Chapter 10 of Bound and United

The early morning light began to stream through the windows of Edward and Bella’s bedroom.


Edward slowly opened his eyes, and smiled, knowing that his life was safely wrapped in his arms.  It had been a long night; Bella had woken him up several times with her nightmares.  He didn’t know what it was all about, but he knew it had to do with Roberto.  The first time she screamed out, he had reached for his gun, but when he looked around, he saw that she was screaming in her sleep.  He gathered her body closer to his and whispered.  “You are safe, you are with me, my love.”  He continued to say that over and over until she finally calmed down.  Once she was back to sleep, he drifted off to sleep, just to be woken again and again.  He hated that she was going through this, damn that fucker, Roberto, and damn Aro.


“Hmm…Edward, can you let go of me?”  Bella requested.


“Never.”  He smirked.


“Well, you are going to have to, or our bed is going to be wet.”


“Fine.  But hurry back.”  Edward replied as he kissed her cheek.


Bella got up, and hurried to the bathroom.  She quickly emptied her bladder, washed her hands, and brushed her teeth.  As she looked in the mirror, she saw the horrible black circles under her eyes.


She knew they were caused by the horrible nightmares that plagued her all night long; the only thing that helped her get any rest was Edward.  Taking one more look in the mirror, and running a brush through her hair, she returned to the bedroom, and back to Edward’s waiting arms.


“Good morning, love.”  Edward said, pulling back the covers, and inviting her back in.  She climbed back in, and gently laid her head on his good shoulder.

“Good morning.”  She murmured.  “I am sorry I kept waking you.”

Edward turned so he was looking into her beautiful eyes.  “No, sweetheart.  I am sorry you have been having such bad dreams.  Do you want to talk about it?  It might help.”  He implored.

Taking a deep breath, Bella began.  “It starts with us at the hospital, where I have just given birth to our baby, when Roberto bursts in, shooting and killing the doctor, then you, and, then he takes our baby.”

Edward hugged her tight.  “Baby, he is dead and gone.”

“But it was so real.”

“I am sure it was.  Dad and Sean took care of him.  I watched the entire torture, and his last breath.  There is no way in hell he’s still alive.”

“But it was so real.”  Bella cried.

“Baby, you have been through hell, but I promise you that I won’t leave your side again.  Remember what you said last night about fighting for us?”

Bella nodded.

“Then you need to keep fighting, and not let the memories of Roberto take control.  You are stronger than this; we are stronger than this, and I promise you that I will fight for us.”

“I love you.”  Bella whispered, so overcome by Edward’s words.

“As I love you.  Now, let’s get up, and have Angela fix us some breakfast.  Dr. Mallos will be coming by soon to check me out.  Shit, we need to find you a doctor.”

“I really like Meribeth.”  Bella said.

“Who?”  Edward questioned.

“The doctor that came with Carlisle and Sean.  She was nice, but I could tell she had a reason for being there.”

“When Dr. Mallos gets here, we will talk to him about her.  But, baby, you and our little cygnet require the best.”

“I want that as well.”  Bella said, placing her hand on her stomach.

“Oh, fuck, I need to tell Mom and Dad.”

“Your dad already knows.”  Bella announced.

“What? You mean he knew you were pregnant before I did?”  Edward whined.

Bella smiled, and kissed Edward sweetly on his pouty lips.  “He found out by accident from Elizabeth.  But, I did tell him he could tell your mom, but not your grandparents, or mine.  I want to have them over, and do that together.”

“All right.  Let’s see what Dr. Mallos says about me, and maybe we can have them over for a quiet dinner.”

“That sounds like a good plan.”  Bella said.  “How are you feeling this morning?”

Edward knew he couldn’t lie to her; she had a way of seeing through him.  “Stiff and sore, but I feel like I have more energy than yesterday.  I think having you around has improved my health greatly.”

“Oh, baby, I am so happy to be home.  Now, let’s get dressed; I am so hungry.” Bella replied.

“Then, we must feed the little mama.”  Edward smirked.

They got up and got dressed: Bella in a pair of jeans and a flowy top, while Edward opted for a pair of track pants and a T-shirt.   Hand in hand, they went downstairs, taking it easy with each step.  Edward still felt weak, but it was better than when he was in the hospital.  They walked into the kitchen to find Angela and Ben at the breakfast bar.

“Edward, Bella, so good to see you up and around.  Please have a seat, and I will fix you breakfast.”  Angela remarked as she pulled out two coffee cups, and began pouring them each a cup.

“Actually, Angela can I have a glass of milk?.”  Bella asked.  She had heard that pregnant women were supposed to watch their caffeine intake, and increase their milk intake.

Angela looked at Bella, then at Edward, who was sitting there with the largest smile she had ever seen, then he wrapped his arms around Bella, and kissed her temple.  As she looked back at Bella, she wondered, was she pregnant?  “Okay, is there anything else you might like to change in your diet?”

Bella smiled.  Angela was a very smart woman; she could tell from her question that she had figured it out.  “Not at the moment, but I will let you know.”  Bella answered.

Angela giggled, and continued fixing Edward and Bella their breakfast.

“Oh, shit, I forgot to ask; how is Seth?”  Bella asked.

“He is doing fine.  He is actually here on the compound receiving his treatments.  The bullet nicked an artery in his leg, but the surgeons were able to repair it, and he will regain full use of his leg.”  Edward explained.  “We are bring in PT techs here, instead having to leave the house.  Ben, the doc is coming this morning, and the techs will start coming tomorrow if everything checks out with the doc.  I want the new guard in place and I want you to make sure they understand what they are doing.”

“Will do, Boss, and the fence has been completed; we put on an extra crew to get it done.  Alec left instructions on where he wanted the cameras and a laser detention fence to be placed.”


“Fuck, I forgot about that.  The house is gone already?”

“Yes, we got it all done while you were away.”

“Oh, I had forgotten about that.”  Bella said.

“It is now one large compound with Carlisle and Esme’s house on one end, and yours on the other.  The now empty space in the middle is ready for the house that will be for the guard and the underground meeting hall.”  Ben said with a smirk.  It was not really a meeting hall, but a new place that would be used any time they needed to take care of people who messed with the family.  It was going to state of the art, with a specialized flooring that would cut clean up time in half.  It would also have sterilizating showers and an incinerator to burn clothes and other materials.

“Great.  When is the construction supposed to start?”  Edward asked.

“Next week.  Our regular construction guys couldn’t get here until after they finished Eclipse, which is now completely done, and they are training the staff now.  We are holding off on the open date until you two got back.  I’ve heard that the list of people wanting to join is huge, and that Carmine and his father have been working overtime doing background checks on all potential members.”

“Ben, I can’t thank you enough for looking out of things here.  My father and Michael have said you have been going above and beyond the call of duty, man.  After everything finally settles down, I want you and Angela to take a nice long vacation on us.”  Edward declared.

“Not necessary, Boss.”

“Yes, it is.”  Bella inserted.

Angela placed breakfast in front of them, and they began eating.  Bella ate everything on her plate, and looked up at Angela, who had a sly grin.  Walking over to the stove, she uncovered the skillet, and placed another helping of the cheesy eggs on Bella’s plate, along with another piece of wheat toast.  Bella dug in once more, enjoying the cheesy goodness.

Edward couldn’t help but smile as Bella took a second helping of breakfast.  He was going to make sure that her every desire was met during this pregnancy; hell, he would make sure it always happen.  After finishing their breakfast, they went into the living room, and sat down to wait for Dr. Mallos.

They enjoyed their time, talking about the baby, and how happy they were.  Bella said they would need to design a nursery; Edward surprised her by wanting to be part of the design.


He said he was sure that his mom and dad would have to have a nursery in their home as well.  They heard the doorbell; they thought it was Dr. Mallos, but was surprised to see Sean and Elizabeth.  Both were beaming with joy and happiness.

“Hello, Fucker.”  Edward smirked.

“Well, hello to you, too, asshole.  You are looking better, but, then again, you had only one way to go, or you would be dead.”  Sean joked.

Elizabeth came over, and gave Bella a big hug.  “How are you feeling?”

“Good, having a little trouble sleeping, but otherwise great.  How about you?”

Elizabeth laid her left hand on her stomach, her engagement ring catching the sunlight that was beaming into the room.  “We are really good.”

“OH MY GOD!”  Bella yelled, reaching for Elizabeth’s hand.  “Is that what I think it is?”

Sean stepped over, placing his arm around Elizabeth, and kissing her.  “It sure the fuck is.  We’re getting hitched.”

“Congrats, fucker, Elizabeth.”  Edward said.  “You are getting yourself one hell of a girl.”

“I know.”  Sean beamed.

“Sit down, and tell us all about it.”  Bella gushed, wanting to know all the details.

Sean and Elizabeth each took a seat on the loveseat, and proceeded to tell them about how he proposed.  Bella oohed and aahed all the details.  Sean, like Edward, was a big, bad mafia boss, but also had a soft heart for the woman he loved.

“Bella, do you think Esme would help me plan the wedding?  We want to get married in a month.  I know it will be the first of December, but we wanted to get married several weeks before Alec and Maggie’s wedding.”  Elizabeth asked.

“I am sure she will, but why don’t I call her, and have her come over?”  Bella asked as she pulled out her phone, and dialed Esme’s cell phone.  She answered on the first ring.

“Bella, sweet, how are you?”

“I am great, but I was wondering if you come over?”  Bella asked.

“Certainly.  I will be right over. Oh, I can take the golf cart, and use the new connector road between the houses.  Oh, Bella, you have to see my cart, it is so cool.  I had it specially made; it is Tiffany blue.  I will be there in a few.”  Esme said, hanging up before Bella could get a word in.

Bella giggled as she put away her phone.  “What did she say?”  Elizabeth asked.

“Oh, honey, she is on her way.”  Bella chucked.  “Edward, did you know that your mom had a golf cart custom made for her to drive between our houses?”

“Fuck, no, please tell me she didn’t.”  Edward groaned.

Then they heard it; it definitely sounded like no other a golf cart.  They got up, and looked out the window in the back, facing the road, and saw Esme pull in a Tiffany blue golf cart.  It looked like it was a ‘57 Chevy, with large chrome wheels and huge chrome dual tailpipes. The seats were white and Tiffany blue leather.


Carlisle was sitting in the passenger seat, holding on for dear life.  All the color was gone from his face.  Esme slammed on the brakes, causing Carlisle’s head to whip back.

“Ouch.”  He cried.

“Quit being a damn baby.”  Esme announced as she walked up the steps and through the door.  “Damn fool can’t take it that I drive better than him.”

They all tried not to laugh as Esme made her rounds, hugging each one of them.  When she hugged Bella, tears were flowing down her cheeks.  “Oh, baby girl, I am so happy.”  She cried.


“Me, too.”  Bella said, wiping away her tear.

Carlisle walked in, his hair was windblown, and he was white as a sheet.  “Esme, what the fuck?  You could have killed us.”

“Oh, quit being such a big baby, I thought you were a bad ass, but you are nothing but damn, whiny ass pussy.”  Esme huffed.

“ESME!”  Carlisle barked.  “You and I will discuss this later.”

Esme looked into his eyes and knew she had overstepped her bounds.  Fuck, this was not her loving husband before her, but her Dominant.  Lowering her head a little, she looked up with a sad eyes.  “I’m sorry.”

Carlisle walked over, and wrapped his arms around her, then leaned in, and whispered into her ear.  “We will take care of the punishment later on.”

Esme nodded, and whispered back.  “Yes, Sir.”

Fuck, Carlisle loved hearing her say that, he leaned in, and kissed her soundly, pulling her up against his denim covered hardened cock.

“Mom, Dad, we have company.”  Edward whined.

“What?”  Carlisle smirked.

They finally broke loose, and everyone sat down.

“Mom, I wanted you to come over to ask if you would be willing to help plan another wedding?”  Bella asked.

Esme wondered who was getting married.  She was already helping Maggie and Alec’s wedding.  She had been making lists all morning for the baby shower that she would be having for her grandbaby.  “Who is getting married?”

“That would be us, Esme.”  Elizabeth answered, beaming with joy.

“Oh, how wonderful!”  Esme rejoiced.

“Congratulations!”  Carlisle boomed, shaking Sean’s hand, and giving Elizabeth a hug.  “We will miss having you on the team, but I can’t think of a better man for you.  You both deserve to be happy.  Let’s get some champagne, and have a toast.”

“Actually, Dad, I can’t have any and you know Bella can’t.”  Edward said.

“And, Carlisle, Elizabeth can’t either.”  Sean smirked.

Esme looked over at Elizabeth, and she smiled, and nodded.  “Are you pregnant, too?”  Esme asked.

“Yes, we are.”  Elizabeth answered with pride.

“Oh, my, two babies.  You girls are having babies who will be the same age.  That is so wonderful.”  Esme gushed.

“Mom, you didn’t give us an answer.  Will you help?”  Bella asked again.

“Of course!  We will get together tomorrow, and write down what you see in the wedding, and I will take it from there.  Oh, and Sean, I will need something from you.”

“What, Esme?”

“Your credit card.”

Everyone laughed.  Sean reached into his wallet, and pulled out his black Amex card, and handed it over to Esme.  “Spare no expense.”

“Just the words I like to hear.”  Esme beamed.

The group laughed and talked, not bringing up any business or kidnapping, somehow knowing that both Bella and Elizabeth needed to have some normal interaction.  This is how Dr. Mallos found them.  He couldn’t help but smile, because he could see a huge difference in Edward from yesterday’s check up to today’s, and knew it was all because of the young woman sitting beside him, who was lovingly caressing his leg.

“Good day!”  Dr. Mallos announced.

“Dr. Mallos, come in.  It is so nice to see you.”  Esme said.

“Hello Mrs. Cullens, Mr. Cullens, Mr. O’Leary, and Ms. Servillo.”  Dr. Mallos acknowledged.  “Mr. Cullen, it is good to see you up.  How do you feel?”

“I feel so much fucking better than I did.”

“Edward.”  Esme scolded.  “Watch your language.”

“But, Mom, I can’t help it.”  Edward protested.

“Fuck yeah, Ms. Esme.  His child’s first word is going to be ‘fuck’.”  Sean jibed.

Esme stood up, and left the room.  Moments later, she walked back with a bar of soap.  “Now listen here, the both of you, you are about to become fathers, and you need to start watching what you say.  So, the next time I hear either one of you say ‘fuck’, I will wash your mouth out with this.”  Esme hissed.  “Do you both understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Sean and Edward said together, while everyone else in the room tried their best not to bust out laughing.

“Dr. Mallos, I am sorry about these two.  I am sure you are here to check Edward over.”  Esme stated.

“Yes, I am.”  Dr. Mallos answered, hoping that he would remember to never get on Esme Cullen’s bad side.

“Actually, before you start Dr. Mallos, we are going to be needing an obstetrician for Bella. She has said how much Meribeth made her feel at ease.  Do you know anyone or is Meribeth qualified?”  Edward asked.

“Meribeth is a very dear friend of mine from medical school; she was top in her field in Chicago in Obstetrics, but she fell to pieces after the death of her husband by a drive by a drug dealer, who just happened to be affiliated with Roberto Cortez.  She came on the trip to get some closure, and see that the man who took the love of her life got what he deserved.  She has moved to Seattle, but has not decided if she wants to join a medical group, or maybe take on specialized patients.”

“Wow, I had no idea.  What a shame about her husband.”  Carlisle stated.

“Do you think she might be willing to take me on as a patient?  As Edward said, I feel very comfortable with her for some reason; of course, it helps that she knows about the family.”  Bella said.

“I can ask her to come over, and we could talk about it.”  Dr. Mallos said.


“I liked her as well, but Sean and I will be in Boston.  You don’t happen to know anyone in the Boston area?”

“Not right off the top of my head, but let me make some inquiries, and I will let you know.  Now, if everyone doesn’t mind, I need to check over my patient.”

“Certainly.  Edward, Bella, we will see you soon.”  Esme said, as she and Carlisle stood up.

“Actually, Mom, could you call my grandparents, and invite them over for a small casual dinner?  We want to tell them the news before it gets out.”  Bella asked.

“I would love to; Edward’s grandparents are also in town, so, if it is okay, I will invite them as well.”

“Oh my goodness, yes.”

“Great.   I’ll call you later to get the time.”  Esme said, giving each of them a kiss before she and Carlisle left out the back door.  Everyone could hear Carlisle saying.  “I am driving us home, and that is that.”

After Carlisle and Esme left, Sean and Elizabeth said their goodbyes as well, because they were on their way to Maggie’s to tell her about the engagement and the baby.  They would be back tomorrow to start the wedding plans.

Once everyone was gone, Dr. Mallos began his exam of Edward’s wounds.  He removed the bandages; it was the first time that Bella had seen the damage that the bullets had caused.  Each of the wounds were still red, and the stitches were still in, but there were no signs of infection.

“Edward, they are looking really good.  If they stay this way, I will be removing the stitches on Friday.”  Dr. Mallos said, as he rebandaged each wound.  “I am going to start you on PT tomorrow.  It will start out slow and work up until you are back to normal.”

“Doctor is there anything he shouldn’t be doing?”  Bella asked.

“No heavy lifting or anything that causes him to stretch his stitches.  They are healing wonderfully, but I don’t want anything to cause a tear.”

“But what about sex?”  Edward asked; it had been too damn long since his dick had been in its warm, wet home.

“Again, no stretching of your stitches.”

“Well, fuck.”  Edward cursed; it was going to be a long night.


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