Final Chapter of Bound and Dangerous

Vegas was like nothing Bella had ever expected, or seen in her entire life. They had arrived in the dark of night, so as not to draw attention to their arrival. As the limos entered the city limits en route to their hotel, the lights of the Vegas strip were so bright that it looked as if it was daytime. There were people everywhere, and excitement could be felt in the air. It was the city where one could win their life’s dream, or lose it with the roll of the dice.

Their limo pulled up to Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel. Edward had called in a favor with the owner of the hotel to ensure that their party and guests were the only ones booked at the hotel for the next three days. Matthew Allen had been a college buddy of Edward and Jasper’s. They had stumbled on him one night as he was being attacked while walking back from the local bar. He had been stabbed multiple times in the stomach and one large gash on his thigh, which still caused him to walk with a slight limp. Jasper and Edward had gone with him to the hospital the night of the attack. It was there they met Matthew’s father, Roger. He was distraught at what had happened to his son and wanted vengeance for him.

Edward knew that Mr. Allen owned several hotels around the country; his largest was in Vegas, but he had one in Seattle as well. Edward’s father was friends with Roger and he knew that he would want him to help catch the fuckers and make them pay for what they did. The assholes who had done it were easy enough to track down. Once they were caught, there were sliced, diced, and filleted by Edward’s favorite “little” friend, their remains never found. Mr. Allen had been so grateful that he extended his gratitude to the Cullen family. If there was ever a time that they needed anything, it was theirs. Matt was more than agreeable for this opportunity to return the favor, and block off the hotel solely for the Coven’s convention. Of course, Edward was compensating Matthew and his father for the rooms, so it was a profitable venture for everyone.

As they pulled up to the valet stand, Seth saw the extra security team already in position at the front doors. Edward had demanded that security was the number one priority for this weekend, so everyone who was not needed to run the businesses back in Seattle was assigned to the event in Las Vegas. Seth got out of the limo and went over to check in with the security team. It had been all quiet, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Seth did a survey of the area and, once he felt that it was safe, opened the back door of limo.

Edward exited first, even knowing that the security team and Seth had conducted a survey of area, he discreetly did one as well, because the person coming out next was the most important person in the world to him. The love of his life, his wife, his submissive, and he would never permit anything to happen to her. He would never survive in a world where she did not exist. Once he was satisfied, he reached out his hand and she placed her hand into his.

Bella stepped out and Edward pulled her in close and bent over and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. “Welcome to Vegas, baby.”

“Oh Edward, it is so beautiful.” Bella’s head was practically on a swivel trying to take in all the sights.


“I promise we will come back soon and spend some time enjoying what Vegas has to offer.” Edward assured her. He knew they needed a honeymoon, but with everything that had been happening, there just wasn’t an opportunity; he hoped soon things would die down and they could take some time for themselves. Hell, maybe they’d make that baby they so badly wanted.

Edward and Bella walked into the hotel. The large lobby had white and brown marble floors and the check in desk was a large marble wall with a large gold leaf medallion in the center. Even at 2:30 A.M. the place was a hive of activity. Edward looked toward the desk and saw Matthew walking toward him.


“Edward, it’s been awhile; so good to see you again.” Matthew greeted, shaking Edward’s hand. As he did, Matthew glanced over to see who was on Edward’s arm and couldn’t believe his eyes. She was a true beauty, long mahogany hair, a fucking hot body, with the face of an angel.

Edward saw how Matthew was staring at his wife and he knew exactly what he was thinking. Squeezing Matthew’s hand with a bit more force broke him from his trance. “Matthew, I didn’t expect to you to greet us personally. Let me introduce my lovely wife and partner, Isabella Cullen.”

“Wife?” Matthew questioned, because he knew Edward Cullen as a womanizer and now he was married to this goddess.

“Yes, wife. Do you have everything ready for us?” Edward asked, trying to direct his attention to the task at hand. Matthew had known him during the time when women were good for only one thing and once the goal was met, he dropped them like a hot potato.

“Oh, of course, everything is ready per your instructions, Edward. Your immediate family have been placed in the penthouse suites. The remainder of the Cullen family are located three floors below. The guest rooms are ready and are set according to the specifications that we received.”

“Wonderful!” Edward said as he clapped Matthew on the back. “We would like to retire to our room. It has been a long day.”

“Certainly, let me get the bell hops to get your luggage.” Matthew said.

“No, that will not be necessary.” Edward barked. “Our security team will take care of that.”

“Okay. And let me say, it is a pleasure having you here at Bally’s. I will be staying at the hotel, so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.”

matthew Allen

“Thank you, Mr. Allen, we will do that. It was a pleasure meeting you.” Bella said in her most authoritative voice. She had seen how Matthew had looked her over, and she would make sure he knew that she was not what he expected. “Edward, dear, take me to bed.”

“Hmm, gladly. Matthew, goodnight.” Edward chuckled, wrapping his arm around Bella and walking toward the elevator.


The next few days were filled with meetings with their guests. Each family head was provided with a detailed booklet that listed every service available for hire. Demonstrations were provided in various conference rooms for each of the teams, as well as interviews with the team leaders. At the conclusion of each demonstration, there would be a meeting to address any questions or concerns. The Coven had made an unprecedented impression on their guests. If the murmurs were any indication, there would be a windfall of assignments coming the Coven’s way.

Edward and Bella had been well received and garnered enormous respect from their guests, each wanting to spend time with the new West Coast power couple. Many of the heads of invited families had been unsure about union between Edward, Bella, and the two most powerful West Coast crime families, but, one by one, their doubts were assuaged, and their respect won. They were impressed by their knowledge and professionalism. It was obvious that they were strictly business, and were extremely capable of providing a successful outcome.

Edward and Carlisle were scheduled to have drinks with an old friend. Edward had asked Elizabeth to stay with Bella in their suite. He knew that she had Seth and the extra security detail, but he wanted someone on a personal level to stay close; Elizabeth was a perfect choice. Bella had been feeling slightly ill and when she woke up this morning, she felt sick to her stomach. After a short time, it seemed to pass. As she sat on the side of bed, she remembered that she had been tired lately, requiring a nap, which was highly unusual. Now she was feeling nauseous, and out of sorts. As she added things up, she was shocked at her conclusions; could she be pregnant? Instinctively covering her stomach with her hand in a protective manner, she smiled and couldn’t help but think about how happy Edward would be. She needed to get a home pregnancy test.

Once her nausea seemed abated, she dressed for the day and went out into living room of the suite to find Elizabeth typing away on her laptop. “Elizabeth.”

“Bella. Are you okay; how are you feeling?” Elizabeth asked, because, instead of the healthy glow that Bella always seem to have, she looked a little pale.

“Actually, I need to go pick up something, but I want it to be a surprise for Edward.”

“Okay, what is it?”

Bella looked around the room to be sure they were the only two within hearing range. Once she was sure they were she leaned in close and whispered. “A pregnancy test.”

“REALLY?!” Elizabeth excitedly asked.

“Shhh. I don’t want anyone to know, especially Edward, until I know for sure.”

“Okay. Are you okay to leave the room or do you want me to get it?”

“No, I’m feeling much better now. I need to get out and get some air.”

“Okay. I will make this happen, I promise.” Elizabeth put away her laptop, and informed her team that if they needed her to contact her on her phone. She was growing concerned by the outages they were experiencing on Roberto Cortez’s electronics. Something was up, and she didn’t like it.

Elizabeth and Bella left the room, followed by Seth and the security detail. When they reached the ground floor, Seth and the detail surveyed the lobby for any threats and, once they felt that it was all clear, Bella was permitted to leave the elevator. Elizabeth locked arms with Bella and chatted as the crossed the lobby.

“Seth, we are going to do a little shopping in the Grand Bazaar.” Bella said. Bally’s had a large array of shops. Bella and Elizabeth went from shop to shop, buying clothes, jewelry, lingerie and some kinky toys at the Lolo Exotic Home Goods store. As they were passing by a pharmacy, Elizabeth gave Bella a wink.

“Bella, I need to drop in a grab some feminine products.” Elizabeth said, making Seth cringe at the thought.

“Oh, Elizabeth, how horrible to have that ruining your week.” Bella smirked.

Elizabeth and Bella walked in and headed toward the feminine product row, which was where they located the pregnancy tests. Picking up several boxes of tampons, liners, pads, feminine wash, and, lastly, five tests they walked to the counter. Seth normally would be following more closely, but he just couldn’t when they were buying those items. Bella paid for the items and they were placed in a bag, which they stuffed in one of their other large shopping bags. With the tests securely in hand, they shopped at a few more shops and told Seth they were returning to the room.

Once back in the room, and after Seth had left to stand guard at the door, Bella pulled out the tests and went to the bathroom. Reading over the instructions, she used one of the available plastic cups from the bathroom to collect the urine for the five tests she had purchased. There was no way she could pee on five test strips. Dipping each test in and placing them on the bathroom counter, face down, the agony of waiting began. She walked out of the bathroom to find Elizabeth waiting for her.

“So?” Elizabeth’s face lit up with excitement.

“I am waiting on the results.” Bella nervously muttered.

“Oh, Bella, come over here and sit down. So, was this planned?” Elizabeth tilted her head, smirking at Bella.

“We have been trying. Edward has been putting his cough, cough all into making it happen.” Bella giggled.

“Damn…lucky girl.”

“Yeah and what about Sean O’Leary? I heard that he has been racking up the air miles for some redheaded lass here on the West Coast. I also heard each and every trip has him leaving with a large grin on his face.”

“Oh, Bella, he is so amazing. I am so happy, but I keep looking around, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It just seems that, every time we turn around, something negative happens.” Elizabeth said.

“Elizabeth, you can’t always look for something bad to happen; look at the bright side and enjoy this time with Sean. He is your match in every way. I can see the love he has for you in his eyes when he talks about you.”

“I love him so much it is scary. I never felt anything like this, even for Tony.” She muttered as she dropped her head.

“Sean is your one true love, like Edward is mine.” Bella tried to console her friend.

Looking down at her watch, Bella saw it was time to check the tests. “Elizabeth, it’s time, will you go with me?”

“Of course, sweetie.”

They walked in the bathroom and over to the vanity. All the tests were turned over facing down.

“On the count of three we start flipping them over, agreed?” Bella asked nervously. Elizabeth stood there nodding her head with a huge grin on her face.

“One, two, three…” They each started flipping over the test sticks to see a glowing plus sign on each. The girls hugged each other, jumping up and down in excitement. Tears ran down Bella’s face and both hands were now placed on her flat stomach. “I am going to be a mother.”

Pregrancy test

“And a wonderful mother at that. Bella, I am so excited for you and Edward. I hope one day this will be Sean and me.”

“It will be, have faith. Oh my God, I need to tell Edward, but I think I’ll wait until we get home. I want to make it special. Can you get rid of all these except one and transport it back to Seattle for me?”

“Of course.” Elizabeth agreed, Bella another hug.

Elizabeth took the tests and got rid all but one, which she packaged in a plastic bag and placed in her suitcase. Bella would be getting it from her when they arrived back in Seattle.

Bella sat in the living room of the suite later that afternoon, staring out at the Vegas skyline. She was going to be a mother. A mother. She was carrying Edward’s baby. The smile and tears wouldn’t stop. She never thought she could be happier with her life, but this little person growing inside of her made her rethink everything.

Bally's suite

Edward returned a little while later and found his lovely wife sitting in the living room reading a book. He stood and watched her for a moment and counted his lucky stars for bringing her into his empty life. “Hello, sweetheart.”

“Edward, did you have a nice time?”

“Yes. Gregory is an old friend of Dad’s and wanted to catch up. What did you and Elizabeth do with your day?”

“We went shopping over in the bazaar. I even picked up a few things you might even like.”

“Really and what would those be?” The visuals going through Edward’s mind were endless.

“Why don’t I show you?” Bella said with a sexy smile.

“Well, lead the way, my little minx.” Oh, yeah, this was going to be a good day, Edward thought.

The rest of the afternoon was spent using the toys that Bella had purchased. In the end, the couple collapsed into an exhausted afternoon nap. When they woke up, they began to get ready for the final reception.


The conferences and demonstrations that were conducted had impressed the family heads. Inquiries were made, answers provided, and Contracts were already being negotiated. It appeared that the Coven Commission and Coven were going to be very busy. If the rumors were true, the income expected would exceed both the Cullen and Volturi families combined. Edward and Bella were both convinced that this would alleviate any concerns the family members had at the initial meetings when the idea of the Coven were discussed. Now, it was time for the closing reception.

Edward dressed in his new Armani tux that Bella had purchased him, a crisp white shirt, bow tie, and the Coven cufflinks.


Bella had purchased a beautiful gown for the occasion. The top was a fitted bustier in cream with black lace, with a cream bottom containing inserts of the black lace. She pulled her hair up into an elegant updo and placed the diamond and emerald necklace that Edward had given her around her neck. Looking in the mirror she was pleased with the way she looked. She didn’t look like the same Bella that she was in May; this woman was the Donna of the most powerful family in the country.

“Fuck, baby, you look great.” Edward moaned, wrapping his arms around her and placing a kiss on her exposed neck.

“Thank you. I am excited for this evening to be over with so we can get back home.”

“Me, too. I think we need to have a little session soon, my pet.”

Her heart rate picked up, and shivers rolled down her spine at the thought of returning to her Master’s playroom. Work had put a damper on time they were able to spend enjoying each other in the playroom. “Whatever you think is best, Master.”

“Fuck, baby, you can’t say things like that to me before we have to leave the room. Damn, now I will be hard all night until we get back.”

“And I will take care of you when you get back, I promise.” She purred as she ran a hand down his chest.

“All right, come on, let’s get this show on the road.” Edward grumbled, wanting nothing more than to strip her and bury his hard cock deep inside.

The reception area had been beautifully decorated in the colors of the Coven’s black, white, and red. Bella and Esme had provided detailed instructions on what they required. The tables were covered in white linen table cloths, with black napkins. The place settings were white china with black chargers. In the center of the table was an arrangement of blood red roses in crystal vases. It was a very powerful and elegant presentation. The head table was occupied by Edward and Bella, along with Carlisle, Esme, Michael, and Claudia.   The Coven Commission and their wives were put at a table to the right of the head table and to the left was the table containing the team leaders of Coven, Inc. Dinner was served and the wine and liquor was flowing. All the heads of the families seemed to be getting along, which shocked more than one person.

Bella had been careful about not drinking any wine with dinner. She had been happy that no one seemed to notice that, but, after drinking all those glasses of water, her bladder was screaming. “Sweetie, I need to use the restroom, I’ll be right back.” She whispered to Edward.

“Let me get Seth.” Edward said as he began to rise from his seat.

“No, I will take Elizabeth; it’s just down the hall. We’ll be fine.” She assured him.

“All right, but be careful.” He was trying not to smother her in protection, with all the families in attendance, but he could never be too cautious.

“I always am. Love you.”

“I love you.” Edward stated.

Bella walked over to the Coven team leaders’ table and whispered into Elizabeth’s ear what she needed.


Elizabeth got up and went with Bella to the bathroom. They finished up and were on their way back when the lights went out on the entire floor. They heard yelling and screaming coming from the reception area and then gunfire. Elizabeth placed herself between Bella and the room, above all else the Donna of the family must be protected, but Bella was struggling against her hold to get back to make sure everything was okay. Elizabeth was reaching in her purse for her nine mil as they opened the doors. They saw people running out the doors at the front of the room, with their guns drawn protecting their loved ones the other families rushed out, but suddenly they heard Emmett’s booming voice echoing through the room. “Get a doctor in here now! Edward doesn’t have a pulse.”

Bloody Edward

Bella tried to get around Elizabeth to run to Edward, causing Elizabeth to drop her gun. At that precise moment, someone grabbed Bella from behind and placed a cloth over her mouth. Before closing her eyes for the last time, she saw that Elizabeth was in the same position with a hooded man holding her with a rag over her mouth. As she was blacking out Bella’s mind was on one thing and one thing only, the love of her life was dead.


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Bound and United

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