


Edward had purchased Bella several new pieces of jewelry, which she loved, but he also purchased her a new vacation home in Boston, so that when they visited Sean and Elizabeth they had their own home to stay in.  Sean had called Edward when the house down the road had come up for sale, and Edward quickly purchased it.


Bella had, with Jasper’s help, purchased Edward a new gun.  It was a Holland and Holland “Royal” Deluxe Duty Rifle.  Jasper said she got it for a steal at $220,000.


After Christmas, the houses were, once again, in wedding mode.  Alec and Maggie’s wedding was being held on New Year’s Eve.  A large white tent was set up between Edward and Bella’s and Carlisle and Esme’s home for the reception, while the ceremony was being held at the family church.  Sean and Elizabeth arrived right after Christmas, and were currently staying with Edward and Bella.

Even though it was busy with last minute wedding plans, Bella and Elizabeth enjoyed their time together.  They talked about their pregnancies and their husbands.  Elizabeth told her how excited Sean was that they were having a little girl.  He had come home almost everyday with a new dress and doll.

New Year’s Eve arrived, and Maggie O’Leary was a vision in white as she walked down the aisle to the nervously waiting Alec.  They had written their owns vows to each other, and, by the time they were finished, there was not a dry eye in the church.  The reception was lovely, with lots of food, drinks, and dancing.


Maggie and Alec had been practicing for weeks for their first dance.  They wowed the crowd with their beautifully choreographed waltz.  At midnight, a large fireworks display rang in the new year and the start of Alec and Maggie’s life together.

Edward and Bella stood and watched as the fireworks light up the night sky.  So much had happened this year, but they were looking toward their bright future.


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