Bound & United Chapter 1

Bound and United

Part 3 of the Bound Series by HeartForTwilight


Chapter 1

 AN:     This chapter is dedicated to all my faithful readers and friends.  Your love and support is what keeps me going.  A big thanks goes out to my support team who has decided to, once again, come with me on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-reader, dj071688.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.  I also want to thank Tracey and the wonderful EMTs who gave me information for the first aid treatment in this chapter.   You guys rock.

I own the storyline for Bound Series, but I borrowed the characters’ names from Stephenie Meyer.  No copyright infringements are implied.


The reception hall was in utter chaos.  The air was filled with the smell of sulfur and fresh blood.  The lights had been turned back on, fully exposing the devastation of the prior horrific minutes that changed the lives of everyone in attendance.  Bullet holes riddled the walls, tables were overturned, wine glasses smashed, and blood was seeping into the carpet.


Off to the right side of the room, where the four gunmen had entered were their dead bodies.  They may have had the element of surprise to their advantage, but no one could escape the rebuttal of the Coven.  However, the surprise attack had done its damage.  Three of the Cullens had been shot.  Seth had sustained a gunshot to his left leg, which was bleeding badly.  Jack and Abby were already on the floor with him, administering first aid.  They were applying pressure to the leg, but the wound was still bleeding profusely.  Jack knew he needed to apply a tourniquet to the leg to stop the blood flow. But using one could also prove dangerous; not enough pressure and he could bleed out, leave it on too long, and Seth could lose his leg.  But, as they say “Lose a life, or lose a leg, which one would you choose?”  Jack took off his belt, and placed it around Seth’s leg, just above the gunshot to staunch the flow of blood.

Carlisle had been shot as well, but, at the moment, his flesh wound was the furthest thing from his mind.  His mind was singularly focused on his son.  Edward had taken the most hits; it was evident that he was the main target of the gunmen.  They had shot Edward in the shoulder, lower abdomen, and the chest.  Emmett was currently on the floor next to Edward’s body doing CPR, while Jasper and Sean applied pressure to the wounds to help stop the bleeding.

Esme was half standing, half leaning on Carlisle’s arm.  Hearing Emmett yell that her beloved son didn’t have a heartbeat was her worst fear brought to life.  While she may have been born into the family, the knowledge of what could happen, and seeing it become a reality, were two different things.  Her father had been a high ranking officer in the family for Carlisle’s father.  Early in the life she was exposed to the family way of life, and knew the dangers involved in being part of it.  It wasn’t but a few years after she and Carlisle had been married that her father had been gunned down in the street by a rival family.  The pain of losing one’s father is such a traumatic event that it had taught her a hard lesson; even though the family conducted business in charitable areas, they were still the mob and danger lurked around every corner.

Tonight had been such a wonderful evening; Edward and Bella had presented themselves as the rightful Don and Donna of the Cullen/Volturi families.  The Coven Commission and Teams had performed exceptionally well, and the buzz among the guests was they would be the most sought after team in the world.  Carlisle had been in a great mood and was whispering the naughty things he wanted to do to Esme when the reception was over.  They had been in their own little world when the lights went out, and the shooting began.  One second, the world was bright and happy, and next it was dark and terrifying.  As soon the first shots were fired, Carlisle had shoved her under the table, and positioned himself in front of her.   After the gunfire and screaming had finally stopped, Carlisle allowed her to come out from under the table.  The once beautifully decorated room now resembled a war zone.  Looking around the room, she saw the evidence of the destruction, but it was when her eyes landed on the sight of Edward’s blood soaked body laying splayed out on the floor that she thought her heart would stop beating.

“Where the fuck is Mallos?”  Emmett yelled as he continued to perform CPR.  He wasn’t going to let Edward die.  Emmett could not believe this shit was happening.  He would not let Edward die.

Bloody Edward

The doors to the reception hall opened and Dr. Mallos rushed in, carrying his bag, followed by Matthew Allen and several of the hotel’s security guards.  Dr. Mallos immediately began to assess Edward’s condition.  He took his pulse and found that it was there, although extremely faint.   Edward was going to need surgery immediately if there was any chance that he would survive.  “Emmett, there is a pulse, you can stop the CPR now; put this portable ventilator over his mouth and give it a squeeze every minute.  Can you do that?”

“Yeah, squeeze every minute.”  Emmett confirmed placing the bag over Edward’s mouth and squeezing.

Dr. Mallos pulled out a bag of Lactated Ringer’s solution and began a line, which would put much needed fluids back into Edward’s body, until they can get him to the hospital.  Once the IV was in, he began to pull out hemostatic pads and handed one of them to Sean, who had a stack of cloth napkins over the wound on Edward’s stomach.  When Sean pulled off the napkins, Dr. Mallos was better able to assess the gunshot wound.  Feeling around Edward’s stomach, and applying pressure, he found that the stomach area was ridged and slightly distended.  Fuck, he now knew that there was possibly internal damage.  Turning around, he looked at Matthew,

“Find out where those ambulances are now; we’re running out of time here!”  Dr. Mallos yelled.

Matthew pulled out his phone, as the door opened and two EMT teams came in, carrying stretchers and medical supplies.  The first team rushed toward Edward while the other rushed over to Seth.  Dr. Mallos filled the team on Edward’s condition and stats, as they quickly loaded him onto the stretcher.  The other team had Seth ready to transport.  Dr. Mallos was going to ride with Edward to the hospital.


Esme grabbed Carlisle’s arm and felt something wet, as she pulled back her hand it was covered in blood.  “CARLISLE, you’re bleeding!”  She screamed, trying to get a look at the possible cause.

Carlisle took her hand and looked her in the eye.  “It is nothing but a flesh wound.”

“But you need to get it checked out.”  Esme cried.

“Right now, I need to help Bella.  Wait, where the hell is Bella?  Have you seen her?  Jasper, Emmett, where the fuck is Bella.”  Carlisle screamed when he saw the fear on his wife’s face; Bella was nowhere to be seen.

Jasper and Emmett jumped up and began looking around.  They had been so involved with helping Edward that neither of them had even noticed she was not around.  There was no fucking way she would not be by Edward’s side right now.  Sean heard Carlisle calling out for Bella, and realized he hadn’t seen Elizabeth either.  They looked underneath every table, calling out their names, but nothing.

“When was the last time you saw them?”  Sean asked to no one in particular.

Everyone stopped for a moment and thought.  “Wait, right before the shooting, Bella got up and came over to Elizabeth to go to the restroom.  They went out the side door.”  Jack responded.

Sean took off toward the door with Jasper, Emmett, and a large group of guards.  As he opened the door, he heard something knock against the bottom and looked around the corner, where he saw a 9mm and two purses laying there on the floor.

“Fuck, this is Elizabeth’s purse and gun.”  Sean said.


“And that is Bella’s.”  Jasper said, because he had seen it on the table all evening.

“Fuck, that could only mean…Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, they’ve have been taken.  This whole fucking thing was a setup.  They wanted to take Edward out of the picture, and then take Bella.”  Sean said.  “Jesus, Elizabeth, oh my God, lass, where the fuck are you?

Jasper turned to Jack.  “You get me every fucking millisecond of videotape, and you go over that shit with a fucking fine tooth comb.  We need to find out who the fuck is responsible for this shit, and where the fuck Bella and Elizabeth are right this fucking minute.  Alec, I need you to step up in Elizabeth’s spot, we need to know what the fuck happened, and we need to know now.  While Jack is getting the video feed for us, I want you to get the team on duty right now.”

“I’m on it.”  Alec said, rushing to find his laptop, and began pulling the surveillance video feed that Jack was sending, and notifying the Surveillance team to deploy.  He was also bringing up the program that monitored the personal GPS devices of each family member.

Jasper and Sean immediately went to Matthew, who was growing paler by the minute.  “Matthew, who the fuck has access to that door?”  Jasper asked, pointing to the door at the end of the hall where they just found Bella and Elizabeth’s purses and guns.

“Jasper, it has a panic bar on it; as soon as the door opens an alarm would sound, even if there was a power outage.  I don’t think they used that door, we would have heard the alarm.”

“Is there any way to override the alarm on the bar?”

“Yes, if you have a master swipe card.”  Matthew answered.

“Then I need the name of every fucking person that has one of those cards and I need it ten minutes ago.”  Jasper growled.

Matthew rushed out of the room and to the front desk, and began pulling the list of personnel who had a master swipe card.  He knew his fucking life was on the line if he didn’t help them find out who had shot Edward, and taken Isabella.  Fuck, this was one fucked up situation.  Finding the file, he sent it to the printer, grabbed the list, and rushed it to Jasper.

Jasper took the list, and looked at the names on the list.  “Tell me about everyone on this list.”

Matthew began telling him what he knew about each one, but, unfortunately, he didn’t know each one personally.  He was the owner, not the fucking personnel manager.

“What can you tell me about this Manuel Flores?”  For some reason, Jasper had a feeling about Mr. Flores.

Matthew thought for a moment, and then remembered that he had seen the guy before.  He actually had met him yesterday.  He was doing a walk thru the reception hall, when he noticed the side door open. When he went to investigate, he was met by Manuel.  He gave him some excuse about checking the doors in the hall to make sure they were secured.  Looking back, he realized that this should have raised a red flag, but it didn’t.

“Shit, Jasper, I caught him coming into the reception hall yesterday from the side door.”

“WHAT THE FUCK, MATTHEW??!!”  Jasper bellowed.  “And why the fuck was he even out there?”

“He said he was checking the doors in the hall to make sure they were secure.”

“MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!  I want every piece of information you have on that son of a bitch, and I want it now.  Do you really want me to tell Edward that you allowed his beloved wife to be taken?”

“No, man, Jesus, don’t do that.  I’ll do anything you ask; I had no idea. I swear on my life, man.”  Matthew nervously said, scared he would be dead by morning.

Jasper watched Matthew’s face, and knew he was telling the truth, but he needed answers and he needed them now.  “Get the fucking information, and we’ll see what happens.”

Matthew hands were shaking so bad, and his adrenaline was pumped so high, he almost pissed himself.  Jasper was one scary motherfucker.  He had never noticed it until today.  Like they always say, “You have to watch the quiet ones.”  He rushed to the personnel office and gathered up Manuel’s folder, which held all the information that the company had on him.




“Bella, my love.  Bella, open your eyes.”  The voice whispered through the fog.  Her eyelids were so heavy, she couldn’t seem to open them.  But the voice reached out to her, trying to bring her out of the deep frightful nightmare that was tearing her soul in two.  A nightmare where Edward was dead.

“Bella, come on baby you can do it.”  The voice said once again.  The tone was so familiar, so soothing, that it gave her the strength to fight through the fatigue.

Struggling to open her eyes, she was finally able to open them a wee bit.  She blinked several times, trying to focus her vision, because there was only fog before her.

Dreamy Bella in pink

The dark, eerie fog was so dense that she was unable to see anything.  Finally, after forcing herself further, her vision improved and fog began to dissipate.  There, in the far distance, she saw a blazing wall of fire; within the red glowing flames appeared a figure walking toward her, each step coming closer and closer.  As the figure drew closer, she saw it was her beloved Edward.  But, how? The last thing she remembered before going to sleep was Emmett calling out that Edward had no heartbeat.  But here he was.  Closing her eyes, she kept thinking This is not real.  This is a cruel joke.  But, as she opened her eyes, Edward was standing in front of her.

mafia Edward 3

“Oh, my love.”  Edward murmured.

“How?”  She asked, confused how the love of her life was here.

“Do you really think I could leave you so easily?  I have walked through hell to get to you.  That fucker thought he could keep me, but I let him know that that was not happening, well, at least not for a long time.”

“I don’t understand.”  She said, shaking her head.

“Our love has transcended time and space.  I know you are confused, but you must listen to me.  There isn’t much time.  When you wake up I need to you fight and don’t lose hope.  You have your tracker on and we will be coming for you, Sweetheart.”

“I am so scared, Edward.  I don’t know what is happening.”  She cried.

“I know, my love, but you are so strong.  Remember all your training, and look for a way out.  Stay with Elizabeth; together, I know you will both make it.  I am so sorry, but I must go.”

“NO!  Edward, please, please, don’t go!”  Bella screamed.

“You might not be able to see me, but I will always be with you here.”  Edward said, pointing to her heart.  “I love you with all that I am.  Now wake up and fight for us.”

“I love you and I will fight for us, but I have something I need to tell you.”  She said.  “I’m…”

Just as she was about to tell him about the baby he was gone, a wisp of smoke, gone.   Fuck.  She knew that she could no longer afford to wallow, or give in to fear.  With a new found strength and determination, she opened her eyes.  She was on a bed, her hands and feet were tied with rough rope.  Unlike Edward’s wonderful rope skills in the playroom, where the rope dug into her skin in a glorious euphoric pain, these ropes were tied so tight that it was cutting into her flesh with each movement.  Looking around, she saw Elizabeth lying beside her, with her hands and feet bound in the same manner.

“Elizabeth.  Wake up.”  Bella whispered, hoping not to draw the attention of her captors, whomever they may be.  Elizabeth didn’t stir, so, carefully and slowly, she moved her tied feet over to Elizabeth’s and gave them a push.  “Elizabeth.”

Bella saw Elizabeth’s eyes begin to move and slowly she opened her eyes.  “Bella.”  She said, her voice hoarse and raspy.  “What happened?”

“We’ve been kidnapped.”  She whispered.

“Fuck.  Have you seen who did it?  Do you know where we are?”  She asked.

“No, but from the looks of the room and the way I feel I think we are in a plane.”  Bella said.  The more awake she became, the worse her stomach felt.  Damn, she couldn’t afford to get sick; she needed to be strong, not throwing up at the drop of a hat.


“Are you okay?” Elizabeth asked.

“I feel a little nauseous, but I am okay.  How do you feel?”

“I am a little nauseous also, it must be the drug they used to knock us out.  How are doing mentally?  I mean, I remember hearing Emmett yelling about Edward.”  Elizabeth asked, knowing the how close Edward and Bella were.

“He is fine.”  Bella proclaimed with confidence.

“Bella, it’s okay, Sweetie; I know you heard the same thing I did.  Bella, he was shot.”

“I know, I know.  And, as crazy as this may sound, he came to me when I was knocked out and told me that he was fine and for me to fight.”

“Bella, please don’t do that to yourself.”  Elizabeth pleaded.

“Elizabeth, I know in my heart he is alive and he will find us.  He reminded me that I have my tracker.”

“Fuck, I forgot about that.  They didn’t take off your bracelet?”

“Nope, and Elizabeth, I see you’re wearing your bracelet as well.”

“But, this is the one Sean gave me.”  She responded, slightly confused.

Bella giggled softly.  “Elizabeth, I would bet you a million dollars that it is chipped.”

“He never told me.”  Elizabeth gasped, thinking about the charms that he had given her, when she remembered the Celtic heart, and how he how told her how special it was.  That little fucker.  When she got out of this, she was going to borrow one of Edward’s riding crops and give Sean the whipping that he deserved.

“We need to stay strong.  I know that our family will come for us.”  Bella said.  Then she heard the lock on the door releasing.  “Close your eyes and pretend you are still out.”

They closed their eyes and heard the door open and footsteps come toward the bed.  “Ellos aún están fuera de Boss.”  The man said.  “Sí señor. Te dejaré saber tan pronto como se despiertan.”   (Translation:  They are still out.  Yes, Sir.  I will let you know as soon as they are awake.)

Guy on the Plane

The man stared down at the women.  Damn, they were beautiful chicas.  He would love to get to see them without their clothes, but he knew the Boss would kill him on the spot.

After Bella heard the door close and the lock engage, she opened her eyes.  “Elizabeth, who the fuck was that?”

“Bella, I don’t know, but I have an idea that it has something to do with the man we have a hit on.  I think our kidnaper is Roberto Cortez, and, if so, we are in some serious danger.”





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  1. Thank you for hanging in there!

    On Sat, Apr 9, 2016 at 5:30 PM, HeartforTwilight wrote:

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  2. Those kidnappers are not going to know what hit them when Bella starts kicking their asses! I am hoping that Jasper and the team are already on their way!


  3. What a fabulous chapter, a brilliant start to this third part of your story. I am so glad that you have decided to continue with your wonderful writing, cannot wait for more of this story and others from you.


  4. Loved it. So glad to see that you published it. I loved that pictures and how you describe the aftermath of the shooting, I could picture it all in my mind as I read. Awesome and can’t wait for more. 🙂


  5. Mr. Cortez has no idea what’s about to hit him…lol. Awesome chapter Clo!!! Action and excitement!! Edward is gonna slowly punish Mr. Cortez for what he has done. Sean is going to go nuts on his ass….lol. Love ya Clo!!


  6. As always, GREAT Chapter~ Please don’t let Edward die. I have faith Bella’s right, Edward will live 🙂
    Please don’t give up Clo. Those people are jealous of how great and amazing you are. Keep in mind that sooooo many people love and supports you.


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