Chapter 20 of Bound and United

A meeting had been called between Edward, Bella, Jasper, and Emmett.  However, before everyone had gotten to the house, Edward wanted to have a conversation with Bella concerning Charlie and Paul.

“Baby, I know you are very proficient with a gun and your knives, but it is not just about you anymore.”  Edward explained.

“What do you mean?”

Edward placed his hand on her tiny bump.  “Our little sweet pea.  We must do everything in our power to keep him or her safe.   As careful as we might be, there are too many things that can go wrong.”

Bella knew he was right, but she also felt that it was her responsibility to take care of the person who was giving her true family so grief.  Over the years she had blamed herself  for why her parents had treated her like they did.  She thought if she had better grades, or was able to fix a tasty meal, that she would get the love she had badly wanted. Yet it didn’t matter what she did, it wasn’t good enough; she wasn’t good enough.  Then she met Edward and his parents who accepted her with open arms.  The love that they showered on her was so pure and selfless. She realized that it was never about her, but about Renee and Charlie.  She never got the opportunity to speak her mind to Renee, but she needed to tell Charlie how she felt about him, and then she would stand back, and watch as her true family took care of him.  She just wished that he hadn’t stirred up problems for the family.

“I know you are feeling responsible, but don’t.   This is not your fault, and I promise you that we will make sure that you never have to hear from him again.”  Edward said.

“Thank you.  I love you and I love this family so much.”


“Baby,  the entire family loves you.   You have shown them what a wonderful leader you are.   Both the Cullen and Volturi businesses are profitable, and all the members feel that they are important and needed.   You were made to be a leader.”

“I love each and every one of them.   If you had told me last year that I would be a Donna of a crime family,  I would have said you were crazy.   But, because you have given me so much, and not just material things,  but confidence,  knowledge,  and your undying support, I feel like I could do anything.   But I need to face Charlie, and speak my mind.”

“But,”  Edward interrupted.

Bella held her finger up to Edward’s lips.  “I will not be close enough for him to get to me. and I really would like Carlisle and Esme to be there as well.   I want Charlie to see that this is what a true family is.  Do you think they would agree to be there?”

Edward reached out, and pulled her close.  “Oh baby, I am sure they would be more than happy to be there.  As much as I hate the idea of you being in the same room as that asshole, I understand, but I am doubling the guard.”

“Thank you, my love.”  Bella sighed.

Later on, Jasper and Emmett arrived, and they began to talk about how they were going to take care of Paul Jacobs and Charlie. A few minutes later, Carlisle and Esme arrived.  Jasper and Emmett had been informed that Carlisle and Esme would be at the punishment and deaths of Paul and Charlie.   Edward and Bella had called them asked if they would come to the meeting, and also be with them when Bella confronted Charlie.  Carlisle and Esme both said they would be proud to be with her.

Jasper had finally gotten a call back from the Commissioner, who said that Paul refused to quit, so he fired him.  He said that Paul went nuts, trashing his office, and yelling that he didn’t need a fucking badge to get the Cullen family.  The Commissioner had to have two officers to drag him out of the building.

The surveillance team tracked Paul back to his apartment, and watched on surveillance camera as he started complaining to Charlie about what had happened to him.  Charlie tried to calm him down, but Paul kept on yelling and screaming.  The team had never seen a grown man act like this.  At one point, they thought he might fall on the floor, and throw a temper tantrum.  Even Charlie looked shocked at his display.  After Paul had gone into his room, Charlie called Jessica to check in.  She had said everything was fine, but she was missing her ‘Charlie Poo’ and that her honey pot was lonely.  When the surveillance team heard that, they became sick to their stomach at the thought.

“Edward, Bella, what are your thoughts on how we handle the situation?”  Jasper asked.

“They have to die, that is for sure.  But we need to make sure that,when we take their asses, we are careful.  Both need to suffer for wanting to hurt the family and your Donna.”  Edward barked.

“Did you have all the pictures and tapes of her activities with the judge delivered to the wife?”  Bella asked.

Emmett chuckled.  “Yup.  The team we have on Jessica said that they delivered the package to the Judge’s home. His wife opened the package; the rage that came across her face was something to see.  She stormed into the house, and the next time they saw her she was carrying one of her rifle cases to her car.  They watched as she caught Jessica outside of the gym, and convinced her to get in the car.  She took her a secluded spot in the trees, and shot her.”

“What did she do with the body?”  Edward asked.

“Left it there.  It seems that the area is known to have wild animals, and there will be nothing left of Jessica Stanley.”  Emmett answered.

“Good riddance.” Esme caviled.

Carlisle snickered at his lovely wife.  He knew how protective she was of Bella.  They both considered Bella as their own daughter, and would do everything to make sure she was safe and happy.

After a long discussion,  it was planned that, to help cover the disappearances that electronic evidence would be placed that showed that Paul had been offered a very lucrative job in Fairbanks, Alaska.   They would have where he checked in at the airport and his landing.   In a few months,  he would have a deadly accident on a snowy night.   The vehicle will be completely destroyed by fire, and his skeleton and dental records would verify that it was him.

Charlie would be in an accident on the ferry on the way back to Forks.   He would be seen falling overboard when the railing gave way.   After a thorough search, his body would never be found.    The family would be making an anonymous donation to the Washington State Search and Rescue team for their time and effort.


With the plan ready,  Emmett called the Coven team, and informed them of the plan.   A few hours later, both Paul and Charlie had been picked up, and taken to the secure torture room at Coven headquarters.  The team were given strict instructions on the amount of pain that each one would have before their leaders would arrive.  They were to be careful with Paul to ensure no bones were broken, but Charlie, on the other hand, could have as many as they saw fit,  just as long as he was awake and aware of his surroundings.

After Jasper and Emmett left, Esme convinced Bella to have a cup of tea and some of her ginger snap cookies.  She knew that Bella’s emotions would be all over the place, and she hoped that the tea and cookies would calm Bella’s tummy.  Carlisle and Edward were drinking a glass of Jameson.  The tension in the house was so thick that you could almost cut it with a knife.

“Edward, it is going to be fine.   Bella is strong and is a natural born leader.   You have witnessed that she can turn off her emotions, and do what needs to be done.”  Carlisle said.

“I  know, but I am still worried.   I know Charlie can’t physically hurt her, but his words could.”

“Yes,  but she needs to get rid of all the pain and frustration that she has been carrying all these years.   She has been weighted down with the feelings that it was her fault that Charlie and Renee didn’t love her like normal parents would.   She didn’t get her chance with Renee,  but she does now with Charlie.   Edward, you need to let her say her piece,  then make that motherfucker suffer.”

Edward downed the rest of the glass, and then nodded his head.   If Bella was strong enough to do this,  then he would be strong enough to be with her every step of the way, giving her his complete support.

Bella and Esme walked back in the room after enjoying their cup of tea.   Bella felt more relaxed,  but now she needed to put on her game face.   When she faced Charlie, she wanted to not only act the part of a leader,  but she wanted to look the part.  Edward stood as soon as she walked in the room, and smiled at her.  She walked over, reached up, and gave him a sweet little kiss.  She loved the taste that was Edward mixed with his favorite liquor.

“I am going to change, and I will be ready to go in about twenty minutes.”  Bella announced.

“Baby, you look fine.”

“Actually, baby, I need to look the part.  I am Isabella Marie Volturi Cullen, Donna of the Cullen/Volturi Crime family, and Charlie Swan needs to meet the new me.”

“Fuck.”  Edward groaned.  He loved when badass Bella came out.  Leaning down, he whispered into her ear.  “You know what that does to me.  When this is over, we are going to fuck all night long.”

Bella turned, and looked him dead in the eye.  “I hope you can keep up.”  She smirked, then turned to Esme.  “Mom, can you help me pick out the right outfit?”

“Of course, my dear.”  Esme giggled.

They went upstairs and into Bella’s closet.  They began looking through the vast amount of clothes, and, after a little while, Esme found the perfect outfit.  It was a black Armani Collezioni pantsuit and a red high neck, keyhole ruffle sleeveless top.

They finished off the outfit with a pair of  Jimmy Choo red, perforated suede heels.


She wore the diamond earrings that Edward had given her on their first date, her Cullen bracelet, and her Donna ring.  On her left hand there were only two pieces of jewelry: her engagement ring and wedding band.  Esme helped her brush her hair, they decided to leave it down, and Bella applied her makeup, making sure she looked as badass as she felt.   When they finished, they went down stairs. When they walked in the room, Edward’s mouth fell open.

“HOLY FUCK!”  He yelled.


Carlisle smirked, and slapped him on the arm.  “We have one hell of a Donna.”

“You’re damn right.”  Edward groaned.

“Let’s get this shit over with.”  Carlisle said.

They quickly entered the limo, and were speeding their way to Coven Headquarters.  As soon as they arrived, they walked in, and then took the elevator down to the holding cells.  The construction team had done a fantastic job with the design.  It was soundproof, and the floor had a drainage system that flowed into an incinerator where the evidence was burned away.  The clothes that the team wore, as well as whoever did the deed, would be also sent to the incinerator.

When they walked in the room, they were meet with the smell of human shit.

“Holy hell, who shit?”  Edward groaned.

“That would be Paul.  He shit himself when he saw how we were, ah, getting Charlie acquainted with everyone.”  Jack smirked.  He had enjoyed getting a few good hits on the motherfucker.

Bella walked in and saw Charlie.  He was only in a pair of boxers, and was tied to a pole in the middle of the room.  Around his neck was a piece of barbed wire that was then attached to the pole.  If he jerked his neck too far forward, it would cut deeper into his skin.  Closing her eyes for a moment, she centered herself, much like she did when she was preparing to go into the playroom with her Master.  She had thought about what she wanted to tell Charlie, and now was the time to do it.

“Let me the fuck go!”  Charlie yelled.  “You don’t know who the fuck you are messing with.  Who the fuck is in charge of this shit?”

Bella took in a deep breath.  “That would be me.”

Charlie looked toward where the voice had come from, but he only saw darkness.  “Fucking bitch, tell these motherfuckers to let me go.”

Bella took a step, but was still in the darkness.  “No, Charlie, I am not letting you go.  You are here to hear what I have to say.”

“Who the fuck are you?  Come out and let me see you bitch!”  Charlie bellowed.

“But you know who I am.”  Bella said, and then walked from the darkness.   “My name is Isabella Marie Cullen Volturi,  but you know me as Bella.”

Charlie squinted, and tried to focus on the woman’s face; she couldn’t be Bella.   Bella was a weakling, and could never pull something like this off.   The men that took him were highly trained, and the weaponry that he had seen was state of the art.   But, when the woman had come close enough, he saw, in fact, that it was Bella.   “Release me, bitch!”

“Not happening.   I want you to listen to me, and, in the end,  my family will end your sorry life.”

“I am your fucking father, and I command you to let me loose.”

“You are not my father;  Carlisle Cullen is my father. “ Bella quipped.

“Was that the bastard that raped my precious Renee?”

Carlisle stepped forward, and stood beside Bella.   He had removed his jacket, and put a pair of brass knuckles on.   He had his knuckled hand behind his back.   “I never had the displeasure of meeting Renee.”  Carlisle growled.

“Then you must be her fuck daddy.   Bella, what are you doing, fucking all of Seattle?   Fucking whore.”

Carlisle reared back, and hit Charlie in stomach with his brass covered knuckles,  causing Charlie to fall forward, and digging the barbed wire deep into his neck.   Charlie coughed up blood, and spit it toward Carlisle, covering his crisp white shirt with blood.   Carlisle looked down, and chuckled.   “Well, shit, Bella your Momma is going to be mad;  this was one of her favorite shirts.”

Charlie looked toward the man.  “My Renee is here?  Where is she?”

“Renee is dead.”  Bella said, without any feeling in her voice.  Her grandfather had told her about how her mother died; what she had said about her, and even her dying words.

“But he said your mother.”

“That would be me.”  Esme spat as she walked on the other side of Bella.

“But you are not Renee.”

“No, she isn’t, but she has shown me more love in a few short months that I have known her than Renee did my entire life.”  Bella replied.

“This whore is no Renee.  Renee was perfect.”  Charlie grumbled.

Carlisle didn’t like hearing Charlie call Esme a whore, so he gave Charlie a punch in the sternum, and one in the family jewels.  Coughing and spitting, Charlie gasped for a breath, while he tried to not move his neck.

Hearing Charlie talk badly about Carlisle and Esme, made Bella wish she had her knives, so she could carve Charlie up in little pieces.  Gritting her teeth, she continued,  “Charlie, shut the fuck up.  Renee didn’t love you; she loved Aro Volturi.  Her dying words declared her love for him.”

“No, she loved me.  She married me.”  Charlie cried.  “If it hadn’t been for you, she would have never left me.  You are nothing but a whore, and I have prayed for years that you would die.  I hate you.”

Suddenly, there was a loud bang; Charlie’s head flew back as the bullet landed square between his eyes.

Carlisle and Bella looked over as Esme lowered her gun, and smirked.  “I was getting sick of listening to the fucker.  No one talks about my daughter that way, and lives.”


Bella couldn’t believe that Esme had shot Charlie.

“Bella, dear, let’s go home, and have a cup of tea.  My work here is done.”  Esme said nonchalantly.

Edward had stayed back to allow Bella to say what she needed to; as much as he wanted to take a few good licks when Charlie called her those vile names, he had allowed his father to take care of Charlie.  His father had told him earlier that he was prepared to make Charlie regret anything that he might say or do.  And, when his mother shot Charlie, it really didn’t surprise him either.  No one messes with the family and lives when Esme is around, and has her gun.

“Edward, your mother killed Charlie.”  Jasper gasped.

“Yup.”  Edward laughed.  “Go move the body, I want Paul to suffer, and then I want to go home, and fuck my wife.”

Esme and Bella walked arm in arm back to Edward.  Edward leaned over, and kissed Esme on the cheek.  “Good shot, mom.”

“Fucker had it coming.  I am going to take my daughter home now.  We will see you later, when you finish up with the other asshole.”  Esme said.

“Yes, mom.  My love, you did great; I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you.  I will be waiting.”  Bella smirked, and licked her lips.

Edward watched as they left.  Damn, his wife was a little minx, and he couldn’t wait to get home, and be buried balls deep in her hot, tight pussy.

Jack and a few of the other team members had removed Charlie’s body, and had brought Paul over, and tied him to the same pole.  Edward removed his jacket, and Jasper handed him his favorite friend.

Paul couldn’t believe that he was in this mess.  He thought when Charlie had come to him with the plan to bring down the Cullen crime family, he would be getting a huge promotion and recognition, too.  He dreamed of the mayor shaking his hand, and thanking him for ridding the town of the criminal family, but, instead, he was fired.  Then he was kidnapped,  tied up,  and then watched in horror as Charlie was beaten and shot.

Edward walked up to Paul, grabbed his hair, and pulled his head back.   Taking his favorite knife, he ran it across Paul’s cheek, slicing his face open from the corner of his eye down to his jawline.


“I am going to cut you up like you tried to cut into my profits.”  Edward snarled.

“Please don’t, I promise I will never do that again.”  Paul begged.

Edward raised the bloody knife up in front of Paul’s face.  “Paul, I am not a stupid man.  I don’t believe you.”

Paul began to scream at the top of his lungs.

Edward looked over at Jack.  “Put a damn rag in the pussy’s mouth.”

Jack picked up the rag that they had used to clean up Paul’s shit, and stuffed it in Paul’s mouth.

Edward couldn’t help but chuckle.  Over the next thirty minutes, Edward methodically continued slicing Paul’s skin.  At one point, Paul passed out, but they gave him a shot of adrenaline to wake him back up.  He was losing lots of blood, but Edward didn’t want him to die from blood loss.  He wanted him to die by the little friends he had in the box.


“Jack, put the fucker in the box.”  Edward said, as he wiped his knife off with the towel.

Jack and the other team members untied Paul’s limp body, and drugged it over to the wooden box.  One of the members unlatched the lock, and, as they began to dump Paul’s body over the side, Paul saw what was in the box, and began to kick and scream into the rag.  The box was full of rats.


Once Paul body was thrown in, and the rats smelled the fresh blood, they began to attack.  Their razor sharp teeth began tearing into Paul’s flesh.

Edward looked down into the box.  “A rat for a rat.  Burn in the hell, fucker.”  He then turned back toward Jack.  “When the asshole is dead, clean this mess up.”

“Of course, Boss.”  Jack replied.

Edward walked into the sterilization room.  He removed his clothes and stepped into the custom-made shower.  After allowing it to go through the various cycles, he stepped out the opposite direction, into a dressing room, where he had a fresh set of clothes.  The team would throw his blood clothes in the incinerator, and Jasper would make sure his favorite knife was thoroughly cleaned.

Edward walked out to find his father waiting for him.  He noticed that his father had also changed his clothes, and his hair was wet.

“Great job, son.  You handled it better than I could have.”  Carlisle said.  “I love the setup you have for cleaning up.  The fucking pigs won’t be able to find any evidence this way.”

“Thanks, Dad.  Let’s get out of this stinch and to our loves.”

“Fuck yeah.”  Carlisle said, slapping Edward on the shoulder.

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