Chapter 13 of Bound and Dangerous

Edward and Bella were in the back of the limo, on their way to Mass.  After Carlisle and Esme had left earlier, Bella got out of bed, and began to get ready for church, leaving Edward in bed alone.  Edward tried to understand what the fuck  happened; one second, she was deathly sick, and the next, she was up, and getting ready to go to Mass.

Was she going to be like this entire time?  Was there something worse that could happen?  Damn, he needed to talk to his Dad.

“Edward, darling, are you not feeling well?”  Bella asked as she walked back into the room, and over to the bed.  Taking her hand, she felt his forehead, and caressed his cheek.   “Oh, baby, you don’t have a fever.  Is your shoulder feeling worse?”

Edward couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and hearing.  Just a little bit ago, she was biting his head off, and now she was being so loving and caring.  Fuck, what should he say to keep this Bella all of the time?

“No, I am fine.  I am just thinking about what suit I should wear.”

Bella smiled brightly.  “Wear your sexy as fuck, blue double breasted pinstripe suit.  I am wearing my blue polka dot dress; we would look fucking hot together.  Now, up you go, we need to leave in about forty minutes.”



So, here they sat in the back of the limo, getting ready to pull up to the church.  Edward couldn’t believe that Thanksgiving was only a few weeks away.  He had so much to be thankful for this year, and he would do everything in his power to make sure they were protected.  The extra security teams were in the two separate vehicles, one in the front, the other in the back.  He knew that it was frowned upon to carry guns in a church, but Bella’s safety, and the safety of their child was worth any wrath that the church might bring down on him.

When they pulled up to the church, the guards got out and surveyed the area. Once they felt that everything was secure, they opened the back door.   Edward and Bella got out of the car, and walked toward the front doors of the church, where they were met by Carlisle and Esme.  After a quick round of hugs and kisses, they set off to their pew.  Carlisle and Esme walked in first, arm in arm; behind them walked Edward and Bella.  The congregation gasped at the sheer beauty of the couple.

Once the two couples arrived at the pew, they were greeted by both sets of grandparents, Alec and Maggie, and then, the biggest surprise of all, Maria, and a very good looking older gentleman. When Bella got a better look at him, she saw that it was Piero Thomapolis, the manager of Eclipse’s father.


Once they sat down, Alec leaned forward, and looked at his sister.  He had been so relieved that she had been brought home safe and sound.  They hadn’t gotten to talk since her return, because his Grandfather told him she need time to adjust, and recover from her horrible ordeal.  He was happy to see that she was feeling well enough to come to Mass.  When he looked up at her face, she smiled brightly at him.  Then, she mouthed in hush tones,  “We will talk after the service.”

The service began, and Father Ryan gave a touching service on the love of family.  He had been made aware that Edward Cullen had been shot in Las Vegas, and that Bella had been in some type of accident.  He had asked Carlisle if he needed to come to Vegas to give them spiritual support, but Carlisle assured him they were fine.  Seeing the lovely couple sitting with their families was an answer to many prayers.  Father Ryan finished the service, and parishioners filed out of the pews, and toward the door.  He walked to the aisle where the Cullens, and now the Volturis, were sitting.

“Carlisle, Esme, it was wonderful to see the whole family here today.”

“We are excited as well, Father.  Thank you for your prayers; they were deeply needed.”  Carlisle said.

Carlisle and Esme stepped to the side to allow Edward and Bella out of the pew.  Edward reached out, and shook Father Ryan’s hand.  “Edward, you are looking like you are well, and so are you, Bella.”

“We are much better now that we are home.  Thank you for your many thoughts and prayers.”  Bella said.

“If there is anything I can do, please let me know.  I must go and see Ms. Roberts before she thinks I have disappeared.  Go with God.”

Once Father Ryan walked up the aisle, everyone else came out of the pew.  When Alec was clear of the pew, he went straight to Bella.  Looking up, he say, that even though she had tried to hide the bruise, he could still see them faintly.  Reaching up, he rubbed his fingers lightly over the one on her cheek.

“I should have found you quicker, and this would not have happened.  I am so sorry, sister; I let you down.”  Alec cried, big tears flowed down his face.

“No, Alec, this is not your fault.”  Bella implored.

“But if I had,”  Alec began, but was cut off by Edward.


“Alec, you found her.  You brought her back to me, and to the family, and I will forever be in your debt because of it.  Now come have lunch with us at Carlisle and Esme’s ,and we will discuss this further.”

“All right, we will come.”  Alec reached out for Maggie’s hand, and began to walk down the aisle and to their car.

“Maria, Pierdo, you are welcome to come as well.”  Esme said, smiling brightly.  She was happy to see Maria with a bright twinkle in her eyes.

“Are you sure?”  Maria asked.

“Of course.  We always make extra.”

Maria looked at Pierdo.  “Would you like to go?”  Maria asked.


Taking her hand, and bringing it up to his lips, he kissed it lightly.  “I will follow you to the ends of the earth.”

Maria blushed deeply.  She had never felt like this about a man in entire life.  Pierdo was so attentive and always complimenting her.  In all the years that she had been married to Aro, she had never known what it was like to feel pretty and wanted.  But the last few weeks with Pierdo had been heavenly.  She had gone over the to the club to talk about what was involved for some of the women to come work there.  The manager had been busy with some official, so Pierdo met with her.  The first time she shook his hand, she could feel a connection to him.  Over the next few hours, they talked about the women, and what their responsibilities would be at the club.  He assured her that their security would always be first, and he felt sure that they would make a very good living.  At the end of the meeting, Maria felt better about the jobs for the women under her care.  However, before she left, Pierdo asked her to dinner, not to talk about business, but to talk about them.  He wanted to know more about the dark haired beauty.  After their first dinner, they spent as much time together as possible, and, with each passing hour, they fell more and more in love with each other.

The night that she had told him about Aro, he wrapped her in his arms, and held her close, allowing her to cry until no more tears could be found.  When she looked up into his bright blue eyes, she knew that she had fallen hard for this man.  He told her about his first wife and how she had passed away when his son had been born.  The marriage had been arranged by his family and even though he loved her, he was not in love with her.  His heart had been waiting for the one would fill to the brim with a love that was so full that it could be seen by all of those who were around him.  Looking deep into Maria’s dark brown, soulful eyes, he professed his undying love for her.  Maria threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him with all the love and passion she had for him.  That night, they made love, and, for the first time, Maris knew what it should feel like.  A few days later, she had asked for Alec to come over and talk.  She explained to him that she had fallen in love with Pierdo.  He was, of course, concerned, but she told him all about him, and how he made her feel.

Alec never wanted his mother to suffer another day in her life, and he would do everything in his power to make sure that she lived everyday happily, and, if Pierdo made her feel loved, then he would accept it.  But, what Maria didn’t know was that Alec  had called Pierdo, and asked for a meeting.  He met him and told him that he ever saw his mother hurt that he would make sure that he wouldn’t see the light of the next day.  Pierdo told Alec that he would welcome it, because he couldn’t live with himself if he hurt one hair on her head.  Alec shook and his hand, and left, hoping he would never have to make good on his word.

Everyone went to the vehicle, and proceeded to Cullen’s Estate.  The security team called ahead, and let the ground team know that a large party of people was en route to the house.

Esme had been correct, and there was plenty of food for everyone.  Once everyone was finished with lunch, Edward  and Bella stood and announced their joyous news with the table.  The table erupted with wondrous celebration.  Alec got up, and hugged Bella tightly.

“I am going to be an uncle?”  He asked.

“Yes, and, I know you are going to be wonderful at it.”  Bella pointed out.

“Alec, Bella and I would like to talk to you and Maggie for a moment in private.”  Edward requested.

Alec walked over to Maggie, and whispered in her ear.  She excused herself, and went with Alec, who followed Edward and Bella into the sunroom.  After sitting down, Edward turned toward the couple.

“Alec, I can’t thank you enough for what you did to get Bella back.  As you know, we are all part of the same family, and family takes care of family.  The house next door was up for sale, and we bought it. We would like to give it to you and Maggie as both a thank you and an early wedding present.  Now, don’t think you have to take it, but it is yours if want.”  Edward proposed.  The people who had lived next to his parents had decided that their house was too big for them, and called Carlisle to ask if he knew anyone who was looking for a large home.  Carlisle said that he would make some calls, but asked them not to sell until he got back to them.  He immediately called Edward, who said that it was a was a great idea to buy it.  More houses and land that could be bought around their homes would be best for security.  At the time, they didn’t know what or who would live in the house, but, after what Alec had done, Edward and talked to Bella about offering the house to Alec and Maggie.  Bella was excited about it, and hoped they would take it.


Alec was shocked at what they were doing for them.  It wasn’t the fact that he could afford a good home for Maggie and himself, but this would put him closer to Bella and Edward; that was something that he liked.  Like Edward had said, family takes care of family, but he needed to know how Maggie felt about it.  “Maggie, love, what do you think?”

Maggie couldn’t believe that Edward and Bella were giving them a house.   “Wow.  I can’t believe this.  May we see it before we make the decision?”


“Of course.  Let me get the keys.”  Edward said, as he got up and went into his father’s office, where the keys were.  Coming back, he handed them to Alec and Maggie.  “Go look around, and let us know what you think.”

“We will.”  Alec exclaimed.  “Maggie, let’s go now.”

Maggie took Alec’s hand, and left to go and see the house.  When they drove next door and down the driveway, they were surprised with the outside of the home.  It was a Hamptons style home.  It had a wood slat exterior with large windows.  The front door was green, with two large, twelve pane lights on either side.


Unlocking the door, they walked into the home; they were amazed at the old world feel of the house.  There were dark hardwood floors throughout, and you could see through the back of the house, and onto the waters.


Unlike Edward and Bella, or Carlisle and Esme’s home, this house had a homey feel.  Maggie was in love.  The kitchen had a large, dark wood island, and it had a fireplace.  Alec and Maggie walked from room to room, and, with each step, fell further and further in love with the house.  They ended up on the back porch that overlooked the water and had a large fireplace. They could see themselves sitting here, enjoying the view.  Alec loved the fact that it had a guest cottage, which he thought would be great when Sean and Elizabeth visited.  The other thing he loved was that it had six bedrooms, which meant they had plenty of room for children.


“Alec, I love it.”  Maggie gushed.

“I do, too.”

“I can see us starting our lives here.”

“Then, let’s us go tell them that we will take it.”  Alec urged.

Maggie screamed, and jumped into his arms.  “I love you.”

“Oh, my love, I love you, too.  So much.  I can’t wait to get married, and start our lives together.  You make me feel like a normal man; something I never thought I could have.”


“Alec, you are perfect for me.  Just think about our children running around in here.”


“I am actually thinking about our nights in that master bedroom.”  Alec admitted.


“Me, too, me, too.”  Maggie cooed.


They quickly went back to Carlisle and Esme’s home, and told Edward and Bella they loved the house.


“We can have it changed to your liking.”  Edward offered.


“No, we love it as is!”  Maggie exclaimed.

“Wonderful.  Then, keep the keys, and we will get the paperwork together.”  Edward explained.

“Thank you so much.”  Alec said.

“We are happy to have you so close.”  Bella said.

Edward and Bella had to leave, because Edward had his therapy with Jonathan, and Bella admitted she was tired, and wanted to lie down for a little while.

Much like the day before, it hurt like a motherfucker, but, when he was done, Edward could tell he had more range of movement, and his arm and shoulder weren’t as tight.  Jonathan could tell Edward had been doing his exercises, and was pleased with the progress he had made.

“How is Seth doing with his PT?”  Edward asked, while he stretched out his arm.

“Doing well; I had to get Emmett to take away all his weapons before I continued.  He pulled a gun on me, and threatened to shoot me in the leg, just so I could see how fucking bad it felt.”

Edward laughed.  “Yeah, that is Seth for you.  We will be glad when he gets back.  I mean, he is going to be back to normal, right?”

“If he continues his exercises, I feel sure he will be back to 100% in about two months or so.”

After PT, Jonathan left, and Edward went upstairs to find Bella still asleep.  He took his meds, removed his clothes, and climbed in bed with her.  He quickly fell asleep.


Across town, in the office of the newest detective on the Seattle Police Force, Paul Jacobs was reading over a case when there was a knock on his door.  Looking up, he saw a friend of his father’s standing there.


“Come in.  It is good to see you.”  Paul said, motioning for him to have a seat.  “What brings you to Seattle?”

The man sat down, and looked across the desk.  “I want you to bring down the Cullen crime family; I am going to help you.”

Man Covering Face With Hat


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