Bound and United Chapter 7

Chapter 7


AN:     A big thanks goes out to my support team who has decided to come with me once again on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.  A huge thank you goes out to Virginia for her Spanish translation.  You rock girl.


I own the storyline for Bound Series, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.

Alec and the first team landed at the Hector Silva airstrip on the west side of Belize.  It was a small, out of the way airstrip; the Coven team had been able to pay off airstrip workers to keep quiet.

Hector Silvia

The large amount of guns, protective vests, surveillance equipment, ATVs, and, lastly, the equipment to make the mask was unloaded and placed in the three SUVs with blacked out windows.  The team had found a house near the forest where they would set up camp.  Alec quickly started setting up the computers and cameras, while the others brought in all the weapons, and double checked to make sure everything was operational.  They didn’t want to get to Roberto’s house and have one the weapons not work properly, which could cause someone to get injured, or, worse, dead.

Satellite equipment was checked, and Alec was happy to see that it was working perfectly.  The phone reception was clear and the video, picture, and sound were HD quality. He knew that Edward would be able to see and hear everything, which was very important.

Four members of the team packed up more guns, ammo, satellite phones, and surveillance cameras before heading up the mountain to meet with the team that had been here.  They had also packed some food, because the team had not left their location, other than checking in since Bella and Elizabeth had been identified.  Once this was over, and Roberto was dead, they would be receiving a hefty bonus from not only Edward, but Sean as well.

After sending the team off, Alec started to set up the equipment to make the latex mask and voice malitulator.  As he was working on that, a surveillance team was heading to the church and start collecting intel on Padre Pablo d’Ors.  They would be taking photos and taping his speech to turn over to Alec to start his magic, and have the finished product done by the time the second team arrived.   Alec had gotten Sean head measurements before leaving Vegas, so he hoped that it would fit perfectly.  He was using the new 3-D technology printer to make the copy of the Padre’s face and head.


The surveillance team reached the church, and was able to get into the Padre’s office, and plant the listening devices and cameras.  They set up their surveillance. Over the next few hours, they were able to get several hundred photos at different angles and at least thirty minutes of Padre d’Ors voice.  One of the team members took the disks with the pictures and voice back to the house for Alec to do his magic.  He had never seen anyone that was as dedicated or determined as Alec.  There was nothing he couldn’t do with a computer.

Back in Vegas, the next team was finishing their packing for their trip.  Alec had kept Jasper up to date with how everything was going at the house and how the equipment and the disguise would be ready when they landed.  It had been decided that the Padre would not be taken until the first thing in the morning.  They would make sure he was alone, and then would give him a shot to knock him out.  They would keep him under during the entire time, and, when the job was finished, would place him back where they took him.  He wouldn’t have any memory of what had happened while he was out.  He would also have a message on his phone from Roberto that he needed to cancel their appointment, due to being called away for work.  Roberto would say that he appreciated his understanding, and there would be a sizable donation to the church.

Sean arrived in the meeting room loaded down with weapons.  Alec had sent an image of the robes that the Padre wore, and the Coven team had been able to find an exact copy of the them.  As he looked around, he noticed the amount of weaponry being packed up.  Shit, they had more guns and ammo than many troops had when they went off to war.  Then he looked over, and saw Dr. Mallos packing the first aid kit.  He had called in a favor from a college buddy of his, and was going as the doctor in charge.  She was an ex-military doctor, and had been practicing medicine for the last ten years.  Her husband had been killed in a drive by shooting, and it was found out that the person who did was one of Roberto’s crew.  So, Meribeth was more than happy to help.  She was bringing what she thought would need for a woman who was pregnant, and in distress.

“Sean.”  Carlisle said, shaking his hand.

“Carlisle.  It looks like they have everything planned out.”

“I am very proud of the team.  Alec has all the electronic equipment ready in Belize, and your mask and voice manipulator are ready.”

“Damn, has the guy slept?”  Sean asked.

“I don’t think so.  Your sister has a very determined man.”

“I am seeing that; I never thought anyone was worthy of my sister, but I am seeing that Alec has filled those shoes, and I am proud to call him my brother.”

“That is good to hear.  We are just about ready.  Did you sleep any?”  Carlisle asked, even though he could see the dark circles under his eyes.

“Not much.  I kept having dreams of a baby crying, and I couldn’t find it.”  Sean stated, remembering how scared he was by the dream.  What if they didn’t get to Bella and Elizabeth in time?  How could he live without Elizabeth?

“Sean, we are going to bring them back safe and sound.  Then, I want to be invited to this wedding.”

“You will, Carlisle, along with the entire Cullen family.  I am so proud to have friends like you, and I hope that we will continue to be for years to come.”  Sean declared.

“No doubts on that.”

“Carlisle, Sean, we are ready to head out.”  Jasper announced.

“Fuck yeah, let’s go kick some ass, and get our girls back.”  Sean said.

They loaded the plane, and were off to make Roberto suffer for taking what was not his.  Excitement on the plane was at all time high, they landed quickly, and met by a few of the first team.  The equipment was loaded, and they were off to the house.

“Carlisle, we had a bit of good news.  Roberto killed one of his men last night.”  Jack stated.

“Wow, did anyone hear a reason why?”  Sean asked.

“No, they heard something about using too much chloroform, and Roberto just pulled out his gun and shot him between the eyes.  He didn’t even flinch.  Hell, he even looked more upset over getting blood on his ugly ass shiny shoes.”

“Fuck, that means he is a live wire.  How many guards are at the house?”  Carlisle asked.

“That is the weird part.  Now there is only five guards and Roberto.”  Jack stated.

“Just five?”  Sean asked, wondering why there were so few guards.

“We have double, even triple checked.  Also, from all the intel we have, there are no other guards expected.  Two of the guards from the house are going to pick up the Padre; well… pick you up, that is.”

“Damn, this is good news.”  Carlisle said.  “Have our team picked up the Padre?”

“Yes, he is safe, and sleeping in the back room.”

“Sean, let’s get you in your disguise, and to the church.  The guards will be there in about an hour.”

Sean put on the clothes matching the Padre, allowing with the mask and the voice manipulator.


“How do I sound?”  Sean asked once having the device attached over his throat.

“HOLY FUCK!!”  Carlisle exclaimed.  “That is perfect, and that mask is so lifelike.  Damn, Alec, you did one hell of a job.”

“Thanks, Carlisle.  Sean, you need to get to the church.  Do you have everything?”

“Yes, I do.  I just hope Bella and Elizabeth got the message, and somehow gets a few minutes alone with  me.  It would make it better if I could get them armed.”  Sean said.  He not only had his guns hidden under his robes, but a gun for both Bella and Elizabeth and some of Bella’s knives.  He knew what kind of shot Elizabeth was, but was unsure if Bella knew anything about a gun.  Carlisle had reassured him that Bella was, in fact, lethal with a gun, as well as a knife.

“We can hope.  We will be waiting for your signal; I want Roberto alive.  He is going to pay dearly for what he has done.”  Carlisle said, thinking about how he was going to make the fucker suffer.  If Edward was strong enough, he would have taken him back to Seattle, and let him deal out the punishment, but it was decided that Roberto would die here in Belize, and his home would be laid to rubble and ash.

Sean was taken, and placed in the church, where he waited for Roberto’s men to come pick him up.  Finally, they showed up, and looked around the church.

“Buen día, Padre.”  Good day, Padre

“Buen día, hijo. ¿Están aquí para llevarme con el Señor Cortéz?”  Sean asked, impressed that he sounded so fucking good. Good day, my son.  Are you here to take me to Senior Cortez?

“Sí, Padre. Solo le advertimos que iremos por un camino un tanto peligroso.”  One of the men said.   “Yes, Father.  But we must warn you the road is quite rough.”

“Soy un hueso duro de roer, jovencito.”  Sean jested.  “I am tougher than I look, my son.”

Sean followed the two men out in a SUV, and was placed in the back.  He made extra sure that none of his weapons were touching each other as he buckled himself in.  He didn’t want to have to explain the noise of metal on metal to the two men.  The Coven team had already made the trip up to Roberto’s house, and were stationed in the position, waiting for Sean to arrive, and give them the signal to strike.

As they traveled the rough trip up the mountain, Sean wondered how hard it must have been for Bella and Elizabeth, since they were not in a seat, but bound up in the back.  Fuck, another thing to make that fucker suffer more.  The rest of the trip was filled with thoughts on how to make Roberto suffer before his death.

They finally arrived at the house, and Sean was getting excited about seeing Elizabeth.  He couldn’t wait to take her in his arms, and hold her close.  After this, she would be by his side forever, because he needed her by his side, much like the air he needed to breathe.  Stepping out of the SUV, he was met by Roberto, who was dressed in an expensive suit, and had a large smile on his face.


“Padre D’ors, que gusto al fin conocerlo.”  Roberto gushed, shaking Sean’s hand. “Father d’Ors, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.”

It took everything in his power not to pull out his gun, and kill the fucker where he stood, but he needed to stick to the plan to ensure the girls were safe.  “Señor Ortiz, me siento honrado de estar aquí”  ” Mr. Ortiz, I am honored to be here.”

“Pasemos, mi prometida esta terminando de arreglarse. Estás algo nerviosa por dar una buena impresión.” “Come, let’s go inside, my lovely fiance is finishing getting ready.  She is so nervous that she is not going to make a good impression.”  They walked into the house, and Roberto directed him into the living room.  “Tome asiento, por favor, ¿Desea algo de beber?” Please have a seat.  Would you like something to drink?”

“No, estoy bien, gracias.”  “No, I am fine, but thank you.”  Sean said, setting down and taking in the room to allow the others who were viewing the camera to get a good look.

“Padre, debo decirle que mi querida Isabella y su amiga tuvieron un horrible accidente hace unos días y en sus rostros aún están algunos golpes. Afortunadamente solo fue eso, moriría si algo peor le hubiera sucedido a mi amada. Además, ellas no saben español, me pregunto si usted sabe inglés.”  “Father, I must tell you that my dear Isabella and her friend was in a horrible accident a few days ago, and they have some bruises on their faces.  I am so thankful that was all that happened to them, because I would just die if something happened to my love.  Also, they don’t know Spanish; I wonder if you happen to know English?” 

“Yes, I do.”  Sean said.

“Wonderful, that will make it easier for all everyone.”  Roberto gushed.

Then, Sean saw movement out of the corner of his; when he turned his head, he saw her.   She was walking beside Bella in a dress that looked like it came out of the 1950s, her long red hair was pinned back in a bun at the base of the neck, and around her delicate neck was a string of pearls.  She looked paler than usual, and he could see the bruise on her cheek.  ‘Must remain calm’ kept playing in his head.


“Oh, here she is with her friend.  Father, this is Isabella and her friend, Elizabeth.”

Sean stood, and went over, and shook Bella’s hand.  “So glad to meet you, Isabella.”  Then he took Elizabeth’s hand; the connection they always felt was there, his heart was finally whole again.  “Miss Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth knew as soon as she touched the Padre’s hand that it was Sean.  Damn, they had pulled out all the fancy equipment on this deal.  Hell, she couldn’t even tell it was his voice.

“Ladies, let sit down so the Padre can begin.”  Roberto said, motioning to the loveseat.

“Thank you for coming today, Father.”  Bella said.

“It was my pleasure, my child.  Marriage interviews and counseling are a very important part of the wedding.  We have to make sure that both individuals love and respect each other, and have a solid relationship.”  Sean said, hoping he sounded like a priest.  He had read about what to say, but actually saying it was totally different.  “Before we get started, would anyone like to have a confession to cleanse their mind of any wrong-doing?”

“No, Father, I am good.”  Roberto murmured.  There was no way in hell he was going to confess his sins, least of all in front of Isabella.

Bella knew this was her opportunity to have a few minutes alone with Sean.  “Thank you, Father, I would really love that.”

“Me, too.”  Elizabeth answered.

“But, Isabella, dear, what could you have to confess?”  Roberto asked.

Placing her hand on his knee, and looking into his eyes, she smiled.  “I just wanted to cleans any evil thoughts that I might have had.  I want our marriage to work; to do that, I need to let go of the past.”

Roberto was mesmerized by her beauty.  “If it would make you happy, by all means.”

Sean looked over at Elizabeth; as much as he wanted to talk to her first, he knew that Bella’s confession would have to be first.  “Roberto and Miss Elizabeth, would you please step out or direct us to a room for some privacy?”

Roberto wasn’t happy about leaving Bella alone, but she had been so loving and sweet.  “We will step out.”  Roberto said as he stood and leaned over, and kissed the top of her head.  “I will see you when you are done.”

After Roberto and Elizabeth had left the room, Bella bowed her head and acted as if she was giving her confession.  Sean slipped out her gun, and she carefully placed it in the pocket of the dress. Next, he slipped her two of her knives.  She couldn’t help but smile at the feel of her prized weapons.

“How are you doing, Bella?  Sean whispered.

“I am good.  Please tell me about Edward; I know he is alive.”

“He is doing well; he’s weak, but healing.  He tried to come, but he knew that he would be more a hindrance than help.”  Sean said, but turned his cross so it was facing Bella.  “Say hello; he is watching and listening.”

Tears began to form in her eyes.  “Baby, I am coming home.  I love you so fucking much.”  Bella whimpered.

Sean knew that he needed to end this before Roberto came in, and got curious.  “Bless you child.”  He said, making the cross in front of her.  They stood up. As they did, Roberto and Elizabeth entered back in the room.  Roberto walked over to Bella, pulling her into his side.

“Do you feel better, my love?”

“Yes, Roberto, much better.”

“Miss Elizabeth, are you ready?”  Sean asked.

“Yes, Father.”

Roberto and Bella left the room and left Sean and Elizabeth by themselves.  Elizabeth bowed her head like Bella had, to keep up the ruse.

“Oh, Lizzy, my love.  I have missed you so much.”  Sean cried.

“Me, too, my love.”

“I have been so worried about you, and even more after I found your little surprise.”  Sean whispered, trying not to reach out, and taking her into his arms and never letting go.  “Here, take this.”  He slipped her gun to her, which she slipped into the pocket of her dress.

“Thank you.  What is the plan?”  Elizabeth said, slipping into all business mode.  If she allowed her heart to rule, she wouldn’t be in good shape when they needed her.  After this was all over, she had decided to resign from the Coven.  Her life was no longer in the Coven, but with this man sitting across from her.  But, wait, what surprise was he talking about?

Just as she was about to ask, Roberto walked back into the room.  “Elizabeth, have you finished?”

“Yes, sir.  Thank you for allowing me to do this.”  She stated, with a very bad taste in her mouth.

Roberto walked back over to the loveseat with Bella tightly against his side and proceeded to sit down.  Sean moved over to a chair closer to them, while Elizabeth sat in a chair next to the entryway of the room.

Sean surveyed the room; none of the five guards were in the house.  The two that had brought him went into a building beside the house, and he saw the other three walking around the house.  Fuck, they were like the duck hunt game, ready to be picked off one by one.

“Father, we would like to begin.”  Roberto stated, wanting to get this over with so he and his beloved could finally become one.

Sean nodded his head, and pulled out the book that he had brought along.  Just as he was about to open it, he looked at Bella and gave her a wink.  Bella could tell this was their chance; she needed to do what she could do to get the fuck out of there, and make this motherfucker suffer.  Slipping out one of her beloved knives, she gripped it tightly along the side of her dress.

“Roberto, may I say something?”  She asked sweetly.

“Anything, my love.”  Roberto cooed.

Smiling a wicked smile, she quickly raised her knife, and jabbed it into his groin.  “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!”  She yelled.


“YOU BITCH!”  Roberto yelled as he tried to pull the knife from his dick, but, before he could, he was knocked back with a tremendous blow to the face.  When he looked up to see who had done it, it was the priest.

“Father, why did you do that?”  Roberto groaned.

Sean gripped the side of his mask, and pulled it off, revealing to Roberto who he truly was.  Roberto eyes grew wide open like a scared deer.  “You!”  He spat.

At that moment, they heard all hell breaking loose outside, with large explosions and rapid gunfire.  Elizabeth now had her gun out, and was guarding the door, ready to shoot if someone tried to come in.  Bella was up from the loveseat and had her gun pointed at Roberto, wanting so much to put a bullet between his eyes, but soon realized that it would let him off too easy.

Roberto, once again, tried to remove the knife, but, before he did, Sean once again threw a punch, this one breaking his nose in a loud, sickening crunch.  Roberto howled out in pain, blood gushing from his nose.

“YOU FUCKER!”  He growled.  Bella was sick and tired of his mouth, so, with the base of her gun, she began to hit him multiple times to the side of his head.

“This will teach you to hit a woman, you asshole.”  She spat.

“But you love me.”  He choked out.

Laughing loudly.  “I will be accepting my Academy Award for my performance during this time with you.  I love only one man, Edward Cullen.”

“I killed that motherfucking pussy.”  Roberto gibed.

“Ha ha.  That is where you are wrong; Edward is alive, and waiting for his wife to return to him.”  Sean smirked.

“There is no fucking way.  My guys heard that he didn’t have a heartbeat.  You are just saying that shit.”

“Roberto, you have not had the great pleasure of getting to know the man that is Edward Cullen, Don of the Cullen/Volturi crime family.  Oh, wait, he shares running the family.”  Sean said.

“Well, he must be a pussy if he needs another man to help him run the family.”  Roberto huffed.

Bella smirked, and stepped closer to Roberto, and pulled out her other knife that Sean had given her.  Then, she stabbed the knife next to the other, this time severing his dick from his body.  He yelled out from the unbelievable pain.  “Roberto, or should I say Rebecca, I am Isabella Marie Volturi Cullen, Donna and Co leader of the most powerful families on the West Coast. This is only the beginning.”



Please leave me your thoughts on the chapter.  Next up is the death of Roberto and Edward and Bella reunion.





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  1. Awesome chapter. I so love a kick ass Bella. I cannot wait for the next chapter. 🙂 I truly love this story.


  2. awesome chapter… I was cheering up so badly while Bella got her little revenge. it was amazing. please update soon


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