Bound and United Chapter 3

Bound and United

Part 3 of the Bound Series by HeartForTwilight


Chapter 3


AN:     A big thanks goes out to my support team who has decided to come with me once again on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Bound Series, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.


Alec had not slept. Hour after hour was spent searching not only for his beloved sister, Bella and his dear friend, Elizabeth, but the soon to be dead Manuel.  Alec knew that once he located Manuel, they would find out who kidnapped Bella, and where the hell they had taken her.


He had seen video footage showing that Manuel had gone to the side door about thirty minutes after the reception started, turned off the alarm, and unlocked the door.  Afterwards, he went back to the front desk, and told the night auditor that he was not feeling well and was going home.  He left carrying a large black backpack, and got into a black Mercedes with tinted windows.  Alec ran the plates; it came back for a vehicle that was stolen in New York two weeks before.  He did trace the vehicle’s departure using the camera footage of multiple businesses on the Vegas strip to an apparently abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town.  The Coven team was immediately being deployed to investigate the warehouse.


Alec was also was receiving continual status updates from the team members that had been deployed for the Cortez job for which Sean had hired them.  A four member team had been stationed outside of each one of Cortez’s discovered residences working in twelve hour shifts.  The Coven team had found that Roberto owned an apartment in New York, a mansion in Colombia, and a large estate in the mountains outside of Belize.  Each team was assigned to check in twice daily with movement around each location and/or any signs of Roberto himself.  The only team that was having issues was the Belize residence.  Due to the location of the house in the mountains, there was no cell service around the residence.  This complication required the team had to travel two miles west to get service.  The last time the teams checked in, none had seen Roberto, but there had been an influx of activity at the Belize house.  There was quite a bit of vehicle traffic.  Several large SUVs appeared and lots of items were taken into the house.  The team took pictures of the men and the vehicles, but also pictures of the suspicious steel bars that were being installed on a window in the back of the house.  They made sure they included all the pictures and notes in their report that they submitted.

Alec was reading over the reports and making notes for Coven team leaders when Maggie walked in.  She was seriously worried about him.  He had not slept, and was barely eating.  She knew he was blaming himself for not discovering that there could have been a problem. She had gotten a pizza, salad, and two bottles of water for them to share.  Placing the food on a small table next to where Alec was working, she walked up behind him and began rubbing his shoulders.

“Sweetheart, please take a break, and have some dinner with me.”  Maggie pleaded.

“I can’t.  I need to find Bella.”

“Alec, you have been going nonstop, and you need to eat.”

Alec knew this, and he hated to say no to Maggie, but this was all his fault.  He was the one who had ran the background checks on all the hotel workers, and he didn’t catch the issue with Manuel.  If he had, Bella would be here now, and Edward wouldn’t be  in the hospital fighting for his life.  “I can’t; I have to make this right, Mags.”

Maggie walked around Alec, pushed his chair back, and straddled his legs.  They still had not had sex, and would not until their wedding night, but she needed his undivided attention.  Taking his face into her hands, she held it so he would have to look directly into her eyes.  “Alec, it was not your fault.”

“Yes it was.”  He cried.

“No, my love, it was not.  Whomever did this, Sweetie, has covered their tracks very well.  I know you will find out who did this, and they will pay and pay dearly.  Not only will Edward be out for blood, but my brother as well.  These assholes have taken his love, his life, his very breath, and Sean O’Leary is one badass motherfucker when he has been wronged.  And you have seen and heard how serious Edward is; just because he is injured, we both know that won’t stop him.  So, Alec Volturi, stop working, and come eat dinner with me.”

Alec leaned in, and placed a long hard kiss upon her lips.  This woman made him a better man.  “Yes, ma’am.”

Across town, Sean was on his way to Edward’s hospital room to check on his status.  After a long night of tossing turning, he finally gave up trying to sleep, and got up.  The pregnancy test, still in its plastic baggy, was now in his inside jacket pocket next to his heart.  A reminder of the precious little one that he had made with his beautiful Elizabeth gave him strength and determination to find her at all costs.  He had called Alec in the wee hours of the morning, and was informed about Manuel’s actions just prior to the abduction.  Sean was even more concerned after hearing the news; this meant that it had been a well thought out plan by professionals, and not by some fly by night group who didn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Walking into the hospital, he saw several of the Cullen bodyguards watching the front door, the doors leading upstairs to the ICU, and the elevators themselves.  As he passed the guard at the elevators, he gave them a nod, and proceeded on the elevator, to the waiting area.  The Cullens had become family to him, always pulling together when someone needed it, and taking care of their own with every resource available.   Carlisle looked up, and motioned him over.


“Sean, how are you holding up, son?”  Carlisle asked, leading him away from the group.

“As well as can be expected.”  Sean answered placing his hand on the test that was still securely in its pocket.  “Carlisle, I found out that Elizabeth is pregnant.”

“How?”  Carlisle asked in shocked awe.

“I found the pregnancy test in her suitcase.  She must have been waiting for the right time to tell me, and I’m…” Sean hesitated momentarily to gather his emotions, “worried sick about what could happen her and our child.”

“We will find her, and I am sure she will do everything possible to protect the little one.”  Carlisle said, then looked around to see if anyone was within hearing range; when he felt comfortable that no one was, he leaned into Sean.  “Esme thinks that Bella is pregnant.”

“Really?”  Sean responded, shocked to have heard this news.

“Yes, and, in thirty years of marriage, I have never known her to be wrong about anything like this.  I have always trusted my wife’s intuitions.  I don’t think Edward is aware of it.”

“Carlisle, I promise you and your family that I will bring them home safe and sound.”  Sean declared.  “I have been talking to Alec; he is keeping up to date with what he is finding out about Manuel, and any clues on who did this.”

“Thank you, Sean.  Edward has always said you were a brother from an Irish mother.”  Carlisle chuckled.  “He is not going to be able to go and rescue Bella in this condition.  He is going to need someone like you taking care of rescuing his heart.”

“I will bring her back to him Carlisle.  I swear ar m’anam (I swear on my soul).”

At that moment, the doctor walked in.  “Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.”  He called out.

Carlisle and Esme walked over to him, holding each other tightly.  “Yes, Doctor.”

“We have started to reduce Edward’s sedation.  His vitals are strong, his lungs are clean, and the results of his last blood work came back clear.”

“Is he awake?”  Esme asked.

“No, but that is not uncommon.  His body is still healing, so don’t be surprised that he doesn’t wake up immediately.  It might take hours or even days.  But I feel that his wife would be of great assistance in helping him wake more quickly.  Any news on when she’ll get here?”

“She still has not arrived, but we hope she will be back very soon.”  Carlisle said.  “May we see him?”

“Yes, but only two at a time.”

Carlisle and Esme walked back into the room, and noticed that Edward’s color was returning, and they had removed the breathing tube.  Esme sat in the chair that was close to the bed, taking inventory of every inch of her son.  She began talking to Edward in a hushed tone.  She started by telling him he needed to get better, because Bella and the family needed him.


After a little while, Esme left, and allowed Sean to come into the room.

Sean was shocked by the sight before him.  Edward was one of the strongest people he had met, but, to see him in such a vulnerable state, floored him.  There was no doubt in his mind that he knew Edward was fighting with every ounce of energy in his body to make it through this horrible ordeal, and find his way back to Bella.  Walking over to Edward’s bed, he leaned in, and placed his hand over his, giving it a squeeze.

“Hey, fucker.  I see you’re taking it easy while the rest of us are running around doing your job.”  Sean whispered.  He was immediately stunned by Edward’s response, as his heart monitor began to go crazy.  Sean knew that, on some level, Edward could hear him.  “Well, I see you can at least hear me, so listen up.  You need to fight and fight hard, don’t let those motherfuckers win.  We need to get our girls back, because you, my friend, need to be the best man at my wedding and the godfather to my baby.  Yup, that’s right, I one upped you, motherfucker.  Elizabeth is pregnant with my baby, so, fucker, you’d better wake the hell up.”  Edward’s monitor showed the continual increase in his heart rate.  Suddenly, Edward moved his hand that Sean had been holding.  “That’s it, brother; come on, Edward, you can do it.”

Edward was running through bowels of hell.  The devil himself was chasing him, yelling at him that he belonged to him now, and he was never getting out.  Edward looked over his shoulder, smiled at the devil, and gave him the finger.  “Go fuck yourself, asshole.  I am not ready to be here yet.”

Fire Edward 2

“You are mine, have been, and always will be.  Your soul is as black as night and you have an evil heart.”  The devil hissed.  “There is only evil around you.”

Edward turned and chuckled loudly.  “Oh, see that is where you are so fucking wrong.  I have my Bella, and she is the purest soul in the entire world.  And you, motherfucker, don’t own me, she does.  She owns me body, heart, and soul.  So fucker you are going to have to find someone else.”

“Fuck you, asshole.”  Devil said, then disappeared in a ball of fire.

Edward opened his eyes, and saw white ceiling tiles, like those one would find in a hospital.  Then he heard the damn beeping noise.  Fuck, where the hell was he?   He tried to sit up, but, as soon as he moved, he was overcome with searing pain.  “Ouch.”  He moaned.

“Son, stay still.”  Carlisle said, laying his hand on his arm.

“Fuck, dad, where am I, and why the fuck am I in so much pain?”

“We were attacked at the reception.  Seth was hit in the leg, but is going to be okay.  I was grazed in the arm, and you, son, were hit in the shoulder, chest, and gut.  The doctors were able to repair the damage, but you lost a lot of blood.”

“Did we get the fuckers?”  Edward asked as he tried to remember what happened.  He remembered the reception and flirting with his wife, but not being shot.

“Most of them.”  Carlisle said.

“What fuck do you mean most of them?  Who was it?”

“They caught us by surprise, and they had inside help.  We are still trying to figure that out.”  Carlisle said.

Then, it hit him, where was Bella?  He had dreamt that she was in danger, and he had to fight with the devil to get to her, but that was just a dream, wasn’t it.  “Where is Bella?”  He asked, as he looked around the room, and didn’t see her.

Carlisle knew he had to handle this carefully.  “Edward, son, she was kidnapped along with Elizabeth.  Everyone is doing everything in their power to find them.”

His love was missing, and he was lying here in this fucking bed.  It wasn’t a dream; it was a fucking living nightmare.  He would get out of the fucking bed, and find his reason for living.  As he began to sit up, Sean pushed his good shoulder down.

“Whoa there, cowboy.  You are in no shape to get out of this bed.”  Sean said.

“But, Sean, I have got to find her, she needs me.”  Edward whined.

“Edward, she is going to need you healthy.  Let me do this for you, brother.”

“Fuck no, I’m getting the fuck up out of here.  Find that fucking doctor, and get these tubes and wires off me, or I swear, I’ll fucking take them out myself.”

“Edward, stop.  You will only succeed in making yourself worse.  You died twice before they could stabilize you.  You need to stay right where you are and get stronger.  Let us do this.  I promise to keep you in the loop, but, son, you need to stay here.”

Edward didn’t like it, but he knew that Sean and his father were right.  “Dad, you make sure that Alec has everything he needs to find her.”

Edward in a hospital

“We are working on locating her and Elizabeth.  Alec is going over all the surveillance footage, and has tracked down the person who assisted the gunmen, and the Coven team is in route to capture him, and get the information from him.”

“After we get all the information from him, I want the fucker to pay for this with his blood.”  Edward demanded.

“He will, son, he will.  Now relax, and save your strength so you can get better.”  Carlisle implored.

Edward grabbed his father’s hand.  “We have to get her back.  I can’t live without her.  Dad, I just found her, we have so many plans.  Please Dad.”

“I know you do, son, and we promise you, with every fiber of my being, we will get her back to you.”

Edward shut his eyes, and tried to calm down.  What could he do to help?  He knew that Bella was good with a gun and knives, but he knew that if his captors were smart enough to take her with the tight security at the hotel, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave a gun or knife lying around.  Her hand to hand was good, but not knowing how many or how they had her bound, she might not be able to fight.  But, they also had Elizabeth, who was one badass woman herself.  Fuck, he had seen her take Emmett down when they were sparring at the Coven training center.  She was a superior marksman.  But they needed help.  But how?  Then, it hit him.  Was her tracker being followed?

“Have you started monitoring her tracker?  I know she was wearing her bracelet at the reception.”

“Fuck, so was Elizabeth.”  Sean said, running his hand through his hair.  He had not told Elizabeth that he had placed a tracker in one of the charms that he had gotten her.  She was the world to him, and he needed to ensure that she was safe.  She was going to be his wife and the mother of his children.  The heir to the O’Leary family would be a product of the love they had for each other.

Carlisle had pulled out his phone, calling Alec.  “Alec, have you gotten any location hits off of Bella’s tracker?  Oh, wait.  Sean, what is the tracker information for Elizabeth?”

Sean took Carlisle’s phone, and gave Alec the information, then handed it back to Carlisle.

Alec immediately began to pull up the program on his laptop to get a location on the two trackers.

After telling Alec to keep up the hard work, Carlisle spent time with Edward and Sean, trying to figure out who had done this.   The nurse came in, took Edward’s vitals, and gave him his pain medication, which lulled him to sleep. Sean and Carlisle left his room, and informed the family that Edward was going to be just fine.

Alec had been watching for Bella’s tracker, but he had only gotten one faint ping.  He couldn’t get a location, but he felt it was because she was in a plane travelling at a high altitude, however, he could be wrong.  He entered Elizabeth’s information; it was just like Bella’s, nothing.  He was happy to hear that Edward was awake, and was going to be okay.  Now he needed to get Bella home safe and sound.

The team report was in his inbox for his review.  When he opened it, he read that Roberto was spotted at the Belize house.  They also reported the arrival of a large SUV.  The report stated that four men were seen removing two unconscious women from the vehicle and into the house.  One was a brunette and one a redhead.  HOLY FUCK!!!

Picking up his phone he dialed Carlisle.  “Carlisle, I have found them, I found them!!!”  Alec yelled.

“Where? How are they?”  He asked, his heart racing.

“They are at the house we are watching for Roberto Cortez in Belize.  The team just checked in, and stated that they saw two unconscious women being carried in.”

“Why do you think it is Bella and Elizabeth?”

“Because one is a brunette and one is a redhead.”

“Fuck.  How many team members were deployed to that location?”

“Four.  They are running twelve hour shifts.”  Alec stated.

“Call them, and make them aware that they are eyes and ears for the teams being rerouted to them.  I want you to take two members from each of the remaining teams, and deploy them on staggered flights to that location immediately.  Keep at least two at each of his other residences just in case. Tell the team on location that we want every detail on that location, and video footage of everything up to this minute, and to continue videotaping all activity at that location.”  Carlisle told him, thinking about how they would get in and get them safely.

“We have a problem.  There is very limited cell service and so they have to travel two miles to get a signal.  I’m beginning to think that is why we are not getting any hits on their trackers.”

“FUCK!”  Carlisle yelled.  Of course it wouldn’t be easy.  “All right, get the team that just came off duty to turn around and go back.  I want the other team aware that they have just located Bella and Elizabeth.  I will get back to you in a little bit with the plan.”

“Sure thing.”

Carlisle turned to Sean.  “We found them.”

“Fuck, where?”  Sean asked.

“They are in Belize.”

“Who the fuck took them?  Are they safe?”  Sean asked.

“Sean, they are being held captive in the home of Roberto Cortez.”

Sean shook his head.   The man who had making his life a living hell was the one who took his reason for breathing.

“The Coven teams had already been deployed to conduct surveillance on all of Roberto’s properties once we accepted your contract.  At his mountain home in Belize, the team spotted two unconscious women being carried into the house.” Carlisle explained.

“Holy shit, motherfucking Roberto Cortez.”  Sean said, bewildered that the man who had been causing him so much grief was the one who shot Edward, and took Elizabeth and Bella.  But why?  Edward had nothing to do with the issues he was having with Roberto, but it was clear that Edward and Bella were the main targets, not him.  Why the fuck was he targeting Edward and Bella?  Was Elizabeth just collateral damage?

“Carlisle, if I hadn’t put that hit out on him, we wouldn’t know where they were.  Who the fuck knew it would be the best three quarters of a million dollars I have ever spent.  If I knew that it meant getting Elizabeth and Bella back, I would give you every last dime of my money.  How many men do you have in Belize?”

“Only four, but we will quickly deploy the remaining team members to that location.”  Carlisle said.  “Our main problem is the location of the house.  He has it up on the side of a mountain, and the team is unable to get any cell reception.  It is also possible that it could be the reason we are not receiving any hits on the girls’ trackers as well.  They can only report by leaving the site, and going two miles east to get their messages and reports out.”

“Get Alec on the phone, Carlisle.  I have a contact at the NSA that owes me a favor.  He might just be able to get us some satellite time that may just boost our reception.  Let me make some calls, and see what I can do.”

“No problem.  Sean, do you want to go to Belize?”  Carlisle asked with a knowing smirk.

“In the words of your son, FUCK YEAH!!” Sean yelled.





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  1. Yay… Edward is awake.. .Can’t wait for more. Aww..I can’t wait for Edward to kick Roberto’s ass.. Wonderful chapter. 🙂


  2. Edward’s awake and they know where the girls are located!!! It’s time to bring Hell with them tp Belize!!!!


  3. “Fuck yeah!!!” Get Bella and Elizabeth! Show those fuckers they messed up with the wrong people! Sure as hell the operation will definitely be hard but I know they’ll succeed. Great chapter! With Edward awake and they found where the two ladies are… let the ‘battle’ begin! LOL


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