Chapter 8 of Bound and United


AN:     WARNING:  Roberto will be getting what he deserves in this chapter, so if you don’t want to read about his justified torture, please don’t read.  A big thanks goes out to my support team, who has decided to come with me once again on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Bound Series, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.


Carlisle and the team took out the five guards so quickly they didn’t even have a chance to even get off a round.


Stupid fuckers.  Carlisle walked up to the front door, but, before he opened it, he called out using their security code,  “WHITE SWAN!”

Elizabeth heard the codeword, and went to the door to open it up.  “Carlisle! So good to see you.”

“How are you?”  Carlisle asked, seeing the bruise on her face.

“I am good, but you might want to get into the living room before Bella gets another piece of Roberto.”  She smirked.

“Oh, my daughter is getting her revenge, is she?”

“Yes, she is, but she needs to take it easy; it is not good for the…”  Elizabeth started, but stopped suddenly.  Fuck, she almost let it slip about the baby.

Carlisle looked at Elizabeth.  “Elizabeth, what do you mean?”  Then, leaning in closer, he continued.  “We know about your little secret, and we have a specialized doctor here to check you out.”

“I don’t need a specialized doctor, Bella does.”

“But you are the one that is pregnant.”  Carlisle replied.

“I don’t know that for sure, but Bella is.”

Carlisle was stunned by what Elizabeth had told him.  Bella was pregnant.  Bella was pregnant, which meant he was going to be a grandfather.  But, wait, Sean found the test in Elizabeth’s suitcase.  “Elizabeth, Sean found a pregnancy test in your suitcase.”

“I was holding it for Bella.”  Then, looking over at her love, she knew with everything that had happened, she also needed to get checked out, just in case.  “However, Carlisle, I may also be pregnant, so let’s pretend that this conversation never happened, and we both get checked out.”

“Sounds like a good plan.  I know Bella probably wants to tell Edward herself.”

“She does.”

“Then your secret is safe with me.”  Carlisle smirked, and gave Elizabeth a wink.


As he turned toward the living room, where Roberto was, he put on his bad ass face, and walked in.  “Well, well, well, looks like someone had some fun in here.”

Bella turned; she was so happy to see Carlisle.  “Daddy!”  She yelled as she ran over and threw her arms around his neck.

“Oh, hi, sweetie.  Did you get some good hits in?”

Roberto looked over; he didn’t understand what the fuck was happening.  His Isabella was Aro’s daughter, not Carlisle fucking Cullen’s.  “What the fuck are you talking about?  She is not your daughter!  She’s Aro’s, and when he finds out what you have done, you will be dead.”  Roberto slurred, spitting out blood with every word.

Bella let go of Carlisle before walking back toward Roberto, where she picked up a large glass picture frame, which had a picture of Roberto in it, and smashed it over his head, causing a large gash.  Roberto screamed out in pain.

“Aro was nothing but a damn sperm donor, and, unless the devil decides to let his rotting corpse loose from hell, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.  My father is Carlisle Cullen, but I must let you in on a little secret.”  Bella whispered.  “He is going to make you fucking suffer for touching his little girl.”


Roberto eyes grew large at the thought of Carlisle Cullen.  He had heard over the years how fucking tough he was, but he had also heard what a cold and calculated Don he was; how he didn’t hold anything back when it came to punishing those who hurt his family.  Fuck, why had he allowed Aro to talk him into this mess?

“He is all yours, Daddy.”  Bella chirped in a sweet voice, that was laced with a bit of mischief.

“Go with Elizabeth, and get checked out, my darling girl.”  Carlisle implored, kissing the top of her head.

Bella left with Elizabeth; as soon as they stepped out of the front door, they were surrounded by the Coven guard.  They were quickly taken to Meribeth.  She had set up what she thought was needed for a woman who was expecting, and had been in a stressful, possible physical situation.  “Mrs. Cullen, it is a pleasure to meet you.  Elizabeth, let’s get you checked out.”

Elizabeth knew what was going on, and why Meribeth wasn’t checking Bella out first.  “Hello, there has been a huge misunderstanding.  Bella is the one pregnant.”

Meribeth couldn’t believe her ears.  “But, Mr. O’Leary said it was you.”

“Look, Doc, Bella is definitely pregnant; during the time we have been here, I have been having some symptoms.  But, Bella needs to go first, she has been through a lot.”

“Okay, but as I check out Bella, why don’t we do a quick pregnancy test?”  Meribeth stated, reaching in her case and pulling out a test.  “I am going to do a hCG blood test.  Please give me your arm.”

After taking Elizabeth’s blood, and starting the test, Meribeth began checking Bella over.  She was happy that the men had set up a privacy screen, because she had Bella to unzip her dress to look at the bruise and bumps.

“Actually, I would love to get out of this thing; do you have anything I can wear?”  Bella asked.

Elizabeth was standing outside the screen and heard Bella’s request; she, too, wanted to get out of that damn dress.  Looking around, she saw one of the Coven members.  “Mark!”

Mark turned, and walked over to Elizabeth.  “Damn, girl, it is good to see you.”

“Same here.  I need a favor.  Did you guys bring any extra clothes for me or Bella?

Mark smiled, and raked his hand through his hair.  “Actually, yeah.  It was a demand from both Edward and Sean, that, as soon as you were rescued, you were to change out of every stitch of clothes that motherfucker had you wear, and we were to burn them.  So we have everything you need.”

Mark opened the door to another SUV that had come up the mountain as a part of the second wave.  Carlisle and Jack led the first wave, taking out the five guards, and Mark had led the second wave, bringing up the doctor, the evac vehicles, and the device that Carlisle wanted to use to torture Roberto.

Elizabeth had to giggle, thinking that Sean didn’t want another man’s clothes on her body.  She couldn’t wait until they could be together, and reconnect.  Collecting the clothes, she walked back over to where the doctor was, and cleared her throat.

“I have a set of clothes for you, Bella.”

“Fuck yeah.”  Bella gushed.  Elizabeth came behind the curtain, and handed her the clothes.  Edward and Sean had made sure they had something comfortable, yet stylish.  Bella outfit was a pair of soft cotton boy shorts underwear with a matching white sports bra with a zipper front, a pair of yoga pants, and top and a pair of Keds.  There was also a long sleeve flowy top that could be worn if she got cold.  Elizabeth’s outfit was similar, but her top was green, while Bella’s was blue.

“Elizabeth, did you notice the terrible smell these clothes had?  I can’t wait to take a shower, and scrub off his grime.”

“Bella, Elizabeth, I need to ask if either of you were sexually abused?”  Meribeth asked, needing to know if she needed to test them for any STDs.

Elizabeth laughed.  “No, Doc.  Miss ‘I will throw up on you if you get near me’, prevented that.”

“Hey, it worked, didn’t it?”  Bella huffed.

“Yeah, it did.”

Meribeth’s timer went off, and she smiled as she picked up Elizabeth test.  She was happy that she didn’t have to burst Sean bubble of being a daddy.  “Elizabeth, I got your results back.”

Elizabeth began to shake, her nerves getting the best of her.  “Okay.”

“You’re pregnant, and, by the level of hCG, I would figure around six to seven weeks.”

“HOLY FUCK!”  She yelled.

Bella wrapped her arms around her.  “We are going to have babies the same age.”  Then a thought came to her that made her laugh.  “Hey, you want to bet which baby says fuck first?”

Elizabeth began to laugh, and then her thoughts went back to reality; oh shit, she was pregnant with Sean O’Leary’s baby.

“Would you ladies like to hear your babies’ heartbeats?”  Meribeth asked.


“Oh, god, yes.”  Bella and Elizabeth cried.


As Bella and Elizabeth were getting checked out, Carlisle and Sean were about to begin making Roberto pay for what he had done.   Jack had come into the house, and had zip tied his hands together.  Sean had taken off the priest robes and had rolled his sleeves up in preparation for what was about to come.

Roberto finally got why Carlisle Cullen was here, but, why the fuck was Sean O’Leary here?  Looking up at Sean, he spat,  “Why the fuck are you here, asshole?”

“Because you took something that was mine.”

“Just because you can’t protect your own territory isn’t my fault.”

With a fiendish grin, Sean hurled his fist into Roberto’s jaw, causing several teeth to fly out.  “Damn territory is not what you took; you took the woman who is going to be my wife, and is the mother of my child, asshole.”  Sean growled, then turned to Carlisle.  “I can’t take much more of this asshole; let’s get this going.”


“My feelings exactly.  Jack, Marco, take him out back to the device.”

Jack and Marco grabbed underneath each of Roberto’s arms, and began dragging him outside.  As the crossed the room, a bloody piece of flesh fell from his pant leg.  Carlisle went over, and pushed it around with his shoe, taking a good look.  “What is that?”  Sean asked.

Carlisle chuckled.  “Well, it seems my little girl is damn good with a knife to be able to cut off a dick this small.”

“Edward better never piss her off.”  Sean jested.  “Come, let’s get this over with so we can get our loved ones home.”


They walked out to the back of the house, and were happy to see Roberto straddled and tied to a v-cut beam.  Carlisle had never used this form of torture, but had always wanted to do so.  They had set up a camera, so Edward could watch from his bed back in Seattle.  Carlisle wanted him to know that Roberto suffered for what he had done.


Walking over to where Roberto was, he nodded to the guard, who began to raise him off the ground with his legs dangling.  Sean joined Carlisle, and picked up his weight, as did Carlisle.

“This is for you taking taking our women.”  Carlisle barked.  They attached their weights on each of his legs, pulling them downward.

Roberto howled out in pain.  With his dick cut off, his balls were now being pulled down over the beam.  “Stop, please stop.”

Carlisle looked, and with a smirk, stated,  “Nope.”

Picking up the next weight, they proceeded to attach it to his legs.  “This is for laying a hand on their delicate skin.”  Carlisle sneered.

Roberto cried out.  He felt like he was being torn in two as the weights pulled his legs even further down.  “I AM SORRY, PLEASE!”  He yelled.

This time, when they picked up a weight, it was three times the weight as the original two.  He hoped this would cause the end result that he wanted.

“This is for every bump, every bruise, and every tear that you caused them.  I hope you rot in hell.”  They attached the weights and let go.   Roberto’s screams were so loud that it scared the birds from the trees.  The weight was so much that it literally pulled him in half, his dead body in two bloody halves on the ground.

“Put him and his guards in the house and light it up.  Sean, let’s get our girls and get the hell out of here.”


They quickly went around the house and found Bella and Elizabeth sitting in one of SUVs in the air conditioning, enjoying ice cold water and some fruit.  Elizabeth saw Sean, and jumped out the vehicle and ran into his arms.  “Oh, lass, I have missed this so fucking much.  I love you.”

“Oh, I love you, Sean.”

“Let’s go home; you and I have a lot to talk about.”  Sean smirked as he lay a hand on her flat stomach.

Tears welled into her eyes; the only thing she could do was nod.  She was so overcome with emotion.

They made it down the mountain, and were quickly placed the on the plane home.  Meribeth wanted both Bella and Elizabeth to lie down and rest.  Their bodies had been through a lot, and they need as much rest as they could get.

The plane arrived in Seattle, and they were met by a large number of guards, who ushered Bella and Carlisle into one limo, while Sean and Elizabeth went in another.  Bella was so anxious to see and feel Edward once more that her leg bounced up and down much like a bunny rabbit hopping across a field.

“Bella, sweetie, calm down.”  Carlisle said.

“Are you telling me the truth about Edward?  He is okay?”  Bella asked once again.

“Yes, he is weak, but will make a full recovery.”

“Thank you.  I am sorry to be such a pest about it, but I have some news, and I want to make sure that he can take it.”  Bella said, thinking about their baby.  She couldn’t wait to let him know that he was going to be a father.

Carlisle couldn’t help but smile.  “Bella, dear, I know your secret.”

“What?  How?”

“I just do, and I think this will be the best medicine for Edward.  And I must say, I am so happy about it, and I promise not to tell Esme until you give me the go ahead.”

“No, go ahead and tell her, but no one else.  I want to tell Grandfather and Grandmother face to face.”

“We will keep your secret, my sweetie.”  Carlisle said, and, as he looked up, he saw they were pulling into the driveway.  “Look, you are home.”

Goosebumps broke out all over her body.  She was going to see her love.  The car came to a stop, and one of the guards opened the door for her.  She climbed out, and rushed through the door.  Carlisle had told her that Edward was in their bedroom on strict orders not to get out.  She ran up the stairs, and flung open the door; there, sitting up in the bed, was her heart and soul.  He looked a little pale, but, more than that, he was alive.  “Oh, Edward.”  She cried, rushing over to the bed and, crawling in beside him, being careful not to touch any of his wounds.

Edward was so overcome with emotion having Bella back by his side that he could not speak.  She looked okay, other than the bruises on her face, but he had some tough questions he needed to ask, but those could wait until later.  Now was time to just hold her tight, and finally feel alive again.

Edward and Bella in bed copy_zps9fqfbfcx


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  1. That was AWESOME!! The torture device was wicked sick! Now I want to see the full reunion and Bella telling Edward about the baby!!!!


  2. Love it love it love it…finally Roberto gets his just rewards! Thanks!


  3. awesome chapter. so glad that roberto got his just desserts. So glad that e and b are reunited. thank you for the update and can’t wait for me. 🙂


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