The Mother of the Blood Dragons

Mother of the Blood Dragons




AN:     I have decided to go outside of my comfort zone and write a mystical story.  A big thanks go out to my ever wonderful beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre reader Dinia Steel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Mother of the Blood Dragons, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.

 Chapter 1

 Bella looked out the opening that hid their world from the outside.  For twenty centuries their kind had been secure in their secret, but the time had come for the prophecy to begin.  They had watched the time when mystical creatures had roamed the earth, but man became powerful and the creature hid from man’s cruel, selfless acts.  So they waited for man to seal his own fate, and he certainly did.  He used all of the earth’s resources for his own selfless needs, and did not heed the warnings, and allowed disease to almost wipe themselves out completely.  The mystical creatures watched as mankind killed themselves, to time when they knew they could come out of hiding, and set the earth right once more.  The small groups of men that were scattered all around the earth; they were no longer the leaders of the planet, but slaves.  The most evil of the mystical creatures were the cold skinned, blood drinking vampires.  They rounded up the humans into camps, and used them as nothing more than stock animals to feed off of.

Bella and her family had never left their home, only watching the magic stones that the ancient ones had left for them.  So, what she was about to do, scared her.  Not only  what she had to do, but knowing that the unknown of the outside world and evil that were waiting.

“Bella, it is time.  Are you ready for the ceremony to begin?”  Rosalie asked.  Rosalie had been by her side since the day it had been known that Bella was the Goddess that the prophecy had foretold.  In their world, Blagan people were born into certain roles that they used to keep them in harmony and happiness.   Rosalie’s family had, for centuries, been protectors of the family.   Bella and Rosalie had been close; Bella knew that, whatever the outside world held for her, Rosalie would protect her.

“As ready as I ever will be.”  Bella said.  She smoothed out the gown, and adjusted the crown on her head with the glowing red stone.  She had worn the crown since the day of her sixteen birthday.  It was a rule that every girl of the Blagan people, on her sixteen birthday, would place the sacred crown upon their head.  The crown was pure gold, which wrapped around the head of the wearer; it looked like a dragon head. In the center of it were two blood stones.   Once the crown was placed on the wearer’s head, if one of the stones began to glow, it meant that the wearer would become the mother of the blood dragons.  There had never been a one that had been blessed with the gift until Bella tried it on on her sixteenth birthday.

The Blegan had been the keepers of dragon eggs, and the eggs were waiting for the Goddess to be born to fulfill the prophecy.  It had been written in the beginning of times that a child would be born who would go out into the world to find the one who drank the blood from men, had cold skin, was extremely fast, and had glowing red eyes.   When they met, she would know that he was the one because the second stone on her crown would begin to glow, and her skin would be hot to the touch.  They would be joined in a ceremony held in the hall of the blood dragons under a full blue moon in a pool of fire and blood.  During the ceremony, the markings of the Goddess would come to light, and the dragon will be seen by all.

After the ceremony, the Goddess and the blood drinker would mate; just as he spilled his cold seed into her, he would bite her over her heart, pumping his venom into her system.  But, unlike mankind, she would not change into a blood drinker, but would become an immortal.  With her touch, a dragon egg would fertilize,  and, in one year’s time, would hatch.  Once the dragon hatched, the Goddess would protect the dragon with all her strength; on the day of the dragon’s fifth birthday, it would become full grown.  Once that happened, she would mount the dragon’s back, and fly into the world, taking control of every creature that roamed the earth, becoming their queen.  Ruling not by cruelty, but with love and respect for each creature.

Bella walked toward the great hall with Rosalie watching out for anything that might want to harm the Goddess.   The Volgan family did not believe that Bella was the Goddess that the prophecy had foretold, and they thought somehow Bella’s family had somehow rigged the stone to glow.  They also thought that it was one of their own was the Goddess, even though when they had the crown placed upon their choice’s head, the stone did not glow.  They were waiting for the perfect time to put their own Goddess in control, and had made threats against Bella and her family.

Stepping into the great hall, the once loud crowd fell silent, taking in the beauty and grace of their Goddess.  She walked through the crowd toward the front of the great hall.  Once at the foot of the steps, she stopped, waiting for permission to walk up the steps.

The keeper of the ancient scrolls stepped forward, wearing her blood red gown with a dragon embroidered on the front.  “Come forward, Isabella.”  She commanded.

Bella walked up the stairs and stood in front of the Keeper.

“We are here today to send our Goddess out into the world, outside of our safety of our home to find the one who make the prophecy come forth.  Isabella, you may take two guards with you to protect you in the wild, unknown land.  Who do you want to serve you?”

It would be the greatest of honor for whomever was selected, and their families would be blessed for the rest of their lives.

Bella had known for a long time who she was going to take with her into the unknown.  She trusted them; not only that, she considered them family.  “I select Rosalie and Jasper.”  Bella said.

“Rosalie, Jasper, come forth.”  The Keeper said.

Rosalie and her brother Jasper walked up the steps and stood before the Keeper.  “Kneel.”  She commanded.  They fell onto their knees with their heads bowed.  The Keeper turned, and retrieved the two necklaces, and placed each around their necks.  “Do you swear to protect our Goddess with your life?”

“I do.”  They both exclaimed with pride.

“Then rise, and start your duty.”

Rosalie and Jasper rose, and took their places on either side of Bella.  “Isabella, you have your protectors; go out, and find your mate.  We will be waiting for your return.”

“I will not let you down.”  Bella said with all the confidence she could.  As she turned, she looked out over her people, and said a small prayer that she wouldn’t break her word.

Bound and United Chapter 6

Edward was never so happy to be moved from the hell hole of ICU to a normal room.  How the fuck was someone supposed to get better if they were woken up every thirty minutes by someone taking vitals, taking blood, or “just checking to see if you need something to help you sleep.”  Damn, were they all vampires or fucking zombies?  He had been told that Dr. Mallos had made arrangements for he and Seth to be discharged, and taken back to Seattle to finish their healing at home and was so fucking happy.  He felt sure that he would be able to heal faster in the bed he shared with Bella.  Oh, his sweet Bella, he wished he had the strength to get out of this fucking bed, and go look for her, but he couldn’t even go take a piss without almost collapsing from sheer exhaustion. How the hell was he going to be any good?  This plagued his dreams; he was the only one to save his precious Bella, but he couldn’t physically do it.  Her blood with be on his hands for all eternity.

Edward in Bed copy

He had finally gotten his cell phone back from the witches who said it would mess with his monitors, yeah, right, damn blood sucking witches from the depths of hell.   As soon as he had it back, he logged into the secured Coven account, but there was nothing listed about Bella or Elizabeth.  Why the fuck wasn’t there anything about Bella and Elizabeth?  Were they doing nothing?

Cell phone

Texting his father and Jasper, he demanded to know everything that was being done to find them.   His father told him that they were on their way to inform him of everything.  Why the fuck couldn’t he just text him, or fucking call him?  So, instead of knowing the details, he was sitting here eating this slop they called food.  What was it ?  According to the card, it was supposed to be beef stew, but there was nothing even close to beef in it, and why the fuck did they insist on serving green jello at every turn?  Was there some type of medicine in it?  Was that the reason it was green?  Suddenly, the door opened, and in walked Sean.


“Well, fucker, you are still looking like shit, well, shit with some color.”  Sean smirked.


“Asshole.”  Edward muttered, throwing the green jello at him, but missed Sean’s head by a few inches.


Sean walked over the bed, followed by Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper.  Esme leaned down, moved his hair from his forehead, and placed a kiss on the now cleared skin.  “How is my sweet boy?”


“MOM! Don’t say stuff like that.”  Edward whined.  He didn’t want to appear to be a Mama’s boy, even though he truly was.  He needed to be the big, bad mafia Don.


“Oh pish, posh.  You will always be my little boy.”  Esme said, placing one more kiss on his forehead.  Leaning back, she was elated to see that most of his color was back, and the light in his eyes were bright.  Her boy was on the mend.  Now, to get Bella back; she knew he would be fine.

“Edward, we have great news.”  Carlisle said.

“Please tell me you found her.  Is she okay?  Where is she?”  Edward demanded.

“Son, Alec found her.  She is being held by Roberto Cortez in his house in Belize.”

“Fuck, why the fuck did he take her?”  Edward asked, then, it hit him.  Roberto Cortez was the man that Sean had paid the Coven team to take out.  Had some type of leak caused Roberto to take Bella in retaliation?   Sitting up in the bed, and with a look of pure evil that would cause men to piss themselves, he roared.  “WHO THE FUCK LEAKED THE INFORMATION?”

“Edward, son calm down.”  Carlisle calmly said, hoping to defuse his son’s now rising blood pressure.  This much excitement was not good for him.

“CALM DOWN? CALM DOWN?  THE FUCK I WILL CALM DOWN!”  Edward yelled, flexing his hands into fists; he wanted to get his hands on the person who caused this.  He would choke the life out of them.

“Edward, I don’t think anyone leaked information.  Alec believes that this is somehow  connected to Aro.”  Carlisle calmly stated.

Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  Fucking Aro was still causing problems.  Damn, he hoped that the Devil was having a grand ole time with him in hell.  “What do you mean?”  Edward said, calmer than before, but still on edge.

“Alec has footage of Aro going into a club owned by Roberto right before we captured him.  Alec researched back, and, with Michael’s help, found out that Aro was buying drugs from Roberto before you and Bella took over.  He was the main supplier for the Volturi family drugs.  However, after you and Bella took over, the agreement was cut, but Aro continued to contact Roberto.  We think he somehow made a deal with Roberto to take you out, and I am afraid Roberto has some type of sick attraction to Bella.”

“What the fuck do you mean sick attraction?”

“Jasper, pull up the pictures.”  Carlisle said looking back at Jasper.  Jasper pulled out the iPad, pulled up the images of Bella and Elizabeth in their 1950s dresses, and handed it over to Edward.

Edward looked at the screen, confused by how Bella and Elizabeth were dressed, but, as he scrolled to the next picture, the rage within him blew over.  On his loving, caring wife’s face was a very large bruise, her eyes had black circles around them, and her lip looked puffy.  Someone had struck her many times in the face.

Bella on IPAD

Slamming the iPad on the table, he pulled back the covers, and began to get up.  He was going to get her, and kill every motherfucker in that house.  As he placed his feet on the floor, he began to sway, the room began spinning, and sharp pains cut through his body; he reached out, and grabbed Carlisle’s arm to prevent him from falling on his face.

“Edward, lie back down, son.”  Carlisle pleaded.

“Dad, did you see her face?  They hit her, dad, and I can’t let her suffer anymore.”

“Son, I am going with the team.”  Carlisle stated, looking into Edward’s eyes.  “I will bring her back safe and sound, and I will make every one of those motherfuckers suffer so fucking much that they will beg for death to stop the pain.  No one touches my daughter, no one.”

Edward looked into his eyes, and knew that he meant every word.  Carlisle Cullen was one evil motherfucker, and he had witnessed on more than one occasion his handy work when someone made the mistake of messing with the family.  He also knew that he loved Bella like a daughter; she had him wrapped around her delicate pinky.

“Edward, I promise you that I will give my life to protect them.  Bella will back in your arms very soon.”  Sean proclaimed.

Edward laid back on the pillows, and took a moment to center himself.  He needed to be the leader that Bella and the family needed.  Taking a deep cleansing breath, even though it hurt like a motherfucker, he was ready to be informed of the plan.

“All right, what is the plan?”

“We already have a four men team on the ground; the first team is in the air now and our planes are ready for our take off in the early morning hours.  We have a plan to have someone infiltrate the house, and coordinate with the team outside.”

“I didn’t realize we had someone so close to Roberto.”  Edward asked, thinking back on the previous meetings; he could not remember anything along those lines.

“We don’t.  I am going in.”  Sean stated.

Edward looked at Sean like he had lost his mind.  Roberto knew Sean, and would not allow him into his home.  “Really, Sean?  I thought I was the only one on some serious drugs here.”

“Fucker, I am going to be wearing a disguise as a priest.”  Sean said, then proceeded to inform him of the plan.  Edward, at first, was not impressed, but as the plan was detailed out, he was on board.  It sounded like a strong plan; he could only hope that it worked out.  After the discussion, Carlisle and Jasper informed Edward about the other family business.  Carlisle and Michael had been running the family on the day to day business; thankfully, everything was running smoothly.

Dr. Mallos, who had been staying next to wall, ready to spring into action if needed,  stepped forward, and informed Edward that the arrangements had been made for he and Seth to leave first thing in the morning for Seattle to finish healing at home.  Nurses and physical therapists had been hired and were waiting to begin their duties.

Edward was excited about going home, and prayed that Bella would be joining him the next day.  He would be monitoring the rescue by images from the body cameras and sound from the rescue teams.  Even though he wouldn’t be there in body, he would be there in spirit.  Everyone soon left, then,  Edward closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.  His dreams were filled with being united with his heart and soul.


Bella and Elizabeth in their room, dressed their 1950s nightgowns.

“Elizabeth, do you wonder why, in the 1950s, the men and women slept in separate twin beds when the women were dressed in these nightgowns?  I mean, as much as I hate being here, I am really digging these nightgowns, and I know Edward would really get a kick out of them.”  Bella joked, holding out the sheer fabric of the white plunging neckline gown.

night gown

“I think Sean would like them also.”  Elizabeth giggled; she was dressed in a similar gown, but in a light mint green.  She walked over to the window, and stared out into the dark night.  “Bella, keep an eye out.”

Mint Green Nightgown

Elizabeth hoped that the security team was watching as she opened and closed the blinds in morse code that they were fine, and waiting for an rescue.  After a few minutes a short message was sent.  “Padre O’Leary.”

Elizabeth left the blinds open, and turned back to Bella.  “Hey, girl, will you brush my hair?”  Elizabeth asked as she sat down at the vanity, holding up the brush.

“Of course.”  Bella said, taking the brush and began to brush through Elizabeth’s long red locks.

“We got a message.”  Elizabeth whispered.

Bella smiled in the mirror and nodded her slightly.

“Padre O’Leary.”  Elizabeth said quietly, being careful not to be too loud or move her lips too much.

Bella was so confused.  Padre O’Leary.  What did that mean?  Padre O’Leary?  Then it hit her.  Roberto was supposed to have the priest from the local church to come to do their interview, so this must mean that Sean was going to be taking the place of the priest.  But, how the hell was he going to pull that off?  She finished brushing Elizabeth’s hair, leaned over to place the brush on the table, and whispered in Elizabeth’s ear.  “Sean is going to be the priest that comes tomorrow.”

Elizabeth whipped her head around, and just looked at Bella with a very confused expression.  There was no way in hell Sean could just waltz into Roberto’s home dressed like a priest, and not be recognized by Roberto.  Damn him, trying to be the hero.  He was going to get himself killed.  Standing up, she went back toward the window, but, before she reached it, Roberto walked into the room.

“Oh, my darling, don’t you look beautiful?”  Roberto cooed, taking in his Bella in her nightgown.  He couldn’t wait for them to be married, and he could make her his.  He had dreamt every night of pounding his dick into that hot, wet pussy as he sucked on her breasts.   He had purchased a hospital grade breast pump, and, as soon as they were married, she would begin pumping her breast every three hours until her milk came in.  He would be also sucking on her nipples during sex, which he planned on doing at least three times a day.  The first few months she would limited to the amount of time she was out of his bedroom.  Once the milk came in, he would be feeding off this nectar several times a day.  If he was going to be gone, she would be required to pump extra milk, so he could take it with him.


Bella saw how intently Roberto was staring at her breasts, so she closed the sheer housecoat around them.  It covered them at least a little.  “Good evening.”  Bella said with a fake smile on her face.

“I hope you are well, and finding everything to your liking?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Wonderful, I just wanted to let you know that the priest will be here tomorrow afternoon, and, Elizabeth, my cousin will be here tomorrow evening to collect you.”  Robert said.

“Thank you for letting me know.”  Elizabeth said sweetly, trying her best not to walk over, and beat the hell out of Roberto.  Fuck, he was getting on her last good nerve.  She didn’t know how much more of this shit she could take before she broke down, and killed the motherfucker with her bare hands.

“I will leave you to go to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  Make sure you wear something pretty for the priest, my love.  We need to make a good impression.”

“Of course.  Do you have anything in mind?”  Bella asked.

“Hmm, wear the teal dress with the white trim.  I will make sure I am wearing one of my best suits.”

“I am sure we will be just fine tomorrow, I have a feeling we are going to have an unforgettable interview.”  Bella said, hoping he words would be true  if the team pulled this off whatever they were planning.

Roberto stepped forward, and leaned in for a kiss, but Bella, once again, placed her hand over her lips.  “Roberto, I am still not feeling well, and I don’t want to throw up on you again.”

“Oh.  I am going to go call a doctor, and see if we can get you something.”  Roberto said, thinking about who he could call.

Bella didn’t want anyone else coming to the compound, and possibly bring in more guards.  “No, Roberto, I am sure that, in a few days, I will be all better.  Just need to let it work out of my system.”  Then, it hit her, maybe she could get one of his guards in trouble.  “I just wish Carlos had not used so much to knock me out, and then used more even after I was tied up.”

Roberto was mad.  He didn’t realize that Carlos had used more than the original dose.  Now his sweet Bella was ill because he had gone overboard with the chloroform.  He was going to pay for that, and pay dearly.  “My love, I will take care of it.  Goodnight, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.  Our first step to becoming husband and wife.”  He turned, and walked out of the room.  Pulling out his phone, he texted Carlos to meet him out back.

Roberto walked into his office, grabbed his gun, and placed it in his pocket of his jacket.  Leaving his office, he walked outside and around to the back of the house, then was met by Carlos.

“Boss, good evening.”

“Carlos.”  Roberto quipped.

“I was about to come see you.  I wanted to talk to you about leaving the door of the girls’ bedroom unlocked.  I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“Really?  It has been unlocked for over a day now, and not once have they attempted to leave the room without me.”

“But, Roberto, Bella was Edward Cullen’s wife.  Don’t you think it is strange that she is acting like he never existed?”

Roberto had had enough.  He reared back, and threw a strong right hand to Carlos’ jaw, cause him to fall to the ground.  “You know nothing about my lovely Bella.  I asked you out here to find out why you used more chloroform on the girls once they were tied up?”

“I needed them to be quiet.”  Carlos answered, confused as to why Roberto seemed to be so upset, holding his aching jaw.  As he began to get back up, Roberto placed his foot on his chest.

“Well, because of you gave them so much, I can’t kiss my love’s lips because she is still sick because of it, you motherfucker.”  Roberto seethed, and pulled out his gun.  “I won’t have someone undermining me, and causing harm to my soon to be wife.”

Roberto fired his gun, hitting Carlos between the eyes.  Blood pooled on the ground under his head, and Roberto smiled at the sight.  Looking down at his foot that was still on Carlos’s chest, he saw that it had blood on his Corthay Arca shoes.

Roberto Shoes

Fuck, he liked those.  Pulling out his phone, he texted the guards, telling them to take care of carcass in the backyard, and then walked back in the house to get a nice cold drink, and think about fucking Bella.

Bella and Elizabeth had heard voices outside their window; when they peaked out, they saw Roberto shoot and kill Carlos.  “Fuck, Bella.”  Elizabeth whispered.  “He just shot him, and didn’t blink an eye.”


“I know, but at least we are now down one more guard, which should help the team.”  Bella answered.

“Damn, girl, I am so fucking happy we are on the same side.  Let’s finish getting ready for bed, because I have a feeling tomorrow is going to take a lot out of us.”

“God, I hope so.  I miss Edward so bad.”  Bella turning to walk to the bathroom and as she did, she brushed up against Elizabeth breasts.

“Fuck, Bella, that hurt.”  Elizabeth said, grabbing her breasts.


“What are you talking about?”

“My tits hurt.”

“Elizabeth, are you sure you are not pregnant also?”  Bella asked, because tender breasts were a sign of pregnancy.

Elizabeth stopped, and began to think about the last time she had a period.  Was it last month or the month before?  No, she couldn’t be pregnant; she and Sean had always used protection.  “Bella, there is no way.”

“Elizabeth, have you and Sean had sex?”

“Well, yes.”

“Did he cum?”  Bella smirked.

“BELLA!!” Elizabeth whisper-yelled, and blushed brightly.  “Yes.”

“Well, honey, there is a very good chance that you are.”

“But we used protection.”  Elizabeth said.

“Haven’t you heard the only true protection against pregnancy is abstinence? Seeing how Sean is around you, I am sure that is not an option.”  Bella giggled.

“Bella, do you think I am?”  Elizabeth nervously asked.  What was she going to do if she was?

“I am not sure, but you have thrown up, you can’t remember your last period, and your breasts are tender; all signs lead to you being pregnant.”  Bella said, looking at her friend; she could see she was scared.  “Elizabeth, if you are, Sean O’Leary is going to be over the moon.  You know what the best thing about it is?”

“No, what?”

“Our children will be the same age, and will grow up together; I feel sure they will be best friends.”

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Bella, and hugged her tight.  Bella may, technically,  be her boss, but, over the last few months, they had become closer, and she loved her like a sister.  “That is a nice thought.”

“Come, let’s get to bed; I have a good feeling about tomorrow.”  Bella said, hoping that this would be the last night she would be away from Edward.  She had tried not to think about how the last thing she’d heard about him was that he wasn’t breathing, because, in her heart, she knew he was alive and doing everything in his power to get her back. She would do everything she could to get to him safe and share the news about their baby.  Tomorrow would be one more step toward the future, and no one was going to stand in her way.

Chapter 5 of Bound and United

Carlisle and entire Coven team was meeting with Alec, who had received the intel on Bella and Elizabeth.  It had been confirmed that they were in Belize. Alec had done a wonderful job with the amount of intel he had collected.  The Coven team was carefully going over each piece, making sure they knew every inch of the area.  With the number of guard and the weaponry they had seen, they knew that it was not going to be easy.


Sean was worried about his love and their unborn child.   As the team was talking about their plan, he knew he needed to let them know that Elizabeth was pregnant, because they would need to make sure they take a medical team with them, and they would need to have specialized medicine just in case.

“Team, I have a piece of information that I need to make you aware of.”  Sean said.


“What is it, Sean?”  Jasper asked.

“Well… you see…”  Sean stuttered, taking in a deep cleansing breath.   “Elizabeth is pregnant.”

Jasper’s head whipped around.  Elizabeth was pregnant, holy shit.  “How far along is she?”

“I don’t know.  She didn’t get the chance to tell me about the baby.”

Emmett forehead wrinkled and he had a confused look.  “Then how do you know she is pregnant; I mean, I thought there was type of test or something.  Am I wrong?”


Sean stared at Emmett.  Here was a man who one of the most deadliest motherfuckers he had ever seen, and yet he didn’t know anything about a baby.  He had seen Emmett kill a man in the most horrific way ever thought of, and he did it with a dimpled grin on his face.  “Emmett, I found the pregnancy test in her luggage.”

“Oh,”  Emmett said.

“Congrats, Sean.  Elizabeth is a wonderful woman.” Jasper said.  He was a little jealous, not about Elizabeth, but the baby.  He and Alice had been trying since they got married to conceive, but nothing had happened.  They had gone to the doctors, who said that it might take some time since Alice had been on birth control shots for so long.  So they enjoyed trying every chance they got.  “I will make sure the doctor has been advised of the situation.  I hope we get some more photographs of them to get a better feeling about how they are.”

“I think Bella looks a little pale.  But, I guess that is understandable, considering how they got there.”  Carlisle said.

Alec got another email from the team.  This time it was a recording from the phone tap that they had placed on the house phone.  With no cell service, this was the only means of communication, which was a great thing.  Alec put on his headphones, and listened to the phone conversations.  One was about a supply order being placed in the city, next was Roberto calling his agent about the next photoshoot, but the last call was the most promising.  It was a Catholic priest in Belize to come to the house for the interview.  Roberto apologized for not coming to Mass, but promised to make his financial commitment to the church.  Alec took off his earphones. and walked over the table where everyone was discussing possible plans.

“I got some new information.  The phone tap on Roberto house phone has possibly giving us an opportunity to get in undetected.”  Alec said.


“How?”  Carlisle asked.

“Roberto made a call to the local parish and talked to the priest.  He wants him to come to the house in two days to begin the wedding process.”  Alec explained.

“So you think we can switch out the priest for one of our men?” Jasper asked.

“I think it is very doable.”  Alec answered.  “We have the technology to make a mask and voice manipulator, and we can detain the real priest, allowing our man to go in his place.  Having someone on the inside will allow us to protect them better, instead of attacking the house and Bella and Elizabeth getting caught up in a crossfire situation.”

Carlisle first thought it was a crazy idea, but, the more he thought about it, the more he realized it would give them a huge advantage to have someone in the house before all hell broke loose.  “So who do you think should be the one to wear the disguise?”

“I’ll do it.”  Sean said.

“Sean, do you even know Spanish?”  Jasper asked.

“Sí, lo creo de puta.”  Sean smirked. (Yes, I do motherfucker.)

“Huh?”  Jasper asked.


“I know Spanish and I know street Spanish also.  With all the gangs moving into our turf, I made it a point to learn.  It helps when you’re beating the shit out of someone for information, and they think you don’t know what the fuck they are saying.”  Sean smirked.  “So I know I can pass myself off as the Padre.”

“Sean, if you feel you can do it, then let’s go for it.  Alec, has there been any new information?”

“No, but I believe there will a new update within the next hour.”

“Isn’t there anything we can do about the lack of cell service?”  Carlisle asked.

“I was able to get some satellite phones, and hacked into a secure satellite to insure we aren’t traced.  The team will take them to Belize when they go.”  Alec said.  Then he felt the vibration on his phone notifying him that he had an email.  Pulling up the email and its attachment, he was shocked to see the new round of photos the team had sent.  He knew that once he showed the team, all hell would break loose.  Turning back to the meeting, he walked over, and pulled up the photos on the tablet before laying it down on the table.  “These are the new photos of the house.”

Sean pickup the tablet, and scrolled through the photos.  Then,  he came across the ones of Elizabeth and Bella dress in some ridiculous 1950s dresses… he saw it.  Bella had bruises on both sides of her face and what looked like two black eyes and busted lip while his sweet Elizabeth had a bruise on her cheek.  That motherfucking asshole had laid his hand on his precious angel; for that reason alone, he would die a very painful death.  Slamming the tablet back on the table, he began to pace around the room, clenching his fists, and trying to bring his blood pressure down.

Sean had seen the photographs; to say he was upset was an huge understatement.   Carlisle had never seen Sean so mad, even when Maggie was attacked.  On that day, Carlisle saw how scary Sean was, but that was nothing to what he was like now.

Jasper picked up the tablet; when he saw the picture, he understood what was going on with Sean.   After he showed it to Carlisle, he saw saw a look on his face that he’d never before seen on the previous Don of the family.  Over the years, he had seen Carlisle mad, but this was so different.  One look on his face would make the toughest man piss his pants.

Carlisle couldn’t believe his eyes.  His sweet daughters had been struck in the face…hard. Carlisle had been consumed by so much rage when he first saw the picture.  He hoped that she had not suffered at the hand of this monster, but the image showed that she had, in fact, been.  While studying the photos, one thing complex him, why were both Bella and Elizabeth dressed as if looked like they just stepped out of the 1950s.  He hoped that Roberto was not some sick bastard who had the mentality that we would be better off with 1950s values.  He had read about such men and heard tales throughout the community how they thought that Dominants and Dominatrixes in the community were wrong to allow their submissives to have control.  In their eyes, men and only men were to be the ones in control at all times and in all things.  He knew his daughter was a submissive, but only to her Dominant during their play time. If Roberto tried anything like that, she wouldn’t think twice about putting him in his fucking place.  Maybe that is what happen.  Fuck, they needed to get them out of there and quick.

As he continued to look at the images, the rage continued to boil. Over the years, he had some of the family members who had done such a thing, and he brought them before him, and personally corrected their behavior. If they did it again, they never saw the light of the next day.  Roberto was a dead man; since Edward was not going to be able to do it, he wanted to be the one to kill the motherfucker.  “I’m going.”  He stated.

“Carlisle, I don’t think that is wise move.”  Jasper interceded.

Carlisle stepped closer to Jasper and in a voice that was straight from hell.  “You might be the Capo to Edward, so you are to advise the Don, but I don’t need your advisement.”

“But, Carlisle, the trek to the house is really hard and very physical.” Jasper said, hoping he would change Carlisle’s mind.

Carlisle had just about enough of Jasper.  Taking off his jacket, he loosened his tie, and grabbed either side of shirt at the buttons, and pulled hard, causing the buttons to fly all over the floor, exposing his rock hard six pack.  Yes, six pack; he made it a point to work out each morning.  He kept himself in superior physical condition.   He had always worked out, and he found that it was a necessity in the playroom.  “I might be fifty-five years old, but my stamina is that of a twenty-five old.  And, if you don’t believe me, ask Esme, she will tell you.  So, motherfucker, I can out run, climb, and fuck any of you any day of week and twice on Sunday.  So, I am fucking going, and that is that.”

Hot Carlisle

Jasper was shocked at what he saw.  Carlisle Cullen was cut.  Damn, he was in better shape than he was.  “Okay, but we need to decide on what we are going to tell Edward, and what we are not.”

“Jasper, we are going to tell, and show him everything.  He is the Don of the family; we don’t keep information about the family from him.”  Carlisle said.

“But, don’t you think we shouldn’t overstimulate him with the information?  Once he sees the pictures, he is going to be hard to keep in bed, and we know that he needs to stay there.”

“That might be, but we will convince him that we are going to handle it.  Esme will come along, and I am sure she can make him stay in the bed. If not, we will have the doctor knock him out.  Now, if there is nothing else for a little while, I am going to go find my wife, and work off my built up anger, as well as get a new shirt.  Jasper, you will be getting a bill for this one.”  Carlisle announced, picking up his jacket, and walking out the door.

Emmett walked up to Jasper.  “Man, did  you see how fucking cut his was?”

“Yeah.”  Jasper whispered.

“Man, I hope I look that good at his age.”  Emmett smirked.  “DAMN.”

After all the plans were finalized, Jasper contacted Carlisle, and informed that everything was all set for the flight to Belize first thing in the morning.  The first team was about to take off within the hour and set up camp, then get surveillance on the church and the priest.  They would be constructing the mask and tune the voice multiplicator so that it would be ready for them when they arrived tomorrow.  It was also planned that Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, and Sean would go to the hospital to inform Edward on all the details.

Edward’s doctors was amazed at how quickly he was healing.  For a man who had been brought back to life twice on the operating table, he had made such great strides in healing that he had been moved from ICU to a private room.  They had a meeting with Mr. Cullen’s private doctor.  They were shocked at the news they received.

“Mr. Cullen’s family and I are very pleased with the wonderful care that he and Mr.  Guidi have received.”  Dr.  Mallos stated.


“Thank you, but we are amazed at how quickly both Mr. Cullen and Mr. Guidi have healed.  Never, in all my years of practice, have I seen anything like it.  Mr. Cullen’s will for life is quite remarkable.  I have never seen a person, whose heart had stopped twice on the operating table, be moved out of ICU, and into a private room in a matter of days.”

“Mr. Cullen has a great deal to live for.  Not only his lovely wife and partner, but also his family.”  Dr. Mallos said, looking around the table at each one of doctors sitting there.  Now, he needed to make them aware of what was going to happen next.  “We are pleased that you are releasing both Mr. Cullen and Mr. Guidi to me and my medical team.  The plane and staff are ready to move them back to Seattle to finish their healing, but there is something I need to take care of before we leave.”

“What would that be?”  One of the doctors asked.

“I need every piece of evidence that put both Mr. Cullen and Mr. Guidi in this hospital.”

“Excuse me?”

“I need all the documentation.  Also I need your assurance that after we leave you will never speak of them again.”

“We can’t just give you the documentation.  It is against HIPAA regulations to release that information.”

“Yes, you can, and you will.  The Cullen family has already talked to the president of the hospital and all of the board members and they are in agreement.”  Dr. Mallos said.  What they didn’t know was that the president and board members were paid handsomely for their agreement.  He then reached into his case, and pulled out five envelopes, each filled with seventy-five thousand dollars.  The hospital bill and doctors’ bill had been paid from the dummy corporation account that was used when they needed to pay for services that didn’t track back to the family.  “Gentlemen, for your time and silence, please accept this donation.” The group of doctors carefully opened the envelopes, and saw they were filled with hundred dollar bills.   “I hope this settles everything.”

“Yes, sir.  We will have you everything by the end of the day.”  One of the doctors choked out.  After seeing the amount of money and everything that he had seen, he knew that Edward Cullen was part the mafia.

“Wonderful.  I am going to tell Mr. Cullen that you’re cooperating, and I feel that he will be very pleased.  Good day.”  Dr. Mallos said as he stood, and walked out of the room.  He was glad that this piece of business was taken care of, but the next piece of business was going to be even harder.

Carlisle had called him, and wanted him to be in the room when they broke the news about Isabella.  They had good news, but were worried that Edward would try to get up to go with the team; they all knew that he was not able at this point to do anything, so he was going to be in the room as the voice of reason.  He had known Edward for years, and was amazed at his ability to remain calm in stressful situations. He once asked him how he did it.  Edward explained to him that both he and his father were Dominants, and, because of their training, they had more control.  At first, he was shocked to learn that Edward and Carlisle were Dominants, but, after Edward explained everything, he became curious about it.  Edward invited him to the club and to one of the monthly trainings; after that he wanted to explore even more.  Over time, he embraced his dominant side, and started training.  He had never been happier.  He had been at the club the night that Isabella had started as a server.  She was so graceful and beautiful, but, more than that, she was a submissive.  His training had taught him had to judge a person by the way they carried themselves, not  if they were a submissive or a Dominant.  He had been at the club, looking around for possible new submissive.  The contract with his current submissive ended, and, since he really didn’t feel any kind of spark between them, he didn’t renew the contract.  As he sat at the table, taking in his surroundings, he didn’t hear her come up to the table, but, as he turned, he was stunned by her beauty and grace.  “Good evening, Sir, may this girl take your order?”  She asked.

“A glass of red wine.”

“Certainly, Sir.”  She said, turning, and walking toward the bar.  He, of course, watched her, but it was then that he saw Edward sitting up in their private section watching her every move. Whenever she interacted with another man, he grimaced.  He knew, in that moment, that he had no chance with her.  Edward had changed once he met and married Isabella.  His once calm nature ended whenever Isabella was in danger.  His whole reason for living was for her and her alone, so he knew it was going to difficult to keep him in the bed while others rescued her.

He walked down the hallway, and met up with Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper.  “Dr. Mallos, are you prepared if Edward is unwilling to remain in the bed?”  Carlisle asked.

“Yes, sir, but I am a little worried that he might take some type of repercussion against me when he wakes.”  He said worriedly.  He knew that Edward could hurt his own father, but he felt sure that he wouldn’t even blink an eye at killing him.

“I promise you that no harm will come your way.  My son my be upset, but, deep in his heart, he knows this is the best way.  All right let’s get this over with, so we can go save our girls.”  Carlisle said, taking Esme’s hand and walking into Edward’s room.


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