Bound and United Chapter 16


Edward opened his eyes, and looked at the clock.  Damn, it was eleven twenty.  Rolling over, he saw his lovely wife still sleeping peacefully.


After their conversation with Jasper, they both needed to forget Paul Jacobs, Charlie Swan, and anyone else who was trying to tear them apart, so they made love and fucked like animals until they both passed out from pure exhaustion.  He had felt Bella getting up a few hours earlier, and was worried she was sick, but she soon came back to bed, and collapsed once more.

Reaching over, he moved a piece of her mahogany hair from her face, and then leaned in, and placed a kiss on her lips.

“Hmm.”  She hummed.

“Wake up, my love.”  Edward encouraged.

“Can’t.  So tired.”

“It is after eleven, and I want to talk to you about maybe going into the playroom this evening, if you are feeling up to it.”  Edward said.

Bella eyes popped open and a large smile formed on her face.  “Playroom?”  She asked excitedly.   Her mind began thinking about being back in her Master’s playroom, and serving him.


“Yes, I have spoken to Peter, and he gave me some guidance on how to play safely with you while you are carrying our child.  I want to make an addendum to our contract.”

Bella didn’t understand why he wanted to change their contact, but she didn’t question her Master’s decision.   After last night’s slip,  she needed to try to think about their commitment before questioning or spouting off again.   She lowered her head.   “Whatever you think is best, Master.”

Edward was pleased to see that his perfect little submissive was back.   But he needed to give her the punishment she’d earned for her disrespect from last night.  “I see my submissive wants to serve me.   But, before we go to my playroom, you must pay for the rules you broke last night.”

Bella didn’t answer, but, with her head still lowered, she nodded.

“After lunch, I want you to go to your room and write a 500 word essay on respect for your Master.   Do you understand?   You may answer.”

“Yes, Master.”  Bella answered.

“Great.   Now let’s start playing at three; does that give you enough time?”  Edward asked.

“Yes, Master.”

Edward pulled her close, and captured her mouth with his in a kiss full of want and need.   When their lungs finally ran out of air,  they pulled apart.   “I fucking love you.   Come, let’s get dressed and get some,  well, I guess, lunch.   You are going to need your energy tonight, my pet.”

“I look forward to it.”  Bella giggled.

“How is your stomach?”

“Actually, I feel wonderful,  but I think I will have Esme’s special tea with lunch.”  She admitted, hoping that she wouldn’t want to have to cancel their play time because of her upset stomach.

They got up, showered together,  bathing each other.   However,  Edward refrained from sinking his cock deep inside her pussy,  because he wanted to wait until they were in playroom to give her orgasms.

They got dressed, and decided to go to a little Greek restaurant down the street.  It was owned by a couple who had been friends of the family since Edward was knee high to a grasshopper.   Edward called for the car and security, and when it arrived, they were placed in the back of the vehicle and were off to the restaurant.

Jasper had called the security team the night before after finding out about Paul Jacobs and Charlie Swan, and had beefed up the security detail on Edward and Bella.  He also contacted security teams at both Carlisle’s and Michael’s homes, and warned them to make sure all evidence of illegal activity was secured, and that all weapons that were not legal to hidden in the bunkers.  Jasper had then gone to Cullen Towers, and began to do a swept of any information that would link the family to anything illegal.  Alec had been called, and he was currently wiping the hard drives of every computer and server for the family.  Even the best computer expert would never find one bit of data or the evidence of a wiped computer.  Jasper knew it was only a matter of time, before the police would show up, and tear through each one of the properties, but he was ready for them.

Next, the family had to bring out their secondary phones.  They would still use their primary phones for everyday communication, but anything dealing with family business would be done with the special designed phones; they were hack-proof.


Jasper would be contacting all the family members to make sure they were up to date with the emergency coding.  They had to use the most serious of emergency code when Edward had gotten shot on the property.   Not knowing the extent of the threat, they had ushered the women and children into the secure bunker.

Edward and Bella arrived at the restaurant, and were meet by the owners, Barak and Hera Angelis.


“Edward, Bella, it is wonderful to see you up and about.  Esme has been keeping us up to date.”  Barak said.

“Thank you, we are happy to be back to normal.  We were in the mood for some good Greek food, do you think you can hook us up?”  Edward joked.

“Edward, I will let that pass; come, let us get you fed.”  Hera announced, smiling brightly.

Edward and Bella were ushered to a private table, with their guard stationed around the room.  They ordered the house speciality of baked lamb with potatoes and water to drink.  Edward needed Bella to hydrate, because play in the playroom took a toll on the submissive.  He had planned a section that they had not done before, but one that was not stressful for Bella and the baby.  The lunch was great, and Barak and Hera came over and checked on them.  Edward couldn’t help but announce that they were going to be parents.  After a round of congratulations and hugs, Edward and Bella came back to their home.

When they walked into their home, Edward took Bella’s hand, and led her to his office.  He offered her the chair in front of his desk.   Bella sat down with her hands laying down on her lap, feet flat on the floor, back straight, and head bowed.  She had been thinking every second since Edward said they were going to his playroom, mentally preparing to be the submissive that she knew she could be.

“Raise your head, and answer my questions, my pet.”  Edward said, in the smooth powerful tone.

Bella rose her head and looked into his piercing green eyes.

“Your Master is extremely proud to be the father of your child, and I want to assure you that I will take every precaution for your safety and the safety of our child.   I have written this addendum to our contract to convey this.  Here is your copy, please read over it, and ask any questions you might have.”  Edward explained, as he handed the addendum to Bella.

Bella took the addendum and began to read.

I, as the Owner of property Bella, understand her condition of pregnancy. With this in mind, I take full responsibility for checking in with her frequently, and will be careful as to not overload her, or overuse her services in an effort to maintain her health and emotional well-being. Property Bella, has the responsibility to tell Me should she be experiencing any difficulty, no matter the cause (physical, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise) as she is still under the terms of full disclosure. All measures will be taken to ensure the health and comfort of this property and its unborn child, who is of My seed and spirit, and whom I will cherish and help raise.”

When Bella finished reading the addendum, she had to wipe the tears from her eyes.  Just when she thought she knew all about her loving Master, he went and did something like this.  Taking some deep cleansing breaths, she tried to regain control so she could form the words to let him know how much this meant to her.  “Master, this girl is so honored by your continued thoughtfulness toward her.  This girl promises to express immediately if she is experiencing any difficulty.”

“Excellent.  Now, as for your punishment for mouthing off yesterday, I want you to go to your room, where I want you to take your submissive journal and write a five hundred word essay on respect for your Master.  As you are writing, I want you to drink another cup of tea, and eat some of the ginger snaps.  When you are finished, I want you dress in the outfit that is behind your bathroom door.  I want you to follow the directions on the way I want your hair and makeup.  You must be in your waiting position outside of my playroom at five o’clock on the dot.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”  Bella answered.

“Go, my pet, and don’t be late, because I wouldn’t want to have to give you another punishment today.”  Edward said.

Bella stood, and walked out of the room and up the stairs to her submissive bedroom.  She only used this room when she was getting ready for her playtime with her Master, but she loved the fact she had a room to get her mind in the correct mindset for play.  She sat down at her desk, where an electric teapot was sitting, and began to make her cup of tea.  Uncovering a bowl, she found it contained Esme’s homemade ginger snaps.  Pulling out her submissive journal, she began to write out her punishment.


She thought seriously about what it meant to be a submissive, and what she, as Master Edward’s submissive, needed to do.  Respect was vital to their relationship as a Dominant and submissive.  The words just flowed out of her, and she conveyed her heartfelt views on respect for her Master.  She finished, and looked at the clock, and noticed she only had thirty minutes to get dress, and be in position.

Walking in the bathroom, she closed the door to find a garment bag, she unzipped it to find a plaid short shirt, white button up blouse, white knee socks, and a pair of black MaryJane shoes.  Giggling to herself, she wondered if they were going to be doing a role play scene.  Picking up the note, she admired Edward’s wonderful handwriting as he spelled out how he wanted her hair and makeup.  “I want you to pull your hair into two low pigtails and tie the red ribbons around each one.  For your makeup, I want only the pink, bubble gum flavored lip gloss.”   Bella quickly removed her clothes, and placed on the outfit, which she noticed didn’t contain any underwear or bra.   When she put on the blouse, she could barely button it, her breasts were so large.  So, she took the bottom of it and tied it under her breasts.

Turning back to the mirror, she took one last look, and was pleased on how she looked.  She picked up her journal, and headed to the playroom.  When she arrived, she noticed that Edward had left her a pillow by the door for her to assume her waiting position.  She got down on her knees, and positioned her legs and hands, making sure she was in the correct waiting position.  When she was sure, she cleared her mind, and began to recite her pledge of submission to her Master.

Edward walked out of the playroom, and was pleased to find his pet waiting in perfect form.  He had changed his clothes to match the scene that he had planned out.  They had not done any role playing, and he thought it would be a great way to get back into the playroom.

“I am so happy to see my pet was on time.  Did you finish your punishment?”

Bella picked up her journal.  Without lifting her head, she offered it to Edward.  Edward took the journal, and turned to the page that Bella had marked with one of her bookmarks.  He read through what she had written, and was touched by how much she truly respected not just him, but their relationship as well.

Edward bent down in front of Bella, and lifted her face.  “That was beautiful, thank you.  Come, let’s go have some fun.”

Edward helped her up, and they walked into his playroom.  He had set up a desk, with large high back chair behind it. In front of the desk was a straight back wooden chair.

“Miss Swan, please, have a seat.”  Edward said.

Bella was shocked at first, but realized this was part of the scene.  She went over, and sat down.

Edward went to the desk, and sat down.  Opening up a folder, he looked up at her.  “Miss Swan, it has come to my attention that you have been daydreaming in your Biology class.  What do you have to say about this?”


“Mr. Cullen, I wasn’t daydreaming.”  Bella whined, as she batted her eyes, and twirled one of her ponytails around her finger.

“Miss Swan, Mr. Jones said you were looking off in the distance, and drawing little hearts around your worksheet.  Now, tell me what you were thinking about?”

“Mr. Cullen, I was thinking about a guy.”  Bella said, licking her lips.

“A guy.  Do you have a boyfriend, Miss Swan?”  Edward asked, loving the fact that she had fallen into the role playing so well.

Bella crossed her legs slowly, making sure that Edward saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and her wet glistening pussy was his to see.  “No, Mr. Cullen.  But I do like this one guy very much, but he doesn’t know it.  He’s older than me.”

Edward’s cock was so fucking hard.  The little vixen had flashed him her wet pussy, and he nearly jumped over the desk to attack her.  “How much older?”

“How old are you Mr. Cullen?”

“I am thirty.”

“Then he is twelve years older than me.”  Bella moaned.  She uncrossed her legs and sat with her legs slightly apart.

“Miss Swan, come here.”  Edward said, pointing to the side of the desk.  Bella stood up, and walked to the spot.  “Are you a virgin?”

Looking down at her shoes, then back up at Edward, she began batting her eyes.  “Yes.”

“An older man likes when the woman has some experience.  Maybe I could help you with that.”

“Would you?”  Bella whimpered.

“Yes, come over here, and sit on the edge of the desk.”  Edward commanded.  Bella walked over, lift the back of her skirt, and sat down.  Edward placed his hands on her knees, and pulled her legs apart.  He then took in a deep breath, and took in the fucking sexy aroma coming from Bella’s pussy.  “Miss Swan, do you always go to school without underwear on?”

“Yes, Mr. Cullen.  I would wear them, and, as soon as I would see him, they would get soaking wet.”


“Are you wet now?”  He asked, not waiting for the answer because he could see the wetness glistening on her bare mound.  Bella reached down, and ran her fingers over her slick folds.  She gathered up some of it, and then pulled her finger out to show it to Edward.  Edward licked his lips, then took her finger in his mouth, and sucked the goodness off.

“Miss Swan, I need to see if your pussy is ready for a grown man’s cock.”

He took one finger and began rubbing her slick folds.  Bella’s head fell back, and she moaned loudly.  Smirking at the sound, he inserted the finger, pumping it in and out, then he added a second finger, and once again, began pumping them in and out, but also opening his fingers in a scissor motion to stretch her pussy.

“Fuck, Miss Swan, you are so tight.”  Edward groaned, stood up, and unzipped his pants.  Taking his hard thick cock into his hand, he pumped it a few times.  “This, Miss Swan, is a man’s cock.  I am going to put this monster into that tight hot hole of yours.”

Edward aligned his cock, and pushed in.  “HOLY FUCK!”  He yelled.

“Mr. Cullen, that feels so good!”  Bella cried.

“Hold on to the edge of the desk, because I am going to show you how a man fucks a woman.”

Bella grasped the edge of the desk, then Edward began to pound his cock deep inside of her over and over again.  With each thrust, Bella was getting closer and closer to cumming, but she knew that she would have to have permission.  “Mr. Cullen, I feel this tightening feeling, what is it?”  Bella asked as she tried to stay in role.

“That, my sweet, is an orgasm.  Do you feel it tightening the muscles in your legs and up to this hot little pussy.”

“Yes.  So tight.  Please, may I cum?”  Bella begged.

“No, you must learn to hold off until your lover tells you it is okay.”

“Please, please, please I have to cum.”

Edward grasped her leg, lifted it up, and pushed in even deeper.  He knew that she was at her breaking point.  “Let go, cum all over my cock.”


“MASTER!”  Bella screamed at the top of her lungs as she came hard.  Edward followed behind, cumming just as hard.  After a few minutes, he had finally calmed down enough to pull out.

“The scene is over.”  Edward said.  “You did such a good fucking job.”

“Thank you.  I enjoyed it so much.”  Bella said.

“Come, let me give you a bath, and we will get something to eat.  I have worked up an appetite.”

Edward picked her up, and gave her a sensual bath, massaging her shoulders, and telling her over and over again how much he loved her, and how much he adored her submission.  He was one lucky son of a bitch.


Chapter 15 of Bound and United

Edward couldn’t keep his hands to himself as they drove to the restaurant; by the time they arrived, Bella was so worked up that she was sure that, if he touched her pussy, she would cum.  Why was he doing this, knowing very well he couldn’t have sex?  Rubbing her legs together, she tried to get some friction to help with the ever growing need.

“What is wrong, my little pet?”  Edward cooed in her ear.  His hot breath sent chills down her spine.

She turned her head, and looked him dead in the eyes.  “You know very well what is wrong.”  She quipped.

Edward licked his lips, and chuckled.  “Is my pussy all wet and needy?”

“FUCK YES!”  She growled.

“Pet, don’t get that tone with me.”  Edward said.

“Listen here, we are not playing right now, and I am so worked up…I need to fucking cum.  However, I know you can’t have sex yet, and I am about to go crazy with need for your thick, long, hard cock and nothing else will do.  So, don’t start with this Dominant bullshit today. because I am not in the mood for it.”  Bella huffed.

Edward knew that she was at a breaking point, but, even though they were not playing at the moment, it did not give her the right to mouth off like she did.  He knew he needed to calm her down and make her aware that she walking a very fine line.  He also knew that he had to make her aware that if she kept it up, she wouldn’t like the punishment she would receive the next time they were in the playroom.  But, he knew this was not Bella was speaking.  She was the Donna of the family, and tough as nails, but she was also a natural submissive.  Peter had warned him that Bella’s hormones would be all over the place. He also had told him not allow her to mouth off, but, instead of physical punishment, tell her that she was breaking their contract, then watched to see if it brought her back in line.  If not, then he was to do a non-physical punishment, like writing an essay on respect.  He knew how much Bella loved serving him as his submissive, and, once she made aware of hurt actions, she would be devastated and would do anything he asked her to do as punishment.  Removing his hand from her leg, he sat back, and straightened his jacket.

“Do you know what I did early today?”  Edward asked in a calm, cool voice.

“No.”  Bella quipped.

“I read over our contract.”  He said, keeping his eyes ahead.  “I remember the night when we signed it.”

Bella’s mouth fell open.  What the fuck had she done?  Then, she thought about what Edward was saying.  He was reading their contract.  The contract she signed, which stated that she gave over control to her Master.  Her Master, Edward.  The one thing she had hoped and prayed for, and now she was failing him.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Thinking about at what she had just said, she knew she had broken a rule.  Even though they were not in a 24/7 relationship, she was to show respect to her Master at all times.  If she felt he had done something wrong, she was to be respectful when she questioned him.  But, instead, she mouthed off, and spoke to him in a tone that was very disrespectful.

“Master.”  She whispered.

Edward looked at her; her head was down, and she had tears rolling down her cheeks.  They had pulled up in front of the restaurant, but they needed to settle this before going inside.

“Yes, my pet.  You may speak, but I need to see your eyes.”

Bella lifted her head, and looked into his deep green orbs.  “I am so sorry.  I shouldn’t have said that.  I don’t know what came over me.  Please forgive me.  I love you so much, and I love our BDSM relationship.”

“I know you do.”  Edward said, then placed his hand on her belly.  “This little precious is causing your outburst, but I need you to try to think before you say something that you will regret.  I will try to be patient, but this little outburst has gained you a punishment when we have our next play section.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, now fix that beautiful face so we can go have a wonderful meal.”  Edward said, then kissed her nose.

Bella pulled out her compact, and fixed the tear stains.  Once she was finished, she turned back to Edward, and gave him a weak smile.

“Please try to forget it.  I want us to have a fun evening out.”


Edward knocked on the window to let the guard know they were ready to exit the car.  Ben opened the door, and Edward stepped out, then helped Bella out.  They entered the restaurant, and were quickly seated at their private table.  Randolph, once again, gave them exemplary service, and the food was incredible.



Edward fed Bella their dessert, and they both drank sparkling apple cider.  Edward could have something stronger, but he wanted to keep a clear mind.  Edward paid the bill, and handed Randolph an envelope with five hundred dollars for his service.  Randolph thanked him profusely for the tip.  Edward and Bella walked through the restaurant with Ben waiting for them at the door.  As they walked out, a man walked up to Edward with his hand out for Edward to shake.

“Mr. Cullen, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person.”  He said.


Edward shook his hand.  “I am sorry, but do I know you?”

“Paul Jacobs.”  He said, then looked over at Bella.  “And you must be Isabella Swan. I must say you are even more beautiful than I have heard.”

“Mrs.  Cullen.”  She barked.

“Oh, I hadn’t heard, your father must be beside himself.”

“Mr. Jacobs, we have reservations, so we must go.”  Edward quipped.  He rushed Bella to the car, where they got in, and quickly took off.

“Who the fuck was that?”  Edward asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but, by the way he was dressed and the way he was standing, I would bet he was a cop.”  Bella answered.

“You think so?”


“Fuck.  I will need to make a call, and find out.  Damn, we don’t need a wet behind the ear cop trying to make trouble for us.”  Edward grumbled.  “We have a big shipment coming in next week.”

“Make your call; I could be wrong.”  She suggested.

Edward put his arm around Bella and pulled her close to him.  “Always go with your gut baby.  More times than not, you will be right.”

Edward picked up the phone, and dialed Jasper.

“Edward, is there something wrong?”  Jasper asked, knowing that Edward and Bella were both recovering.


“We are fine, but we need for you to run a deep search on someone we ran into at dinner.”  He answered.

“What is their name?”

“Paul Jacobs.”

“Paul Jacobs?  I don’t recognize that name.  I will get on right away, and let you know a soon as I know.”

“No matter what time that may be.  We are supposed to get that shipment next week, and Bella thinks he could be a fucking cop.”  Edward grumbled.

“Shit.  I will call you soon.”  Jasper said.

“If you run into a brick wall, call Alec.  He can find the littlest detail on anyone.”  Edward inserted.

“Certainly.  Talk to you soon.”  Jasper said hanging up.

The couple arrived at the dance hall, and enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing in each other’s arms.   It felt so good to be just Edward and Bella.   They need this to help them forget the last few weeks, and to reconnect.


Carlisle and Michael had been keeping an eye on the family business,  but the opening of Solar Eclipse was this Friday and both Edward and Bella wanted be there.   Bella had put in so much work on the project that it would be a shame not to see if her vision had come to life. Membership numbers had been unprecedented, from the lower level silver membership, to the upper level platinum membership.  Also, every one of the “Master Suites” had been sold out.


Edward, Peter, and Emmett had all contributed to the designs.  They would have the basics in the suite, but the Dominant who purchased the lease on the room could decorate it to their taste and needs.

All the staff had been hired and trained.   Several of Maria’s girls had been hired, and Esme had performed several classes concerning how to present yourself around Dominants.  Several dry runs had been done, and, after a few problems had been addressed by the manager, Carmine, the staff was ready to go.   No expense was spared for the furniture and fixtures.


Alice had been hired to help with the interior design, as well as the uniform design.  Each level of the club would have a different design, meeting the needs of each clientele.


Edward was getting excited about getting Bella home, and reconnecting on the most intimate level.  He knew that Angela had set up their bedroom with candles, roses, sparkling apple cider, and ginger snaps.  His only hope was that their little one would allow their mommy the night off; he wanted her to not be sick tonight.

The car finally pulled up at their home, and Edward helped Bella from the car.

“How are you feeling, my love?”  Edward cooed, wrapping his arm around her waist, and pulling her close.

“I feel so energized.  Thank you for the lovely evening.”  Bella sighed.

“Do you feel any of the morning sickness after dinner?”  Edward asked, hoping no.

“None whatsoever.”

FUCKING AWESOME!”  Edward thought.  “I have one more surprise for you, my love.”  He admitted.

“Really?  Oh, Edward, you didn’t have to do that; dinner and dancing were more than enough.”

“You deserve the moon and stars, so let me indulge you a little.”  Edward explained.  “Come, I have it in our room.”

Edward and Bella climbed the stairs; when they reached to the door of the bedroom, Edward opened it, and allowed Bella to step inside first.  The room had a warm, amber glow from all the candles that had been lit, and, on every flat surface, was vase after vase of blood-red roses.  Through the speakers in the room, the soft melodies of Zendaya Coleman filled the space.  Bella turned back to Edward with a look of confusion,

“Edward, why all this?”

Edward stepped closer, and stroked her cheek tenderly.  “My love, I have something I must confess.”


“What?”  Bella asked.

Leaning in close to her pouty, sexy lips, he placed a kiss full of need and want on them. Once they were both out of oxygen, he pulled away to look deeply into her chocolate brown orbs.  “Dr. Mallos gave me the all clear, and I plan to make love to you all fucking night long.”

“Really?”  Bella whimpered, her heart beating so loud, so fast she just knew that he could hear it.

“Yes.  Now let’s get you out of this fuck hot dress.”  He said, as he walked around her, and slowly began to unzip the dress. As he did, he was blessed with her milky white skin.  Rubbing his thumb against her back, he was transfixed at how soft it was.  Placing kisses up her spine and to her neck, he then pushed the dress from her delicate shoulders, and allowed it to pool at her feet.


Coming around to the front of her, he took in her black lace bra, panties, and his favorite garters.  “Damn, baby, you know what garters do to me.  Feel how fucking hard you make me.”  He said, taking her hand, and placing it on his hardened cock in his pants.

Bella was become more and more aroused by each passing second.  She knew what her glorious husband’s irresistible hard cock looked like, and felt like when it plunged deep inside of her pussy.  “Please.”  She begged.

“All in good time, my love.”  Edward smirked.

He slowly unsnapped her bra, and threw it across the room, allowing her voluptuous breasts free.  They had filled out since she had become pregnant, and, as much he thought she was perfect before, he was fucking loving the new tits.  Cupping her aching, voluptuous, heavy breasts, he gently kneaded, and stroke them.  Slowly, he moved his hands over to the sensitive, rose-tipped nipples, and lightly pinched them, which caused Bella to hiss out.

“Oh, fuck, that hurts so good.  Pinch and pull them harder, baby.”  She moaned.  Her nipples were much more sensitive than before, and she was loving the pain of Edward’s fingers.

Edward continued to roll and pinch her nipples; each time he did, Bella would call out in pleasure. Edward reveled in it.  Taking his hands from her breasts, he gently moved her to the edge of the bed.


Helping her to sit on the bed, he got on his knees, picked up each of her feet, and removed the fuck hot shoes.  “One day soon, you are going to wear these while I fuck you.   But, right now, my dick has to be deep inside of your hot pussy.”   He took off her stockings, and slid the garter belt and panties down her long, smooth legs.

Bella inched back on the bed, leaned back on her elbows, and looked at Edward with hungry eyes.  “You seemed to have too many clothes on, baby.”  She said as she licked her lips.

Edward stood and quickly removed all his clothes, and, as he pulled down his underwear, his long, thick, hard cock bounced up and slapped his stomach.

“FUCK!”  Bella moaned, when she saw his cock.  Reaching down, she began to rub the folds of her pussy to try to relieve some of the pressure.

Stalking toward her, he climbed onto the bed, and hovered over her.  “Is my pussy wet and ready for me?”


“Oh yes, it is so fucking ready.”

He grabbed his cock, and rubbed it against her soaking wet folds.  “So fucking wet.  Hold on baby, it has been too long for me take this slow.”  Edward proclaimed.

“Give it to me hard and fast.   I want you to fill me up.”  Bella gasped.

Grasping his cock, he placed it at her hot opening, and, in one powerful thrust, he filled her hot pussy with his engorged cock.   “Ah, fuck, that feels like heaven.”  Edward groaned.

“Fuck yes.   Pound my pussy hard, and make me cum.”

Edward smirked down at her.   “You wish is my command.   Wrap your legs around me, and let me take you for a fucking ride.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he began to thrust long, hard strokes.  Bella lifted her pelvis up, which caused his cock to hit the spot that caused her walls to quiver. Within two more deep thrusts, she came, and came hard.  Her pussy clamped down over and over again on his cock.


“FUCK!”  Edward yelled.  “Milk my cock.”

Bella had just begun to come down from her high, but, once she heard Edward’s dirty mouth, and felt the continued pounding of his cock, she felt another orgasm hit, this one was twice as strong as the first one.  She arched her back off the bed, and gripped the sheets with all her might, screaming.  “EDWARD!”


Hearing his love scream out in pure pleasure, caused Edward to cum and cum hard, shooting long streams of cum deep inside of her pussy.  When he finally finished, he rolled over, taking Bella with him, and held her close.  He felt so complete in this moment with the love of his life in his arms.

“Damn, that was intense.”  Bella said, as she tried to come down from the high.  She actually saw stars during the the intense orgasm.

“I know how you feel.  I love how we fit perfectly together.”  Edward exclaimed, kissing her hair.

“Me, too.”

As they laid there, just touching and connecting, Edward’s phone rang.  He reached over, and picked it up to see that it was Jasper.


“Jasper, what do you have?”  Edward asked, with the speakerphone on, so Bella could hear as well.

“You are not going to like this.  Paul Jacobs is the newest investigator at Seattle PD.  He came from Chicago, where he was known for taking down organized crime families.  Remember the trouble that Russians had last year with the cops? That was him.”

“Fuck!  What is he doing here?”  Edward grumbled.

“Well, there is something worse than that going on with him.”  Jasper said.

“What could be worse than that, Jasper?”  Bella asked.

“It is who his father is.”  Jasper answered.

“Who the fuck is he?”  Edward asked.

“Paul Jacobs’ father, Sam Jacobs, is a long-time friend of…” Jasper said, but was interrupted by Bella.

“Charlie Swan.  He is Charlie’s best friend.”  Bella explained.  “I knew he had a son, but never met him.  Edward, what does this mean?  Do you think Charlie has something to do with him coming up to us?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t like it.  Jasper, keep looking into him, and send a team to…”  Edward said, looking at Bella.  “Sweetie, what is the town’s name again?”

“Forks.  It is about three and half hours from here.  But, Jasper, make sure the team knows that Charlie is the police chief, and to lie low, and try not to draw attention to themselves.”  Bella explained.

“Will do.  I will let you know when I have more information.  Good night.”  Jasper said, hanging up the phone with Edward and Bella.  Then, he called the Coven team leader, and told him what he needed.

Fuck, when were Edward and Bella going to have peace and quiet? Then he remembered they were the Don and Donna of the most powerful crime family on the West Coast… there would always be something or someone trying to cause trouble.  However, he knew it was his job to make sure nothing bad happen to either one of them again.

Chapter 5 Mother of Blood Dragons

The travelers continued their journey; over the next two days, they had made their way to a wide open valley between two mountain ranges.  Angelica kept them amused with stories that Harry had told her.  On the second evening, as they as  sat around the fire, they were blessed with the appearance of Harry.  He flew in and sat beside Angelica on the log.  Bella couldn’t help but laugh because the bird did, indeed, look hairy.

Harry chirped loudly, flapping his wings, and bobbing his head.  Angelica listened intently to Harry, and, when he finally stopped, she turned to the group.

“It seems that we will run into two new friends soon.  They are close, and we should meet them tomorrow.”

“You don’t know them?”  Jasper asked, concerned about Bella’s safety.

“No, but Harry says they are fine.  They are a brother and sister, and they seemed to have a power that allows them to shift into animals.”

“What do they shift into?”  Rose asked.

Angelica turned to Harry and chirped.  Harry flapped his wings, and began to sing.  Once he stopped, Angelica stroked his feathered head.

“He doesn’t know, but all the other birds that hang out around the caves say that they are nice and very protective of all animals.”

“Bella, I am not sure if this is a good idea.  I have read in the ancient scrolls that shape shifters are sometimes very dangerous.”  Rose exclaimed.  “I know we have Alice, Alec, and Angelica, but what if they shift into something from which we can’t defend you?”

Bella understood what Rose was saying, but she also knew that they might run into dangers on the quest.  After all, they were traveling into a world they knew very little about; however, as much as the unknown dangers lurked out there, she knew she must go on and fulfill the prophecy.  “Rose, Jasper, we must go on.  I have faith in your abilities to watch out for me.”

“We will protect you with our very lives.”  Jasper proclaimed.

“This I know.  Please, let us get some rest; I have a feeling tomorrow is going to bring some great surprises.”  Bella proposed.

The party bedded down for the night, with Jasper taking the first watch.  As Bella fell asleep, her dreams were filled with the vision of a tall man with flaming red eyes, but a kind heart.  His every thought, every action were filled with ways to make her happy and to know she was loved.  All too soon, it was morning, and, after doing their morning routines, they were back on the trail.

The trail went through a lush green forest, and, as they started their ascent, Bella was amazed by how the trees seemed to be untouched from the destruction they had seen in other parts of the world they had seen.  Looking up toward their tops, she could only imagine how old they might be.

“Lovely, aren’t they?”  Angelica asked.

“Oh my, yes.  I couldn’t even guess that the world had been torn apart by looking at these beautiful trees.”  Bella exclaimed, as she touched the bark on each one of them.

Angelica walked over to Bella and placed her hand on top of Bella’s.  “Do you feel the life force pulsing through them?”

“Not that I can tell.”

“Open your mind, and let your hand be the only thought in your head.”  She explained.

Bella stopped, cleared her mind, and only thought about her hand; a few moments later, she felt the swoosh of the life of the tree.  “I feel it!”  Bella exclaimed.

“Every living thing in this world has a life force, and, if you truly try to listen, you can feel the force.”

Bella smiled as she thought about what Angelica said.  She had been worried that the world was only filled with death and merciless beings, but she had been so wrong.  If everything worked out like the prophecy had predicted, she would love ruling over this world.

Toward midday, they had crossed over the mountain, and they were, once again, in a great valley.  Unlike the structures that they had run across before, which had been badly damaged by the destructive force of what the humans had caused, this area seemed untouched.  Ahead, there was a tall stone structure with a few small windows on the side, but, on the top there were three tall arched windows.  Jasper looked around the structure and found a door.  He pushed it open. Taking a torch from his pack, he lit it, and found that there was a staircase that led to the top of the building.  Feeling sure there was no danger, he walked out to the group.

“It is safe to come inside.”  He announced.

Rose pulled out a torch of her own, and lit it. The group walked in and began to look around.  Over in the far corner was a glass box.  Inside was a book opened to a page about woman named Belle Brown Northcott, whom the structure honored.

“Who do you think she was?”  Alice asked, as she read the page.

Unfortunately, over time, the page, even though it had been encased in the glass box for protection, had deteriorated to the point where only a few words remained visible.

In the other corner was a large box made of wood, with black and white slender and smooth tiles laying across the front of it.  Curious about what it was, Bella placed her finger on one of the tiles, and pressed down. When she did, she heard a bell ring above her head.

Jasper looked up, and wanted to investigate how that happened, so, he began his ascent up the stairs, with the rest of the group following behind him.  When they got to the top of the stairs, they were amazed to find that the room was full of metal bells, in all different sizes.  There were cables attached to them, which went all the way down to the lower floor.

“What do you make of this?”  Jasper asked, pointing to the cables.

“I don’t know, but they seemed to be attached to the box on the lower floor, and they seem to assist with the ringing of the bells.”  Angelica answered.

“Wow, look at the view from here!”  Bella exclaimed.

As the group looked out the windows, they were amazed at, not only how far they could see, but also how beautiful the mountains and valleys were.  The sun was getting low in the sky, and it cast an orange glow against the mountain range.  After a few moments of enjoying the view, Bella moved to the window in the back, and looked out.  It was a view of an old building, with a stone sign.  It was too far to read, but movement to right caught her eye.  Looking toward the movement, she saw a large, brown bear walking on all fours. Beside him was a large, white horse, with a long white mane and long powerful legs.

Rose came over beside Bella. As she looked to where Bella was looking, she saw the strikingly beautiful creature.  It was nothing like anything she had ever seen, and, for some reason, she wanted to get closer.

“Rose, are you okay?”  Bella questioned.

“It’s breathtaking beautiful.”  Rose marvelled.  Something was pulling her toward the striking white horse.

“What is, Rose?”

“The white horse.  It is marvelous.”

Bella wondered what was going on with Rose, because, as long as she had known her, she had never acted this way.  The rest of the group came over to see what was going on, and, as Angelica looked out, she saw the bear and horse.

“Those must be who Harry was talking about.  Come, let us go say hello.”  Angelica proclaimed, then turned and started walking down the stairs.

“Bella, I want you to stand behind Rose and me.  Alice, dear, please stay beside Bella and, Alec, flank the other side of the Bella.”  Jasper instructed.  “If something dangerous happens, Bella, you need to stay as far away from the fighting as possible.”

“Jasper, I can fight.  I have been trained.”  Bella said.

“I know, but we don’t know how strong they are, or if they have any types of magic.  Until we know for sure, I must insist that you stay back.”

“Fine.”  Bella huffed.  She understood what Jasper was saying, but she wasn’t some fragile vase that would break easily.  She had been very diligent with her instructions on hand to hand combat as well as how to use her bow and arrows.

The group proceeded down the stairs, and out of the building where Angelica was waiting for them.  “Don’t be afraid, I have a feeling that great things are about to happen.”  She said.

Jasper, Rose, and Angelica took their position in front, while Alice, Bella, and Alec were in the back.

The large brown bear and the tall white horse made their way toward the group.  They had heard one of the bells ring. When they went outside of the cave, and changed into their animal form, they could smell and sense other beings in the area.

Emmett and his twin sister, Evelyn, were the last survivors of their race.   When mankind destroyed the earth,  they also caused a small insect to mutate.  This newly mutated insect attacked their race, which caused their skin to fall off, and their blood to thicken.   Emmett and Evelyn’s parents parents had sent them deep into the cavern, and made them promise not to come out until the end of the winter.   They felt that the bitter cold would kill off the insects.   The insects did die, but not until they had killed off the entire race, save for Emmett and Evelyn.

Emmett and Evelyn had been careful about who they interacted with,  always siding on the side of caution, but, today, they both felt something special was about to happen.

As Rose walked toward the two animals,  she couldn’t take her eyes off of the white horse.   Her heart was beating so fast that she was sure that it would soon jump from her chest and run across the field.

Emmett and Evelyn came near the group and stopped,  hoping that they were friendly.

When they were only a few feet away from each other,  Jasper spoke for the group.

“Greetings,  we have come in peace.   We are on a journey, and just so happened upon your land.  I am Jasper,  this my sister Rose, and our friend, Angelica.   Behind us is my mate, Alice, and our friend, Isabella.”

Emmett looked at Evelyn and nodded,  letting her know that he was going to change into human form.   He closed his eyes, and willed himself to change.   Soon, he was no longer covered in brown fur and walking on all fours,  but standing tall with large, muscular arms and chest.  Once he had changed, he once again looked at the group. When his eyes meet Angelica, he knew that she was the one that was made by the gods just for him.  Never taking his eyes off her, he moved slowly toward her, and, when he was directly in front of her, he brought a hand up, and touched the side of her jaw.

Angelica couldn’t believed that she had found her mate.  All this time she was only a few days away from him, yet she lived alone, hoping for a mate.  When he placed his hand on her face, she felt a warmth pulse through every cell in the body.  She closed her eyes, tilted her face into his hand, and, suddenly, she felt a burst of energy. Her dress tore in the back as a pair of majestic wings sprang forth from her body.

“Oh my!”  Bella exclaimed.  She was so shocked to see a pair of wings appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Angelica stretched the wings out as far as they could go, and moved them up and down.  As she did, she began to lift off the ground.  She quit moving the wings, and floated back down back in front of Emmett, then wrapped her wings around herself and Emmett, making a cocoon of feathers.  Once they were enclosed, Emmett leaned in, and brushed his lips across hers.

“My angel.”  He whispered.

“My protector.”  She replied.