Bound and United Chapter 19

“Charlie?”  Edward questioned.

“Charlie Swan.”  Bella whimpered.  Why the fuck was Charlie here, now?

“Fuck.”  Edward said.

They watched and listened to Jasper try to get as much information out of Charlie, while he kept filling him with Jack Daniels.

“So, Jack, haha, that is funny.”  Charlie laughed.  “When is my whore of a daughter going to get here?”

“Oh, shit, I forgot to send a text, hold on, man.”  Jasper said, pulling out his phone to send a message to Edward.

Do you want me take him out?-J

No; find out how he knew Bella was with me.  Then drug his ass.  I will get Alec here to bug his phone.-E


Charlie was swaying back and forth.  Damn, that was the best damn Jack Daniels he had ever had.  When the bottle was empty, the Jack went over, and grabbed another bottle.  Fuck, he was good guy.


“Charlie, I texted her, and I am waiting for a response.  Fuck, as loud as it is out there, it might take a bit.”  Jasper chuckled.  “Good damn thing we have plenty of Jack.”

“Damn right.”

After pouring another glass, Jasper leaned back, and looked at Charlie.  “Where are you from?”

“Haha, I am the Police Chief in a bumfuck town about three hours from here.”

“Chief? That is great. Got yourself a woman?”  Jasper asked.

“Love of my life left me years ago, because of that whore of a daughter of mine.”  Charlie grumbled.  “But, lately, I’ve had the pleasure to hit some sweet young pussy.  She is all over my dick, got this one addicted to it.”


“Yeah, fuck, she is the reason I knew where my whore daughter was, and who she is with right now.”  Charlie chuckled.

“Wow.  What is her name?  Does she have a sister?”


“Jessica Stanley; I don’t think she has a sister.”  Charlie slurred.  The massive amount of Jack Daniels was taking its effect.  “I will have to go home soon; got to feed the pussy.”

Edward and Bella heard the entire conversation, and when Charlie said he had found out about Bella from Jessica, it made complete sense.  Fuck.  Bella had called Alec, and told him what was going on; they needed a phone tapped with all the bells and whistles.

“I can’t believe Charlie blames me for Renee leaving.”  Bella said.

Edward wrapped his arm around her, and pulled her close.  “Baby, I hate to say this, but both of them were not right in the head.  Charlie thought Renee was the love of his life, while Renee only used him to hide her pregnancy.  You heard your grandfather tell you that Renee’s dying words were her professing her love for Aro.”

“I know.”  Bella whispered.

Carlisle came to the other side, and wrapped his arm around her.  “Fuck him.  You are my little girl, and always will be.”


Bella pulled from their embrace, and wrapped her arms around Carlisle.  “Thank you, Daddy.”  She cried.

Placing a kiss to the top of her head, he squeezed her tight.  “I love you, sweetie.”

They released their hold on each other, and turned back to screen.

“So, Charlie, what do you know about Bella’s friend?”

“The fucker is good.  Jessica said he was part of the Cullen crime family, but I have spent hundreds of hours, and couldn’t find one thing illegal they do.  Fuck, take this building for example.”  Charlie said, pointing around the room.  “Every fucking permit was legit.”

“Where are you staying while in town?”  Jasper asked.

“Oh, I’m with the son of one of my buddies from back home.  Good kid, but dumb as a fucking box of rocks.  He tried to intercept a shipment of guns last night, but the only thing they intercepted was a container of shit.  Stunk up the whole apartment.”

Jasper laughed, and, as Charlie was leaning back with his eyes closed, he slipped the drugs into his glass.  This shit would knock him out, but would not show up on any drug test.

“Charlie, don’t leave good Jack undrunk.”  Jasper urged.

Charlie sat up, his eyes barely open, and began swaying even more.  “FUCK YEAH!”  He yelled, picking up the glass and downing the drink.  A few minutes later, he was out like a light.

Then, Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, and Alec came into the room.

Esme walked over to where Charlie was passed out, and slapped him hard across the face.  “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”  She yelled.  “HOW DARE YOU SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY DAUGHTER!”  She reached for her purse, but remembered she had left it at home.


Edward chuckled at his mother; it was a good damn thing she didn’t have her gun, because she would have shot him.

“Alec, get his phone, and do your magic.”  Edward said.

Alec walked over to Charlie, and Jasper handed him the phone.  He quickly took off the back, and installed the specialized chip that would not only track his every move, but could access the microphone, so they could listen to any conversation around him.  Fucker was wired up.  He handed back to Jasper, who slipped it back into Charlie’s pocket.

“He is all set up.”  Alec said.   “The Coven team will monitor his every move.”

“Thanks, little brother.  I will see you next weekend in Boston.”

“Jasper, get some guys and put him up at the hotel down on 6th avenue.  Make sure you set the room up as though he had a bunch of girls in there with him.  Tell Carson to make Charlie believe when he wakes up, that he came in with two women.  Fuck, see if he has cash on him.” Edward ordered.

Jasper found Charlie’s wallet, and he had three hundred dollars cash in it.  “He has three hundred.”

“Take it all, and tell Carson to tell him he paid for the room.  If he asks about the girls, have him to tell him the girls looked happy when they left.”  Edward smirked.

“What do you want me to do with the money?”  Jasper asked.

“Donate it to the local homeless shelter.”  Edward answered.  He knew that both he and Bella did not want any part of the cash.

“Got it, boss.”  Jasper said with a large smile.  He took out his phone, and called a couple of the guard to help him.  Charlie Swan would wake up tomorrow morning with a terrible headache, naked, girl panties laying on the bed, and empty condom wrappers in a hotel room.


“Edward, Bella, what are going to do about him?”  Carlisle asked.

“We are going to listen, and find out just how much he knows, and where he is staying.  As bad as this could have turned out, we lucked out that Jasper was quick thinking, and got him talking.”  Edward bragged.  Jasper had really stepped up, and become the Capo that they needed.

“Good plan.”  Carlisle confirmed.  “Let’s go make a few rounds, and then get out of here.”

“Sounds good.”  Edward said, then leaned down to Bella’s ear, and whispered.  “I need to get you out of this dress, and fuck you hard.”

“Yes.”  Bella moaned.

They made their rounds, and soon they were back in the limo, and on their way home.  Each couple was worked up, not only by the night, but also by the adrenaline from the Charlie situation.  There was only one good way to work off adrenaline, and that was a night filled with hot steamy sex.

The next morning, Edward and Bella were up, eating breakfast, and smirking at each other, remembering the past night’s activities.  Edward couldn’t believe how many times he fucking came.  When he thought Bella was ready for sleep, she was crawling up his body, and taking control.  The sight of her new enlarged breasts bouncing up and down, along with the rest of her body bouncing hard on his cock was something he would remember for a long, long time.

After breakfast, they went into their home office, and contacted the Coven team to get an update on Charlie.  They had installed a camera in Charlie’s room when they had dropped off his drugged up body, and set up the scene.  Carson was more than happy to play along, and appreciated the envelope that Jasper handed to him.

“Any news about the suspect?”  Edward asked.

“No, sir.  He is still asleep.  We will contact you immediately when he wakes up.”

“Thank you.”

Bella called, and talked to Alice.  She told her how much she loved the uniforms and decor of the club.  They talked about Thanksgiving, and Alice agreed that she and Jasper would be coming to Esme’s home.  She invited Alice and Jasper over for dinner, and thought that Alice could possibly take a look at the potential nursery.

After her call to Alice, she contacted Rose and Emmett, and also invited them to dinner.  It had been too long since they had been together, enjoying a night of good food and laughter.  Bella spoke to Angela, and informed her of the guests for dinner, but also asked if she and Ben could also join in the fun.  Angela thanked Bella for the invite, and said it would be fun.

A few hours later, Edward got a call, stating that Charlie was awake. Once he yelled at Carson, he called for a taxi to take him to an apartment building downtown.

“Edward, it is the Harbor Steps Apartments.”  Jason said.

“Harbor Steps?  You are fucking joking me.  This just got a whole lot easier.  Have surveillance team pull up the tenants in the building, then cross reference those against the police department.  I want to know what damn pig is stinking up my wife’s family building.”


Bella had to laugh.  The Volturi did own and operate several apartment buildings in Seattle as the legal fronts.  The Harbor Steps just happened to be one of them.  It was one of the nicest apartment buildings in Seattle, with lovely views of the harbor, full gym, restaurants, and a variety of shops.  It was a great money maker, and had a long waiting list for possible spaces.  Now, there would be at least one opening coming up, soon, and they wouldn’t have to return the deposit.

“Hold on, Edward, they are doing their magic with the cross referencing.”  Jason explained.

A moment later, he returned,

“Fuck, really? Thanks.  Edward, Bella you will never guess who it is.”

“Who?”  Both asked.

“Fucking Paul Jacobs.”

“No fucking way.  The damn pig, causing us all these problems, is renting his apartment from us.  I guess the fucker didn’t research who owned the building.”  Edward laughed.  “Keep an eye and ear on their conversations.  Charlie said last night that he had to go back to Forks; make sure you keep a constant surveillance on him.  Also, get a team in Forks, find out what Jessica Stanley is doing.  I don’t think she is a one man woman, find out who else she is fucking.”

“Will do, Boss.”

After they hung up, Edward turned to Bella.  “Can you believe that shit?”

“No. What are we going to do?  It is not like we can just take out Paul without raising some eyebrows.”

“We are going to have to be very creative.  I can’t believe that fucking Commissioner hasn’t returned my fucking phone calls.  He gets a hefty cash bonus each year to look the other way.”  Edward grumbled.

“Do we have anything on him we could use a leverage?”

Edward grabbed Bella, and laid a hot passionate kiss on her pouty lips.  “Damn, baby, you are so fucking smart.  How did I forget the fucking photos of him and the mayor in a very compromising position?”

“Mayor Peterson?”  Bella asked.

“Yup.”  Edward chuckled.

“Oh my God.  Isn’t he the one who speaks out against the LGBT community?”

“Yup.  It seems that the Commissioner and the Mayor like to debate on who is the bottom in the relationship.  We have a whole series of images of the two of them.  Let me have Jasper shoot off an email with a few of the images, and see if he changes his mind.”  Edward said.

He called Jasper, who was more than happy to find the perfect images to send to the Commissioner.  The fucker had it coming to him.

Dinner was a blast, and it was nice to have an evening to kick back, and enjoy the company of people their own age.  Emmett, of course, was the life party. Rose had to, more than once, put him in his place.


Jasper and Alice told them they were trying to have a baby, and hoped that their little one would grow up playing with Edward and Bella’s baby.  Edward laughed, and said he hoped they wouldn’t get in trouble as much as Jasper and he did.


Bella took Alice and Rose upstairs, and showed them the room that would be the nursery.  Alice quickly took some measurements, and said she would get her plans back to them in a few weeks.  Rose told them she had decided to sell shop and to become a stay at home wife.

Emmett’s job took him away at all hours of the day and night, and this way she could be around whenever he needed her.  Bella recommend not selling, but hiring someone to run the shop.  It was a great business, and something that was needed in the community.  She offered Rose assistance in getting it set up.  Rose hugged her, and thanked her for her willingness to help.  Bella and Edward were happy to see everyone enjoying being married and in love.  After everyone left, Edward and Bella retired for the evening, enjoying their alone time wrapped up in each other.  Their love was displayed in every touch, kiss, and caress.

When the sun rose the next morning, the young couple got up to start their new day.  Bella’s morning sickness had disappeared, and, in its place was the ever longing need for Edward’s cock to be deep inside of her.  Edward never thought he would admit this, but she was wearing him out, and his poor cock was sore.


He was going to have to ask his dad for advice on this subject, because he was unsure how to address it with Bella without her biting off his head.  Her mood swings were still in full force, and he had begun making sure her gun and knives were locked away, before having a conversation that might turn ugly.

After a delicious breakfast, Jasper arrived at their house.  He walked in he had a smile that looked like he had swallowed a canary, and he was carrying a folder full of pictures.

“Jasper, by the look on your face, I assume you have some news for us?” Bella asked.

“Oh, yeah.”  Jasper laughed.

They all went into Edward and Bella’s office, and sat down.  “Okay, what do you have?”  Edward inquired.

“Well, the Commissioner got back to me, with the long ass excuse about being tied up with a very pressing matter, but was soon quick to ensure that we would not be bothered again by Paul Jacobs.  Actually, he’s going to recommend he either leave on his own, or be fired for mishandling the investigation.  It seems there wasn’t a search warrant for the docks.”

“Fucking great.”  Edward said.  “When is this supposed to go down?”

“Today.  He said he would call me with the decision that Paul makes.”

“That is fucking great.  I hate having pigs sniffing around.”  Edward groaned.

“Next, Charlie is still in Seattle, but will be leaving tomorrow.  He is trying to find a way to get to you again, but is running into brick walls.  But, the best thing is the news we have on Jessica.  It seems that Ms. Stanley has been sleeping her way through the entire male population of Forks.


What she doesn’t know is that one of the wives is very protective of her man, but, more than that, she is a crack shot.  Seems that she is a silver medalist in rifle three positions, and has been known to take care of her cheating husband’s mistresses.”


“But, don’t the police get involved?”  Bella wondered.

“Nope.  Won’t touch it.  She is the wife of the judge in the town.  No one wants to be on his bad side, so they sweep it under the table.”  Jasper answered.

“Do you mean she has killed his mistresses?”  Bella asked.

“There is no direct evidence to say that, but they are gone, and there is no evidence that they went anywhere else.”

“Fuck, we need to put her on the team.”  Edward joked.

“So, what is the plan?”  Bella questioned.

“We are going to send an envelope with pictures to the Judge’s wife; that will take care of Jessica.  Once Paul Jacobs is let go, we collect his ass up, and show him he can’t mess with the family.”  Jasper said.

“What about Charlie?”  Bella asked.

“Bella, love, that is up to you.  What do you think we should do?”  Edward said, wanting her to make the final decision on the man who, up until a few months ago, was her father.

Bella sat back, and began to think about what was best for not only for herself, but for the family.  Charlie and Renee had never truly been parents.  She has felt more love and support since she had met Edward and his family, than she did her entire life.  Did Charlie deserve to live and continue to make trouble for the family?  Or did he need to pay for all the cruel things he did to her, and tried to do the family?  There was only one right decision; she must protect the family at all costs.  Charlie Swan must die.



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