Bound and United Chapter 14

Edward continued to improve, and his range of motion was getting better by the day.  Meribeth came on Monday, and gave Bella her first examination.  She had brought the ultrasound machine to capture the first images of baby Cullen.  Edward stood by her side throughout the examination, holding Bella’s hand.

“Everything is looking really good.  I am happy to see the bruising is diminishing. I can’t see any lasting effects from it.”  Meribeth explained.  “I will be using an internal probe this time, but, as the baby grows, we will use the external wand.”  Meribeth placed a rubber shield over the long probe that looked like at dildo.   “Okay, deep breath in, Bella.”


Bella took in a deep breath as Meribeth inserted the probe.   Once it was in position, Meribeth turned on the screen, and, then, suddenly, the room was filled with, what seemed to be the sound of galloping horses.

Edward looked at the screen, and listened to the sound.  “Is that the baby’s heartbeat?”  He asked.

“Yes, it is.”

“Wow, it fast.  Is that normal?”

“It is very normal.  Now, if you look here, you will see the arms, legs, fingers, and toes have begun to form. The eyes have moved forward on the face and eyelids have formed.  Your baby is nearly 1 inch long, and weighs less than 1/8 of an ounce.”


Edward stared at the screen, tilting his head from side to side.  “I don’t see his dick.”

Bella mouth fell open in shock.  “EDWARD!”  She exclaimed as she smacked his arm.

“Well I can’t; does that mean it is a girl?”

Meribeth tried her best not to burst out laughing.  “No, sir.  The penis or vulva of the baby won’t from until around the sixteen to eighteen weeks, but you might not see them until the twentieth week.   Will you be wanting to know the sex of the baby?”


Bella wanted to know.  She couldn’t wait until she did, so she could make the nursery a work of art for the baby.  She looked up at Edward, who was nodding his head up and down feverously.

“We want to know.”  Bella confirmed.

“Wonderful.  Now I will print the picture of your little bundle of joy.”

“Could you do four copies?”  Edward asked.  “I know our parents and grandparents will be wanting one.”

“Oh, Edward, that is so sweet of you to think of that.  You are going to make such a wonderful father.”  Bella exclaimed.

Edward leaned in, and kissed her gratefully.

Meribeth watched the couple, and could see the love that they had for each other pour out with every touch and kiss.  She hadn’t been with another man since her husband’s death, and, now that she knew that the man who was responsible for his death was dead, she just might be able to move on.  She printed the images, and handed them to Edward and Bella.

“Bella, I would like to see you in a month.  Do I need to come here, or could you come to the office this time?”

“The office will be fine.  We will be back to work then, and, since we both work in Cullen Towers, it will be easier.”  Bella said.

“Are you getting everything you need for the office, Meribeth?”  Edward asked.

“Oh, Mr. Cullen.”

“No, it’s just Edward and Bella.”  Edward encouraged.

Meribeth was a little intimidated with the fact that Mr. Cullen wanted to be called Edward, but she was not about to say no him or Mrs. Cullen.  She knew who they were, and, even though she didn’t know any facts about them, there was one thing for sure.  They were very powerful people.  “Yes, Edward, the office is perfect.  I am still in the process of hiring the nurses, and Mr. Volturi is running the background checks on each individual.”

“Alec is very thorough.  Please don’t go against any of his recommendations.”  Edward insisted, in a tone that was not to be gone against.

“I will, Mr. Cullen, I mean, Edward.”  Meribeth stuttered.

After Bella’s appointment, Sean and Elizabeth came in, and Meribeth checked her over.  Just like Edward, Sean wondered what the sex of the child was, and Meribeth had to explain to him that he would have to wait.  He didn’t like it, but there was nothing he could do about it.  Meribeth said she would pass along all her notes to the doctor they went to in Boston.  Sean thanked her, and handed her an envelope that contained ten thousand dollars.

“Mr. O’Leary, what is this?”  Meribeth asked.

“Doc, you took care of the two most precious things in the world to me, my Elizabeth, and our child.  This is the least I could do.  Take, and use it for something fun.”

“Fun?”  Meribeth asked.

“Yes, fun.”  Sean responded laughing loudly.

As Meribeth was checking Elizabeth out, Dr. Mallos had come by, and was checking Edward’s wounds.  Bella’s stomach began to give her troubles, so she decided to go into the sunroom, drink some tea, and relax as Edward had his check-up.  Dr. Mallos was so pleased to see the progress he had made in just two days.  The wounds were healing, and he decided he could remove the stitches.

“It looks real good; so good, in fact, that I am going to remove the stitches.”

“Fuck yeah!   They itch like hell.”  Edward exclaimed.

“I am sure they do, but that means that you are healing.   Now, you will feel a little pulling as I remove them.   Just hold still, and try not to make any sudden movement.”

Dr Mallos began cutting and removing the stitches, and, when he finished, he applied some cream, and left the dressing off.   “Let the wounds get as much air as possible.   You can start taking showers, but be careful around each wound.   Make sure you dry them well, and apply this cream.”

“Please tell me that I can fuck my wife.  It can’t be good for my dick to go this long without getting it wet.  If I have to think of my grandparents having sex one more time, I am sure I will go blind.”  Edward stressed.

“Yes, you can have sex, but no full body lifting until you finish your physical therapy.  If you feel anything tear, or you see any signs of discharge, stop immediately, and call me.”

“I promise. Both I, and my cock, thank you, Doc.  Hell, he might send you a thank you gift.”  He jested.

“No thanks are necessary; I don’t accept gifts from dicks.”  Dr. Mallos joked.

“Haha, good one, Doc.”  Edward said, thinking about being buried balls deep in Bella’s hot wet pussy.  Damn, he couldn’t wait, but he was also thinking about his playroom.  He needed to call Peter, and asked how to proceed in the playroom when your submissive was pregnant.

“I will check in at the end of the week.”  Dr. Mallos said, as he packed up.  “If you need me, you know how to contact me.”

“Thanks again, and have a great week.”

As soon as Dr. Mallos left, Edward went to check on Bella.  She was sitting on the couch, with her legs tucks underneath her, sipping on her tea, and munching on the ginger snaps.  She had her pregnancy book in her lap, and was reading it.  Sitting down beside her, he lovingly rubbed her arm.  “How are you feeling?”

“Better; I think all the excitement of the exam did a toll on me.  How did your appointment go?”

“Wonderful.  The stitches are out, but I still have to take it easy.”  Edward said, withholding the fact that he could have sex.

“That is great.  You are healing so fast, I am sure you will be back to normal sooner than you expected.”  Bella replied, but, deep inside, she was disappointed.  She had hoped that as soon as the stitches were out they could make love.  It had been so long, and she missed out the feeling of fullness, as well as the connection they shared during their lovemaking.  “Edward, I think I am going to go lay down for a little bit.”

“Are you sure you are okay?”

“Yes, just a little tired.  Wake me up in about an hour.”  Bella requested, and then got up from the couch.  She leaned down, and placed a kiss upon Edward’s lips.  “I love you so much.”

“Not as much as I love you, now go get some rest.  Maybe we can go out to dinner tonight, if you feel up to it.”

“That sounds really good.  Do you think we can get into Canlis?”  Bella asked, remembering their first official date was there.

“I don’t know, but, as you rest, I will make a call.”  Edward answered, knowing full aware that he would definitely be getting a table.

Once Bella was upstairs, Edward called Canlis, and made their dinner reservations. He requested Randolph, who had been their waiter on their first date.  He remembered how well he took care of them, knowing when to leave them alone, and when to be there to serve their needs.  The next person he called was Kate at the Century Ballroom; he first asked how she was doing, since she was almost six months pregnant, and she told him great.  He asked for a table by the dance floor to be reserved.  He also told her that he would have flowers and a gift box delivered, and asked if she could make sure they were at the table when they arrived.  Kate, of course, could make sure all of Edward’s requests were met, but she was also excited to see Bella.  She had been so worried when she had been told that Bella had been taken.  Garrett had been working around the clock trying to make sure all the legal aspects of the shooting and kidnapping had been handled.

After Edward called and made all the arrangements for the evening, he went into his office, and called Peter.  He made sure he had his Dominant journal out and ready to write in, because he would be taking notes to ensure the safety of Bella and their unborn child during their playtime.  His hoped that they could have a small session tomorrow evening; giving them time to reconnect after all they went through.  Dialing Peter’s number, he waited for him to answer.


“Edward, so good of you to call.  How the hell are you, man?”  Peter answered.

“Doing really, really well.  It is so nice to be feeling like myself again.”

“I’ll bet.  How is Bella?”

“She is recovering nicely.  Actually, she is the reason I am calling.  We are going to have a baby.”  Edward beamed.

“Congratulations.  I bet you are excited.”

“I am, but I have some questions, as her Dominant, concerning our playtime in my playroom.”  Edward began.

“Certainly.  This time is very hard on a submissive’s body, but, that being said, it does not prevent playtime.  Do you have your journal?”  Peter asked.


“Yes, I do.”

Over the next forty minutes, Peter discussed the dos and don’ts of playing with a pregnant submissive. One of the important pieces of knowledge was to notify Bella’s doctor that they were in a Dominant/submissive relationship.  Edward hadn’t thought of that, but had no problem in notifying Meribeth; he hoped that she had an open mind toward the fact.

He would also have a long conversation with Bella before they went into the playroom, and set new boundaries, as well as a new safe word for her if or when their play became too much.  Peter also gave him a suggestion of an addendum to their contract.  Edward loved that idea, and, after hanging up with Peter, he pulled out their contract from the safe and read over it.  He would get the contract out and read over before each play session.


He found this was an excellent way to keep their agreement to each other fresh in this mind.  Taking out a slip of paper that was the exact paper their contract was written on, he began to write out the addendum.  He would make her a copy, along with a smaller sized copy to go along with the one that she kept in her submissive’s journal.  When she asked if it was okay to shrink their contract, and place it in her journal, so she would have quick access to it, he was so thrilled that she took her submission in such reverence.

He finished the addendum, made the copies, and placed them back in his safe.  Looking at his watch, he knew it was time to wake Bella up, but, he first went to the kitchen and had Angela makes a fresh batch of peppermint tea, and placed some of his mother’s ginger snaps on a plate.  Taking up the tea and cookies, he walked up the stairs and into his room.  Carefully placing the tray on the bedside table, he crawled into the bed beside Bella.  Her lovely mahogany locks had fallen over her face, and, as he moved them away, he looked upon her beauty, and noticed the evidence of tears stains.  What had upset her so much?

“Wake up, my love.”  Edward said.

Bella had come upstairs after her conversation with Edward, and, before she knew it, she was in tears.  She knew that it was the hormones that were making it worse than it was, but she couldn’t help it.  As she lay down on the bed, she brought Edward’s pillow into her arms and let the tears fall. Before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.  Her dreams were filled of children playing in the backyard.  A little boy with dark brown hair chasing a little girl with bronze, curly hair, and their laughter filled the air.  Then, she heard Edward’s voice call out.  Opening her eyes, she looked up at Edward, whose eyes were filled with concern.

“What is wrong?”  She asked.

Taking his finger, he ran it down her tear stained skin.  “What were you crying about, my love?”

Bella took his hand, and kissed his finger.  “These hormones are getting the best of me.”

“Are you sure that there is nothing wrong?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

“All right, then, I brought up some tea and cookies.  I hope this will keep off the sickness, because I would love to take you out tonight.”

“I would love that, too.”  Bella said, as she sat up, and Edward handed her the tea and cookies.

Just as before, the tea and cookies worked wonders, and Bella was excited about going out with Edward.  He had called the security detail, and made them aware they would be going out for the evening, and to make sure that both Canlis and the Century Ballroom were both secured.

Bella went into her closet, and began to look for the perfect dress to wear.  Pulling out several dresses, she held them up to mirror to see what they would look like.  One by one she looked the dresses, but nothing was “the dress”.  She normally didn’t have much trouble trying to find something to wear, but, tonight, she wanted to look different.  Maybe it was because she was pregnant, but she wanted to look to sexy, powerful, and, then, it hit her.  Walking back to the dress section of her closet, she looked through the line of dresses until she found the one.  It was a Herve Leger Victoria embellished draped bandage dress…a black fabric wrapped dress.  It’s hand-beaded details had been strategically placed to sculpt and flatter curves, with individually knit bandages, hand-trimmed and engineered in a perfectly aligned skirt that would move with every step.  Bella remembered when she tried it on that Edward said it reminded him of one of his floggers.  She decided on a set of bra, panties, and garters from Agent Provocateur.  They were black, lacey, and left very little for the imagination.  Once selecting her dress and lingerie, she went to her shoe racks to find the perfect shoe.  Looking over her selection of black stilettos, she selected a pair of Louis Vuitton Negligee Lace Up Pumps.


Bella set her selection together; she could help but think how fucking hot it looked.  Leaving her selection in her dressing room, she walked into the bathroom to find Edward just stepping out of the shower.  He was wrapping a towel around his waist, and using another to dry off his hair.  Once he finished, he looked up at Bella.

“Damn, sweetie, as much as I love you giving me sponge baths, that fucker shower was heavenly.”

Bella walked up, and gently rubbed her finger over the gunshot wounds.  “I am so fucking happy that you are healing, and, if I need practice in giving baths again, before the little one comes, are you game?”  She purred.

Edward grabbed her hips, pulled her against him, and rubbed his now hard cock into her.  “Oh, baby, yeah, but only if I get to practice as well.”

He then crashed his lips into hers, and claimed her mouth.  His tongue danced with hers in a feverous tango, and, when neither had any air left in their lungs, they broke apart.  “Fuck, baby, that was hot.”

“You better believe it; shit, now I am going to have to start my shower cold.”  She announced.

Bella showered. As much as she wanted to try to bring herself some relief, she didn’t want to; it wouldn’t be fair if she got relief, and he couldn’t.  After showering and drying her hair, she went in her dressing room, and began to put on the outfit.  When she finished, she turned, and smiled.  She looked smoking hot.  She walked back into the bathroom, and applied her makeup, making her eye shadow in a smoky eye, using her extension mascara, which caused her lashes to look a mile long, and, finally, applied her deep red, kiss-proof, lipstick, because there was no doubt that her husband would love this look.  For her hairstyle, she flat ironed her hair, then placed it up in a high, sleek ponytail.  Taking one last look in the mirror, she walked into the bedroom to find Edward.

Edward had let Bella get ready on her own because he was so worked up with the fact that later on this evening he would be finally making love to her.  He had decided to wear a pair of black pants, black shirt, and black jacket.  He pulled out a tie, but decided against it.  He had not shaved in a few days, and he knew that Bella loved the stubble.

"Cosmopolis" Photocall - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

After tying up his shoes, he walked into the bedroom, sat down, and waited for Bella to finish.  As he waited, he decided to read a little.  Peter had sent him some more material concerning pregnancy and play.  He was reading when he heard Bella clear her throat.  When he looked up, his heart nearly stopped.  Standing before him was a Dominant’s wet dream.

“HOLY FUCK!”  He exclaimed.

“You like?”  Bella smirked.

“No, I fucking love.  You are a Dominant’s wet dream.”  Standing up, he walked toward Bella, and took in every inch.  He walked behind her, and moved in close, reached up, and grabbed her ponytail before pulling her head back.  “My little pet looks so fucking hot.  If I run my finger under this dress, will I find my pussy wet?”

“Yes, Sir.”  Bella moaned.

“Hmm.  Let me see.”  Edward let go of her hair, and fell to his knees.  Running his hand up her leg, he first found the garter, which he pulled, and let it snap against her leg, causing her to jump.  Then, his hand went up, and, just as he thought, her panties were, indeed, wet.  “Well, well, well, look what I found.”  Sticking his finger under the edge, he rubbed her wet folds. After a few swipes, he pulled his finger out, and, after he cleared her dress, he brought it up to his mouth, and sucked the nectar off.   Standing up, he looked her deep into her eyes.  “I fucking love you so much.”

“I love you, too.”

“Come on, we have reservations, and, as fucking hot as you look, I might have to put on extra security, because any motherfucker that looks at you too long I will shoot his ass.”


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  1. Loved the chapter and can’t wait for more. I loved Edward’s reaction to not seeing the sex of the child. It was a great reaction.thanks for sharing this amazing story.


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