Bound and United Chapter 18


The shipment of guns was delivered to the buyer, who was extremely happy with the quality and quantity.  He vowed that he would only use the Cullen Volturi family for his future purchases.  The Coven team was also a business, and the money was rolling in.  Edward and Bella planned to have a meeting with the high ranking family members on Monday to inform them how the family’s assets were improving.  Bella was happy to see that, even without the drugs and prostitution, both families were even more profitable than before.

Bella and Edward left their office, and went down two floors to where two health care offices had been set up.  Walking in, they were impressed with how professional, yet comfortable, it was.  When they got up to the counter, they were met by Crystal, one of Maria’s girls.

“Mr. & Mrs. Cullen, what a pleasure it is to see you again.”  Crystal gushed, smiling brightly.


“Crystal, it is a pleasure to see you as well.  How are you liking your new job?”  Bella asked.

Crystal’s eyes clouded over with tears. She grabbed a tissue, and dabbed the corners of her eyes, trying hard not to ruin her makeup.  “There are no words for how much I love this job.  Thank you for helping me find a better life for myself.  You are a God-send.”

“We are happy to help.  If you ever need anything, please contact us.  You are part of our family, and we take care of family.”  Bella assured Crystal.

“I will.  Come, let me take you back to your room. Dr. Muir will be with you in just a few minutes.”  Crystal stated.

They followed her down the hall, where she opened the door to the exam room.  Walking into the room, they found it had a small loveseat, and sat down.  Edward looked around the room, and noticed a picture across from him that showed the different phases of pregnancy.  So much happened in the baby’s development in just a few weeks.   He was amazed; he never thought about it before now.


“Bella, Edward so good to see you.”  Meribeth said as she walked into the room with a chart in her hands.

“Meribeth, the office looks great.”  Bella praised.

“It does.  Thank you so much for the wonderful support.  I have never worked in an office this nice before.”

“It is our pleasure.  Are you keeping busy?”  Edward asked.

“Oh my, yes.  You were so right about the family needing this.  Now let’s get you weighed, get your vitals, and then see little baby Cullen.”

Edward stood, and helped Bella up.  She walked over to scales. Meribeth recorded that she had gained a good two and a half pounds since her last visit.  Bella went over the exam table.   Meribeth took all her vitals, and was pleased with the numbers.

“Bella, will you unbutton your skirt, and lower it down a little?”

“Don’t I need to remove it?”  Bella asked.

“We will be doing an external exam.”  Meribeth explained.

Bella unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, and lowered it past her tummy.  Edward helped her lie back on the table.  Meribeth picked up the ultrasound jelly, and squirt it on Bella’s stomach.

“Wow, I was expecting it to be cold.  I had read that it usually was.”  Bella said.

“I made sure that we purchased the warmer unit for the jelly.”  Meribeth laughed.

“I’m glad you did!”  Bella giggled.

Meribeth turned on the monitor, which was like a large screen tv on the wall.  Picking up the wand, she began rubbing it over Bella’s stomach, then, suddenly, the room was filled with the fast heartbeat of baby Cullen.

“Edward.”  Bella cried.

“Oh, baby, that is so heartwarming.”  Edward said, placing kisses on Bella temple.

Meribeth could tell that the love that Edward and Bella shared was something that one only saw once in a lifetime.  Composing herself, she began tell the couple about the development of their child, and how everything looked perfect.  She printed out four copies of the final images, as she had been asked, and handed them to the couple.


“I want to see you back in a month.  Keep up with what you are doing.”  Meribeth explained.

“We will, thank you so much, Meribeth.”  Edward gushed.

They left, and made their appointment with Crystal.  As they were walking out, they were stopped by the patients who were waiting to be seen. They, too, thanked them so much for setting up the doctors’ offices for them.  Edward and Bella spent time talking to each one, getting to know them and their families.  The men, women, and children told them that they felt blessed to be part of such a wonderful family.  Their husbands, wives, sons, and daughters might be part of a crime organization, but, to everyone, it was, and will always be, just a family.  When they finally talked to everyone, they made their way back to the office.

They returned to the office.  Soon after, Jasper appeared with Dakota.  After last night’s hilarious home video, Edward and Bella wanted to meet the man who had come up with the perfect plan, and executed it to perfection.

Edward and Bella both stood when they walked in the office.  Dakota had heard about Edward and Bella Cullen, but had never met them.  When he looked upon them, he knew what everyone had said was true.  There was an aura around them that screamed dangerous.

“Dakota Mills, so glad you could come by; please, have a seat.”  Edward said.

Dakota sat down in one of the chairs while Jasper stood to the side.  His hands were shaking, and he was breaking out in a sweat.

Edward and Bella sat down, and began to explain why they asked him to meet them.

“Dakota, thank you for coming in today.  We wanted to thank you for your brilliant plan.  Also, we have not stopped laughing at the video of those fucking pigs, covered in shit, slipping and falling.”

“Thank you.  I am just glad it worked, and we got the shipment to the buyers.”  Dakota said.

Joshua Saari Josh Norris Photography

“Dakota, we know about your wife, and we are deeply sorry for your loss.  Is there anything we can do for your daughters, or you?”  Bella asked.


Dakota was shocked by what Bella had said.  He was trying to be both a father, and now mother, but it was hard.  The money he made on the docks was good, but the hospital bills had hit him hard.  But, he didn’t want to seem like he was begging for help.  He was not a charity case.

Edward was excellent at non-verbal cues.  He could tell Dakota was struggling, but was too proud to say something.  “Dakota, I don’t know what I would do without Bella.  She owns my heart and soul.  But, you have two little girls who are also missing their mother.  Please, let us know what we can do for you.  Bella and I want you to feel like you are a part of our family, and family takes care of family.”

“Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Cullen, but I am just a man who works on the docks.”  Dakota explained.

“Dakota, we know you are more than that.  You forget we have our ways.”  Edward chuckled.  “You have a degree in business management from UDub, but couldn’t find a job, so you went to work for Coleman Dock Company as a heavy machine operator.  After a few months, you were trained as a crane operator, where you have remained until today.  You applied for several management positions, but was turned down each time.  You currently are over your head in debt, due to your wife’s hospital bills.”

“HOLY FUCK!  SHIT! I am sorry about that.”  Dakota stuttered.  He couldn’t believe he just said fuck in front of Mr. & Mrs. Cullen.

Bella giggled.  “Dakota, don’t worry about that.  My darling husband says worse than that every ten minutes.”

“I don’t fucking do that.”  Edward huffed.

Dakota couldn’t help but laugh.

“All kidding aside, we would like for you to come work for us.”  Bella said.  “We need someone to be a liaison between the family and management on the docks.”

“But, why me?”  Dakota asked.

“Because we have seen that you have a great head on your shoulders, you can think on your feet, and you would be an asset to the family.”  Edward answered.

Dakota thought of what they were offering.  He sure he would be making a great living to give his daughters what they needed, but it would also get him deeper inside the crime family.  Was he ready to do that?  Then he thought that this was more than just crime, this was a family.  “I would love to, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.”

“Jasper, get him up to speed.  By the way, Dakota, those hospital bills have been taken care of; no more worrying for you.”  Edward said.

Dakota thanked them, and left to find out all about his new job and responsibilities.  He felt lighter, the heavy burden he had been carrying had been lifted.

The rest of day seemed to fly by, and, before they knew it, it was time to go home, and get ready for the grand opening for Eclipse.  Edward had purchased Bella’s dress for the event.  They would be going as Edward and Bella, not Master/submissive.  Edward knew that there would be lots of people who would want to talk to Bella, and he wanted her to feel free to interact with them.  They had talked at length about it, and Edward explained his decision. Bella accepted it.

The dress he had selected was a mix of sophistication, with a splash of naughty.  The long black gown had black, applique flowers, and the back was cut out, dipping low on her back.


It fit like a glove, and even her small baby bump showed.  Edward was nuts over seeing it.  He kept placing his hand over it, and talking to it.  Of course, every fifth word was fuck, but that was just Edward.

They were going to be picking up his parents, and arriving together at the opening.  Ben drove next door. When he pulled up, Carlisle walked out in his black Armani tux while Esme was wearing an elegant, emerald green sheath dress.  It had a sweetheart neckline with a black beaded applique, and came to mid thigh with long sheer material attached to give the illusion of a long gown.  Esme Cullen may have been in her fifties, but she had a smoking hot body.


Carlisle assisted the love of his life into the car, and then climbed in behind her.  They sat across from Edward and Bella.

“Mom, you look fantastic.”  Bella declared.

“So, do you, sweetie.”

“What about me?”  Carlisle jested.

Bella placed her finger up to her mouth, and eyed him up and down.  Turning her head from side to side, she scrunched up her nose.


Carlisle’s eyes got large, and began to examine his suit, thinking he had placed the wrong jacket on.  She began to giggle.  “Daddy, you look handsome as always.”

Edward couldn’t help but sigh a little.  He knew that Bella loved his parents like he did, but, more than that, they loved her like a daughter.  His life was fucking great.

They pulled up at Eclipse, and loved the fact that it was fucking nuts.  There were people standing in line to get in, and news crews and reporters trying to get the story.  Carmine was out front giving interviews.  As soon as the limo pulled up, all attention was off of Carmine, and on who might be in the car.

Ben got out, and walked around.  He waited until all of the bodyguards were in position before opening the door.  Carlisle stepped out with a barrage of camera flashes.


Then,  he turned, and offered his hand to Esme, who exited the car with grace.  She wrapped her arm around his, and, together, they took a few steps away from the door.  They knew that, as soon as Edward and Bella exited the car, all hell was going to break loose.

Edward turned to Bella.  “Are you ready?”


He placed a quick kiss on her lips, and stepped out of the car.  The flashes were blinding and reporters were yelling.  “Mr. Cullen, over here.  Mr. Cullen.”


He ignored them, and offered his hand to his lovely wife. She stepped out, and, as soon as she did, all hell broke loose.  Cameras were flashing, reporters were trying to get her attention, and then the people who were waiting to get in began cheering.  Bella wondered why everyone was so excited about their appearance.  As they joined Carlisle and Esme, they walked toward the door.

“Mrs. Cullen, who are wearing?”  One of the reporters yelled.

Esme turned, and reached for Bella’s hand.  “We are both wearing Marc Jacobs.”  She said, and waited for the photographers to get their photos.  Over the years she had gotten use to this type of attention.  Normally, they were left alone, but, whenever they had an opening, or attended an event, they were pushed into the limelight.  Most of the reporters and news had an idea who the Cullens were, but they would never publish it.

Once inside the door, Bella was taken aback by what she saw.  Before her was something she never thought she would ever see; her dream was alive.  She began to breathe deeply, and tried to regain her composure, but it was hard.

Edward looked around the room; he was proud.  This was one fucking awesome club.  He couldn’t wait to look around, and to go to the other floors.  His wife’s idea was something of unspeakable beauty.  Wrapping his arm around her tiny waist, he pulled her closer, and, when he did, he noticed she was taking deep breaths.  He looked down, and saw tears in her eyes.  Pulling even closer, he leaned down.  “Baby, what is wrong?”

“It is real.”  She murmured.

“What is real?”  He asked.

“My dream.  Edward, you made my dream come true.”  She cried, willing her tears to not to follow.

“No, baby, you made it happen; I am so fucking proud to be your husband.”

Bella raised her head up, and placed a quick kiss on his lips.  “I love you.”

“Fuck, baby, I love you.  Now, come on, let’s go check this shit out.”

Bella took Edward’s arm, and they began their tour through the club.  The music was loud, the drinks were flowing, and the members were dancing, and having a great time.  They went to next level, and, much like the first level, the members were enjoying themselves.  When they finally got to the black level, the atmosphere was surreal.  There were many Dominants with their submissives, enjoying the amenities of their membership.

Bella was impressed with the decor and the selection of uniforms for the servers, bartenders, and managers.  The front entry was all in blood red velvet.  Red velvet draped from the ceiling to the floors.  The sofa and chairs were in red velvet and black leather.  Amber colored lighting gave the room a warm, rich feel.


This was where the Dominants, and if they brought their submissives, could sit and enjoy their drinks, but there was a limit on how many alcoholic drink the Dominants could have.  Safety of the submissives were priority number one.  The next room was the check in for the private playroom suites.   It was decorated in gold and black, and would have a member of the management team on duty at all times.  The playroom suites were leased out to the black level members, who could decorate them according to their tastes and needs.


Once they finished their tour, they went down to the first level, and went to one of VIP section.  A server came over immediately with a bottle of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold Champagne, and a bottle of sparkling apple cider.  Edward had made sure to have several bottles of this special champagne on hand, so they could toast special occasions, and sparkling apple cider for his lovely pregnant wife.

After the champagne and cider were poured, Carlisle stood up.

“I would like to propose a toast.  To Bella, without you we would have just built Puss and Boots back as a strip club, but, because of you, we have this wonderful club, which has made more money before it opened than Puss and Boots did in a whole year.”


“Hear, hear.”  Edward and Esme cheered.

Bella blushed a bright shade of red.  Once the toast was over, they began to talk about the club, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Outside the club, the bouncers and the security guard were controlling who came into the club.  Only those with invitation or memberships were allowed entrance.


A older man walked up to the bouncer.

“Name.”  The bouncer asked.

“My name is not required.”  The older man grunted.

“Sir, if you want entry into the club, you will have to give me your name.”

“Listen here, asshole, my whore of a daughter is the fucking owner of this shit hole.  Now, let me go in so I can see her lousy ass.”

Jasper had walked outside to check on how the bouncers were doing.  As soon as he walked out the door, he heard what the older man was spouting off.

“Sir, I can assure you that your daughter is not the owner of this establishment.”  Jasper said.


“Look here, pretty boy, my worthless daughter is Isabella Swan, and I hear she is the fucking the owner, so let me in.”

When Jasper heard the man use Bella’s name, he knew he needed to get this asshole out of the line; somewhere where he could find out who the fuck he was.  “Sir, come with me, and I will take you to their private suite.”

The old man followed Jasper to the side of the building, where Jasper swiped his card, and took him inside.  He was going to take him to one of the private rooms, and then go get Edward.  This fucker had trouble written all over him.  The room that he took him into was one of the private party rooms, which had one way glass that overlooked the dance floor, plush black sofas and chairs, and a private bar.


“Would you like a drink?”  Jasper asked as he walked toward the bar.  “Hey, I didn’t catch your name; mine is Jack.”

“Charlie.  Yeah, but I don’t want any of that foo-foo shit.”

“My type of man.  Whiskey, bourbon, vodka?”  Jasper asked, walking around the bar.  He pushed the security camera button, and pulled out his phone to send a text to Edward.

E..check camera 5B.

“I’ll have Jack straight up.”  Charlie grunted, looking around the room.

“Fuck, what a nice place.”

“I’ll bring the bottle.”  Jasper chuckled, wanting Charlie to feel comfortable with him.  He brought the bottle of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century, and sat it down on the table with two glasses.


“Well, fuck, Jack, you do know what this bottle cost?”  Charlie gasped.  He had been drinking Jack for most his life, and he never thought he would be drinking Jack that cost six hundred dollars a bottle.

“Wanting to show you a good time, man.”  Jasper answered.  He poured two glasses, and handed one to Charlie.  “Bottoms up.”

Charlie downed the glass, and, as he sat it down, Jasper refilled it.  “So, why are you here Charlie?”

Charlie downed the glass, and held it out for a refill.  “My whore of a daughter is hooked up with some type of gangster, and I am here to get what I deserve.”

************************B & U*******************************************

Edward and Bella were laughing at Esme telling Carlisle that he had to watch his waistline, so there would be no extra sweets before Thanksgiving dinner.  Carlisle was whining that he couldn’t do without her wonderful cookies.

Edward felt his phone vibrate. When he looked at the screen, he gasped.  Fuck, what now?  Were those fucking pigs trying to start something today?

“We have a problem.”  Edward said.

“What?”  Bella asked, concerned what was happening.

“I don’t know, but we need to get to the control room now.”

They all got up, and headed to the secure control room.  When they arrived at the door, they were met by two large guards.

“Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.”  They said.

“We need in… now.”  Edward quipped.

“Certainly, sir.  Is there a problem?”

“I won’t know until I get in.  Stand by, and be prepared for reinforcements.”

Edward, Bella, Carlisle, and Esme walked into the control room.  Three controls were watching the bevy of monitors that showed every inch of the club.


“Pull up room 5B on the big screen; I also want audio.”  Edward barked.

The control pulled up the room, and pulled the video and audio to the big screen.  As soon as the images appeared, Bella gasped.

“HOLY FUCK!  THAT’S CHARLIE!”  She screamed.


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  1. Awesome chapter.. I so love that your include pictures with the updates. I love the picture of Jasper. Looking forward to more. 🙂


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