Bound and United Chapter 4

Part 3 of the Bound Series by HeartForTwilight


Chapter 4

 AN:     A big thanks goes out to my support team who have decided to come with me once again on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Bound Series, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.


Roberto was actually trembling with excitement at the thought of seeing his Isabella soon.   He had dreamt of her every night since Aro had shown him her photograph at the nightclub, and promised her to him.  He had no doubts that she would be a wonderful wife for him, and an exceptional mother to his many children.



He was aware that many of the leaders of other Latino crime families frowned upon marriages between family leaders to someone outside the Latino culture.  There was an unspoken rule to preserve the purity of their Hispanic bloodline.  He would have to overlook the fact that she wasn’t Hispanic.  From all he had learned from Aro, and the picture he had stored on his cellphone, that would not be a problem.


Roberto was not happy when he had been told that another woman had been taken with his beloved.  Cristel had sent him a photo of the redhead that had also been taken.  Not wanting to waste an opportunity, he decided that his cousin would appreciate the fiery redhead.


His cousin’s last wife had died just a few months ago, well, she really didn’t just die, he caught her breaking one of his rules and he had to punish her.  In their world, men are the rulers of the family.  The women, in their lives, are to serve the needs of their husbands by maintaining their households and bearing their children. It was Roberto’s opinion that the downfall of humanity’s social and moral structure was due to the fact that women were allowed to work outside the home.   Women were supposed to keep their husbands happy, in the home, and in the bed. He truly hoped that Bella hadn’t learned any bad habits from her previous relationship with Edward, because he didn’t want their first few weeks to be all about punishment, and teaching her how to treat him like the ruler he was.



He was aware that Aro was a Dominant.  Roberto had researched information about the BDSM community out of curiosity.  He had found that they allotted too much attention to the needs and wellbeing of the submissive, and not the Dominant.   It was obvious to him that they thought that the woman had all the power.   He had also heard rumors that Edward was also a member of the BDSM community, and wondered if Bella had participated as well.  Assuming it was possible, he became perturbed about the amount of work he may have to put into this relationship with his Bella.


He had ordered Cristel to take Bella and the redhead to his Belize estate, where there was much more privacy.  They would stay there until it was verified that no one was looking for them. He had tried repeatedly to contact Aro, but he had not been answering his phone.  Roberto wanted to share the good news that he now had Bella, and would be planning their wedding, and to iron out the details of their plans for the upcoming drug shipments.  He could not wait to reestablish his drug trade in Seattle.  It had been lucrative until the family merger with the Cullens.  That merger had cost him significant profits.  He had already increased his presence in Boston and New York.  The Irish were fucking pissed.  Sean O’Leary was so pissed off, that he had sent him a death threat via one of his street thugs.  He couldn’t wait to see his face when he took over both the East and West Coasts.


Roberto arrived at his Belize home only an hour or two after Bella’s arrival.  The journey had been long, as the roads leading to his estate were impossible to traverse without a four wheel drive.  It was perfect for keeping Bella hidden.  When he arrived, Cristel met his boss on the veranda.


“¿Cómo está todo?”  Roberto asked.  (How are things?)


“Jefe, fina. Las mujeres son en el dormitorio y que han acaba de despertar.”   Cristel responded.  (Fine, Boss.  The women are in the bedroom; they just woke up.)


Roberto walked into the house, ignoring any other issues in his impatience to get to his beloved Isabella.  Unlocking the door to the bedroom that Isabella had been placed, he glanced to see her and the redhead sitting on the couch.  Dios Mio.  She was even more beautiful in person than in the photograph.  Walking over to her, he smiled as he offered his hand.


“Oh, my beautiful Isabella.   It is so wonderful to finally have you home.”


“Who the fuck are you and why the fuck have you taken us?”  Bella exclaimed, pulling from her inner Edward with the use of his colorful language.


Roberto was taken back at her use of such vulgar language.  It was obvious that some training was necessary.  He despised the use of vulgar language; it would not be permitted, and he would correct that problem now.


“Isabella, you will not use that type of language in my presence, or our home.   Do you understand?”




Roberto moved in closer and reared back, bringing his heavy hand down as he slapped her across the cheek, the sound echoed throughout the room.  Elizabeth jumped up to protect Bella, but Roberto looked at her. “SIT DOWN!”   He yelled before slapping Elizabeth hard in the face as well, causing her to fall back on the couch.


Bella placed her hand over the cheek where the man had hit her, and could feel the heat from the strike.   The hit had been so hard that it had caused her eyes to water.


“You will keep your mouth shut, and not speak unless I have given you permission.  I am Roberto Cortez, your soon to be husband, and the ruler of this family.”


Bella had to contain her laugh, as it was apparent to her that this asshole was delusional.  “I can’t marry you, asshole.  I am already married, and I suggest you let us go immediately, and start fucking running, because when my husband gets here, you will be one dead motherfucking ruler.  Trust me when I say, he and our family will catch up to you.”


Roberto slapped Bella and across the other cheek.   “Didn’t I just warn you not to speak unless I gave you permission, and to not use that vulgar language? You are no longer married to Edward, Isabella.  I had your husband killed.  You are mine now.”  Roberto laughed.


“He is not dead motherfucker, and even if he was, I would never marry a psychotic, delusional asshole like you.”  Bella spitted.


Roberto grabbed her arm hard and gave it a squeeze.   Leaning close to her face.  “You are mine. Your father has arranged this marriage, and you will bend to my will, and be the perfect wife I expect you to be, or I can promise you that I will become a widower.”  He said then reached around and pulled her tight against his body grinding his already hardening cock against her.  Though repulsed by her vulgarity, he could see that she was going to be a handful in the bedroom. “Now be a good girl and give your novio a kiss and say you are sorry.” (fiancée)


Bella’s mind was stunned with the information she had just learned.  If it was true that Aro had arranged for the assassination attempt on Edward, and the subsequent marriage of her to this man, then obviously he was not aware that Aro was dead.  She was trying to calculate how to handle this situation until help could arrive.  As he increased his grip on her arm to force the kiss he wanted, she could feel the bile rising from her already upset stomach.  Just as he came closer to her lips, Bella regurgitated right into Roberto’s face.


Roberto screamed as he wiped the vomit from his face, surveying the damage to his new suit.  It was ruined.  “Follando perra!!!” (You fucking bitch)  He yelled as he leaned back once more and slapped her across the face. “I will be back, mi esposa, and there better see some improvements in your attitude.”  Roberto stormed out of the room and down the hall to take a shower, and change clothes. (my wife)


After Roberto stormed out of the room, Elizabeth checked on Bella’s condition.  “Bella let me look at you.”  She said, taking notice of the damage that sick bastard had inflicted on Bella.  Both her cheeks were bright red from the slaps; there would soon be bruising.  The skin around Bella’s eyes indicated that she would have two black eyes and the right side of lower lip was busted open.  “Damn, girl, he did a number on you.  Edward is going to have a bloody fit.”


Bella looked at Elizabeth’s face where Roberto had hit her, and saw she also had a bruised cheek.  “Well, it looks like Sean is not going to be fucking happy either.  Damn can you believe the fucking shit that he was spewing?  Elizabeth, it is obvious that this fucking nut case does not know that fucking Aro is dead.  Just when I thought I could get on with our lives without having to deal with my fucking sperm donor, the bastard rises from the dead.  There is no way we can let on that we know Aro is dead.  We need to play this carefully until Edward and Sean can get here.”


“I know, I had to compose my expression when he mentioned Aro.  And then I nearly busted out laughing when you threw up on him.”  Elizabeth giggled.


“Well, that will teach the fucker to try to kiss me.”  Bella said placing her hand on her still flat stomach.  “I guess little Edward was looking out for his mommy.”  Then it hit her, she didn’t hear the door lock latch when Roberto stormed out.  Walking over to the door she quietly and slowly tried the doorknob, and sure enough it was open.  “Elizabeth it’s open; the fucker didn’t lock it.”


“Damn.  Okay, I need you stand back and I am going to take a look, and see what I can see.”  Elizabeth said.  Bella stepped back to the side of the door as Elizabeth slowly cracked it open, and peered out of the room.  It was a long hallway with doors on both sides, but she saw no guards.  They could make an escape, but several factors caused Elizabeth to hesitate.  They didn’t know where they were.  They would be traveling in an unfamiliar area without any supplies or weapons unless they could disarm someone.  The fact that Bella was pregnant made the entire idea of even attempting an escape even worse.  They needed information on their location and circumstances in order to devise a successful plan; there was no way they could take a chance with so many unknown factors.  After formulating all the options, Elizabeth closed the door, and turned to Bella.  “Bella, we can’t just leave; we need to somehow get information on where the fuck we are, and what Roberto’s plans are in order to come up with a successful escape plan.”


“Elizabeth, we can get out.”  Bella said, thinking that Elizabeth had lost her mind.


“Bella, we don’t have food, water, weapons, and no idea of which way to go.  We could get lost, be attacked by whatever wild animals that are out there in the woods, and if we tried to stay close to the road, then Roberto and his men would find us. After seeing his temper, I wouldn’t want to captured again under those circumstances.”


As much as Bella wanted to argue with her, she knew that Elizabeth was right.  They needed to be smart, and think about the best way to escape, or to get a message to Edward and the team.  Remembering the dream, she needed to fight for their love.  “You’re right, Elizabeth, we need to make a plan or try to find some way to figure out where we are and whatever information we can get, then try to send the team a message out.  We both know that the Coven has already been deployed, we just don’t know our circumstances.  We gather whatever information we can, then devise a plan.”


Elizabeth nodded and they went back into the room.  Clearing her head, she began to think about all that she knew about Roberto Cortez.  The fucker was totally unaware that the Coven surveillance teams had been deployed to each of his residences, and collecting massive amounts of intel on the fucker for the hit that Sean ordered.  They had been keeping a close eye on all properties owned by Roberto; by the looks of the forest outside, they must be in the Belize house.  Fuck, this meant that Bella’s tracker was not working.   “I bet we are at the Belize location, which is the worst possible location to be at.  The cell service is nonexistent, and I am sure both of our trackers are not sending out a signal.   We do have a team here, but they are only four men doing twelve hour shifts.  I know they don’t have the firepower to overtake the house; they will need reinforcements.”


“We have to get some type of message to them letting them know we are here.”  Bella said.


“True, but I am pretty sure they saw us as we were brought in earlier.”


“Yes, but how would they know it is us?”  Bella asked.


“Our team is made up of highly intelligent men and women, when they reported what they had seen after their shift then the person reading their report will put two and two together.   I mean a brunette and a redhead being carried into the house unconscious is going to raise red flags.   And I bet you that Alec is the one reading the report; you and I both know that he probably has not slept since the kidnapping. “


Bella knew that was true.  Since meeting her brother, they had developed a very special bond.  They had spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other.  Bella was so pissed when she heard how Aro and James had treated him over the years.  So much so that she wished she could bring them back to life so she could torture the motherfucking assholes.  Alec was such a wonderful, loving young man, and she was so happy that he had found Maggie.  She loved standing back, and watching the way they interacted with each other.  The love they had for each other was evident to all those around them.  She was looking forward to their wedding, and seeing them start their lives together.  Maggie had come to her right before they left for Vegas with concerns that Alec had about them having children.  He was afraid that they would inherit his issues, and he didn’t want that.  Maggie was upset, because she could find no faults with Alec.  Bella had told Maggie to give him time, and she felt sure that he would change his mind.


“I am sure you’re right.  My little brother will not rest until we are back.”


“Bella, he loves you so much, and I can honestly say that he is the best at what he does for the Coven.  I am amazed sometimes at how he can manipulate a computer.”


“I am very proud of him.  Now then, we need to plan our next move.”


Elizabeth began to think of a way to keep their captors busy, so the Coven team could get here.  She was worried about how Roberto was trying to push himself on Bella.  But they might be able to use this to their advantage.  “Bella, as much as you hate this, I think we need to play along with the sick bastard.”


“Are you crazy?  I am not going to play wife to that bastard.”  Bella exclaimed.


“No, I want you to play along with being the submissive wife that he seems to prefer.  However, since he is looking for a virtuous wife, I say we give him one.  You can convince him that you feel that it would not be proper to have any type of physical relationship without being married first.  Not just married, but married in a church by a priest, because you are a good Catholic girl.”


“Do you think it will work?”


“I think so.  He fits the profile of someone who wants total control.  If you play into that, he will think of nothing else.  Look around the room, and see what we have to work with.  We need to check the drawers in the dresser and the closets.”


They walked into the closet, and were surprised to see that it was stocked with a large variety of clothes.  Some were high fashion, but there was also a large selection of dresses reminiscent of the style women wore wear in the 1950s.  Trying to make the best impression, they decided to quickly change into the outfits that he had provided.  Bella selected a yellow dress with an overlay of white lace flowers with matching heels.  They fixed her hair in a stylish updo, and tied a yellow ribbon around her head, finishing off the look with a pearl necklace.  She looked like belonged in June Cleaver’s kitchen.

1950s Bella _zpsyq2h9aoe

Elizabeth found a white skirt with purple flowers that was fitted at the waist, and then fell into full folds.  She added a long sleeved white sweater, and finished it off with a gold necklace.  She styled her hair into a soft, simple style.  They also found handkerchiefs that they used lipstick to write their names, that they were located in a bedroom with bars on the window, and the number of guards they had observed during their abduction.  Once they were able to get all the information written down, they placed the handkerchiefs in their sleeves, making sure that none of the writing was seen.

Elizabeth _zpstnloc7t5

“Well, don’t we look retro?”  Bella giggled, looking at Elizabeth.  “I hope this works, because, if it doesn’t, I will attack that asshole with these heels.”


They went back into the room, and sat down on the couch making sure they sat in perfect proper form, straight backs, and feet crossed at the ankles.  After about fifteen minutes, the door opened and in walked Roberto.  He was amazed and pleased to see that the women were dressed in the proper attire he had arranged to have stocked in the wardrobe.  As he approached them, Bella looked up and smiled.


“Please forgive me for the incident earlier, it must have been a side effect from whatever was used to knock us out.  I hope you will accept my apology.”  Bella said as she tried not to vomit with each vile word.


Roberto was thrilled by the change in Isabella’s demeanor.  She was becoming the perfect wife he dreamt she would be.  He leaned in to kiss her and she turned away, presenting him the cheek he had slapped earlier.


“I am sorry, sir, but I don’t feel comfortable kissing a man who is not my husband.  It would not be proper.”


Roberto stood back and smiled.  “Of course, mi esposa, pardon my forwardness.  I will make plans for a priest to come very soon, my love.”


“But, Roberto, I am a devout Catholic, we must marry in a church.  We must be married before God to ensure that our union is blessed.”


“My love, you are right.  I will make the plans immediately.  Also I will be leaving the door unlocked.  I was shocked to see that I left the door unlocked earlier, but I was happy to see that I can trust you to stay.  I knew that this was going to be a perfect match.”  Roberto boosted.


“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  I look forward to our future.”  Bella lied while smiling sweetly up at Roberto.


It was taking everything in Elizabeth’s power not to break out laughing at Bella.  When they got out of this, she was going to find Bella an Academy Award for her acting skills.   It was obvious from Roberto’s easy belief in their immediate submission, that he was using some of the drugs he was selling.  She had remained quiet during the entire exchange, with her eyes lowered to the floor.


“I also see that you have also learned your lesson.  I am sure that my cousin will love that.  What is your name?”  Roberto asked.


Elizabeth looked up and smiled.  “Cynthia.”


“Oh, what a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.  Do you have something you want to say to me?”


“I, too, am sorry for my outburst earlier.  I am sure that it was the medicine that was given to us.  Even now I still feel slightly nauseous.”  Elizabeth said, but she was not acting; she did, in fact, feel sick.  “May I be excused?”  She said, covering her mouth with her hand.


“Yes, quickly.”  Roberto said, stepping back.  He did not want a repeat of the earlier incident again today.  He needed to ask Cristel what the fuck he used to knock out Bella and Cynthia, to ensure that there would be no lasting effects that would prevent him and Bella from conceiving a child as soon as they were wed.


Elizabeth wasn’t acting, she really was sick to her stomach.  After rushing into the bathroom and vomiting several times, she shakily stood up, and rinsed her mouth out with some water.  Damn, what had they used?   Walking back out into the room, she found that Roberto was still standing some distance away from Bella.


“Are you okay, Cynthia?”


“I believe so.”  Elizabeth whispered.


Bella looked up at “Cynthia”, and gave her a small wink before turning back to Roberto.  “Roberto, may we go outside and get some fresh air?  Maybe it will help.”  Bella pleaded.


Roberto considered the request, and, considering they had not attempted to leave when the door was left unlocked earlier, and due to the fact that they were so far away from civilization, he thought it would be safe.  “Certainly, come let’s take a stroll around the house; I hope there won’t be any problems.”


“We will be on our best behavior.”  Bella promised.


Roberto nodded as he held out his arm for Bella to take.  She stood and carefully took his arm, trying not to touch him as much as possible.  Forcing a smile on her face, she looked up at Roberto.  “Thank you.”


They walked out of the room and down the hallway to the end, where they were entered a large living room with large windows that overlooked the forest.  To the right was a large kitchen, again with large windows.  Bella and Elizabeth noticed four men stationed around the living room and kitchen.  As they walked out the front door there were an additional four men, all carrying assault weapons.  Roberto led them down the steps and into the yard.  Mentally taking notice of the number of guards as they stood at the edge of the yard, Elizabeth placed her hand behind back and as she turned she signaled, hopefully, to the team the number of guards in the house.  She knew they had observed the number outside, but inside was more difficult.  Then she took out the handkerchief and wiped her forehead with it as if she was sweating, she looked around and when she felt no one was looking, she dropped it into the shrubs.  They continued around the house as Roberto told them about the house and the history of the land.  When they got to the other side of the house, she again motioned the number of guards as Bella stopped at the edge of grass.


“It is really hot here.”  She said, taking out her handkerchief and dabbing it on her face.


“You will get used to it.”  Roberto said.  “I promise to try to make you as comfortable as possible.”


“Thank you.”  Bella said as a large puff of wind came around the house.  Knowing this was the best time, she let the handkerchief go, allowing it to blow down the hillside and into the trees.  “Oh my.”


“Don’t worry, my love, I have more of them for you.  Come, let’s go back inside, and get you some cool water.”  Roberto said, leading the ladies back inside.  Not knowing that their every move was being observed and recorded.


As darkness of night fell, the team collected the handkerchiefs, and noted the details in their report.  One of the members trekked the two miles and transmitted the information, along with the video and pictures that were taken.  Waiting for an answer back, he was excited knowing that help was headed their way, and all hell was about to break loose.

Team member

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  1. I really liked the chapter, as always. I loved that Bella vomited on Roberto. I hope that they get to them before he finds out that Bella is pregnant, and I have my suspicisions that Elizabeth is also pregnant. I cannot wait for Edward to get there and kick his ass. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this amazing story. 🙂


  2. OMG I am so glad that I can follow this story…… This chapter was amazing and I believe that they both are pregnant. Now hopefully Sean and the Coven can get them both out with anyone being hurt. Hopefully Edward will recover quickly and at least be able to fly out there even if he can’t go in and rescue them.


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