Chapter 11 of Bound and United

After everyone left for the evening, Bella took Edward upstairs.  Since he couldn’t get his bandages wet, she got two pans from Angela and prepared a sponge bath for him.  Edward was giddy that his lovely wife would be washing every inch of his body.

“Edward, do you think you can bend over the tub?  I would like to wash your hair first before your bath.”  Bella asked.

“I think I can.”

They walked in the bathroom. Bella laid two large fluffy towels on the floor next to the tub for Edward to kneel on.  Grabbing his shampoo and the hand wand, she turned back to him.

“Let me help you with that t-shirt.”  Bella said.

“I knew you wanted to get me naked, baby.”  Edward bragged.

“Edward, you heard what Dr. Mallos said.  Now let me help you on your knees so I can wash your hair.”

“But I would rather have you on your knees, sucking my cock, or, I guess, I could be on my knees while you straddle my face as I eat your pussy.”  Edward smirked.

“EDWARD ANTHONY CULLEN, get on your knees, or I will go into your playroom, find a paddle, and use it on your ass!”  Bella barked.

Edward’s eyes grew large; he couldn’t believe what he just heard.  Bella threatened to beat his ass with a paddle.  Normally, that would have been a turnoff, but, just the thought of Bella in a black leather corset, crotchless panties, fuck me high heels, and holding one of his paddles, as he bowed at her feet begging for her spank him more made him incredibly hard.  Damn, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Bella and Paddle

“Fine.”  He huffed.  He took Bella’s arm, and lowered himself to his knees on the towel.

Once Edward was on his knees, he leaned over the tub, where Bella used the wand to wet his hair.  After she was satisfied, she poured Edward’s shampoo into her palm, and began to work it into his bronze locks, massaging and scratching his scalp, which caused him to moan.


“Fuck, baby, that feels so good.”  He mumbled.  No one had washed his hair like this in a long time; the last time was when he was a child.  Memories of playing in the tub as Esme would lather in the shampoo, massage his scalp, then carefully lean his head back to rinse the suds away soon flooded Edward’s thoughts.

Bella quickly finished washing his hair, and rinsing it.  She grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around his head.  “You can sit back now.”

Edward leaned back while Bella got down on her knees, and began to dry his hair.  Once she was satisfied that she had gotten most of the water out, she removed the towel, and was met by two piercing green eyes.  Edward wrapped his one good arm around her, and pulled her close.

“Baby, you are going to be the most wonderful mother in the world.”  Edward declared with all his heart and soul.  “Thank you for taking care of me, for loving me, and for giving me this wonderful gift.”

Bella leaned her head into Edward’s good shoulder as the tears began to flow.  She let all of the past weeks’ pain pour out.  The thoughts of Edward being shot, her kidnapping, the sick thoughts of Roberto, and everything that had happened to them.  As Bella sobbed into his shoulder, Edward pulled her even tighter against him, and placed sweet kisses onto her head.  He knew this was what she needed; she needed to stop being so fucking strong, and allow the pain to be released. He would take care of her.  “Let it all out, baby.”  Edward implored.

“Edward, I was so scared.”  Bella howled as her tears flowed even harder.

“I was, too, baby, so afraid.  I have never been afraid of anything, not even death before you came along.  However, when I woke up from the surgery, and they told me you had been kidnapped, I was fucking scared.  Then, I wondered why this had happened, and I was filled with regret for putting you in this dangerous situation.”

Bella pulled back from his shoulder, and looked up at him, with her tear filled eyes.  “You were?  But, Edward, it was Aro who started Roberto out on the path to kill you, and take me.  You had nothing to do that.”


“But I do, so fucking much.  I don’t have a life if you are not in it.  You are interwoven into every cell of my body.”  Edward confessed.  “I understand it was Aro, and, now I know that we will get through this; I promise we will be even stronger because of it.”

He picked up a wash cloth, and slowly, gently, wiped her face, washing away the tears.   When he was finished, he softly placed a kiss on her plump lips.

“I fucking love you so much.”  He declared with all his heart.

“As I love you.   Now let’s get you your bath;  we have our family coming over dinner. “

“Shit,  I forgot about that.   Damn, I want to wrap myself around you, and forget about the world.”

“I  understand,  but we need to let our family know about this wonderful addition.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s face when we tell them.”

“Fine.”  Edward said, then rubbed his finger lightly over her silky-soft arm.  “But, first, my sponge bath; I must tell you now, I am a very dirty boy.”

Bella looked at his playful, mesmerizing eyes, and knew it would be very hard, once she had him naked, not to climb on top of his massive cock, and ride him until she found her own much needed relief.  It seemed as if she was in a constant state of arousal.  She had begun reading What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and, apparently, an overacted sexual drive was not uncommon.  Bella didn’t know how that could be possible, because it only took one touch or one look from Edward to make her want him.  Trying to control her building desire, she focused her mind on taking care of Edward.  “All right, dirty boy, go lay down on the bed, and I will be in in a minute.”

“All right, baby.  But you might want to strip naked, also, because you don’t want to get wet.”  Edward joked.

“Edward, don’t start, or I swear I will do what I said I would do, and not for pleasure.”

“You want to bet? I have a fucking wonderful image of you spanking me.”

“Edward, please, baby, let me do this.”

“Fine.”  Edward huffed, then went into the bedroom, and began removing an article of clothing with each step.  By the time he got to the bed, he was naked.  He laid down on the towels that Bella had laid out earlier, and leaned against the pillows.  Bella came out of the bathroom, carrying a pan of water and two towels over her shoulders.

She placed the water on the nightstand, and went back to get the rinse water.  Once she had everything she needed, she squirted some body wash on a rag, and began to wash his neck and chest, being careful around the bandages.  She refused to look at his face, because she was holding herself together by a very thin string; one look into those eyes of his would be her undoing.  Rinsing off the soap, she proceeded to wash his legs and feet, leaving his cock for last.

With each pass of the rag, Edward would moan out in delight.  Over the years, as a Dominant, he had requested his submissive to wash his body in the shower, but never had he been affected by each touch.  He couldn’t take his eyes off her; she was so fucking graceful with each pass of the rag, but, after a while, he noticed that she wouldn’t look up him.

“Baby, look at me.”

Bella shook her head no, and continued to rinse his legs.


“I can’t.”  She exclaimed.

Edward sat up, and placed his hand on her shoulder.  “Look at me.”

“Please don’t ask me to do that.”  Bella pleaded.

“Why not?”

“I just can’t.”  Bella cried.

Edward couldn’t think why she would look at him.  Was she mad at him for joking around her being naked earlier, or him wanting a spanking?  He didn’t know, but something was wrong, and he needed to know what it was.

“Bella, tell me why.”

“I can’t.”

At this point, Edward was at his wits end, he wanted to know what was going on, and it looked like there was only one way to find out.  “Stop.”  He barked, in his Dominant voice.

Bella immediately stopped when she heard her Master’s voice; dropping the rag in her hand, she immediately went into waiting position.

Edward watched as she positioned herself.  He waited until he was sure that she had put herself into her submissive mindset.  “Now, tell me why you are not looking at me.”

“This girl has been so aroused that if this girl would look at your eyes, she was afraid that she would mount your cock, Sir, and ride it until she found relief.”


Edward smirked, and wanted so badly to chuckle, but he needed to assure his little pet that she okay.  “Oh, my little pet, what has you so aroused?  Answer me.”

“This girl believes it is a combination of her love for you, and the fact that she is pregnant.”

Edward needed to give her some relief.  She had been taking care of him, and now it was time for him to take care of her.  “Pet, go to the drawer, take out one of the vibrators, and bring it to me.”

Bella got to her feet, and went to the drawer that they had to stored some of her Master’s toys.  Pulling open the drawer, she saw all the glorious items that he kept there.  During their play time, Master Edward had used many of them on her, and brought her to unbelievable orgasms.


She picked up the blood red vibrator, and brought it back to her Master, who was now sitting up on the bed, with his back against the headboard.  Bella offered it to him, in open hands and a bowed head.  Edward took the vibrator, and laid it beside him.

naked Edward 3

“Strip.”  Edward commanded.

Bella quickly removed all of her clothes. and stood in her waiting position for Master’s next command.

“Get the wash cloth wet, then climb on the bed beside me. Place that sweet ass toward me, and finish the job you started.  Make sure you wash my cock with care.”

Bella did as her Master commanded, and quickly climbed on the bed with a washcloth in hand, and positioned herself to his exact specifications.  Once she was sure she was in correct position, she waited for his next command.

“Begin bathing my cock.”  Edward commanded.  He waited for her to start. Once she began to slowly and carefully take the rag, and began rubbing the soap around his cock and balls, he started the vibrator, and began to rub it along her pussy lips.  After a few passes, he then pushed the vibrator into her pussy.  “Use your hands to rub the soap on my cock.”

Bella was breathing heavily; with each pass of the vibrator, the vibration was sending her closer and closer to her orgasm.  She was on the edge.  Concentrating on not allowing herself to fall, she began to rub the soap all around his massive cock.  It was so hard that the veins were bulging out; she knew that he had to be in pain.

Edward was so proud of her, he knew she had to be close, but she was holding off her orgasm until he gave her permission.  He, too, was near his orgasm.  The combination of  Bella’s hands wrapped around his cock, and the soap, which had the right about of lubrication needed for her hand to slide easily up and down his shaft made him on the brink, getting ready to fall.  However, he would not allow himself the pleasure, because he needed Bella to find her release.

“Stop.”  He commanded.  “Turn around and face me.”

Bella stopped, and turned toward Edward.  She lowered her head, and waited for her Master’s next command.

“Look at me.”

When she looked up, she was in utter astonishment of his blazing green eyes.

“Take the vibrator, and give yourself the orgasm that you so rightly deserve.”  He announced.

Bella sat back, and began to rub the vibrator up and down her folds.  She was so fucking close; she knew that if she would use the vibrator on her clit, it would only be a matter of moments before she cum.

“Spread those legs so I can see what you are doing to my pussy.”  Edward urged.

Bella spread her legs, and continued to work on her cloritis.  The orgasm began to build, the tightness in her stomach was building, and her legs began to shake.  Then, like a rubber band stretched to its max, her orgasm snapped, sending wave, after wave of pure euphoria to every cell of her body.  “FUCK, MASTER!”  Bella yelled.

Edward enjoyed watching how her skin had an exquisite shade of pink when she came, and how her chest heaved up and down as she came down from her high.   “Baby, you did amazing.”

“Thank you for that.”  Bella smiled.

“Do you feel better?”

“Oh, God, yes.”

“That is what I like to hear.  Bella, baby, please don’t deny yourself of your needs.”

“But, it is not fair that I get a release, but you are not allowed to have one.”

“I won’t be injured, forever, and, baby, I plan to more than make up for all the times that I missed.  Now, rinse off my cock, so we can get dressed for dinner.”  Edward said.

Bella rinsed off his cock, which was still rock hard.  She was still upset that he had to be in pain, but couldn’t do anything about it, yet she had just had a massive orgasm.

Edward looked at Bella’s upset expression, and knew that she was thinking about his predicament.  “Hey, baby, it is fine.  I will just think about something, and will it away for now.”

“You can just do that?”

“Not with you naked, but I will be okay, I promise.  Now give me a kiss, and go get dressed.”

Bella leaned up, covered his lips with hers, and kissed him will all the love she had for this man.  Don, Dom, or husband, she loved each one equally.

After Bella took a shower, she got dressed in a simple black dress and black stilettos.  Edward had dressed in one of his black Armani suits, white shirt, and his favorite Italian shoes.  It was a little painful to get the shirt and jacket on, but he felt better today than he did yesterday.

Edward and Bella 11 copy

“Baby, you look delicious.”  Edward said, wrapping his good arm around her waist as she applied her makeup.

“Thank you, love.  You look yummy also.”

“So how do you think everyone will react to the news?”  Edward asked.

“I have no doubt that everyone will be excited.  I mean, before we left for Vegas, both my grandmother, and yours, were going on and on about how beautiful our babies will be.”

“It is going to be a fucking gorgeous baby.  All the other babies in the nursery are going to be talking about how fucking hot it is.”  Edward boasted.

“Edward, babies are not going to be talking, and they definitely are not going to say fuck.”

“Well, they might.”

Bella laughed, and finished up her makeup.  Putting on her favorite jewelry, she was ready to go downstairs to wait for their guests.  Angela, as always, had made a delicious smelling dinner, and the dining room table was set in a very festive setting.  She had used the white china, but had alternated the charges in pale pink and pale blue.  The centerpiece was a large bouquet of pink and blue flowers, with lots of baby’s-breath.  Edward and Bella had told Angela and Ben about the baby, who were thrilled to hear about the new prince or princess of the family.


Angela had made sure to have the best champagne chilled and a bottle of apple cider for Bella to use for toasting.  Edward and Bella made themselves comfortable on the loveseat in the living room as they waited for their guests.  They looked out the windows that overlooked the bay.  The sun was just beginning to set, and the bright orange and yellow glow reflected off the water.


“I love it here.” Bella declared.

“Me, too.”  Edward replied, placing a kiss on her temple.

The doorbell rang, and they knew it was their guests.  Standing, they prepared themselves for their announcement.

Both sets of grandparents and Carlisle and Esme walked into the living room.  Esme immediately walked over, and gave Bella a hug and kiss, as did Clara and Claudia.

“Oh, Bella, dear, you look so good after your horrible experience.  I was so happy to hear that my son did the family proud, by making the motherfucker suffer.”  Clara exclaimed.

“NANA!”  Edward yelled.  “You can’t say motherfucker.”

“The fuck I can’t.”  Clara replied.


Bella couldn’t help but laugh at Clara and Edward.  There was no doubt where Carlisle and Edward got their foul mouths, but that was okay, because the love they had for each other was very evident.

“All right, everyone, why don’t we have a seat and talk while dinner is being completed.”  Bella said.

Everyone took their seats. Instead of talking, everyone was sitting quietly, looking at Edward and Bella, like they might disappear or something.  Edward looked around the room, and smiled.  He had no doubt that they had their suspensions about why they were here, but were waiting on baited breath for the announcement.  Edward took Bella’s hand into his, and brought it up to his mouth, where he placed a loving kiss on it.  This made all the women in the room to sigh.

“Thank you all for coming tonight.  I wanted to let you know that both Bella and I are recovering, and we hope to back to normal very soon.  Father, Michael, thank you for taking care the family’s day to day business.  I don’t know if either of us have the strength right now to do it.”  Edward explained.

“I am happy to help.  Your health, as well as Bella’s, is very important to me.”  Michael said.

“Thank you, Grandfather.  Family is the most important thing to both Edward and me.   And, since we are talking about family, we have something to tell you.  I’m expecting.”  Bella exclaimed, with a large smile on her face and her hand on her still flat stomach.

After the announcement, the room burst with excitement and tears.  The baby was the next generation of the family; the traditions would be passed down to it, whether it be the next Don or Donna of the family.


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  1. awesome. I love how she responds to his Dom voice. These moments alone is what they needs. She needed his strength to help her break down and not be as strong as she was trying to be. I love this story. Amazing update.


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