Chapter 9 of Bound and United

Edward was so happy to get a glimpse of her when Sean had come into Roberto’s house as the priest.  Just hearing her sweet voice seemed to put him at ease.  But he was worried that Roberto had forced himself on her.  The way he had her dress and the way he acted around reminded him of a man who was obsessed with the 1950s, and how they treated women.  During his time of studying to become a Dominant, he had read about such a group.  If Roberto had forced Bella to have sex, he would be as patient and understanding as he could, making sure that she understood that it wasn’t her fault.  He had never been so proud of his father as he was when he saw him kill Roberto by splitting him in half.  He only wished he had been able to do it himself, but, as much as he hated it, he knew he needed to rest.  He wanted to get better as soon as possible.  Carlisle and Michael were going to continue the day to day operations of the family until he was well enough to come back.  Bella had gone through hell, and they were going to heal together, and not rush back too soon.

Sean looked so happy to have Elizabeth back, and Edward couldn’t help but be a little jealous by the fact that they were expecting.  Oh, well, during this time he would take every opportunity to try to get Bella pregnant.

The nurse came in the room after Roberto’s death, and gave him his pain pill along with all his other meds.  Starting tomorrow, he would be starting his rehab, which, according to his healthcare professionals, would help him heal quicker.  Drifting off to sleep, he fell into a beautiful dream of a little bundle of joy of his own.

Hours later, still in his drug induced sleep, he felt the warm energy that he only felt when his beloved was near.  Opening his eyes, he saw her, and his heart nearly leapt out of his chest.

“Bella.”  He whimpered.

“Edward.”  She cried, as she crawled into the bed, and cuddled up as close as possible.

He turned toward her; as soon as he did, the rage he felt for Roberto pulsed through him as he saw the bruises up close.  Centering himself, he knew that he needed not to let Roberto to still be disrupting his time with Bella.  Roberto was dead and gone.  Carefully, he leaned in, and  began kissing each bruise and cut, whispering “I love you” with each kiss.

Bella’s heart lightened with each kiss.  The love he had for her could be felt with each brush of his lips.  Pulling back, and looking into his glossy, green piercing eyes, she knew that her heart was finally home and safe.


“Baby, I missed you so fucking much.  Even as I lay on the operating table, I fought my way through hell to get to see you again.”  Edward declared.

“I was so scared.  The last thing I heard was that your heart had stopped, but I could still feel you, so I knew you were still alive.  Then, I dreamt that you had fought the devil to come see me to tell me to fight, and I did.  I fought for you, I fought for me, I fought for us, but, Edward, I also fought for this.”  Bella said, as she took his hand and laid it on her stomach.  “I fought for our baby.  Edward, you are going to be a father.”

Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He was going to be a father.  They were going to have a baby.  “Really?”

“Yes, my love.”

Edward slowly sat up.  He was going to a father.  Lifting Bella’s top, which showed her still flat belly, he leaned up, and began talking to the little cygnet.  “Hi there.  I am your father.  I am so fucking happy that you are coming.  Well, shit, I shouldn’t have said fuck.  Fuck it.”

Bella laughed at Edward trying to control his foul mouth.

“I am going to teach you how to play ball, ride a bike, shoot a gun, take out the motherfuckers who try to hurt the family.   Aw, shit, I shouldn’t have said motherfucker, Fuck.  I will teach you about girls, and what they like.  Fuck, you will have be one handsome guy with a mother as beautiful as she is.”

“Ah, Edward, you do realize that it might be a little girl.”  Bella teased, because, somewhere deep inside, she knew it was a little boy with bronze hair and piercing green eyes.

Edward stopped, and thought about what Bella had said.  It could be a little girl.  She would be the apple of his eye.  “Well, little cygnet, if you happen to be a cute little girl, I will still teach you to ride a bike, shoot a gun, but you are not dating until you are thirty, and if I see any little fucking penises trying to get up your skirt, I will chop that motherfucker off, and burn it.”

“EDWARD!”  Bella yelled.


“You can’t do that.  Remember love finds you, and you don’t know when it is going to happen.  Much like when you saw me at Jasper’s feet.”

Edward knew she was right, but he was going to do everything in his power not to let it happen too soon.  And then he thought of Bella deep in her submissive mindset.  Fuck, it had been too long since they had been able to play.  Damn, could she even play now that she was pregnant?  He would have to make a call to his mentor, and ask.   Then, it hit him.

“So, Elizabeth is not pregnant?”  He asked, knowing how excited Sean was that Elizabeth was pregnant.   This would be a tough pill for Sean to take.

Bella smiled.  “Actually, she is.  It is a total surprise.”

“Oh, that is fucking great.  It would have been hard for Sean if she wasn’t.  He was so fucking happy when he found the test.”

“I’ll bet; I am sure we are losing Elizabeth from the Coven.  She is going to be very difficult to replace.”  Bella admitted.  She would miss her.

“I know you are right.  Sean will not let her out of his sight from now on.”  He knew now was the time to ask her about if Roberto had done anything.  “Sweetheart, I hate to ask, but did Roberto do anything to you?”

Bella shook her head.  “No.  The main thing that Jasper taught me in my self defensive training was to use my head, and that is what I did.  After I made the mistake of mouthing off, I took a step back to analyze him and his behavior.”  Placing her hand on her stomach.  “And this little one helped.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I seemed to have a sensitive stomach to Roberto’s cologne; every time he would come near me, I would throw up on him.  I don’t think I would have had such an aversion if it hadn’t been for our little cygnet.”

“So, he or she is already protecting the family.  Definitely a Cullen.”  Edward gushed.

Leaning back on the pillow, he took in her beauty.  He had missed being around her, and, now that she was expecting, she was even more beautiful.   He had heard people say that expecting mothers glowed. He could never see that, but, here, today he saw what they were talking about.  The soft, warm, glowing light of motherhood shone all around her, and it was breathtaking.   “Damn, I am so fucking happy.”  He grabbed her, and pulled her toward him, his lips pulling hers into a hot, toe curling kiss.  It had been too long without tasting or feeling them, and he planned on making up for each second they had lost.  Her mouth opened, and his tongue began to stroke hers in a sexual tango.  All too soon, he was out of breath, so, instead of losing the momentum, he continued with soft, feathery kisses down her jawline and down her throat until he reached the back of her ear, where he didn’t cease his kisses, but began to hum.

The vibration of his lips was driving her crazy with need.  Edward knew every inch of her body, and he also knew how to play it like a fine well tune instrument.  “Oh, Edward.”  She moaned.

He knew what he was doing, and smiled in-between the kisses.  Then, he began whispering in her ear with his hot breath.  “Take off your top and bra.”

Bella wasted no time in pulling off her top, and unzipping the front of the sports bra, which allowed her breasts to be released from their confines.  Edward admired  her beautifully formed breasts.  He didn’t know it was possible, but they actually looked larger.  Reaching up, he cupped her bare breasts in his large hands, and gently squeezed them.  Her head fell back, and a loud emotional moan escaped her lips.

“Damn, baby, you are so fucking sexy.  I have got to have a taste.”  Bella leaned over his mouth, making sure she did hit any of his wounds, and he captured a quivering, tingling nipple between his lips, and sucked the tortured peak.


As he enjoyed the one breast, he pinched the other hard nipple.  Alternating from tugging gently to flicking the nipple, caused the sexy sounds from Bella to increase.  “Take off your pants and panties, I need to taste my pussy.”

“Edward, you need to take it easy.  You are still healing.”  Bella said, as she tried to be strong, and not give into the overwhelming need to feel his talented tongue on her pussy.

“Oh, I will only be using my tongue; baby, you will be doing all the work.  Now take off those pants, and climb up to my face.”  Edward growled.

Bella stood up beside the bed, and started to slowly remove her pants and panties, never breaking eye contact with Edward.  Once she was completely naked, she climbed back onto the bed, and carefully maneuvered over his face.  Taking hold of the headboard, she lowered herself so her dripping wet pussy was over his mouth.

Edward took in a deep breath through his nose, taking the sweet aroma that was just her.  Grasping her hips, he pulled her closer, and he began lapping her soft folds.  There was nothing on this earth that tasted any better than his wife’s pussy.  Pulling her even closer, he took her swollen clit in between his teeth, and began to pull and suck.


“Yes, oh, yes.  That feels so fucking good.”  Bella moaned.

Edward smirked after hearing that; he knew what to do to push her over the edge.  He wanted, no, needed, her to cum.  So, as he still pulled on her clit, he began to hum against her folds.

“HOLY FUCK!!  I AM CUMMING!!”  Bella yelled as the orgasm hit her, sending her into a frenzied explosion of exquisite ecstasy.  Finally, her orgasm stopped; her whole body had broken out into a sweat, and her legs were weak.

Edward took one more lick, and placed a kiss on her glistening mound.  She carefully climbed off his face, and sat beside him, rubbing her hand over his shoulder and down the chest.  “Are you okay?  That didn’t hurt you, did it?”  Bella asked.

“Fuck no.   That was the best medicine I have had since this mess started.  And, damn girl, I have never you have seen you cum so fucking fast.”  Edward smirked.

“It was so intense, and it happened before I could even stop it.”

“Well, it is a good thing we are not in my playroom, or you would be getting your little ass spanked.”

“Playroom?”  Bella gasped; her heart started pounding even harder than it had during her orgasm.

“Yes, my little pet.  I am going to talk to my mentor, Peter, and find out exactly how we can play while you’re carrying our little cygnet.  I know that it can be done, but I want to make sure that you and our little one is safe at all time.  Speaking of which, the number of guards that are with you will triple.  I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but, baby, I need to protect you.”

Yes, Bella didn’t like the fact that she was going to have extra guards, but she knew that it was needed.  They lived in a dangerous world, and, once it became known that she was pregnant, she would be centered as a target.  “I might not like it, but it is for the best.  Whatever it takes to keep our baby safe is fine with me.”  She offered, then leaned in, and gave his full lips a kiss.

“Hmm.  I love you.”  He sighed.

“I love you.”

Edward had used up all the energy he had; as much as he hated to admit it, he needed a pain pill.  “Love, why don’t you go take a shower, put on some pajamas, then let us snuggle together, and take a nice long nap.”

“That sounds good.  I just wish you could join me.”  She said, looking down his body, noticing that his dick was sticking up under the covers, but she knew he didn’t need to overexert himself.  Having an orgasm would do just that.  Kissing up his neck, and reaching his ear, she whispered,  “You need to think of something to get rid of that, like oh, I’ve got it, your grandfather and grandmother having kinky sex in his playroom.”

Edward slapped her naked ass.  “That was just wrong.  Go get that shower, woman.”

Bella got up, and went to get her shower, washing away the grime of Belize.  While she was in the shower, Edward had the nurse bring in his pain meds, but also had Angel prepare a light meal of eggs, toast, bacon, and fruit.  He requested no coffee, but only milk and orange juice.  By the time Bella emerged from the bathroom, the food was there, and Edward was finally getting some relief from the pain.  They quickly ate, placing the tray on the table by the bed when they had finished, and snuggled in for a long relaxing sleep, safe and secure, wrapped in each other’s arms.  Heaven on earth.


Next door, Carlisle quickly went into the house to find his lovely wife waiting for him.  “Carlisle, you are home.”  She cooed.

Carlisle pulled her into his arms, and just held her, drinking in the of the love that they shared.  Over the years, their love had not diminished, but grown.  “My love.”

Esme was so happy to see that Carlisle had returned safe and sound.  “How did it go?  Is our girl okay?”

“Bumped and bruised, but okay.”

“Oh, my baby.  How is Elizabeth?  The baby okay?”

“Elizabeth is fine, and Meribeth checked her out before we left Belize, and everything seem to be great.  But I also found out a little bit  of information that you must swear not to tell anyone, until it is announced.”  Carlisle explained.

“I KNEW IT!  I KNEW IT!  OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO BE GRANDPARENTS!!”  Esme screamed at the top of her lungs as she jumped up and down.

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Carlisle couldn’t help but laugh at his wife.  She had never said anything about never being able to have more children, but he could see it in her face every time she saw a new little baby.  Now, they were going to grandparents, and he knew that this baby would be spoiled rotten, and every cell in its body would be loved unconditionally.  “Calm down, Esme.  Yes, Bella is pregnant, and she is telling Edward as we speak, but she wants to tell everyone else at the same time.  So, you must remain quiet about this until she does.”

“I will, I will.  I am just so excited.  Carlisle, a little baby.”  She cried.

“I know, sweetheart, I know.  Now take me upstairs, and give me a bath, so I can wash away all the evil that I just witnessed.”

“With pleasure, my love.”  Esme said as she took his hand, and led him up the stairs.


After arriving in Seattle, Sean and Elizabeth went back to her apartment.  Sean was constantly holding her hand, or wrapping his arm around her.  He needed to be in constant contact with her.  Several of Sean’s guards were surrounding the building, and were on high alert.  Sean used his key to open her door, and they went inside.  He turned to the guard.  “Keep on high alert until I tell you otherwise.  No one gets in this building without my permission.”

“Yes, sir.”

Elizabeth was so happy to be home.  Sitting down on the sofa, she began taking off her shoes and socks, tucking her legs under her, and began to decompress.  She had never been so proud to be a part of the Cullen family with a leader as strong as Bella.  During the entire time, she used her head, and made sure they came out safe and sound.  At one point, Bella was more the protector than she was, and that was just wrong.

“How are you doing, love?”  Sean said, sitting down next to her.


“Just trying to decompress.  Sean, he was one sick bastard, and I am so thankful that we had him under surveillance, because I really am scared to think what would have happened.”

“I know.  But it is over now, and that fucker is burning in hell for what he did.”

“Yes, he is.  Thank you for coming after us.”  Elizabeth said.

“Honey, I would do anything for you; don’t you know that?  I didn’t know I could love you any more than I already did, but, now that you are giving me this precious gift, my love just doubled.”

“I feel the same, Sean.  I have never loved anyone like I love you, and, even though this was not planned, I am so happy.”  Elizabeth declared.

Sean pulled the ring that he had carried around in his pocket for the last two weeks.  He had gone to Elizabeth’s surrogate parents, and asked permission, but he also had gone to Elizabeth’s real father, and asked permission.  Getting down on one knee, and taking Elizabeth by the hand, he began,

“You came into my life like a wildfire.  The moment I saw you, my heart burned to know more about you, and, the more I did, the flames burned higher.  I want to spend every day for the rest of our lives in the burning love.  Marry me, lass.”


“Yes, oh, yes.”  She cried.

He slipped on the beautiful, emerald cut, 3 carat diamond that was surrounded by emeralds.  It looked perfect on her finger.  After the ring was in place, he pulled her into a long, passionate kiss, sealing their promise.

Elizabeth ring

“Elizabeth, I don’t want a long engagement.”  Sean said.

“Me either.”

“But, we have to have a large wedding.  It is almost a requirement because I am the leader of the family.”

“I know someone who can put together in a hurry.”  Elizabeth said.  She had seen what Esme had done when Edward and Bella got married, and she felt sure that if she could throw together a wedding like that in a short span of time, then she could do theirs, too.  “But I know it is going to cost a lot.”

“Money is no object.  Does the person happen to know anything about the family?”  Sean asked.  It wasn’t really an issue, but it would easier if they were.

Elizabeth giggled.  “Yes, she does know about the family.  Sean, it’s Esme Cullen.”

“Fuck, I forgot about that.  Do you think she would help?”

“If I know anything about Esme Cullen, she loves a good party, and loves to spend money.”  Elizabeth jested.

Sean was excited that he was getting married, and doing it soon, but, as he thought about it, this was one more thing that united the Cullen family and the O’Leary family.





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  1. Now that was hot! Pretty powerful uniting the Italians and the Irish. Not the kinda families you would want to mess with after that. Hope their enemies realize that…..


  2. awesome chapter. it was so cute to see Edwards reaction and how he tried to clean his language. I don’t think that’s going to happen, that baby’s first word will be fuck lol. please update soon


  3. Awesome chapter, so glad bella is back where she is supposed to be and it was so sweet to see Edward try to stop saying fuck. Cannot wait for more. 🙂


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