Bound and United Chapter 2

Chapter 2

 AN:     A big thanks goes out to my support team who has decided to come with me once again on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.

I own the storyline for Bound Series, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.


The entire Cullen family was in a private waiting room provided by the hospital with all the coffee and other amenities they would require.

Images chapter 2

The hospital’s Chief of Staff had been called as soon as the ER staff were made aware that Edward Cullen, Don of the Cullen family, was being brought in for emergency surgery for apparent gunshot wounds.  Bill Michaels, the head of Southern Hills Medical Center, was no fool.  Yes, Edward Cullen’s name was associated with crime, but he also knew how extremely wealthy the Cullen family was; if he handled this correctly, the center would be on the receiving end of a large donation.  He made sure that his best surgeon and surgical team were working on Mr. Cullen.  The other Cullen family members were also being treated with the utmost care, until Edward was out of surgery and in a private suite.  Several huge men had come to the security office and instructed them that they would be taking over security for both of the Cullen men.

In the private waiting room, everyone was patiently awaiting news about Edward’s condition.  The doctor had come by the waiting room earlier to inform the family that Edward was stable, and he high hopes that he would be able to correct the damage that had been done by the bullets.  Leaning towards caution, he also advised the family that Edward had some very severe injuries.  The doctor informed them that they had already lost Edward once already, but he had never seen someone who fought as hard as Edward had to escape death.

Esme was regaling those in the waiting room with stories of Edward’s mischievous youth.  She sat on a small couch with Rose on one side and Claudia on the other.  She found comfort in each memory she shared with the others while waiting for news.  Her precious little boy was fighting for his life.  He had so much to live for.  The family who loved him, his adoring wife who worshipped him, and, if her suspicions were correct, a new little prince or princess of the family on the way.  Esme had noticed during the dinner tonight, that Bella did not drink anything alcoholic, only water.  She could almost see the glow motherhood upon her skin.  Esme was not only worried about her son, but also her missing daughter, Bella.  She knew that Carlisle, Michael, and entire Coven family were doing everything possible to find her and Elizabeth.   She also knew that Sean O’Leary was madly in love with Elizabeth, and he would do anything possible to get her back.  Esme would think only positive thoughts about their return.  She had to remain strong, and never lose hope.


Carlisle and Michael were doing everything necessary to control the damage of this fiasco.  They had to make sure that the local authorities remained out of the investigation and kidnapping.  Those fuckers couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag.  Carlisle called the local Chief of Police to assure him that the family had everything under control.  He then suggested that perhaps a donation to the Chief’s personal retirement fund would help him to overlook that there had been a shooting at the hotel. Carlisle wasn’t too worried about the news getting out publicly, since the affair had been limited strictly to the nation’s crime families, and the hotel had been solely occupied by the various families.  Matthew had been notified to handle his staff, and remind each of them of the non-disclosure form they had each signed prior to this event.  Michael was handling the payoff of the doctors and staff at the hospital.  No record of the surgery or stay would ever be found.


The Coven team was hard at work reviewing video footage, monitoring the various conversations throughout the hotel that were discreetly being recorded in order to determine who had placed the hit on their bosses and where their Donna was.  Alec had hacked into the surveillance footage, and was working on a detailed report on Manuel Flores, but, whoever Manuel was, he didn’t exist before five years ago.  This troubled him greatly; it was liking to find a needle in a haystack.  On the surface, a background check and job reference check would have come back clean, and Manuel was a model employee, but Alec had found that the job reference was bogus.  Alec was currently looking for any minute trace of evidence that would lead him to find the true identity of Manual Flores.  He had already used his secret back doors in local, state, and federal levels, and began a facial recognition search on him.  He also used this software to tag him, so if he walked by most surveillance cameras around the country it would ping his program with the man’s current location.  He was just as desperate to find his sister, at all costs.

Sean was on the phone calling his capo.  “I need everyone who is not needed in Boston, to be in the air and here as soon as possible, fully armed, and ready for all out war.”

“Sure thing, Boss.  Any word on the lass?”

“No, but I won’t sleep until she is back in my arms.”  Sean proclaimed with all his heart.

“We will make that happen, Boss.”

“See you in a few hours, then.”  Sean said, as he disconnected the call.  He knew that the Cullens would have everyone out looking for their Donna and Elizabeth, but a few extra hands and eyes couldn’t hurt.

Five hours later, Edward’s doctor walked into the waiting room, still in his surgical scrub, his face mask hanging down around his neck.  “Mr. and Mrs. Cullen,”  He announced as he looked around the room; he was still amazed at the amount of people who were waiting there for news about the young man he had just worked on.

“Yes?”  Carlisle and Esme said as they came over to where the doctor was standing.  “How is he?”

“He is in ICU.  I was able to repair the damage, and I believe he will make a full recovery.  He has a great deal of strength and a huge will to live.”

“That would be his wife; he loves her more than anything.”  Esme said.

Looking around, the doctor wondered which one of these people was Edward’s wife.  “I can take her to him.  Hearing her voice will do a great deal of good, and, I think, speed up his recovery.”

Esme’s heart dropped, as the tears began to fall down her cheek.  The one person who Edward needed to help in his recovery, was gone, taken from them violently.  “Doctor, Mrs. Cullen is not around at the moment, but as soon as she gets here, we will bring her to our son’s room.”

“That would be fine.  I have him heavily sedated to allow his body to heal.  I will begin to lower the amount his sedation tomorrow around noon, if his vituals keep improving.  I suggest, if possible, everyone go home, and get some rest.  He will need your strength when he wakes up.”

“Can I just go see him?”  Esme cried.  “Just for a moment.”

“Yes, of course, but only for a few minutes.”  He said, and escorted Esme and Carlisle up to the ICU wing and into Edward’s room.

Esme gasped at the sight of her son.  He was ghostly white, and had wires and tubes coming out all over his body.

ICU Edward

“We are leaving him on the ventilator until we wean him off the sedation meds.  We want to give his lungs as much rest as possible.  Mrs. Cullen, he is doing very well, considering how bad off he was.”

“Thank you, doctor.”  Esme said as she walked over and wiped the stray piece of hair from Edward’s forehead before placing a kiss in its place.  Leaning down, she began whispering in his ear,  “You need to get better; Bella needs you, sweetheart.  Your father and I love you so much; please stay with us.”

As soon as the name Bella came from her mouth, his heart began to beat faster, setting off the heart monitor.

“Wow, did you see that?”  The doctor asked.  “What did you say to him?”

“I told him that Bella, his wife, needed him.”  Esme said.

“So, you were right.  His wife is his reason for living.  The quicker we get her here, the better his recovery.”

“We are working on it, doctor.”  Carlisle said.  He walked over to Edward, and, after taking his hand into his, he gave it a squeeze.  “Stay tough and fight.  She needs you as much as you need her.”

Carlisle reached out, and took Esme’s hand.  “Let’s go tell everyone.  I need to work some more, but you need to rest.  He is going to need us both tomorrow.”

Esme nodded her head, her eyes filled with tears.  “Okay.”

They went back to the waiting room, and told everyone how Edward was doing, and that it would be best if everyone, other than the guards, went back to the hotel and got some rest.

Emmett would not be leaving with Rose.  He would be staying at the hospital until Jasper returned.  They would be splitting their time between the two of them.  Edward and Bella had been attacked, and it was their job to ensure that Edward was secure.  Carlisle, Sean, and the Coven team would be heading up the search for Bella and Elizabeth.

Sean went back to the hotel and to the room that he and Elizabeth were sharing.  The room was so quiet; he missed seeing Elizabeth sitting on the couch, typing away at her computer.  She was one of the hardest working people he knew.  She loved her job, and he knew in his heart that she loved him.  Walking into the bedroom, he saw that the maids had been in, and picked up and cleaned the room.  On the bench at the end of the bed was her suitcase.  It was still open, because, at the last moment before going down to the reception, she had forgotten her perfume, and wanted to wear the brand that he had bought her when he was in New York the last time he was there for business.  He looked down at the articles of clothing, neatly folded in the case.  She was such a perfectionist.  It was then he noticed the corner of a plastic bag sticking out amongst her sexy lingerie.  Moving them to the side he picked up the bag.  He looked inside the bag, confused about what it was, until he turned the white plastic stick over and saw the word PREGNANT blazing through the little window.  Sean collapsed onto the floor in shock, Elizabeth was pregnant with his child.  The next in line to rule the O’Leary family.  He was going to be a father.  Hugging the bag which held the test stick to his chest, the tears poured down his face.  His mother and father would have been so happy at that moment.  They had always wanted him to find a nice Irish girl, settle down, and have lots and lots of redheaded babies.  Wiping away the tears, Sean stood with new found strength and determination.  He needed to find Elizabeth and their unborn child.





************************************B &  U***************************

After the man left the room, Bella and Elizabeth opened their eyes, and began to talk about what they were going to have to do to get out of this mess, and to get word to their families that they were alive.  The first thing was to make sure that their trackers were not taken from them or destroyed.  The next thing was to try to get a weapon of any kind as soon as possible.  Elizabeth knew that Bella was not only an expert marksmen, but was lethal with a knife; both would be of use if they could get their hands on either one.

After several hours, they felt the plane descending, and knew they were at their destination.  They closed their eyes, and pretended to still be unconscious.  They finally heard, and felt, the plane touch down, then heard the door to the room unlock, and someone come in.

“Joder, que aún están fuera . José, vienen ayudarme con estos dos.”  He said walking over to the bed.  (Fuck, they are still out.  Jose come help me with these two.)

Jose came into the room and saw the two women tied up laying on the bed.  “” Sí, Jefe, ¿qué necesitas ? “(“Yeah, Boss, what do you need?”)

” Usted agarra el pelirrojo, y voy a conseguir éste . Llévala a la camioneta, y colocarla en la parte trasera en el suelo . ”  Cristel said.  (“You grab the redhead, and I will get this one.  Take her to the SUV, and place her in the back on the floor.”) They needed to get the women in the vehicle, and then travel the thirty miles up the mountain to Roberto’s summer home.  They would need the SUV’s four wheel drive, because most of the road was not paved and not passable by any other vehicle.   Lifting up the brunette, he and Jose walked out of the plane and to the SUV.  Placing both women on the floor, he made sure their restraints  were still tied tight and shut the door.  He and Jose went up front and began their trek to the house.


Bella and Elizabeth opened their eyes, and tried to take in as much as they could, but couldn’t really see anything in the position they were in.  Soon, the road became extremely rough, and they were bounced around like a sack of potatoes.  Elizabeth saw the distress that each bump caused Bella, and she knew this was not good for her or her unborn child.  She needed to do something to try to protect them both.  Between the bumps, she moved close to Bella, and leaned up against her; with the next bump, Bella was cushioned somewhat by her body.

“Elizabeth, that can’t be comfortable for you.”  Bella whispered.

“Bella, we need to do everything we can to protect this baby. If that means me getting bounced around even more, so be it.”  Elizabeth whispered back.

“Okay, but if it gets too much, please don’t injure yourself for me.”

“Bella, let me do this, please.”

“Okay.”  Bella huffed, because, as much as she hated it, she knew that Elizabeth was right.

With no reference of time, it seemed like forever to get to their final destination.  Once again, they closed their eyes, and hoped they could fool their captors once again.

The back door of the SUV was opened, and Cristel and Jose looked at the women.  They were amazed that the women were still out of it.  Cristel was getting worried that he may have used too much ether to knock them out.  Fuck, this could be real bad.  They picked up the women, and took them into the house, and into the room that had been set up for them.


They had installed steel bars to the windows, and added extra deadbolt locks to the door that could only be unlocked from the outside of the room.  The room had a large, king size bed, with a bathroom attached.  Roberto had purchased an entire wardrobe of clothes to his suit his tastes and liking; he wanted his new bride to be dressed in the finest.


They laid the women on the bed, and untied their legs and hands, then left the room and locked all the locks.  They went to Roberto’s office to find him on the phone.  The men waited for him to complete his call, but, as soon as he saw them, he quickly finished the conversation and hung up.

“¿Ella esta aqui?”  He excitedly asked. (Is she here?”)


“Maravillosa . Está despierta ?” Roberto asked.  (Wonderful.  Is she awake?)

“No, pero estoy seguro de que será pronto. Tengo ella y la otra mujer en la habitación.”  Cristel said.  (No, but I am sure she will be soon.  I have her and the other woman in the room.)

“¿Por qué no se despierte ?”  (Why hasn’t she awaken?”)

“El viaje fue largo y gravar , estoy seguro de que una vez que ella es capaz de descansar un poco , sin restraints que va a estar despertando pronto.”  Cristel said, hoping that Roberto would buy his explanation.  (The trip was long and taxing, I am sure that once she is able to get some rest without restraints, she will be waking up soon.)

Roberto shook his head, and hoped that she would be up soon; he couldn’t wait to get his hands on that sexy body that he had dreamed so much about.  Oh, what fun times they were going to have.

Once the men left, Bella and Elizabeth cautiously opened their eyes.  Elizabeth didn’t know if the room had been bugged, or if it had camera equipment installed, but they needed to be smart and not alert their kidnapper, before they were ready.

“Be quiet and don’t move.”  Elizabeth mouthed to Bella.

“Okay.”  Bella mouthed back.

Elizabeth looked around the room as best she could and saw that they were in a bedroom.  The window in view had bars on it.  Shit.  As much as she wanted more time to make plans, she knew she needed to get up, and really get a good look at the room.  Elizabeth slowly began to move her legs and arms, and then rolled over, yawning and rubbing her eyes.  Then she rolled over and began to check on Bella.  After a few minutes, Bella followed her lead, and began her ‘awakening’.  Soon, they were both sitting up on the bed, and Bella slowly walked to bathroom with Elizabeth following her, waiting outside the door.



Bella quickly used the bathroom, and washed her hands.  She opened all the cabinets and drawers, and found nothing she could use for a weapon.  She did find some antibacterial cream, and rubbed it on her wrist and ankles, where the rope had dug into her skin.  Opening the door, she walked out, and Elizabeth went in.  They didn’t say anything to each other, but she knew that Elizabeth was also looking for anything that could be of use.  So, when Elizabeth exited the bathroom and shook her head no, she knew that she had also come up empty.  They walked to the steel bar covered window, and looked out.  They were in the mountains somewhere, but, where, they didn’t know.


“Let’s go sit down, and talk quietly, then see if anyone comes in.” Elizabeth whispered as they were looking out the window.



They sat down on a small couch in the corner of the room facing the door.

“Oh, Bella, what are we going to do?”  Elizabeth whined, hoping her kidnappers would think she was scared and not able; given the chance, she could kill them with her bare hands.

“I know, Elizabeth, I am so afraid.”  Bella said as she buried her head in her hands and cried, well, faked cried, but it was the same.

After a few minutes, they heard the locks on the door disengage, and then it opened up.  Bella grasped Elizabeth’s hand, and held on for dear life.  In walked a tall, dark Hispanic man.  He walked over, looked down at Bella, and smiled.

“Welcome to you new home, Isabella.  I can’t wait to make you mine.”

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  1. Great! You really keep me on the edge of my seat with these 2 chapters! Can’t wait for the next chap!


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