Chapter 15 of Bound and United

Edward couldn’t keep his hands to himself as they drove to the restaurant; by the time they arrived, Bella was so worked up that she was sure that, if he touched her pussy, she would cum.  Why was he doing this, knowing very well he couldn’t have sex?  Rubbing her legs together, she tried to get some friction to help with the ever growing need.

“What is wrong, my little pet?”  Edward cooed in her ear.  His hot breath sent chills down her spine.

She turned her head, and looked him dead in the eyes.  “You know very well what is wrong.”  She quipped.

Edward licked his lips, and chuckled.  “Is my pussy all wet and needy?”

“FUCK YES!”  She growled.

“Pet, don’t get that tone with me.”  Edward said.

“Listen here, we are not playing right now, and I am so worked up…I need to fucking cum.  However, I know you can’t have sex yet, and I am about to go crazy with need for your thick, long, hard cock and nothing else will do.  So, don’t start with this Dominant bullshit today. because I am not in the mood for it.”  Bella huffed.

Edward knew that she was at a breaking point, but, even though they were not playing at the moment, it did not give her the right to mouth off like she did.  He knew he needed to calm her down and make her aware that she walking a very fine line.  He also knew that he had to make her aware that if she kept it up, she wouldn’t like the punishment she would receive the next time they were in the playroom.  But, he knew this was not Bella was speaking.  She was the Donna of the family, and tough as nails, but she was also a natural submissive.  Peter had warned him that Bella’s hormones would be all over the place. He also had told him not allow her to mouth off, but, instead of physical punishment, tell her that she was breaking their contract, then watched to see if it brought her back in line.  If not, then he was to do a non-physical punishment, like writing an essay on respect.  He knew how much Bella loved serving him as his submissive, and, once she made aware of hurt actions, she would be devastated and would do anything he asked her to do as punishment.  Removing his hand from her leg, he sat back, and straightened his jacket.

“Do you know what I did early today?”  Edward asked in a calm, cool voice.

“No.”  Bella quipped.

“I read over our contract.”  He said, keeping his eyes ahead.  “I remember the night when we signed it.”

Bella’s mouth fell open.  What the fuck had she done?  Then, she thought about what Edward was saying.  He was reading their contract.  The contract she signed, which stated that she gave over control to her Master.  Her Master, Edward.  The one thing she had hoped and prayed for, and now she was failing him.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Thinking about at what she had just said, she knew she had broken a rule.  Even though they were not in a 24/7 relationship, she was to show respect to her Master at all times.  If she felt he had done something wrong, she was to be respectful when she questioned him.  But, instead, she mouthed off, and spoke to him in a tone that was very disrespectful.

“Master.”  She whispered.

Edward looked at her; her head was down, and she had tears rolling down her cheeks.  They had pulled up in front of the restaurant, but they needed to settle this before going inside.

“Yes, my pet.  You may speak, but I need to see your eyes.”

Bella lifted her head, and looked into his deep green orbs.  “I am so sorry.  I shouldn’t have said that.  I don’t know what came over me.  Please forgive me.  I love you so much, and I love our BDSM relationship.”

“I know you do.”  Edward said, then placed his hand on her belly.  “This little precious is causing your outburst, but I need you to try to think before you say something that you will regret.  I will try to be patient, but this little outburst has gained you a punishment when we have our next play section.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, now fix that beautiful face so we can go have a wonderful meal.”  Edward said, then kissed her nose.

Bella pulled out her compact, and fixed the tear stains.  Once she was finished, she turned back to Edward, and gave him a weak smile.

“Please try to forget it.  I want us to have a fun evening out.”


Edward knocked on the window to let the guard know they were ready to exit the car.  Ben opened the door, and Edward stepped out, then helped Bella out.  They entered the restaurant, and were quickly seated at their private table.  Randolph, once again, gave them exemplary service, and the food was incredible.


Edward fed Bella their dessert, and they both drank sparkling apple cider.  Edward could have something stronger, but he wanted to keep a clear mind.  Edward paid the bill, and handed Randolph an envelope with five hundred dollars for his service.  Randolph thanked him profusely for the tip.  Edward and Bella walked through the restaurant with Ben waiting for them at the door.  As they walked out, a man walked up to Edward with his hand out for Edward to shake.

“Mr. Cullen, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person.”  He said.


Edward shook his hand.  “I am sorry, but do I know you?”

“Paul Jacobs.”  He said, then looked over at Bella.  “And you must be Isabella Swan. I must say you are even more beautiful than I have heard.”

“Mrs.  Cullen.”  She barked.

“Oh, I hadn’t heard, your father must be beside himself.”

“Mr. Jacobs, we have reservations, so we must go.”  Edward quipped.  He rushed Bella to the car, where they got in, and quickly took off.

“Who the fuck was that?”  Edward asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but, by the way he was dressed and the way he was standing, I would bet he was a cop.”  Bella answered.

“You think so?”


“Fuck.  I will need to make a call, and find out.  Damn, we don’t need a wet behind the ear cop trying to make trouble for us.”  Edward grumbled.  “We have a big shipment coming in next week.”

“Make your call; I could be wrong.”  She suggested.

Edward put his arm around Bella and pulled her close to him.  “Always go with your gut baby.  More times than not, you will be right.”

Edward picked up the phone, and dialed Jasper.

“Edward, is there something wrong?”  Jasper asked, knowing that Edward and Bella were both recovering.


“We are fine, but we need for you to run a deep search on someone we ran into at dinner.”  He answered.

“What is their name?”

“Paul Jacobs.”

“Paul Jacobs?  I don’t recognize that name.  I will get on right away, and let you know a soon as I know.”

“No matter what time that may be.  We are supposed to get that shipment next week, and Bella thinks he could be a fucking cop.”  Edward grumbled.

“Shit.  I will call you soon.”  Jasper said.

“If you run into a brick wall, call Alec.  He can find the littlest detail on anyone.”  Edward inserted.

“Certainly.  Talk to you soon.”  Jasper said hanging up.

The couple arrived at the dance hall, and enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing in each other’s arms.   It felt so good to be just Edward and Bella.   They need this to help them forget the last few weeks, and to reconnect.


Carlisle and Michael had been keeping an eye on the family business,  but the opening of Solar Eclipse was this Friday and both Edward and Bella wanted be there.   Bella had put in so much work on the project that it would be a shame not to see if her vision had come to life. Membership numbers had been unprecedented, from the lower level silver membership, to the upper level platinum membership.  Also, every one of the “Master Suites” had been sold out.


Edward, Peter, and Emmett had all contributed to the designs.  They would have the basics in the suite, but the Dominant who purchased the lease on the room could decorate it to their taste and needs.

All the staff had been hired and trained.   Several of Maria’s girls had been hired, and Esme had performed several classes concerning how to present yourself around Dominants.  Several dry runs had been done, and, after a few problems had been addressed by the manager, Carmine, the staff was ready to go.   No expense was spared for the furniture and fixtures.


Alice had been hired to help with the interior design, as well as the uniform design.  Each level of the club would have a different design, meeting the needs of each clientele.


Edward was getting excited about getting Bella home, and reconnecting on the most intimate level.  He knew that Angela had set up their bedroom with candles, roses, sparkling apple cider, and ginger snaps.  His only hope was that their little one would allow their mommy the night off; he wanted her to not be sick tonight.

The car finally pulled up at their home, and Edward helped Bella from the car.

“How are you feeling, my love?”  Edward cooed, wrapping his arm around her waist, and pulling her close.

“I feel so energized.  Thank you for the lovely evening.”  Bella sighed.

“Do you feel any of the morning sickness after dinner?”  Edward asked, hoping no.

“None whatsoever.”

FUCKING AWESOME!”  Edward thought.  “I have one more surprise for you, my love.”  He admitted.

“Really?  Oh, Edward, you didn’t have to do that; dinner and dancing were more than enough.”

“You deserve the moon and stars, so let me indulge you a little.”  Edward explained.  “Come, I have it in our room.”

Edward and Bella climbed the stairs; when they reached to the door of the bedroom, Edward opened it, and allowed Bella to step inside first.  The room had a warm, amber glow from all the candles that had been lit, and, on every flat surface, was vase after vase of blood-red roses.  Through the speakers in the room, the soft melodies of Zendaya Coleman filled the space.  Bella turned back to Edward with a look of confusion,

“Edward, why all this?”

Edward stepped closer, and stroked her cheek tenderly.  “My love, I have something I must confess.”


“What?”  Bella asked.

Leaning in close to her pouty, sexy lips, he placed a kiss full of need and want on them. Once they were both out of oxygen, he pulled away to look deeply into her chocolate brown orbs.  “Dr. Mallos gave me the all clear, and I plan to make love to you all fucking night long.”

“Really?”  Bella whimpered, her heart beating so loud, so fast she just knew that he could hear it.

“Yes.  Now let’s get you out of this fuck hot dress.”  He said, as he walked around her, and slowly began to unzip the dress. As he did, he was blessed with her milky white skin.  Rubbing his thumb against her back, he was transfixed at how soft it was.  Placing kisses up her spine and to her neck, he then pushed the dress from her delicate shoulders, and allowed it to pool at her feet.


Coming around to the front of her, he took in her black lace bra, panties, and his favorite garters.  “Damn, baby, you know what garters do to me.  Feel how fucking hard you make me.”  He said, taking her hand, and placing it on his hardened cock in his pants.

Bella was become more and more aroused by each passing second.  She knew what her glorious husband’s irresistible hard cock looked like, and felt like when it plunged deep inside of her pussy.  “Please.”  She begged.

“All in good time, my love.”  Edward smirked.

He slowly unsnapped her bra, and threw it across the room, allowing her voluptuous breasts free.  They had filled out since she had become pregnant, and, as much he thought she was perfect before, he was fucking loving the new tits.  Cupping her aching, voluptuous, heavy breasts, he gently kneaded, and stroke them.  Slowly, he moved his hands over to the sensitive, rose-tipped nipples, and lightly pinched them, which caused Bella to hiss out.

“Oh, fuck, that hurts so good.  Pinch and pull them harder, baby.”  She moaned.  Her nipples were much more sensitive than before, and she was loving the pain of Edward’s fingers.

Edward continued to roll and pinch her nipples; each time he did, Bella would call out in pleasure. Edward reveled in it.  Taking his hands from her breasts, he gently moved her to the edge of the bed.


Helping her to sit on the bed, he got on his knees, picked up each of her feet, and removed the fuck hot shoes.  “One day soon, you are going to wear these while I fuck you.   But, right now, my dick has to be deep inside of your hot pussy.”   He took off her stockings, and slid the garter belt and panties down her long, smooth legs.

Bella inched back on the bed, leaned back on her elbows, and looked at Edward with hungry eyes.  “You seemed to have too many clothes on, baby.”  She said as she licked her lips.

Edward stood and quickly removed all his clothes, and, as he pulled down his underwear, his long, thick, hard cock bounced up and slapped his stomach.

“FUCK!”  Bella moaned, when she saw his cock.  Reaching down, she began to rub the folds of her pussy to try to relieve some of the pressure.

Stalking toward her, he climbed onto the bed, and hovered over her.  “Is my pussy wet and ready for me?”


“Oh yes, it is so fucking ready.”

He grabbed his cock, and rubbed it against her soaking wet folds.  “So fucking wet.  Hold on baby, it has been too long for me take this slow.”  Edward proclaimed.

“Give it to me hard and fast.   I want you to fill me up.”  Bella gasped.

Grasping his cock, he placed it at her hot opening, and, in one powerful thrust, he filled her hot pussy with his engorged cock.   “Ah, fuck, that feels like heaven.”  Edward groaned.

“Fuck yes.   Pound my pussy hard, and make me cum.”

Edward smirked down at her.   “You wish is my command.   Wrap your legs around me, and let me take you for a fucking ride.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he began to thrust long, hard strokes.  Bella lifted her pelvis up, which caused his cock to hit the spot that caused her walls to quiver. Within two more deep thrusts, she came, and came hard.  Her pussy clamped down over and over again on his cock.


“FUCK!”  Edward yelled.  “Milk my cock.”

Bella had just begun to come down from her high, but, once she heard Edward’s dirty mouth, and felt the continued pounding of his cock, she felt another orgasm hit, this one was twice as strong as the first one.  She arched her back off the bed, and gripped the sheets with all her might, screaming.  “EDWARD!”


Hearing his love scream out in pure pleasure, caused Edward to cum and cum hard, shooting long streams of cum deep inside of her pussy.  When he finally finished, he rolled over, taking Bella with him, and held her close.  He felt so complete in this moment with the love of his life in his arms.

“Damn, that was intense.”  Bella said, as she tried to come down from the high.  She actually saw stars during the the intense orgasm.

“I know how you feel.  I love how we fit perfectly together.”  Edward exclaimed, kissing her hair.

“Me, too.”

As they laid there, just touching and connecting, Edward’s phone rang.  He reached over, and picked it up to see that it was Jasper.


“Jasper, what do you have?”  Edward asked, with the speakerphone on, so Bella could hear as well.

“You are not going to like this.  Paul Jacobs is the newest investigator at Seattle PD.  He came from Chicago, where he was known for taking down organized crime families.  Remember the trouble that Russians had last year with the cops? That was him.”

“Fuck!  What is he doing here?”  Edward grumbled.

“Well, there is something worse than that going on with him.”  Jasper said.

“What could be worse than that, Jasper?”  Bella asked.

“It is who his father is.”  Jasper answered.

“Who the fuck is he?”  Edward asked.

“Paul Jacobs’ father, Sam Jacobs, is a long-time friend of…” Jasper said, but was interrupted by Bella.

“Charlie Swan.  He is Charlie’s best friend.”  Bella explained.  “I knew he had a son, but never met him.  Edward, what does this mean?  Do you think Charlie has something to do with him coming up to us?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t like it.  Jasper, keep looking into him, and send a team to…”  Edward said, looking at Bella.  “Sweetie, what is the town’s name again?”

“Forks.  It is about three and half hours from here.  But, Jasper, make sure the team knows that Charlie is the police chief, and to lie low, and try not to draw attention to themselves.”  Bella explained.

“Will do.  I will let you know when I have more information.  Good night.”  Jasper said, hanging up the phone with Edward and Bella.  Then, he called the Coven team leader, and told him what he needed.

Fuck, when were Edward and Bella going to have peace and quiet? Then he remembered they were the Don and Donna of the most powerful crime family on the West Coast… there would always be something or someone trying to cause trouble.  However, he knew it was his job to make sure nothing bad happen to either one of them again.

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  1. Sher Cullen says:

    awesome chapter, love all the images you post. It really enhances the story. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait for more.


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