Chapter 17 Bound and United

The next week was busy for Edward and Bella.  They returned to work, and dug into business.  Jasper had brought them up to speed with the house cleaning that had been done.  Edward was happy how Jasper had stepped up and taken control.


“Jasper, it sounds like you handled the situation wonderfully.”  Edward said.

“Thank you, Edward.  I would do anything to protect the family.”  Jasper replied.

“We know, Jasper.  Do you have any more information on Paul Jacob’s plans?  What has Lawrence said?  Fuck, we paid him a half million dollars last year.”  Edward complained.

“I called him, but he is not picking up his phone.”  Jasper said.

“Do you think we have a problem with him?”

“I don’t know until I talk to him.  But, until then, we need to be prepared for the pigs to visit at any moment.”  Jasper explained.

Jackson Rathbone - Portraits

“What about the shipment that is due in tonight?”  Bella asked.

“I have put extra security into place, and we have moved in an excessive amount of empty containers.  It is going to be almost impossible to know which ones that are holding the guns, and which ones aren’t.”

“Like a big shell game?”  Bella asked.

“Yes.”  Jasper answered.

“Who do we have on the crane?”  Edward asked.

“His name is Dakota Mills.  He has worked on the docks since he was eighteen.   He is a single father of two little girls.”  Jasper explained.


“What happened to his wife?”  Bella asked.

“She died of cancer last year.”

“How sad?  Can we trust him?”  Bella wondered.

“He has always been very trustworthy.  Actually, it was his idea to put in the extra containers.  He has the containers marked on the top, so a man standing on the ground wouldn’t be able to see it.”

“What is in the containers?”  Edward asked.

Jasper chuckled.  “Barrels of pig shit.”

“Pig shit?”  Edward laughed.

“Yup.  He said that if that fucking pigs wanted to sniff around, he would give them want they fucking deserved.”

“That is perfect.  Is the surveillance camera set, and ready to record?”  Bella asked.

“Yes, they are all set, and ready to go.”  Jasper answered.   “Are you excited about the grand opening tomorrow night?”

“We are.  Carmine is coming by after lunch to go over the final details.  Maggie has a meeting with us at three.  Fuck, she did such a fantastic job on the building after the fuck up she was giving after Jacob *cough* resigned.”  Edward smirked.

Jasper laughed at the comment.  “Yeah, you gave him such a wonderful going away party, Edward.”

Edward chuckled as he thought back to the fun that had with Jacob Black.  Fucking asshole thought Bella was his.  It was a shame, because the Black family had been architects for the family for many years.  He threw away a cushy life; he and his demented thoughts.

After the meeting, Edward and Bella ordered in their lunch, and enjoyed a few quiet moments together.  Bella had a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, and was excited to hear updates on their little bundle of joy.  They had called Alice, and asked if she would like to design the nursery.  Their eardrums rang for hours afterwards from her screaming.  She was going to come over on Monday to take measurements, and get an idea of what they wanted, and what they didn’t, in the room.

They had also talked about Thanksgiving dinner.  Esme had called and said she would love to host the dinner.  She had invited a lot of the family; most everyone was coming.  The only ones who weren’t going to be at Thanksgiving dinner were Alec and Maggie.  They were going to be spending Thanksgiving in Boston with Sean and Elizabeth.  They would be staying in Boston until after the wedding.  Bella had been disappointed that she would be spending her first Thanksgiving without her brother.  She understood, but was still disappointed about it.  Alec had come by the office, and told her their plans, but promised her that they would be spending Christmas with her.  After a tearful long hug, Bella told him that they would have the best Christmas ever together as a family.

Once they finished eating, they went into the en suite bathroom to freshen up for their meetings.  Edward watched as she made sure her stockings were straight.  She had placed one leg on the bench, twisting and pulling the stocking. Her ass stuck out toward Edward’s face.  The more he watched, the harder he became, and, when he couldn’t take anymore, he stood from the chair, and walked toward her.  He grasped her around the waist, and pulled her ass tight against his cock.

“Do you feel what you do to me?”  Edward murmured.

“Yes.”  Bella moaned.

“I bet if I put my hand up that fucking skirt of yours that I will find my pussy wet.  Does my pussy need something?”  Edward taunted.

Bella knew he was right.  She turned, faced him, and pulled him down so she could kiss the living fuck out of him.  Their tongues battled each other for dominance, and, when they had no air left, they broke, gasping for air.


Edward lifted her up, and sat her on the edge of the vanity.  Running his hand up her legs, he finally reached her satin covered pussy, and, sure enough, it was soaking wet with need.  Taking a hold of the sides of the panties, he ripped them off her.  Taking a step back, he unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper, and pushed his pants and underwear to the ground.  Taking his thick cock in one hand, he pushed it into her pussy, the hot wet hole encasing his cock so perfectly.  Bella wrapped her legs around his waist as he began to repeatedly pound into her.

“Fuck, Edward, that feel so fucking amazing.”  Bella cried.

“Fuck yeah.  Baby, I am not going to last, you need to cum and cum now.”  Edward demanded.

Bella reached down between them, and began to pinch her clit; suddenly the wave of pure euphoria washed over her. Her orgasm came in waves, gripping Edward’s cock, causing his own orgasm to start.  Finally, they calmed down enough, and Edward pulled out of his hot, wet home.

“Fuck, baby, that was intense.”  He moaned.

“Fuck yeah it was.”

They finally cleaned up, and Bella was happy that she kept extra underwear here at the office, just in case.  They returned to their desk with huge smiles on their faces.

There was a knock on the door, and Carmen popped her head in.

“Mr. & Mrs. Cullen, Carmine is here for his appointment.”  She announced.

“Thank you, Carmen.”  Bella said, as Edward and her stood.

Carmine was at awe at the sight before him.  He could see and feel the energy coming off the pair.  “Edward, Bella, it is so good to see you back.”

“Carmine, thank you.  We love being back.  Please, have a set.”  Edward answered.

“Thank you.”  Carmine said, and sat down in the chair in front of the dual desk.

“So, are we ready to open tomorrow night?”  Bella asked.

“We are very ready.  I have never worked with a staff so polished and professional as this staff.  Maria’s girls are top notch and an extreme asset to the club.”

“It is wonderful to hear that.  We wanted to help these women, who were abused so badly.  It was my promise when we took over the family to help these women to find jobs that they would be proud to work at, and to be financially stable.”  Bella said.

“That is so admirable of you.”  Carmine declared.  “I have to say this club is out of this world.  I am not talking just the design, but the whole concept of it.”

Edward wrapped his arms around Bella, and kissed her temple.  “She has a fucking awesome brain to go with her hot body.”

Bella slapped his arm.  “Stop that.”  She growled.

“Bella, this was your concept?”  Carmine asked.

Bella couldn’t help but blush a bright shade of red.  “Yes, it is mine.”

“It is wonderful.  I would seriously think about taking this concept into cities across the country.”  Carmine proposed.  “I know for a fact this would be huge in the D.C. area.”

“Washington, D.C.?”  Edward questioned.

“Yes, sir.  Those fuckers are kinky as fuck.  They are always looking for a club, and one with discretion is top priority.”

“That is something we believe in.  Do you happen to know any of the Dominants?”  Edward asked.

“Actually, yes.  He is a rising star in the political arena.  It is rumored that he will be running for the Presidency in eight years.”

“Why is he waiting so long?”  Bella questioned.

“Because he is only twenty-eight.”  Carmine chuckled.

“Fuck, that is young.”  Edward exclaimed.

“He is, but is already a state senator.  I met him at the club in Los Angeles and we began to talk.  He graduated from Harvard at the age of twenty, went into the Marines, and pulled two tours in Afghanistan, received both a purple heart and silver star.  When he came back home to Virginia, his father was a sitting Senator, and wanting to retire.  He ran, and fucking won.  Damn, he has this charisma that make anyone wants to listen to his every word.  He allowed me to view one of his sessions with a submissive, and, fuck, he was pure joy to watch.  I spoke to the submissive after the session, and she said that she had never had a Dominant command her like he had.”

“What is his name?”  Edward questioned.

“Davison McKinsey.”


“Fuck, he sounds like he is doing everything right. But, isn’t he afraid that his sexual preference will get out?”  Edward asked.

“Edward, you know as I do that you can’t stop being a Dominant.  He is very careful, and that is why I think we should seriously think about looking into building a club in the D.C. area.”  Carmine urged.

“Why don’t we wait until after the holidays are over with, and sit down again, and have this discussion.”  Bella requested.

“That sounds like a good plan.”  Edward said.  “How are the memberships going?”

“Silver membership is at 70%, Gold membership is at 80%, and Black membership is at 95%, with all but two of the private rooms rented.”

“HOLY FUCK!”  Edward exclaimed.

“I know, right?  As soon as the memberships came available for sale, the phone was ringing off the hook.  Alec and his workers have been extremely busy with the background checks.  He found several applicants unsuitable.”  Carmine explained.

“We are glad that we are being so thorough.  I don’t want another James incident to happen again.”  Bella said.

Edward shivered at the thought about how James was a member of Diamond Knotts, and how close he came to harming Bella.  They brought Alec in before memberships went up for sale, and explained they wanted a top level security sweep on all applicants.  Alec assured them that no one would get through.  So, to hear that he had found possible problems, eased  Edward’s mind.

“Did anyone have a problem with the pricing?”  Edward questioned.

“Only the ones who were rejected.”  Carmine joked.  “The Dominants that passed the background checks, were taken on private tours of the building and each one of the private rooms.  They were thoroughly impressed by the decor and security of the building.  Many of them have already started setting the rooms up to meet their needs.”

Edward and Bella finished up the meeting with Carmine, and went back to their paperwork, as well as went over the books for all their businesses.  Diamond Knotts membership numbers were okay, but nowhere near Eclipse’s.

“Do you think we might need to do an upgrade at Diamond Knotts?”  Bella asked.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I am not sure, but why don’t we have Maggie look at the floor plans, and see what she thinks?”  Bella answered.

“Sounds good.  But we are running out of time this year.  Maggie and Alec will be gone all next week, and then we both know she will be running around trying to get her wedding plans finalized when they return.”  Edward explained.

“I know, we might have to wait after the first of the year for this as well.”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Maggie arrived on time, and they discussed the end cost figures for Eclipse, and were pleased to hear that it had come in under budget and on time.  Maggie had done a hell of job after the mess she had inherited from Jacob Black.  Edward and Bella told her they had a few projects they wanted her to look at, but they could wait until after the holidays.  Maggie asked what they were.  Once she heard,  she agreed that a project in DC would take some time to plan, but she wanted to look at the plans for Diamond Knotts when she returned from Boston.  She felt confident that she could come up with a solution to make Diamond Knotts more profitable.

Bella asked her how the wedding plans were coming along, and Maggie excitedly told her everything that Esme and she had done.  She also told them about her shopping trips with Alec for their new house.  She hoped to go to some antique shops when they were in Boston next week, and have everything shipped back.  The plan was to have all the house complete soon so they could move in right after their wedding.

After Maggie left, Edward and Bella finished up some paperwork, and headed home.  Jasper was going to watch over the shipment coming in, and would keep them abreast of any problems that would arise.  They enjoyed a relaxing evening by the fire, looking over their baby book, and talking about Bella’s appointment.

They were going to talk to Meribeth tomorrow about them being in the community, and the fact that Bella was a submissive.  They hoped she wasn’t narrow minded about it, and would listen to them explain what that all entailed.  Edward explained that, over the years, so many Dominants and submissives had had a hard time trying to convince people who were not in the community, that it wasn’t a man getting his jollys off by hitting a woman.  Edward had lots of documentation on BDSM and submissives who were expecting to show Meribeth that they could safely continue their Master/submissive relationship for the duration of Bella’s pregnancy.

There were two rooms that would be perfect for the nursery, but they selected the room that had larger windows, and allowed lots of natural light into the room.  It was larger than most nurseries, but they wanted only the best for next Don or Donna of the family.  Bella was getting excited to see what Alice came up with for the room.

Later in the evening, Edward’s phone rang. When he picked it up, and saw it was Jasper.  Fuck, had something gone wrong with the shipment.

“Jasper.”  Edward answered, as he put the phone on speaker so Bella could hear. “What is wrong?”

Jasper was trying to gain control, but what he had just witnessed was the funniest thing he had ever seen in his entire life.

“Nothing is wrong.”  Jasper laughed.


“Jasper, why are you crying?”  Bella asked.

“I am not crying, I am laughing.”  He chuckled.  “Pull up the surveillance tape, and watch it.  The shipment is fine, and on it’s way to the buyer, but the pigs are rooting around, and have made a mess.”

“All right; we will call you back after review the tape.”  Edward said.  He got up, and retrieved his laptop.  Logging in to the secure server, he pulled up the surveillance tape, and hit play.

They saw Dakota and his team lifting the containers from one location to the next in the pouring rain. Then, all of a sudden, they saw a large group of men dressed in black with the word POLICE written across their chests and guns drawn.  As Dakota placed one the locked containers down, the cops move in, and, with bolt cutters, cut the lock off.  They then saw several of the cops rush in, and then watched as they came out, ready to enter one of the red containers.  Then, from the side, they saw Paul Jacobs walking up to the container. Edward and Bella could see a smirk on his face.  He placed his hand on the lid, and, as he began to remove it, the gas pack that had been placed in the containers, under the shit, exploded, throwing shit all over Paul and every cop standing near it.  Edward and Bella could see the shit, mixed with the rain running down the cops’ bodies.  They could hear them coughing and cursing.  Paul was trying to whip the shit off of himself, but, with each swipe, he made it worse. Then, as they began to move away from the container, they began to slip and fall.

Edward and Bella both laughed until tears rolled down their eyes.  The fucking cops looked like a bunch of pigs wallowing around in the mud.


They had to crawl away from the container to the side parking lot where they were parked.  The camera panned back to the crane, where Edward and Bella saw Dakota look directly at the camera and hold his thumb up, indicating that all was fine with the true shipment.  Served the fucking pigs right for trying to fuck with the family

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  1. Awesome chapter .. love the cops in the “crap”. I laughed out loud at the imagery of that. Looking forward to more as always.


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