The Mother of the Blood Dragons

Mother of the Blood Dragons




AN:     I have decided to go outside of my comfort zone and write a mystical story.  A big thanks go out to my ever wonderful beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre reader Dinia Steel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Mother of the Blood Dragons, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.

 Chapter 1

 Bella looked out the opening that hid their world from the outside.  For twenty centuries their kind had been secure in their secret, but the time had come for the prophecy to begin.  They had watched the time when mystical creatures had roamed the earth, but man became powerful and the creature hid from man’s cruel, selfless acts.  So they waited for man to seal his own fate, and he certainly did.  He used all of the earth’s resources for his own selfless needs, and did not heed the warnings, and allowed disease to almost wipe themselves out completely.  The mystical creatures watched as mankind killed themselves, to time when they knew they could come out of hiding, and set the earth right once more.  The small groups of men that were scattered all around the earth; they were no longer the leaders of the planet, but slaves.  The most evil of the mystical creatures were the cold skinned, blood drinking vampires.  They rounded up the humans into camps, and used them as nothing more than stock animals to feed off of.

Bella and her family had never left their home, only watching the magic stones that the ancient ones had left for them.  So, what she was about to do, scared her.  Not only  what she had to do, but knowing that the unknown of the outside world and evil that were waiting.

“Bella, it is time.  Are you ready for the ceremony to begin?”  Rosalie asked.  Rosalie had been by her side since the day it had been known that Bella was the Goddess that the prophecy had foretold.  In their world, Blagan people were born into certain roles that they used to keep them in harmony and happiness.   Rosalie’s family had, for centuries, been protectors of the family.   Bella and Rosalie had been close; Bella knew that, whatever the outside world held for her, Rosalie would protect her.

“As ready as I ever will be.”  Bella said.  She smoothed out the gown, and adjusted the crown on her head with the glowing red stone.  She had worn the crown since the day of her sixteen birthday.  It was a rule that every girl of the Blagan people, on her sixteen birthday, would place the sacred crown upon their head.  The crown was pure gold, which wrapped around the head of the wearer; it looked like a dragon head. In the center of it were two blood stones.   Once the crown was placed on the wearer’s head, if one of the stones began to glow, it meant that the wearer would become the mother of the blood dragons.  There had never been a one that had been blessed with the gift until Bella tried it on on her sixteenth birthday.

The Blegan had been the keepers of dragon eggs, and the eggs were waiting for the Goddess to be born to fulfill the prophecy.  It had been written in the beginning of times that a child would be born who would go out into the world to find the one who drank the blood from men, had cold skin, was extremely fast, and had glowing red eyes.   When they met, she would know that he was the one because the second stone on her crown would begin to glow, and her skin would be hot to the touch.  They would be joined in a ceremony held in the hall of the blood dragons under a full blue moon in a pool of fire and blood.  During the ceremony, the markings of the Goddess would come to light, and the dragon will be seen by all.

After the ceremony, the Goddess and the blood drinker would mate; just as he spilled his cold seed into her, he would bite her over her heart, pumping his venom into her system.  But, unlike mankind, she would not change into a blood drinker, but would become an immortal.  With her touch, a dragon egg would fertilize,  and, in one year’s time, would hatch.  Once the dragon hatched, the Goddess would protect the dragon with all her strength; on the day of the dragon’s fifth birthday, it would become full grown.  Once that happened, she would mount the dragon’s back, and fly into the world, taking control of every creature that roamed the earth, becoming their queen.  Ruling not by cruelty, but with love and respect for each creature.

Bella walked toward the great hall with Rosalie watching out for anything that might want to harm the Goddess.   The Volgan family did not believe that Bella was the Goddess that the prophecy had foretold, and they thought somehow Bella’s family had somehow rigged the stone to glow.  They also thought that it was one of their own was the Goddess, even though when they had the crown placed upon their choice’s head, the stone did not glow.  They were waiting for the perfect time to put their own Goddess in control, and had made threats against Bella and her family.

Stepping into the great hall, the once loud crowd fell silent, taking in the beauty and grace of their Goddess.  She walked through the crowd toward the front of the great hall.  Once at the foot of the steps, she stopped, waiting for permission to walk up the steps.

The keeper of the ancient scrolls stepped forward, wearing her blood red gown with a dragon embroidered on the front.  “Come forward, Isabella.”  She commanded.

Bella walked up the stairs and stood in front of the Keeper.

“We are here today to send our Goddess out into the world, outside of our safety of our home to find the one who make the prophecy come forth.  Isabella, you may take two guards with you to protect you in the wild, unknown land.  Who do you want to serve you?”

It would be the greatest of honor for whomever was selected, and their families would be blessed for the rest of their lives.

Bella had known for a long time who she was going to take with her into the unknown.  She trusted them; not only that, she considered them family.  “I select Rosalie and Jasper.”  Bella said.

“Rosalie, Jasper, come forth.”  The Keeper said.

Rosalie and her brother Jasper walked up the steps and stood before the Keeper.  “Kneel.”  She commanded.  They fell onto their knees with their heads bowed.  The Keeper turned, and retrieved the two necklaces, and placed each around their necks.  “Do you swear to protect our Goddess with your life?”

“I do.”  They both exclaimed with pride.

“Then rise, and start your duty.”

Rosalie and Jasper rose, and took their places on either side of Bella.  “Isabella, you have your protectors; go out, and find your mate.  We will be waiting for your return.”

“I will not let you down.”  Bella said with all the confidence she could.  As she turned, she looked out over her people, and said a small prayer that she wouldn’t break her word.

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