Chapter 10 of Bound and United

The early morning light began to stream through the windows of Edward and Bella’s bedroom.


Edward slowly opened his eyes, and smiled, knowing that his life was safely wrapped in his arms.  It had been a long night; Bella had woken him up several times with her nightmares.  He didn’t know what it was all about, but he knew it had to do with Roberto.  The first time she screamed out, he had reached for his gun, but when he looked around, he saw that she was screaming in her sleep.  He gathered her body closer to his and whispered.  “You are safe, you are with me, my love.”  He continued to say that over and over until she finally calmed down.  Once she was back to sleep, he drifted off to sleep, just to be woken again and again.  He hated that she was going through this, damn that fucker, Roberto, and damn Aro.


“Hmm…Edward, can you let go of me?”  Bella requested.


“Never.”  He smirked.


“Well, you are going to have to, or our bed is going to be wet.”


“Fine.  But hurry back.”  Edward replied as he kissed her cheek.


Bella got up, and hurried to the bathroom.  She quickly emptied her bladder, washed her hands, and brushed her teeth.  As she looked in the mirror, she saw the horrible black circles under her eyes.


She knew they were caused by the horrible nightmares that plagued her all night long; the only thing that helped her get any rest was Edward.  Taking one more look in the mirror, and running a brush through her hair, she returned to the bedroom, and back to Edward’s waiting arms.


“Good morning, love.”  Edward said, pulling back the covers, and inviting her back in.  She climbed back in, and gently laid her head on his good shoulder.

“Good morning.”  She murmured.  “I am sorry I kept waking you.”

Edward turned so he was looking into her beautiful eyes.  “No, sweetheart.  I am sorry you have been having such bad dreams.  Do you want to talk about it?  It might help.”  He implored.

Taking a deep breath, Bella began.  “It starts with us at the hospital, where I have just given birth to our baby, when Roberto bursts in, shooting and killing the doctor, then you, and, then he takes our baby.”

Edward hugged her tight.  “Baby, he is dead and gone.”

“But it was so real.”

“I am sure it was.  Dad and Sean took care of him.  I watched the entire torture, and his last breath.  There is no way in hell he’s still alive.”

“But it was so real.”  Bella cried.

“Baby, you have been through hell, but I promise you that I won’t leave your side again.  Remember what you said last night about fighting for us?”

Bella nodded.

“Then you need to keep fighting, and not let the memories of Roberto take control.  You are stronger than this; we are stronger than this, and I promise you that I will fight for us.”

“I love you.”  Bella whispered, so overcome by Edward’s words.

“As I love you.  Now, let’s get up, and have Angela fix us some breakfast.  Dr. Mallos will be coming by soon to check me out.  Shit, we need to find you a doctor.”

“I really like Meribeth.”  Bella said.

“Who?”  Edward questioned.

“The doctor that came with Carlisle and Sean.  She was nice, but I could tell she had a reason for being there.”

“When Dr. Mallos gets here, we will talk to him about her.  But, baby, you and our little cygnet require the best.”

“I want that as well.”  Bella said, placing her hand on her stomach.

“Oh, fuck, I need to tell Mom and Dad.”

“Your dad already knows.”  Bella announced.

“What? You mean he knew you were pregnant before I did?”  Edward whined.

Bella smiled, and kissed Edward sweetly on his pouty lips.  “He found out by accident from Elizabeth.  But, I did tell him he could tell your mom, but not your grandparents, or mine.  I want to have them over, and do that together.”

“All right.  Let’s see what Dr. Mallos says about me, and maybe we can have them over for a quiet dinner.”

“That sounds like a good plan.”  Bella said.  “How are you feeling this morning?”

Edward knew he couldn’t lie to her; she had a way of seeing through him.  “Stiff and sore, but I feel like I have more energy than yesterday.  I think having you around has improved my health greatly.”

“Oh, baby, I am so happy to be home.  Now, let’s get dressed; I am so hungry.” Bella replied.

“Then, we must feed the little mama.”  Edward smirked.

They got up and got dressed: Bella in a pair of jeans and a flowy top, while Edward opted for a pair of track pants and a T-shirt.   Hand in hand, they went downstairs, taking it easy with each step.  Edward still felt weak, but it was better than when he was in the hospital.  They walked into the kitchen to find Angela and Ben at the breakfast bar.

“Edward, Bella, so good to see you up and around.  Please have a seat, and I will fix you breakfast.”  Angela remarked as she pulled out two coffee cups, and began pouring them each a cup.

“Actually, Angela can I have a glass of milk?.”  Bella asked.  She had heard that pregnant women were supposed to watch their caffeine intake, and increase their milk intake.

Angela looked at Bella, then at Edward, who was sitting there with the largest smile she had ever seen, then he wrapped his arms around Bella, and kissed her temple.  As she looked back at Bella, she wondered, was she pregnant?  “Okay, is there anything else you might like to change in your diet?”

Bella smiled.  Angela was a very smart woman; she could tell from her question that she had figured it out.  “Not at the moment, but I will let you know.”  Bella answered.

Angela giggled, and continued fixing Edward and Bella their breakfast.

“Oh, shit, I forgot to ask; how is Seth?”  Bella asked.

“He is doing fine.  He is actually here on the compound receiving his treatments.  The bullet nicked an artery in his leg, but the surgeons were able to repair it, and he will regain full use of his leg.”  Edward explained.  “We are bring in PT techs here, instead having to leave the house.  Ben, the doc is coming this morning, and the techs will start coming tomorrow if everything checks out with the doc.  I want the new guard in place and I want you to make sure they understand what they are doing.”

“Will do, Boss, and the fence has been completed; we put on an extra crew to get it done.  Alec left instructions on where he wanted the cameras and a laser detention fence to be placed.”


“Fuck, I forgot about that.  The house is gone already?”

“Yes, we got it all done while you were away.”

“Oh, I had forgotten about that.”  Bella said.

“It is now one large compound with Carlisle and Esme’s house on one end, and yours on the other.  The now empty space in the middle is ready for the house that will be for the guard and the underground meeting hall.”  Ben said with a smirk.  It was not really a meeting hall, but a new place that would be used any time they needed to take care of people who messed with the family.  It was going to state of the art, with a specialized flooring that would cut clean up time in half.  It would also have sterilizating showers and an incinerator to burn clothes and other materials.

“Great.  When is the construction supposed to start?”  Edward asked.

“Next week.  Our regular construction guys couldn’t get here until after they finished Eclipse, which is now completely done, and they are training the staff now.  We are holding off on the open date until you two got back.  I’ve heard that the list of people wanting to join is huge, and that Carmine and his father have been working overtime doing background checks on all potential members.”

“Ben, I can’t thank you enough for looking out of things here.  My father and Michael have said you have been going above and beyond the call of duty, man.  After everything finally settles down, I want you and Angela to take a nice long vacation on us.”  Edward declared.

“Not necessary, Boss.”

“Yes, it is.”  Bella inserted.

Angela placed breakfast in front of them, and they began eating.  Bella ate everything on her plate, and looked up at Angela, who had a sly grin.  Walking over to the stove, she uncovered the skillet, and placed another helping of the cheesy eggs on Bella’s plate, along with another piece of wheat toast.  Bella dug in once more, enjoying the cheesy goodness.

Edward couldn’t help but smile as Bella took a second helping of breakfast.  He was going to make sure that her every desire was met during this pregnancy; hell, he would make sure it always happen.  After finishing their breakfast, they went into the living room, and sat down to wait for Dr. Mallos.

They enjoyed their time, talking about the baby, and how happy they were.  Bella said they would need to design a nursery; Edward surprised her by wanting to be part of the design.


He said he was sure that his mom and dad would have to have a nursery in their home as well.  They heard the doorbell; they thought it was Dr. Mallos, but was surprised to see Sean and Elizabeth.  Both were beaming with joy and happiness.

“Hello, Fucker.”  Edward smirked.

“Well, hello to you, too, asshole.  You are looking better, but, then again, you had only one way to go, or you would be dead.”  Sean joked.

Elizabeth came over, and gave Bella a big hug.  “How are you feeling?”

“Good, having a little trouble sleeping, but otherwise great.  How about you?”

Elizabeth laid her left hand on her stomach, her engagement ring catching the sunlight that was beaming into the room.  “We are really good.”

“OH MY GOD!”  Bella yelled, reaching for Elizabeth’s hand.  “Is that what I think it is?”

Sean stepped over, placing his arm around Elizabeth, and kissing her.  “It sure the fuck is.  We’re getting hitched.”

“Congrats, fucker, Elizabeth.”  Edward said.  “You are getting yourself one hell of a girl.”

“I know.”  Sean beamed.

“Sit down, and tell us all about it.”  Bella gushed, wanting to know all the details.

Sean and Elizabeth each took a seat on the loveseat, and proceeded to tell them about how he proposed.  Bella oohed and aahed all the details.  Sean, like Edward, was a big, bad mafia boss, but also had a soft heart for the woman he loved.

“Bella, do you think Esme would help me plan the wedding?  We want to get married in a month.  I know it will be the first of December, but we wanted to get married several weeks before Alec and Maggie’s wedding.”  Elizabeth asked.

“I am sure she will, but why don’t I call her, and have her come over?”  Bella asked as she pulled out her phone, and dialed Esme’s cell phone.  She answered on the first ring.

“Bella, sweet, how are you?”

“I am great, but I was wondering if you come over?”  Bella asked.

“Certainly.  I will be right over. Oh, I can take the golf cart, and use the new connector road between the houses.  Oh, Bella, you have to see my cart, it is so cool.  I had it specially made; it is Tiffany blue.  I will be there in a few.”  Esme said, hanging up before Bella could get a word in.

Bella giggled as she put away her phone.  “What did she say?”  Elizabeth asked.

“Oh, honey, she is on her way.”  Bella chucked.  “Edward, did you know that your mom had a golf cart custom made for her to drive between our houses?”

“Fuck, no, please tell me she didn’t.”  Edward groaned.

Then they heard it; it definitely sounded like no other a golf cart.  They got up, and looked out the window in the back, facing the road, and saw Esme pull in a Tiffany blue golf cart.  It looked like it was a ‘57 Chevy, with large chrome wheels and huge chrome dual tailpipes. The seats were white and Tiffany blue leather.


Carlisle was sitting in the passenger seat, holding on for dear life.  All the color was gone from his face.  Esme slammed on the brakes, causing Carlisle’s head to whip back.

“Ouch.”  He cried.

“Quit being a damn baby.”  Esme announced as she walked up the steps and through the door.  “Damn fool can’t take it that I drive better than him.”

They all tried not to laugh as Esme made her rounds, hugging each one of them.  When she hugged Bella, tears were flowing down her cheeks.  “Oh, baby girl, I am so happy.”  She cried.


“Me, too.”  Bella said, wiping away her tear.

Carlisle walked in, his hair was windblown, and he was white as a sheet.  “Esme, what the fuck?  You could have killed us.”

“Oh, quit being such a big baby, I thought you were a bad ass, but you are nothing but damn, whiny ass pussy.”  Esme huffed.

“ESME!”  Carlisle barked.  “You and I will discuss this later.”

Esme looked into his eyes and knew she had overstepped her bounds.  Fuck, this was not her loving husband before her, but her Dominant.  Lowering her head a little, she looked up with a sad eyes.  “I’m sorry.”

Carlisle walked over, and wrapped his arms around her, then leaned in, and whispered into her ear.  “We will take care of the punishment later on.”

Esme nodded, and whispered back.  “Yes, Sir.”

Fuck, Carlisle loved hearing her say that, he leaned in, and kissed her soundly, pulling her up against his denim covered hardened cock.

“Mom, Dad, we have company.”  Edward whined.

“What?”  Carlisle smirked.

They finally broke loose, and everyone sat down.

“Mom, I wanted you to come over to ask if you would be willing to help plan another wedding?”  Bella asked.

Esme wondered who was getting married.  She was already helping Maggie and Alec’s wedding.  She had been making lists all morning for the baby shower that she would be having for her grandbaby.  “Who is getting married?”

“That would be us, Esme.”  Elizabeth answered, beaming with joy.

“Oh, how wonderful!”  Esme rejoiced.

“Congratulations!”  Carlisle boomed, shaking Sean’s hand, and giving Elizabeth a hug.  “We will miss having you on the team, but I can’t think of a better man for you.  You both deserve to be happy.  Let’s get some champagne, and have a toast.”

“Actually, Dad, I can’t have any and you know Bella can’t.”  Edward said.

“And, Carlisle, Elizabeth can’t either.”  Sean smirked.

Esme looked over at Elizabeth, and she smiled, and nodded.  “Are you pregnant, too?”  Esme asked.

“Yes, we are.”  Elizabeth answered with pride.

“Oh, my, two babies.  You girls are having babies who will be the same age.  That is so wonderful.”  Esme gushed.

“Mom, you didn’t give us an answer.  Will you help?”  Bella asked again.

“Of course!  We will get together tomorrow, and write down what you see in the wedding, and I will take it from there.  Oh, and Sean, I will need something from you.”

“What, Esme?”

“Your credit card.”

Everyone laughed.  Sean reached into his wallet, and pulled out his black Amex card, and handed it over to Esme.  “Spare no expense.”

“Just the words I like to hear.”  Esme beamed.

The group laughed and talked, not bringing up any business or kidnapping, somehow knowing that both Bella and Elizabeth needed to have some normal interaction.  This is how Dr. Mallos found them.  He couldn’t help but smile, because he could see a huge difference in Edward from yesterday’s check up to today’s, and knew it was all because of the young woman sitting beside him, who was lovingly caressing his leg.

“Good day!”  Dr. Mallos announced.

“Dr. Mallos, come in.  It is so nice to see you.”  Esme said.

“Hello Mrs. Cullens, Mr. Cullens, Mr. O’Leary, and Ms. Servillo.”  Dr. Mallos acknowledged.  “Mr. Cullen, it is good to see you up.  How do you feel?”

“I feel so much fucking better than I did.”

“Edward.”  Esme scolded.  “Watch your language.”

“But, Mom, I can’t help it.”  Edward protested.

“Fuck yeah, Ms. Esme.  His child’s first word is going to be ‘fuck’.”  Sean jibed.

Esme stood up, and left the room.  Moments later, she walked back with a bar of soap.  “Now listen here, the both of you, you are about to become fathers, and you need to start watching what you say.  So, the next time I hear either one of you say ‘fuck’, I will wash your mouth out with this.”  Esme hissed.  “Do you both understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Sean and Edward said together, while everyone else in the room tried their best not to bust out laughing.

“Dr. Mallos, I am sorry about these two.  I am sure you are here to check Edward over.”  Esme stated.

“Yes, I am.”  Dr. Mallos answered, hoping that he would remember to never get on Esme Cullen’s bad side.

“Actually, before you start Dr. Mallos, we are going to be needing an obstetrician for Bella. She has said how much Meribeth made her feel at ease.  Do you know anyone or is Meribeth qualified?”  Edward asked.

“Meribeth is a very dear friend of mine from medical school; she was top in her field in Chicago in Obstetrics, but she fell to pieces after the death of her husband by a drive by a drug dealer, who just happened to be affiliated with Roberto Cortez.  She came on the trip to get some closure, and see that the man who took the love of her life got what he deserved.  She has moved to Seattle, but has not decided if she wants to join a medical group, or maybe take on specialized patients.”

“Wow, I had no idea.  What a shame about her husband.”  Carlisle stated.

“Do you think she might be willing to take me on as a patient?  As Edward said, I feel very comfortable with her for some reason; of course, it helps that she knows about the family.”  Bella said.

“I can ask her to come over, and we could talk about it.”  Dr. Mallos said.


“I liked her as well, but Sean and I will be in Boston.  You don’t happen to know anyone in the Boston area?”

“Not right off the top of my head, but let me make some inquiries, and I will let you know.  Now, if everyone doesn’t mind, I need to check over my patient.”

“Certainly.  Edward, Bella, we will see you soon.”  Esme said, as she and Carlisle stood up.

“Actually, Mom, could you call my grandparents, and invite them over for a small casual dinner?  We want to tell them the news before it gets out.”  Bella asked.

“I would love to; Edward’s grandparents are also in town, so, if it is okay, I will invite them as well.”

“Oh my goodness, yes.”

“Great.   I’ll call you later to get the time.”  Esme said, giving each of them a kiss before she and Carlisle left out the back door.  Everyone could hear Carlisle saying.  “I am driving us home, and that is that.”

After Carlisle and Esme left, Sean and Elizabeth said their goodbyes as well, because they were on their way to Maggie’s to tell her about the engagement and the baby.  They would be back tomorrow to start the wedding plans.

Once everyone was gone, Dr. Mallos began his exam of Edward’s wounds.  He removed the bandages; it was the first time that Bella had seen the damage that the bullets had caused.  Each of the wounds were still red, and the stitches were still in, but there were no signs of infection.

“Edward, they are looking really good.  If they stay this way, I will be removing the stitches on Friday.”  Dr. Mallos said, as he rebandaged each wound.  “I am going to start you on PT tomorrow.  It will start out slow and work up until you are back to normal.”

“Doctor is there anything he shouldn’t be doing?”  Bella asked.

“No heavy lifting or anything that causes him to stretch his stitches.  They are healing wonderfully, but I don’t want anything to cause a tear.”

“But what about sex?”  Edward asked; it had been too damn long since his dick had been in its warm, wet home.

“Again, no stretching of your stitches.”

“Well, fuck.”  Edward cursed; it was going to be a long night.


Chapter 3 of The Mother of the Blood Dragons

AN:     Now we know what happen to mankind.  Let’s just see who Bella, Rose, and Jasper run into along their journey.  A big thanks go out to my ever wonderful beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, Dinia Steel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Mother of the Blood Dragons, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.



Before leaving the library, each one of them selected a book to take along on the journey.  Jasper found a book on the history of ancient Greece, when man believed in gods and goddess.  He was intrigued, and wanted to spend more time reading about it.  Bella took a book on the supernatural and fantasy world.  She was curious about what man considered to be fact, or pure fiction in their minds.  Rose found a book on potions and spells.  She had always dabbled with special plants and herbs.

Filling their containers with water, they headed back on their journey.  They were fascinated by the structures and statues that were throughout the town.  There was a statue of a man sitting in a chair.  Above him was some writing, but part of it must have been damaged during the bombing.   The only part was still readable read “IN THIS TEMPLE, AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE SAVED,”, then, there was a big chunk of stone missing, and then these last few words, “IS ENSHRINED FOREVER.”  Bella wondered “what has this man done to receive such an honor?”. From what she could tell, he had a face of someone who would have had a caring heart.  Maybe there was some good in man.

They continued walking, then they came up a field of statues of men.  All of them were wearing a dome type cap and a cloak, all made of metal.  They were carrying some type of weapon.  Were they the men who were sent to kill the virus?

The next thing they saw was a long, black stone wall with many names written on it.  Was this a list of the survivors of the virus, or did it have another meaning?

Bella took out her compass, and checked to make sure they were going in the right direction, before they began their hike through the stone city, and toward the green mountains.

“How did they grow their food when there is so little dirt?”  Rose asked.

“I was wondering the same thing.”  Jasper said.

As they walked, Jasper and Rose both kept a close eye out for any dangers, but they had not seen any living creature, except for a four legged animal with small pink eyes, a long nose, and a long, hairless tail.  It was one of the ugliest animals they had ever seen.  This creature was carrying its young on its back.   Finally, they got out of the the stone city and onto grass and dirt, where they made camp for the night.  Finding some wood, they built a fire and cooked a pan of grain and water, making musch, a simple meal of their people.  Rose was going to take first watch, so Jasper laid down on the soft, green grass, and drifted off to sleep.  He dreamed of a woman with jet black hair and bright golden eyes, who came walking out of a mist calling his name.  He walked toward her; however, when he got close to touching her, she disappeared, and, in her place, was a very large black cat.

As Jasper slept, Bella took a few minutes to look through the book she brought by the fire.  It spoke of man’s quest to find out if supernatural world did, in fact, exist, or was it merely only a fantasy cooked up by someone called the movie industry.  The first chapter was on people who read other people’s minds or the minds of other creatures.  It spoke of an ancient group of people who were direct descendants of large mammals, and said that their thoughts were connected.  They were called the Protectors of the Forest.

The person who had written the book had taken the stance that the supernatural world did exist, and that it hid in plain sight; supernatural creatures walked along man, but they were disguised to man’s narrow-minded eyes.  Bella knew that many of the supernatural creatures did exist, but was sure that she had no idea of the different kinds, and hoped, on their journey, to run into more, and get to know more about them.  Closing the book, and putting it back into her bag, she laid down, and closed her eyes.  Her dreams were filled of blood red eyes, but, within the dark red irises, was a shimmer of hope.

Rose watched out for any potential dangers, but was blessed with relative silence, with only a large bird in a nearby tree, calling out with what sounded like “hoo, hoo”.  In-between surveying the area, she watch the bird, and she could have sworn that it could turn its head all the way around.  She wished now that she had taken a book about birds, because she really wanted to know more about them.  Soon, she woke Jasper, who took her place as guard.

“Did you see or hear anything?”  He asked.

“Nothing to cause alarm.  There is a strange bird up in the tree, but it is not dangerous, just different.  I will see you at first light.”  Rose said, then made her way back to camp to sleep near Bella.

The next morning, after eating their meal, they continued the journey.  Several hours later, they crossed a small stream; as they began to ascend up a hill, a large black cat jumped from a tree into their path.

Rose pulled her sword as Jasper raised his spear, but, a few moments later, he lowered it.

“JASPER!”  Rose yelled.  “What are you doing?”

“He is not going to hurt us.”  Jasper stated.  “He wants us to follow him.”

“What do you mean?”  Bella asked.

Jasper turned to Bella.  “I know this is going to sound strange, but I can hear him talking in my head.”

“Are you sure it is safe?”  Rose questioned, wanting to protect Bella at all cost.

Jasper turned back to the cat.  “We promise no harm will come to you as long as we are safe.”

What the cat did next surprised both Rose and Bella.  It nodded its head.  “See, I told you.”  Jasper gushed.

“All right, let’s follow it.”  Bella said, curious as to what they might find.

The large cat took the lead up the hill, his long, strong legs having no trouble up the steep incline.  When it reached the top of the hill, it stopped and waited for Bella, Rose, and Jasper to join him.

“Jasper, this is strange.”  Rose said as they walked up the hill.

“I know, but I also dreamt of this cat.  I am getting this weird feeling that, wherever it takes us, I will be changed forever.”

They continued to follow the cat, which lead them through a dense grove of trees, whose branches hung down like lifeless arms, which swayed in the breeze.  Once through the trees, they were transported to a beautiful world.  There were tall, magical looking stone buildings, with large arched windows, lush green trees and bushes, and, in the distance, there was a crystal blue waterfall.  And, unlike the foul air that they had been smelling, the air was like sweet blossoms.

Looking ahead, the black cat was meet by other cats, some black, white, stripped and golden brown.  Each cat had a person beside them stroking their fur.  Then, a woman stepped forward; she had jet black hair and golden eyes.  She looked intently at Jasper, and then, she flared her nostrils, smelling the air.

Jasper was shocked to see the woman he had seen in his dreams, but, more than that, he could hear her talking, even though she hadn’t moved her lips.

“I have been waiting for you for so long.”  She said. Jasper went to open his mouth, but she shook her head.  “Just use your mind.”

“How are you doing this?”

“I can only talk like this to two beings: one is my faithful partner, Alex.” She said as she stroked the cat that had led them here’s head.  “And, the other is my mate.  Jasper, do you feel the pull?”


“That is the pull of mates.  You are the other half of my soul, and the only one that can make me finally complete.”

“Jasper, what is going on?” Bella implored, worried by the fact that he had not said a word, but looked as if he was communicating with the woman.

Jasper turned to Bella.  “This is my mate.”


“Hello.  My name is Alice, and I am the leader of the Guardians.  We are the protectors of the forest and all those who live in it.”

“Hello.  My name is Bella, and this is my guard Rose; I believe you have already met Jasper.”  Bella explained.

“Welcome.  What brings you on this journey?”  Alice asked.

Bella looked at Jasper, and he gave her a small nod.  He knew that his mate wouldn’t do anything bad to them.

“I am on a quest to find my mate.”  Bella answered.  It was the truth, but it didn’t divulge all the information about herself, or her mate.

Alice could see there was something more, but knew that she would have gain Bella’s trust before she would find out.  She knew that her mate would only guard someone who was a good person.  “Why don’t we have something to eat, and I will tell you more about my people.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea.”  Jasper declared, walking closer to Alice, and then reached up, and stroked her cheek tenderly.  She laid her face in his large, firm hand, and then did something very unique to the Guardian people.  It was something that was only done in the presence of one’s mate…she purred.

Chapter 9 of Bound and United

Edward was so happy to get a glimpse of her when Sean had come into Roberto’s house as the priest.  Just hearing her sweet voice seemed to put him at ease.  But he was worried that Roberto had forced himself on her.  The way he had her dress and the way he acted around reminded him of a man who was obsessed with the 1950s, and how they treated women.  During his time of studying to become a Dominant, he had read about such a group.  If Roberto had forced Bella to have sex, he would be as patient and understanding as he could, making sure that she understood that it wasn’t her fault.  He had never been so proud of his father as he was when he saw him kill Roberto by splitting him in half.  He only wished he had been able to do it himself, but, as much as he hated it, he knew he needed to rest.  He wanted to get better as soon as possible.  Carlisle and Michael were going to continue the day to day operations of the family until he was well enough to come back.  Bella had gone through hell, and they were going to heal together, and not rush back too soon.

Sean looked so happy to have Elizabeth back, and Edward couldn’t help but be a little jealous by the fact that they were expecting.  Oh, well, during this time he would take every opportunity to try to get Bella pregnant.

The nurse came in the room after Roberto’s death, and gave him his pain pill along with all his other meds.  Starting tomorrow, he would be starting his rehab, which, according to his healthcare professionals, would help him heal quicker.  Drifting off to sleep, he fell into a beautiful dream of a little bundle of joy of his own.

Hours later, still in his drug induced sleep, he felt the warm energy that he only felt when his beloved was near.  Opening his eyes, he saw her, and his heart nearly leapt out of his chest.

“Bella.”  He whimpered.

“Edward.”  She cried, as she crawled into the bed, and cuddled up as close as possible.

He turned toward her; as soon as he did, the rage he felt for Roberto pulsed through him as he saw the bruises up close.  Centering himself, he knew that he needed not to let Roberto to still be disrupting his time with Bella.  Roberto was dead and gone.  Carefully, he leaned in, and  began kissing each bruise and cut, whispering “I love you” with each kiss.

Bella’s heart lightened with each kiss.  The love he had for her could be felt with each brush of his lips.  Pulling back, and looking into his glossy, green piercing eyes, she knew that her heart was finally home and safe.


“Baby, I missed you so fucking much.  Even as I lay on the operating table, I fought my way through hell to get to see you again.”  Edward declared.

“I was so scared.  The last thing I heard was that your heart had stopped, but I could still feel you, so I knew you were still alive.  Then, I dreamt that you had fought the devil to come see me to tell me to fight, and I did.  I fought for you, I fought for me, I fought for us, but, Edward, I also fought for this.”  Bella said, as she took his hand and laid it on her stomach.  “I fought for our baby.  Edward, you are going to be a father.”

Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He was going to be a father.  They were going to have a baby.  “Really?”

“Yes, my love.”

Edward slowly sat up.  He was going to a father.  Lifting Bella’s top, which showed her still flat belly, he leaned up, and began talking to the little cygnet.  “Hi there.  I am your father.  I am so fucking happy that you are coming.  Well, shit, I shouldn’t have said fuck.  Fuck it.”

Bella laughed at Edward trying to control his foul mouth.

“I am going to teach you how to play ball, ride a bike, shoot a gun, take out the motherfuckers who try to hurt the family.   Aw, shit, I shouldn’t have said motherfucker, Fuck.  I will teach you about girls, and what they like.  Fuck, you will have be one handsome guy with a mother as beautiful as she is.”

“Ah, Edward, you do realize that it might be a little girl.”  Bella teased, because, somewhere deep inside, she knew it was a little boy with bronze hair and piercing green eyes.

Edward stopped, and thought about what Bella had said.  It could be a little girl.  She would be the apple of his eye.  “Well, little cygnet, if you happen to be a cute little girl, I will still teach you to ride a bike, shoot a gun, but you are not dating until you are thirty, and if I see any little fucking penises trying to get up your skirt, I will chop that motherfucker off, and burn it.”

“EDWARD!”  Bella yelled.


“You can’t do that.  Remember love finds you, and you don’t know when it is going to happen.  Much like when you saw me at Jasper’s feet.”

Edward knew she was right, but he was going to do everything in his power not to let it happen too soon.  And then he thought of Bella deep in her submissive mindset.  Fuck, it had been too long since they had been able to play.  Damn, could she even play now that she was pregnant?  He would have to make a call to his mentor, and ask.   Then, it hit him.

“So, Elizabeth is not pregnant?”  He asked, knowing how excited Sean was that Elizabeth was pregnant.   This would be a tough pill for Sean to take.

Bella smiled.  “Actually, she is.  It is a total surprise.”

“Oh, that is fucking great.  It would have been hard for Sean if she wasn’t.  He was so fucking happy when he found the test.”

“I’ll bet; I am sure we are losing Elizabeth from the Coven.  She is going to be very difficult to replace.”  Bella admitted.  She would miss her.

“I know you are right.  Sean will not let her out of his sight from now on.”  He knew now was the time to ask her about if Roberto had done anything.  “Sweetheart, I hate to ask, but did Roberto do anything to you?”

Bella shook her head.  “No.  The main thing that Jasper taught me in my self defensive training was to use my head, and that is what I did.  After I made the mistake of mouthing off, I took a step back to analyze him and his behavior.”  Placing her hand on her stomach.  “And this little one helped.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I seemed to have a sensitive stomach to Roberto’s cologne; every time he would come near me, I would throw up on him.  I don’t think I would have had such an aversion if it hadn’t been for our little cygnet.”

“So, he or she is already protecting the family.  Definitely a Cullen.”  Edward gushed.

Leaning back on the pillow, he took in her beauty.  He had missed being around her, and, now that she was expecting, she was even more beautiful.   He had heard people say that expecting mothers glowed. He could never see that, but, here, today he saw what they were talking about.  The soft, warm, glowing light of motherhood shone all around her, and it was breathtaking.   “Damn, I am so fucking happy.”  He grabbed her, and pulled her toward him, his lips pulling hers into a hot, toe curling kiss.  It had been too long without tasting or feeling them, and he planned on making up for each second they had lost.  Her mouth opened, and his tongue began to stroke hers in a sexual tango.  All too soon, he was out of breath, so, instead of losing the momentum, he continued with soft, feathery kisses down her jawline and down her throat until he reached the back of her ear, where he didn’t cease his kisses, but began to hum.

The vibration of his lips was driving her crazy with need.  Edward knew every inch of her body, and he also knew how to play it like a fine well tune instrument.  “Oh, Edward.”  She moaned.

He knew what he was doing, and smiled in-between the kisses.  Then, he began whispering in her ear with his hot breath.  “Take off your top and bra.”

Bella wasted no time in pulling off her top, and unzipping the front of the sports bra, which allowed her breasts to be released from their confines.  Edward admired  her beautifully formed breasts.  He didn’t know it was possible, but they actually looked larger.  Reaching up, he cupped her bare breasts in his large hands, and gently squeezed them.  Her head fell back, and a loud emotional moan escaped her lips.

“Damn, baby, you are so fucking sexy.  I have got to have a taste.”  Bella leaned over his mouth, making sure she did hit any of his wounds, and he captured a quivering, tingling nipple between his lips, and sucked the tortured peak.


As he enjoyed the one breast, he pinched the other hard nipple.  Alternating from tugging gently to flicking the nipple, caused the sexy sounds from Bella to increase.  “Take off your pants and panties, I need to taste my pussy.”

“Edward, you need to take it easy.  You are still healing.”  Bella said, as she tried to be strong, and not give into the overwhelming need to feel his talented tongue on her pussy.

“Oh, I will only be using my tongue; baby, you will be doing all the work.  Now take off those pants, and climb up to my face.”  Edward growled.

Bella stood up beside the bed, and started to slowly remove her pants and panties, never breaking eye contact with Edward.  Once she was completely naked, she climbed back onto the bed, and carefully maneuvered over his face.  Taking hold of the headboard, she lowered herself so her dripping wet pussy was over his mouth.

Edward took in a deep breath through his nose, taking the sweet aroma that was just her.  Grasping her hips, he pulled her closer, and he began lapping her soft folds.  There was nothing on this earth that tasted any better than his wife’s pussy.  Pulling her even closer, he took her swollen clit in between his teeth, and began to pull and suck.


“Yes, oh, yes.  That feels so fucking good.”  Bella moaned.

Edward smirked after hearing that; he knew what to do to push her over the edge.  He wanted, no, needed, her to cum.  So, as he still pulled on her clit, he began to hum against her folds.

“HOLY FUCK!!  I AM CUMMING!!”  Bella yelled as the orgasm hit her, sending her into a frenzied explosion of exquisite ecstasy.  Finally, her orgasm stopped; her whole body had broken out into a sweat, and her legs were weak.

Edward took one more lick, and placed a kiss on her glistening mound.  She carefully climbed off his face, and sat beside him, rubbing her hand over his shoulder and down the chest.  “Are you okay?  That didn’t hurt you, did it?”  Bella asked.

“Fuck no.   That was the best medicine I have had since this mess started.  And, damn girl, I have never you have seen you cum so fucking fast.”  Edward smirked.

“It was so intense, and it happened before I could even stop it.”

“Well, it is a good thing we are not in my playroom, or you would be getting your little ass spanked.”

“Playroom?”  Bella gasped; her heart started pounding even harder than it had during her orgasm.

“Yes, my little pet.  I am going to talk to my mentor, Peter, and find out exactly how we can play while you’re carrying our little cygnet.  I know that it can be done, but I want to make sure that you and our little one is safe at all time.  Speaking of which, the number of guards that are with you will triple.  I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but, baby, I need to protect you.”

Yes, Bella didn’t like the fact that she was going to have extra guards, but she knew that it was needed.  They lived in a dangerous world, and, once it became known that she was pregnant, she would be centered as a target.  “I might not like it, but it is for the best.  Whatever it takes to keep our baby safe is fine with me.”  She offered, then leaned in, and gave his full lips a kiss.

“Hmm.  I love you.”  He sighed.

“I love you.”

Edward had used up all the energy he had; as much as he hated to admit it, he needed a pain pill.  “Love, why don’t you go take a shower, put on some pajamas, then let us snuggle together, and take a nice long nap.”

“That sounds good.  I just wish you could join me.”  She said, looking down his body, noticing that his dick was sticking up under the covers, but she knew he didn’t need to overexert himself.  Having an orgasm would do just that.  Kissing up his neck, and reaching his ear, she whispered,  “You need to think of something to get rid of that, like oh, I’ve got it, your grandfather and grandmother having kinky sex in his playroom.”

Edward slapped her naked ass.  “That was just wrong.  Go get that shower, woman.”

Bella got up, and went to get her shower, washing away the grime of Belize.  While she was in the shower, Edward had the nurse bring in his pain meds, but also had Angel prepare a light meal of eggs, toast, bacon, and fruit.  He requested no coffee, but only milk and orange juice.  By the time Bella emerged from the bathroom, the food was there, and Edward was finally getting some relief from the pain.  They quickly ate, placing the tray on the table by the bed when they had finished, and snuggled in for a long relaxing sleep, safe and secure, wrapped in each other’s arms.  Heaven on earth.


Next door, Carlisle quickly went into the house to find his lovely wife waiting for him.  “Carlisle, you are home.”  She cooed.

Carlisle pulled her into his arms, and just held her, drinking in the of the love that they shared.  Over the years, their love had not diminished, but grown.  “My love.”

Esme was so happy to see that Carlisle had returned safe and sound.  “How did it go?  Is our girl okay?”

“Bumped and bruised, but okay.”

“Oh, my baby.  How is Elizabeth?  The baby okay?”

“Elizabeth is fine, and Meribeth checked her out before we left Belize, and everything seem to be great.  But I also found out a little bit  of information that you must swear not to tell anyone, until it is announced.”  Carlisle explained.

“I KNEW IT!  I KNEW IT!  OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO BE GRANDPARENTS!!”  Esme screamed at the top of her lungs as she jumped up and down.

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Carlisle couldn’t help but laugh at his wife.  She had never said anything about never being able to have more children, but he could see it in her face every time she saw a new little baby.  Now, they were going to grandparents, and he knew that this baby would be spoiled rotten, and every cell in its body would be loved unconditionally.  “Calm down, Esme.  Yes, Bella is pregnant, and she is telling Edward as we speak, but she wants to tell everyone else at the same time.  So, you must remain quiet about this until she does.”

“I will, I will.  I am just so excited.  Carlisle, a little baby.”  She cried.

“I know, sweetheart, I know.  Now take me upstairs, and give me a bath, so I can wash away all the evil that I just witnessed.”

“With pleasure, my love.”  Esme said as she took his hand, and led him up the stairs.


After arriving in Seattle, Sean and Elizabeth went back to her apartment.  Sean was constantly holding her hand, or wrapping his arm around her.  He needed to be in constant contact with her.  Several of Sean’s guards were surrounding the building, and were on high alert.  Sean used his key to open her door, and they went inside.  He turned to the guard.  “Keep on high alert until I tell you otherwise.  No one gets in this building without my permission.”

“Yes, sir.”

Elizabeth was so happy to be home.  Sitting down on the sofa, she began taking off her shoes and socks, tucking her legs under her, and began to decompress.  She had never been so proud to be a part of the Cullen family with a leader as strong as Bella.  During the entire time, she used her head, and made sure they came out safe and sound.  At one point, Bella was more the protector than she was, and that was just wrong.

“How are you doing, love?”  Sean said, sitting down next to her.


“Just trying to decompress.  Sean, he was one sick bastard, and I am so thankful that we had him under surveillance, because I really am scared to think what would have happened.”

“I know.  But it is over now, and that fucker is burning in hell for what he did.”

“Yes, he is.  Thank you for coming after us.”  Elizabeth said.

“Honey, I would do anything for you; don’t you know that?  I didn’t know I could love you any more than I already did, but, now that you are giving me this precious gift, my love just doubled.”

“I feel the same, Sean.  I have never loved anyone like I love you, and, even though this was not planned, I am so happy.”  Elizabeth declared.

Sean pulled the ring that he had carried around in his pocket for the last two weeks.  He had gone to Elizabeth’s surrogate parents, and asked permission, but he also had gone to Elizabeth’s real father, and asked permission.  Getting down on one knee, and taking Elizabeth by the hand, he began,

“You came into my life like a wildfire.  The moment I saw you, my heart burned to know more about you, and, the more I did, the flames burned higher.  I want to spend every day for the rest of our lives in the burning love.  Marry me, lass.”


“Yes, oh, yes.”  She cried.

He slipped on the beautiful, emerald cut, 3 carat diamond that was surrounded by emeralds.  It looked perfect on her finger.  After the ring was in place, he pulled her into a long, passionate kiss, sealing their promise.

Elizabeth ring

“Elizabeth, I don’t want a long engagement.”  Sean said.

“Me either.”

“But, we have to have a large wedding.  It is almost a requirement because I am the leader of the family.”

“I know someone who can put together in a hurry.”  Elizabeth said.  She had seen what Esme had done when Edward and Bella got married, and she felt sure that if she could throw together a wedding like that in a short span of time, then she could do theirs, too.  “But I know it is going to cost a lot.”

“Money is no object.  Does the person happen to know anything about the family?”  Sean asked.  It wasn’t really an issue, but it would easier if they were.

Elizabeth giggled.  “Yes, she does know about the family.  Sean, it’s Esme Cullen.”

“Fuck, I forgot about that.  Do you think she would help?”

“If I know anything about Esme Cullen, she loves a good party, and loves to spend money.”  Elizabeth jested.

Sean was excited that he was getting married, and doing it soon, but, as he thought about it, this was one more thing that united the Cullen family and the O’Leary family.





Chapter 8 of Bound and United


AN:     WARNING:  Roberto will be getting what he deserves in this chapter, so if you don’t want to read about his justified torture, please don’t read.  A big thanks goes out to my support team, who has decided to come with me once again on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

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Carlisle and the team took out the five guards so quickly they didn’t even have a chance to even get off a round.


Stupid fuckers.  Carlisle walked up to the front door, but, before he opened it, he called out using their security code,  “WHITE SWAN!”

Elizabeth heard the codeword, and went to the door to open it up.  “Carlisle! So good to see you.”

“How are you?”  Carlisle asked, seeing the bruise on her face.

“I am good, but you might want to get into the living room before Bella gets another piece of Roberto.”  She smirked.

“Oh, my daughter is getting her revenge, is she?”

“Yes, she is, but she needs to take it easy; it is not good for the…”  Elizabeth started, but stopped suddenly.  Fuck, she almost let it slip about the baby.

Carlisle looked at Elizabeth.  “Elizabeth, what do you mean?”  Then, leaning in closer, he continued.  “We know about your little secret, and we have a specialized doctor here to check you out.”

“I don’t need a specialized doctor, Bella does.”

“But you are the one that is pregnant.”  Carlisle replied.

“I don’t know that for sure, but Bella is.”

Carlisle was stunned by what Elizabeth had told him.  Bella was pregnant.  Bella was pregnant, which meant he was going to be a grandfather.  But, wait, Sean found the test in Elizabeth’s suitcase.  “Elizabeth, Sean found a pregnancy test in your suitcase.”

“I was holding it for Bella.”  Then, looking over at her love, she knew with everything that had happened, she also needed to get checked out, just in case.  “However, Carlisle, I may also be pregnant, so let’s pretend that this conversation never happened, and we both get checked out.”

“Sounds like a good plan.  I know Bella probably wants to tell Edward herself.”

“She does.”

“Then your secret is safe with me.”  Carlisle smirked, and gave Elizabeth a wink.


As he turned toward the living room, where Roberto was, he put on his bad ass face, and walked in.  “Well, well, well, looks like someone had some fun in here.”

Bella turned; she was so happy to see Carlisle.  “Daddy!”  She yelled as she ran over and threw her arms around his neck.

“Oh, hi, sweetie.  Did you get some good hits in?”

Roberto looked over; he didn’t understand what the fuck was happening.  His Isabella was Aro’s daughter, not Carlisle fucking Cullen’s.  “What the fuck are you talking about?  She is not your daughter!  She’s Aro’s, and when he finds out what you have done, you will be dead.”  Roberto slurred, spitting out blood with every word.

Bella let go of Carlisle before walking back toward Roberto, where she picked up a large glass picture frame, which had a picture of Roberto in it, and smashed it over his head, causing a large gash.  Roberto screamed out in pain.

“Aro was nothing but a damn sperm donor, and, unless the devil decides to let his rotting corpse loose from hell, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.  My father is Carlisle Cullen, but I must let you in on a little secret.”  Bella whispered.  “He is going to make you fucking suffer for touching his little girl.”


Roberto eyes grew large at the thought of Carlisle Cullen.  He had heard over the years how fucking tough he was, but he had also heard what a cold and calculated Don he was; how he didn’t hold anything back when it came to punishing those who hurt his family.  Fuck, why had he allowed Aro to talk him into this mess?

“He is all yours, Daddy.”  Bella chirped in a sweet voice, that was laced with a bit of mischief.

“Go with Elizabeth, and get checked out, my darling girl.”  Carlisle implored, kissing the top of her head.

Bella left with Elizabeth; as soon as they stepped out of the front door, they were surrounded by the Coven guard.  They were quickly taken to Meribeth.  She had set up what she thought was needed for a woman who was expecting, and had been in a stressful, possible physical situation.  “Mrs. Cullen, it is a pleasure to meet you.  Elizabeth, let’s get you checked out.”

Elizabeth knew what was going on, and why Meribeth wasn’t checking Bella out first.  “Hello, there has been a huge misunderstanding.  Bella is the one pregnant.”

Meribeth couldn’t believe her ears.  “But, Mr. O’Leary said it was you.”

“Look, Doc, Bella is definitely pregnant; during the time we have been here, I have been having some symptoms.  But, Bella needs to go first, she has been through a lot.”

“Okay, but as I check out Bella, why don’t we do a quick pregnancy test?”  Meribeth stated, reaching in her case and pulling out a test.  “I am going to do a hCG blood test.  Please give me your arm.”

After taking Elizabeth’s blood, and starting the test, Meribeth began checking Bella over.  She was happy that the men had set up a privacy screen, because she had Bella to unzip her dress to look at the bruise and bumps.

“Actually, I would love to get out of this thing; do you have anything I can wear?”  Bella asked.

Elizabeth was standing outside the screen and heard Bella’s request; she, too, wanted to get out of that damn dress.  Looking around, she saw one of the Coven members.  “Mark!”

Mark turned, and walked over to Elizabeth.  “Damn, girl, it is good to see you.”

“Same here.  I need a favor.  Did you guys bring any extra clothes for me or Bella?

Mark smiled, and raked his hand through his hair.  “Actually, yeah.  It was a demand from both Edward and Sean, that, as soon as you were rescued, you were to change out of every stitch of clothes that motherfucker had you wear, and we were to burn them.  So we have everything you need.”

Mark opened the door to another SUV that had come up the mountain as a part of the second wave.  Carlisle and Jack led the first wave, taking out the five guards, and Mark had led the second wave, bringing up the doctor, the evac vehicles, and the device that Carlisle wanted to use to torture Roberto.

Elizabeth had to giggle, thinking that Sean didn’t want another man’s clothes on her body.  She couldn’t wait until they could be together, and reconnect.  Collecting the clothes, she walked back over to where the doctor was, and cleared her throat.

“I have a set of clothes for you, Bella.”

“Fuck yeah.”  Bella gushed.  Elizabeth came behind the curtain, and handed her the clothes.  Edward and Sean had made sure they had something comfortable, yet stylish.  Bella outfit was a pair of soft cotton boy shorts underwear with a matching white sports bra with a zipper front, a pair of yoga pants, and top and a pair of Keds.  There was also a long sleeve flowy top that could be worn if she got cold.  Elizabeth’s outfit was similar, but her top was green, while Bella’s was blue.

“Elizabeth, did you notice the terrible smell these clothes had?  I can’t wait to take a shower, and scrub off his grime.”

“Bella, Elizabeth, I need to ask if either of you were sexually abused?”  Meribeth asked, needing to know if she needed to test them for any STDs.

Elizabeth laughed.  “No, Doc.  Miss ‘I will throw up on you if you get near me’, prevented that.”

“Hey, it worked, didn’t it?”  Bella huffed.

“Yeah, it did.”

Meribeth’s timer went off, and she smiled as she picked up Elizabeth test.  She was happy that she didn’t have to burst Sean bubble of being a daddy.  “Elizabeth, I got your results back.”

Elizabeth began to shake, her nerves getting the best of her.  “Okay.”

“You’re pregnant, and, by the level of hCG, I would figure around six to seven weeks.”

“HOLY FUCK!”  She yelled.

Bella wrapped her arms around her.  “We are going to have babies the same age.”  Then a thought came to her that made her laugh.  “Hey, you want to bet which baby says fuck first?”

Elizabeth began to laugh, and then her thoughts went back to reality; oh shit, she was pregnant with Sean O’Leary’s baby.

“Would you ladies like to hear your babies’ heartbeats?”  Meribeth asked.


“Oh, god, yes.”  Bella and Elizabeth cried.


As Bella and Elizabeth were getting checked out, Carlisle and Sean were about to begin making Roberto pay for what he had done.   Jack had come into the house, and had zip tied his hands together.  Sean had taken off the priest robes and had rolled his sleeves up in preparation for what was about to come.

Roberto finally got why Carlisle Cullen was here, but, why the fuck was Sean O’Leary here?  Looking up at Sean, he spat,  “Why the fuck are you here, asshole?”

“Because you took something that was mine.”

“Just because you can’t protect your own territory isn’t my fault.”

With a fiendish grin, Sean hurled his fist into Roberto’s jaw, causing several teeth to fly out.  “Damn territory is not what you took; you took the woman who is going to be my wife, and is the mother of my child, asshole.”  Sean growled, then turned to Carlisle.  “I can’t take much more of this asshole; let’s get this going.”


“My feelings exactly.  Jack, Marco, take him out back to the device.”

Jack and Marco grabbed underneath each of Roberto’s arms, and began dragging him outside.  As the crossed the room, a bloody piece of flesh fell from his pant leg.  Carlisle went over, and pushed it around with his shoe, taking a good look.  “What is that?”  Sean asked.

Carlisle chuckled.  “Well, it seems my little girl is damn good with a knife to be able to cut off a dick this small.”

“Edward better never piss her off.”  Sean jested.  “Come, let’s get this over with so we can get our loved ones home.”


They walked out to the back of the house, and were happy to see Roberto straddled and tied to a v-cut beam.  Carlisle had never used this form of torture, but had always wanted to do so.  They had set up a camera, so Edward could watch from his bed back in Seattle.  Carlisle wanted him to know that Roberto suffered for what he had done.


Walking over to where Roberto was, he nodded to the guard, who began to raise him off the ground with his legs dangling.  Sean joined Carlisle, and picked up his weight, as did Carlisle.

“This is for you taking taking our women.”  Carlisle barked.  They attached their weights on each of his legs, pulling them downward.

Roberto howled out in pain.  With his dick cut off, his balls were now being pulled down over the beam.  “Stop, please stop.”

Carlisle looked, and with a smirk, stated,  “Nope.”

Picking up the next weight, they proceeded to attach it to his legs.  “This is for laying a hand on their delicate skin.”  Carlisle sneered.

Roberto cried out.  He felt like he was being torn in two as the weights pulled his legs even further down.  “I AM SORRY, PLEASE!”  He yelled.

This time, when they picked up a weight, it was three times the weight as the original two.  He hoped this would cause the end result that he wanted.

“This is for every bump, every bruise, and every tear that you caused them.  I hope you rot in hell.”  They attached the weights and let go.   Roberto’s screams were so loud that it scared the birds from the trees.  The weight was so much that it literally pulled him in half, his dead body in two bloody halves on the ground.

“Put him and his guards in the house and light it up.  Sean, let’s get our girls and get the hell out of here.”


They quickly went around the house and found Bella and Elizabeth sitting in one of SUVs in the air conditioning, enjoying ice cold water and some fruit.  Elizabeth saw Sean, and jumped out the vehicle and ran into his arms.  “Oh, lass, I have missed this so fucking much.  I love you.”

“Oh, I love you, Sean.”

“Let’s go home; you and I have a lot to talk about.”  Sean smirked as he lay a hand on her flat stomach.

Tears welled into her eyes; the only thing she could do was nod.  She was so overcome with emotion.

They made it down the mountain, and were quickly placed the on the plane home.  Meribeth wanted both Bella and Elizabeth to lie down and rest.  Their bodies had been through a lot, and they need as much rest as they could get.

The plane arrived in Seattle, and they were met by a large number of guards, who ushered Bella and Carlisle into one limo, while Sean and Elizabeth went in another.  Bella was so anxious to see and feel Edward once more that her leg bounced up and down much like a bunny rabbit hopping across a field.

“Bella, sweetie, calm down.”  Carlisle said.

“Are you telling me the truth about Edward?  He is okay?”  Bella asked once again.

“Yes, he is weak, but will make a full recovery.”

“Thank you.  I am sorry to be such a pest about it, but I have some news, and I want to make sure that he can take it.”  Bella said, thinking about their baby.  She couldn’t wait to let him know that he was going to be a father.

Carlisle couldn’t help but smile.  “Bella, dear, I know your secret.”

“What?  How?”

“I just do, and I think this will be the best medicine for Edward.  And I must say, I am so happy about it, and I promise not to tell Esme until you give me the go ahead.”

“No, go ahead and tell her, but no one else.  I want to tell Grandfather and Grandmother face to face.”

“We will keep your secret, my sweetie.”  Carlisle said, and, as he looked up, he saw they were pulling into the driveway.  “Look, you are home.”

Goosebumps broke out all over her body.  She was going to see her love.  The car came to a stop, and one of the guards opened the door for her.  She climbed out, and rushed through the door.  Carlisle had told her that Edward was in their bedroom on strict orders not to get out.  She ran up the stairs, and flung open the door; there, sitting up in the bed, was her heart and soul.  He looked a little pale, but, more than that, he was alive.  “Oh, Edward.”  She cried, rushing over to the bed and, crawling in beside him, being careful not to touch any of his wounds.

Edward was so overcome with emotion having Bella back by his side that he could not speak.  She looked okay, other than the bruises on her face, but he had some tough questions he needed to ask, but those could wait until later.  Now was time to just hold her tight, and finally feel alive again.

Edward and Bella in bed copy_zps9fqfbfcx


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Chapter 2 of The Mother of the Blood Dragons

Bella left the Great Hall with Jasper and Rosalie watching out for any dangers.  Before they left their home, she needed to dress in something that would allow her to traverse through whatever they came upon.  She would also be wearing a hooded cloak, because her crown could never leave her head and she didn’t want to draw too much attention.  Once in her traveling clothes, which consisted of leg coverings, a leather and suede dress, which had been made to protect her from the weather, and knee high boots, she picked up her bag, and ensured she had what she thought would be needed.

She had a small provision of food and water, but, most important, was her blood compass.  It was a magical compass that used a drop of her blood to point the way to her mate.  She couldn’t place her blood into the compass until they were out of the secret barrier of their home.  The special field that surrounded their home allowed them to look out, but others couldn’t see in.  If anyone, or thing, got close, it would appear to be a stone mountain, nothing more.  It had kept them protected since the beginning of time.

Looking around her room one last time, she let one lone tear flow down her cheek.  She was scared that she would fail, and the future of their race would be in jeopardy.  Only a handful of the Blegans knew of the secret clause in the ancient scrolls.  If the chosen one didn’t find their mate, and didn’t cause the dragon egg to hatch, their world would become known to the outside, and they would be attacked and destroyed.  Their race would be completely wiped off the face of the earth.  So, the weight of their continued existence rested on her shoulders.

Rosalie and Jasper were waiting for Bella outside her bedroom door.  They had already said their goodbyes to their father.  They had been raised by their father after their mother had died giving birth to them.  He had been a loving and supportive father. He was in the protective guard of the Blegans; when they reached the age to begin training, he began doing so in earnest.  He trained them to be the best guards the Blegans had ever seen.  Rosalie and Bella became friends at a young age when Bella was picked on by a group of girls.  Bella had always been a quiet, shy girl who would rather be reading about the history of their race, than playing.  Rosalie had always been bigger than other girls her age, so, when she stood up against the girls, they went running.  Since that day, they were close, more like sisters than friends.  They were the same age, they went to the crowning ceremony together on their sixteenth birthday, and, when Bella had been selected as the chosen one, Rosalie stepped in immediately as her protective guard.

Jasper had been honored that Bella had selected him to also go out on the quest.  He had been close to his sister, and had gotten to know Bella over the years, and found that she was the most compassionate person he had ever met.  Her love for their race could be seen in everything she did.  But he also felt something outside their home calling to him.  In his dreams, he saw a large black cat and a woman with piercing blue eyes; he could see their lives intertwined.  He checked to make sure he had all his weapons, but also a bottle of special potion that could bring someone back to life.  There was only enough for one.  He hoped he wouldn’t have to use it, but he had it just in case something terrible happened.

Rosalie was also wearing a special magical ring that would glow an eerie shade of green when the wearer was in the presence of an evil heart.   It had been her mother’s and her mother’s before her.  It had been handed down from one generation to the next, since the first of the their line.  She prayed that it would come of use on their journey out into the unknown.  She wondered why she had felt this powerful pull coming from the unknown.  What was it?  Maybe, just maybe it was something that would be life altering.

“Jasper, Rose I am ready to get started.”  Bella announced.

“Then let’s get this adventure started.”  Jasper smirked.

They walked to the entrance of their home, and, with a deep breath, stepped out of the safety of their home.  The first thing that they noticed was that it didn’t smell as sweet as the air of their land did.  This land was also extremely different; instead of the lush green grass and sparkling clear streams, it was dry and rocky, void of any water.  Bella wondered how anyone could live here.

She placed her pack on the ground, and took out the compass.  Taking her dagger from its sheath, she pricked the tip of her finger, and a single drop of red blood formed. She carefully placed it on the compass’ eye.  The golden arrow swirled around and around, before coming to stop as it pointed southeast.   Looking up through the leafless tree to the icy blue moon, she wondered what her mate was doing at this moment.  Did he even think about that out in the vast world there was someone who had been made just for him?  Could he be looking for her as well?

“Bella, which way are we heading?”  Jasper asked.

“Toward the southeast.”

“Let’s get started then.”  Jasper boomed, taking the lead.

As they traveled, they were in awe of how much destruction there was in this new land.  They walked through what had been a town, however, every building was now in ruin, and they did not see any signs of life.  What had happened?

“I wonder what happened?”  Rose asked.

“I don’t know, but maybe we can find some clues.  I have this feeling that we need to learn what occurred to possible prevent it from happening again.” Bella said.

“Where do you think we should look?” Jasper asked.

“Maybe they had a library.  Look for any signs of books, documents, anything that might explain all of this.”

They began searching through the fallen buildings and rubble, and finally found what they were searching for… a library.  The large stone pillars that had once been in front, now had broken into large pieces in front of the door.  They quickly began removing pieces of stone from the door, and then were able to open it.  As they did, they were surprised to find that the interior of the building was in better shape than the exterior.  After walking through the front area of the building, they came upon a room that was circular in design, with high arches with alcoves that contained shelves upon shelves of books.

“Where do we start looking?”  Rose asked, awed by the amount of books.

“Let us look around to see what we find.  Be careful; we don’t know if anything could be in here could be dangerous.”  Jasper warned.

They began looking through the books, wiping away the years of dust and dirt.  The first few books were full of laws and rules for man.  The more laws that Bella read, the more she wondered why they needed so many.  Rose found a book about the anatomy of man.  The Blegans and man had many of the same characteristics, but the Blegans had pointy ears, and had no diseases, unlike man, who seemed to suffer from a long list of them.  Most Blegans lived for more than three hundred years.  Jasper found several books on the history of man, and the many wars and conflicts that were a part of their history.  Then, finally, after hours of reading, Bella found a stack of papers which answered the question they had been searching for all of this time.

“I think I have found the reason why the town looks the way it does.”  Bella said.  “The human race had been warned over and over again about using fossil fuels, and how they were causing greenhouse gasses, which caused the polar ice caps to melt.”

“What are fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses?”  Rose asked.

“I found this book to help with terms I didn’t know.  This Webster Dictionary was a very intelligent man.  However, unbeknownst to man, there was a virus that lay dormant under the ice. When the ice melted, the virus was released.  It spread quickly through the world.  After trying everything possible, the world leaders decided they need to use atomic bombs to kill the viruses.  But the only thing the bombs did was kill off more humans.  The virus killed everyone except for those who found a special root to protect themselves.”

“What was the root?”  Jasper asked.

“Something called ginsing.”

“The people who survived are in settlements all over the world, but it says they were imprisoned in camps by a race of blood drinkers.”

“Blood drinkers?  Isn’t that who we are looking for?”  Rose asked.

“Yes.”  Bella whispered.  She read more about how the blood drinkers were not known until man had destroyed most of the world.  The blood drinkers came out of hiding, and proclaimed themselves rulers of the land.  They rounded up almost all of the humans, and used them as their own personal food source.  A few human still were free, hiding out in secluded areas.   Was her mate evil like the blood drinkers she had read about?  How could she give herself to someone with such a black heart?


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Bound and United Chapter 7

Chapter 7


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Alec and the first team landed at the Hector Silva airstrip on the west side of Belize.  It was a small, out of the way airstrip; the Coven team had been able to pay off airstrip workers to keep quiet.

Hector Silvia

The large amount of guns, protective vests, surveillance equipment, ATVs, and, lastly, the equipment to make the mask was unloaded and placed in the three SUVs with blacked out windows.  The team had found a house near the forest where they would set up camp.  Alec quickly started setting up the computers and cameras, while the others brought in all the weapons, and double checked to make sure everything was operational.  They didn’t want to get to Roberto’s house and have one the weapons not work properly, which could cause someone to get injured, or, worse, dead.

Satellite equipment was checked, and Alec was happy to see that it was working perfectly.  The phone reception was clear and the video, picture, and sound were HD quality. He knew that Edward would be able to see and hear everything, which was very important.

Four members of the team packed up more guns, ammo, satellite phones, and surveillance cameras before heading up the mountain to meet with the team that had been here.  They had also packed some food, because the team had not left their location, other than checking in since Bella and Elizabeth had been identified.  Once this was over, and Roberto was dead, they would be receiving a hefty bonus from not only Edward, but Sean as well.

After sending the team off, Alec started to set up the equipment to make the latex mask and voice malitulator.  As he was working on that, a surveillance team was heading to the church and start collecting intel on Padre Pablo d’Ors.  They would be taking photos and taping his speech to turn over to Alec to start his magic, and have the finished product done by the time the second team arrived.   Alec had gotten Sean head measurements before leaving Vegas, so he hoped that it would fit perfectly.  He was using the new 3-D technology printer to make the copy of the Padre’s face and head.


The surveillance team reached the church, and was able to get into the Padre’s office, and plant the listening devices and cameras.  They set up their surveillance. Over the next few hours, they were able to get several hundred photos at different angles and at least thirty minutes of Padre d’Ors voice.  One of the team members took the disks with the pictures and voice back to the house for Alec to do his magic.  He had never seen anyone that was as dedicated or determined as Alec.  There was nothing he couldn’t do with a computer.

Back in Vegas, the next team was finishing their packing for their trip.  Alec had kept Jasper up to date with how everything was going at the house and how the equipment and the disguise would be ready when they landed.  It had been decided that the Padre would not be taken until the first thing in the morning.  They would make sure he was alone, and then would give him a shot to knock him out.  They would keep him under during the entire time, and, when the job was finished, would place him back where they took him.  He wouldn’t have any memory of what had happened while he was out.  He would also have a message on his phone from Roberto that he needed to cancel their appointment, due to being called away for work.  Roberto would say that he appreciated his understanding, and there would be a sizable donation to the church.

Sean arrived in the meeting room loaded down with weapons.  Alec had sent an image of the robes that the Padre wore, and the Coven team had been able to find an exact copy of the them.  As he looked around, he noticed the amount of weaponry being packed up.  Shit, they had more guns and ammo than many troops had when they went off to war.  Then he looked over, and saw Dr. Mallos packing the first aid kit.  He had called in a favor from a college buddy of his, and was going as the doctor in charge.  She was an ex-military doctor, and had been practicing medicine for the last ten years.  Her husband had been killed in a drive by shooting, and it was found out that the person who did was one of Roberto’s crew.  So, Meribeth was more than happy to help.  She was bringing what she thought would need for a woman who was pregnant, and in distress.

“Sean.”  Carlisle said, shaking his hand.

“Carlisle.  It looks like they have everything planned out.”

“I am very proud of the team.  Alec has all the electronic equipment ready in Belize, and your mask and voice manipulator are ready.”

“Damn, has the guy slept?”  Sean asked.

“I don’t think so.  Your sister has a very determined man.”

“I am seeing that; I never thought anyone was worthy of my sister, but I am seeing that Alec has filled those shoes, and I am proud to call him my brother.”

“That is good to hear.  We are just about ready.  Did you sleep any?”  Carlisle asked, even though he could see the dark circles under his eyes.

“Not much.  I kept having dreams of a baby crying, and I couldn’t find it.”  Sean stated, remembering how scared he was by the dream.  What if they didn’t get to Bella and Elizabeth in time?  How could he live without Elizabeth?

“Sean, we are going to bring them back safe and sound.  Then, I want to be invited to this wedding.”

“You will, Carlisle, along with the entire Cullen family.  I am so proud to have friends like you, and I hope that we will continue to be for years to come.”  Sean declared.

“No doubts on that.”

“Carlisle, Sean, we are ready to head out.”  Jasper announced.

“Fuck yeah, let’s go kick some ass, and get our girls back.”  Sean said.

They loaded the plane, and were off to make Roberto suffer for taking what was not his.  Excitement on the plane was at all time high, they landed quickly, and met by a few of the first team.  The equipment was loaded, and they were off to the house.

“Carlisle, we had a bit of good news.  Roberto killed one of his men last night.”  Jack stated.

“Wow, did anyone hear a reason why?”  Sean asked.

“No, they heard something about using too much chloroform, and Roberto just pulled out his gun and shot him between the eyes.  He didn’t even flinch.  Hell, he even looked more upset over getting blood on his ugly ass shiny shoes.”

“Fuck, that means he is a live wire.  How many guards are at the house?”  Carlisle asked.

“That is the weird part.  Now there is only five guards and Roberto.”  Jack stated.

“Just five?”  Sean asked, wondering why there were so few guards.

“We have double, even triple checked.  Also, from all the intel we have, there are no other guards expected.  Two of the guards from the house are going to pick up the Padre; well… pick you up, that is.”

“Damn, this is good news.”  Carlisle said.  “Have our team picked up the Padre?”

“Yes, he is safe, and sleeping in the back room.”

“Sean, let’s get you in your disguise, and to the church.  The guards will be there in about an hour.”

Sean put on the clothes matching the Padre, allowing with the mask and the voice manipulator.


“How do I sound?”  Sean asked once having the device attached over his throat.

“HOLY FUCK!!”  Carlisle exclaimed.  “That is perfect, and that mask is so lifelike.  Damn, Alec, you did one hell of a job.”

“Thanks, Carlisle.  Sean, you need to get to the church.  Do you have everything?”

“Yes, I do.  I just hope Bella and Elizabeth got the message, and somehow gets a few minutes alone with  me.  It would make it better if I could get them armed.”  Sean said.  He not only had his guns hidden under his robes, but a gun for both Bella and Elizabeth and some of Bella’s knives.  He knew what kind of shot Elizabeth was, but was unsure if Bella knew anything about a gun.  Carlisle had reassured him that Bella was, in fact, lethal with a gun, as well as a knife.

“We can hope.  We will be waiting for your signal; I want Roberto alive.  He is going to pay dearly for what he has done.”  Carlisle said, thinking about how he was going to make the fucker suffer.  If Edward was strong enough, he would have taken him back to Seattle, and let him deal out the punishment, but it was decided that Roberto would die here in Belize, and his home would be laid to rubble and ash.

Sean was taken, and placed in the church, where he waited for Roberto’s men to come pick him up.  Finally, they showed up, and looked around the church.

“Buen día, Padre.”  Good day, Padre

“Buen día, hijo. ¿Están aquí para llevarme con el Señor Cortéz?”  Sean asked, impressed that he sounded so fucking good. Good day, my son.  Are you here to take me to Senior Cortez?

“Sí, Padre. Solo le advertimos que iremos por un camino un tanto peligroso.”  One of the men said.   “Yes, Father.  But we must warn you the road is quite rough.”

“Soy un hueso duro de roer, jovencito.”  Sean jested.  “I am tougher than I look, my son.”

Sean followed the two men out in a SUV, and was placed in the back.  He made extra sure that none of his weapons were touching each other as he buckled himself in.  He didn’t want to have to explain the noise of metal on metal to the two men.  The Coven team had already made the trip up to Roberto’s house, and were stationed in the position, waiting for Sean to arrive, and give them the signal to strike.

As they traveled the rough trip up the mountain, Sean wondered how hard it must have been for Bella and Elizabeth, since they were not in a seat, but bound up in the back.  Fuck, another thing to make that fucker suffer more.  The rest of the trip was filled with thoughts on how to make Roberto suffer before his death.

They finally arrived at the house, and Sean was getting excited about seeing Elizabeth.  He couldn’t wait to take her in his arms, and hold her close.  After this, she would be by his side forever, because he needed her by his side, much like the air he needed to breathe.  Stepping out of the SUV, he was met by Roberto, who was dressed in an expensive suit, and had a large smile on his face.


“Padre D’ors, que gusto al fin conocerlo.”  Roberto gushed, shaking Sean’s hand. “Father d’Ors, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.”

It took everything in his power not to pull out his gun, and kill the fucker where he stood, but he needed to stick to the plan to ensure the girls were safe.  “Señor Ortiz, me siento honrado de estar aquí”  ” Mr. Ortiz, I am honored to be here.”

“Pasemos, mi prometida esta terminando de arreglarse. Estás algo nerviosa por dar una buena impresión.” “Come, let’s go inside, my lovely fiance is finishing getting ready.  She is so nervous that she is not going to make a good impression.”  They walked into the house, and Roberto directed him into the living room.  “Tome asiento, por favor, ¿Desea algo de beber?” Please have a seat.  Would you like something to drink?”

“No, estoy bien, gracias.”  “No, I am fine, but thank you.”  Sean said, setting down and taking in the room to allow the others who were viewing the camera to get a good look.

“Padre, debo decirle que mi querida Isabella y su amiga tuvieron un horrible accidente hace unos días y en sus rostros aún están algunos golpes. Afortunadamente solo fue eso, moriría si algo peor le hubiera sucedido a mi amada. Además, ellas no saben español, me pregunto si usted sabe inglés.”  “Father, I must tell you that my dear Isabella and her friend was in a horrible accident a few days ago, and they have some bruises on their faces.  I am so thankful that was all that happened to them, because I would just die if something happened to my love.  Also, they don’t know Spanish; I wonder if you happen to know English?” 

“Yes, I do.”  Sean said.

“Wonderful, that will make it easier for all everyone.”  Roberto gushed.

Then, Sean saw movement out of the corner of his; when he turned his head, he saw her.   She was walking beside Bella in a dress that looked like it came out of the 1950s, her long red hair was pinned back in a bun at the base of the neck, and around her delicate neck was a string of pearls.  She looked paler than usual, and he could see the bruise on her cheek.  ‘Must remain calm’ kept playing in his head.


“Oh, here she is with her friend.  Father, this is Isabella and her friend, Elizabeth.”

Sean stood, and went over, and shook Bella’s hand.  “So glad to meet you, Isabella.”  Then he took Elizabeth’s hand; the connection they always felt was there, his heart was finally whole again.  “Miss Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth knew as soon as she touched the Padre’s hand that it was Sean.  Damn, they had pulled out all the fancy equipment on this deal.  Hell, she couldn’t even tell it was his voice.

“Ladies, let sit down so the Padre can begin.”  Roberto said, motioning to the loveseat.

“Thank you for coming today, Father.”  Bella said.

“It was my pleasure, my child.  Marriage interviews and counseling are a very important part of the wedding.  We have to make sure that both individuals love and respect each other, and have a solid relationship.”  Sean said, hoping he sounded like a priest.  He had read about what to say, but actually saying it was totally different.  “Before we get started, would anyone like to have a confession to cleanse their mind of any wrong-doing?”

“No, Father, I am good.”  Roberto murmured.  There was no way in hell he was going to confess his sins, least of all in front of Isabella.

Bella knew this was her opportunity to have a few minutes alone with Sean.  “Thank you, Father, I would really love that.”

“Me, too.”  Elizabeth answered.

“But, Isabella, dear, what could you have to confess?”  Roberto asked.

Placing her hand on his knee, and looking into his eyes, she smiled.  “I just wanted to cleans any evil thoughts that I might have had.  I want our marriage to work; to do that, I need to let go of the past.”

Roberto was mesmerized by her beauty.  “If it would make you happy, by all means.”

Sean looked over at Elizabeth; as much as he wanted to talk to her first, he knew that Bella’s confession would have to be first.  “Roberto and Miss Elizabeth, would you please step out or direct us to a room for some privacy?”

Roberto wasn’t happy about leaving Bella alone, but she had been so loving and sweet.  “We will step out.”  Roberto said as he stood and leaned over, and kissed the top of her head.  “I will see you when you are done.”

After Roberto and Elizabeth had left the room, Bella bowed her head and acted as if she was giving her confession.  Sean slipped out her gun, and she carefully placed it in the pocket of the dress. Next, he slipped her two of her knives.  She couldn’t help but smile at the feel of her prized weapons.

“How are you doing, Bella?  Sean whispered.

“I am good.  Please tell me about Edward; I know he is alive.”

“He is doing well; he’s weak, but healing.  He tried to come, but he knew that he would be more a hindrance than help.”  Sean said, but turned his cross so it was facing Bella.  “Say hello; he is watching and listening.”

Tears began to form in her eyes.  “Baby, I am coming home.  I love you so fucking much.”  Bella whimpered.

Sean knew that he needed to end this before Roberto came in, and got curious.  “Bless you child.”  He said, making the cross in front of her.  They stood up. As they did, Roberto and Elizabeth entered back in the room.  Roberto walked over to Bella, pulling her into his side.

“Do you feel better, my love?”

“Yes, Roberto, much better.”

“Miss Elizabeth, are you ready?”  Sean asked.

“Yes, Father.”

Roberto and Bella left the room and left Sean and Elizabeth by themselves.  Elizabeth bowed her head like Bella had, to keep up the ruse.

“Oh, Lizzy, my love.  I have missed you so much.”  Sean cried.

“Me, too, my love.”

“I have been so worried about you, and even more after I found your little surprise.”  Sean whispered, trying not to reach out, and taking her into his arms and never letting go.  “Here, take this.”  He slipped her gun to her, which she slipped into the pocket of her dress.

“Thank you.  What is the plan?”  Elizabeth said, slipping into all business mode.  If she allowed her heart to rule, she wouldn’t be in good shape when they needed her.  After this was all over, she had decided to resign from the Coven.  Her life was no longer in the Coven, but with this man sitting across from her.  But, wait, what surprise was he talking about?

Just as she was about to ask, Roberto walked back into the room.  “Elizabeth, have you finished?”

“Yes, sir.  Thank you for allowing me to do this.”  She stated, with a very bad taste in her mouth.

Roberto walked back over to the loveseat with Bella tightly against his side and proceeded to sit down.  Sean moved over to a chair closer to them, while Elizabeth sat in a chair next to the entryway of the room.

Sean surveyed the room; none of the five guards were in the house.  The two that had brought him went into a building beside the house, and he saw the other three walking around the house.  Fuck, they were like the duck hunt game, ready to be picked off one by one.

“Father, we would like to begin.”  Roberto stated, wanting to get this over with so he and his beloved could finally become one.

Sean nodded his head, and pulled out the book that he had brought along.  Just as he was about to open it, he looked at Bella and gave her a wink.  Bella could tell this was their chance; she needed to do what she could do to get the fuck out of there, and make this motherfucker suffer.  Slipping out one of her beloved knives, she gripped it tightly along the side of her dress.

“Roberto, may I say something?”  She asked sweetly.

“Anything, my love.”  Roberto cooed.

Smiling a wicked smile, she quickly raised her knife, and jabbed it into his groin.  “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!”  She yelled.


“YOU BITCH!”  Roberto yelled as he tried to pull the knife from his dick, but, before he could, he was knocked back with a tremendous blow to the face.  When he looked up to see who had done it, it was the priest.

“Father, why did you do that?”  Roberto groaned.

Sean gripped the side of his mask, and pulled it off, revealing to Roberto who he truly was.  Roberto eyes grew wide open like a scared deer.  “You!”  He spat.

At that moment, they heard all hell breaking loose outside, with large explosions and rapid gunfire.  Elizabeth now had her gun out, and was guarding the door, ready to shoot if someone tried to come in.  Bella was up from the loveseat and had her gun pointed at Roberto, wanting so much to put a bullet between his eyes, but soon realized that it would let him off too easy.

Roberto, once again, tried to remove the knife, but, before he did, Sean once again threw a punch, this one breaking his nose in a loud, sickening crunch.  Roberto howled out in pain, blood gushing from his nose.

“YOU FUCKER!”  He growled.  Bella was sick and tired of his mouth, so, with the base of her gun, she began to hit him multiple times to the side of his head.

“This will teach you to hit a woman, you asshole.”  She spat.

“But you love me.”  He choked out.

Laughing loudly.  “I will be accepting my Academy Award for my performance during this time with you.  I love only one man, Edward Cullen.”

“I killed that motherfucking pussy.”  Roberto gibed.

“Ha ha.  That is where you are wrong; Edward is alive, and waiting for his wife to return to him.”  Sean smirked.

“There is no fucking way.  My guys heard that he didn’t have a heartbeat.  You are just saying that shit.”

“Roberto, you have not had the great pleasure of getting to know the man that is Edward Cullen, Don of the Cullen/Volturi crime family.  Oh, wait, he shares running the family.”  Sean said.

“Well, he must be a pussy if he needs another man to help him run the family.”  Roberto huffed.

Bella smirked, and stepped closer to Roberto, and pulled out her other knife that Sean had given her.  Then, she stabbed the knife next to the other, this time severing his dick from his body.  He yelled out from the unbelievable pain.  “Roberto, or should I say Rebecca, I am Isabella Marie Volturi Cullen, Donna and Co leader of the most powerful families on the West Coast. This is only the beginning.”



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