Chapter 3 of The Mother of the Blood Dragons

AN:     Now we know what happen to mankind.  Let’s just see who Bella, Rose, and Jasper run into along their journey.  A big thanks go out to my ever wonderful beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, Dinia Steel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Mother of the Blood Dragons, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.



Before leaving the library, each one of them selected a book to take along on the journey.  Jasper found a book on the history of ancient Greece, when man believed in gods and goddess.  He was intrigued, and wanted to spend more time reading about it.  Bella took a book on the supernatural and fantasy world.  She was curious about what man considered to be fact, or pure fiction in their minds.  Rose found a book on potions and spells.  She had always dabbled with special plants and herbs.

Filling their containers with water, they headed back on their journey.  They were fascinated by the structures and statues that were throughout the town.  There was a statue of a man sitting in a chair.  Above him was some writing, but part of it must have been damaged during the bombing.   The only part was still readable read “IN THIS TEMPLE, AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE SAVED,”, then, there was a big chunk of stone missing, and then these last few words, “IS ENSHRINED FOREVER.”  Bella wondered “what has this man done to receive such an honor?”. From what she could tell, he had a face of someone who would have had a caring heart.  Maybe there was some good in man.

They continued walking, then they came up a field of statues of men.  All of them were wearing a dome type cap and a cloak, all made of metal.  They were carrying some type of weapon.  Were they the men who were sent to kill the virus?

The next thing they saw was a long, black stone wall with many names written on it.  Was this a list of the survivors of the virus, or did it have another meaning?

Bella took out her compass, and checked to make sure they were going in the right direction, before they began their hike through the stone city, and toward the green mountains.

“How did they grow their food when there is so little dirt?”  Rose asked.

“I was wondering the same thing.”  Jasper said.

As they walked, Jasper and Rose both kept a close eye out for any dangers, but they had not seen any living creature, except for a four legged animal with small pink eyes, a long nose, and a long, hairless tail.  It was one of the ugliest animals they had ever seen.  This creature was carrying its young on its back.   Finally, they got out of the the stone city and onto grass and dirt, where they made camp for the night.  Finding some wood, they built a fire and cooked a pan of grain and water, making musch, a simple meal of their people.  Rose was going to take first watch, so Jasper laid down on the soft, green grass, and drifted off to sleep.  He dreamed of a woman with jet black hair and bright golden eyes, who came walking out of a mist calling his name.  He walked toward her; however, when he got close to touching her, she disappeared, and, in her place, was a very large black cat.

As Jasper slept, Bella took a few minutes to look through the book she brought by the fire.  It spoke of man’s quest to find out if supernatural world did, in fact, exist, or was it merely only a fantasy cooked up by someone called the movie industry.  The first chapter was on people who read other people’s minds or the minds of other creatures.  It spoke of an ancient group of people who were direct descendants of large mammals, and said that their thoughts were connected.  They were called the Protectors of the Forest.

The person who had written the book had taken the stance that the supernatural world did exist, and that it hid in plain sight; supernatural creatures walked along man, but they were disguised to man’s narrow-minded eyes.  Bella knew that many of the supernatural creatures did exist, but was sure that she had no idea of the different kinds, and hoped, on their journey, to run into more, and get to know more about them.  Closing the book, and putting it back into her bag, she laid down, and closed her eyes.  Her dreams were filled of blood red eyes, but, within the dark red irises, was a shimmer of hope.

Rose watched out for any potential dangers, but was blessed with relative silence, with only a large bird in a nearby tree, calling out with what sounded like “hoo, hoo”.  In-between surveying the area, she watch the bird, and she could have sworn that it could turn its head all the way around.  She wished now that she had taken a book about birds, because she really wanted to know more about them.  Soon, she woke Jasper, who took her place as guard.

“Did you see or hear anything?”  He asked.

“Nothing to cause alarm.  There is a strange bird up in the tree, but it is not dangerous, just different.  I will see you at first light.”  Rose said, then made her way back to camp to sleep near Bella.

The next morning, after eating their meal, they continued the journey.  Several hours later, they crossed a small stream; as they began to ascend up a hill, a large black cat jumped from a tree into their path.

Rose pulled her sword as Jasper raised his spear, but, a few moments later, he lowered it.

“JASPER!”  Rose yelled.  “What are you doing?”

“He is not going to hurt us.”  Jasper stated.  “He wants us to follow him.”

“What do you mean?”  Bella asked.

Jasper turned to Bella.  “I know this is going to sound strange, but I can hear him talking in my head.”

“Are you sure it is safe?”  Rose questioned, wanting to protect Bella at all cost.

Jasper turned back to the cat.  “We promise no harm will come to you as long as we are safe.”

What the cat did next surprised both Rose and Bella.  It nodded its head.  “See, I told you.”  Jasper gushed.

“All right, let’s follow it.”  Bella said, curious as to what they might find.

The large cat took the lead up the hill, his long, strong legs having no trouble up the steep incline.  When it reached the top of the hill, it stopped and waited for Bella, Rose, and Jasper to join him.

“Jasper, this is strange.”  Rose said as they walked up the hill.

“I know, but I also dreamt of this cat.  I am getting this weird feeling that, wherever it takes us, I will be changed forever.”

They continued to follow the cat, which lead them through a dense grove of trees, whose branches hung down like lifeless arms, which swayed in the breeze.  Once through the trees, they were transported to a beautiful world.  There were tall, magical looking stone buildings, with large arched windows, lush green trees and bushes, and, in the distance, there was a crystal blue waterfall.  And, unlike the foul air that they had been smelling, the air was like sweet blossoms.

Looking ahead, the black cat was meet by other cats, some black, white, stripped and golden brown.  Each cat had a person beside them stroking their fur.  Then, a woman stepped forward; she had jet black hair and golden eyes.  She looked intently at Jasper, and then, she flared her nostrils, smelling the air.

Jasper was shocked to see the woman he had seen in his dreams, but, more than that, he could hear her talking, even though she hadn’t moved her lips.

“I have been waiting for you for so long.”  She said. Jasper went to open his mouth, but she shook her head.  “Just use your mind.”

“How are you doing this?”

“I can only talk like this to two beings: one is my faithful partner, Alex.” She said as she stroked the cat that had led them here’s head.  “And, the other is my mate.  Jasper, do you feel the pull?”


“That is the pull of mates.  You are the other half of my soul, and the only one that can make me finally complete.”

“Jasper, what is going on?” Bella implored, worried by the fact that he had not said a word, but looked as if he was communicating with the woman.

Jasper turned to Bella.  “This is my mate.”


“Hello.  My name is Alice, and I am the leader of the Guardians.  We are the protectors of the forest and all those who live in it.”

“Hello.  My name is Bella, and this is my guard Rose; I believe you have already met Jasper.”  Bella explained.

“Welcome.  What brings you on this journey?”  Alice asked.

Bella looked at Jasper, and he gave her a small nod.  He knew that his mate wouldn’t do anything bad to them.

“I am on a quest to find my mate.”  Bella answered.  It was the truth, but it didn’t divulge all the information about herself, or her mate.

Alice could see there was something more, but knew that she would have gain Bella’s trust before she would find out.  She knew that her mate would only guard someone who was a good person.  “Why don’t we have something to eat, and I will tell you more about my people.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea.”  Jasper declared, walking closer to Alice, and then reached up, and stroked her cheek tenderly.  She laid her face in his large, firm hand, and then did something very unique to the Guardian people.  It was something that was only done in the presence of one’s mate…she purred.

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