Chapter 22 of Bound and Dangerous

Sean entered the conference room that held the six members of the Coven’s Commission. After introductions were made, Sean submitted his case for the execution of the crime boss, Roberto Cortez, of Colombia. After hearing Sean’s statement, he was dismissed to allow the Commission to discuss his request. The Commission unanimously agreed to accept the Coven’s first contract for a hit. Sean signed off on the contract with the Coven, then transferred the required $750,000 dollars into the designated Coven account. The Commission then convened with the assigned team leaders to provide them with the pertinent information for their first job. There was a palpable excitement to the meeting. This is what they had trained and prepared for. Although they were able to demonstrate their skills to some degree with the Aro abduction, this was to be their first professional hit. Each team leader ensured he or she had all the facts that would affect their particular team’s skills. There was no room for mistakes on their very first assignment. This hit would set the standard for all other requests when deciding whether or not to utilize the Coven’s talents.


The logistics involved in accomplishing a hit of this caliber were anything but simple. First the target was international. Second, the target was a semi-celebrity as a male model. Third, the operation could in no way be traceable, nor leave any shred of evidence of who accomplished the hit, or who requested it. Most people thought that it was as easy as finding the target and shooting him. But that is not how this highly trained killing team would perform their task. Planning out every detail and then executing the hit in such a way that the actual hit would not be detectable, but result simply with his death from natural causes, was brilliant.


The surveillance team would be the initial phase of the operations, gathering all the intel possible on Cortez’s schedule, habits, routines, and travel. It would not be easy to do, but the team felt sure they would be able to do it and do it very fucking well. It would take time to gather the needed information, plan the job, execute it, and clean up all evidence that would link it to them or to Sean. Roberto Cortez was going to die, but it would appear he died of natural causes.




Elizabeth was taking some time away from the team to join Bella over at the Rehab center to talk to Maria and deliver a gift to her. They arrived at the center with Seth and Ben, who stepped out of SUV and surveyed the area for any threats. Edward had taken them aside before they left and asked them to extra vigilant. He couldn’t exactly pinpoint why, but his intuition told him that something was not quite right. When they felt that it was safe, Seth opened the door and Elizabeth came out first, followed by Bella. Seth enjoyed being Bella’s bodyguard. She was as compassionate as she was intimidating, and had proven that she was a kickass leader. He had enjoyed taking her to her weekly training sessions, both target shooting and her hand to hand training. The first time he had seen her on the firing range, he was shocked. He was sure that if he had tried to out shoot her, it was possible that she might beat him.   Yet she still struggled in hand to hand combat, but she never stopped, even though she spent most of the time on her ass.


Bella and Elizabeth walked into the center and were met by Maria. She looked so much better than she did when Bella had first met her. She knew it was because she no longer had to endure the stress or brutality of her toxic husband.



“Bella, la mia bellissima figlia, it is so good to see you.” Maria cooed.


Bella engulfed Maria in a tight hug. “Anche tu, I’ve missed you.”

Maria pulled back and with a bright smile. “Let’s go have a cup of tea and talk.”


Elizabeth and Bella followed Maria into her apartment. The design team had done a wonderful job of redesigning the old hotel into apartments for each of the girls. Maria had decided early on to live at the hotel. She didn’t want to live the house that she and Aro shared. There had been too much pain suffered in that house, so, when Aro disappeared, she moved all her stuff, sold all his belongings, and sold the house. She had spoken with Alec and he, too, wanted nothing to do with the house. So, instead of moving in with his mother, he rented an apartment conveniently located in Maggie’s building.


Maria’s apartment was the largest in the building and she had chosen her own colors and decor, unlike when she lived with Aro. Everything had to be Aro’s way and she couldn’t pick out anything without his approval. Shopping for her apartment had been so much fun. It was nice not to have worry about someone else’s opinion.

The apartment had been finished with a blond hardwood floor, and painted in soft mint green walls with eggshell trim. With the exceptionally tall windows, she had hung a beige damask fabric. The furniture included a two drawer cabinet in white, a beautiful chaise in white and lilac, and an off-white sofa, with various colored throws. In all, it truly reflected Maria’s femininity. It was soft, yet the use of various colors were warm and inviting.


She collected her English Rose tea service and placed a crystal plate of sugar cookies that she had baked this morning with some of the girls on the tray.


Oh how she loved supporting the girls in her care. Each one had a heartfelt story of how they came to fall into the grips of the Volturi family prostitution ring. When they were first asked to stay at the hotel, they were leery that it was some type of trap, but Maria reassured them it was not. Maria spoke with them, encouraging them to realize that they were all victims of circumstances. All of the girls were taken to various clinics, spas, as well as counselors that were affiliated with the family. After getting back on their feet, some of the girls had contacted their real families and were welcomed to return home, while others had nowhere else to go. The new family leaders had furnished Maria with not only housing, but also technical and educational support to train the young women to join the workforce in various jobs. They were informed that these opportunities were theirs for the taking with the promise that they would no longer turn to prostitution.

Bella had contacted Maria early on and asked if she thought some of the girls might like working at the new club that would be opening. When Maria asked, several of the girls jumped at the chance. Even with all the training, some of the girls just couldn’t get it, but they were excited about the chance to dance at the new club or be one of the servers. Maria was concerned about the girls working in a nightclub, where the opportunity may lead them to other things, but one of them said. “Some people in life are made to do certain jobs; I was one of them. I know that I am good at dancing and I enjoy doing it. Why do something you hate day in and day out?” After that day, Maria listened more to the girls and learned that perhaps the girl had been right and she wanted each girl to happy.

Maria walked back into the living room and set the tray on the table. Pouring each person a cup and tea, and sat down.

“Thank you, Maria, this is wonderful.” Bella said as she sipped on her delicious English tea and taking a bite into the perfectly balanced sugar cookie, with creamy frosting. “These are delicious.”

“Thank you, caro.”

Bella sat her cup down and reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of paper. “I know you have been contacted by the police that both James and Aro were on a ship that went down at sea.”

“Yes. I should have received an academy award for my grieving wife and mother performance.” Maria snickered.

“I would have loved to have seen it. So here are their death certificates, you are now free to do whatever you want. Aro left everything to James and, in case of James’ death, then it all comes to you.”

Maria thought for a moment that she didn’t want any part of the asshole who had made all of her adult a living hell, but she thought Why the fuck not?

“Bella, thank you and your family for making sure that Aro got what he deserved. And, Elizabeth, I know I can’t say anything that makes the pain less painful, but I truly am sorry about what he did to your sister and to your family.”

“Thank you, Maria.” Elizabeth said, wiping a stray tear from her eye.

“Maria, we have hired a General Manager for Solar Eclipse and I was wondering if you would like to come in and meet with him and tell him about the women that have shown interest in working at the club.”

“I would love to. I have the resumes of all the girls and headshots for him to take a look at. They are in my office. Come, I will show you what I have put together.” Bella and Elizabeth followed Maria to her office. It was down the hall from the living room, and was beautifully appointed. Two walls were painted a soft beige with an accent wall of baby blue. The accent wall contained a large white bookcase that matched the white desk. It truly reflected its owner. Maria pulled out the notebook she had put together on the girls. Each girl had a profile shot along with a resume.


“Oh, Maria, Carmine will be very pleased with this. We are very excited to have him on board as the manager. He has also brought along his father to assist him. They have worked together as a team for many years and have had great success with any endeavor they have worked on.” Bella declared.

“Is he a member of a family?” Maria asked, wondering if he was part of the Cullen family that she had not heard about.

“No, he is not. But he is a trained Dominant.”

“Oh.” Maria responded quietly.

“Yes, but before we hired him we requested a very detailed report from the LA community and they sent it along with letters from all his submissives. He has an impeccable background.”

“If you say that he is okay, I trust you on that. I know that some of the girls do enjoy that type of lifestyle.” Maria said.

“Maria, I have a wonderful idea; would you mind allowing Esme to come in and do a beginners submissive class for those women who have expressed an interest? That way they will be familiar with the rules and what is expected of them.”

“Do you think she would consider it, caro?”

“I am positive she would. She actually conducts classes at Diamond Knotts once a month.”

“I forget that she is a submissive.” Maria confessed. “Carlisle is such a wonderful man and I can see how much he adores and loves Esme; I guess I don’t think of them that way.”

Bella knew what Maria was alluding to; “Maria, Aro was not a dominant, he was an evil controlling bastard. In a true Dominant/submissive relationship it is not the man who holds the power, but the woman.”


“Yes. I am assuming that you were not aware that I am submissive.” Bella questioned.

Maria eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open. She had no idea that the Donna of the family was a submissive. How could that be? “How?” Maria asked.

“I have known I was a submissive for years; I actually taught myself the rules and mannerisms. Edward is my first and only Dominant.”

“But why? Why would you allow someone to beat you like that?”

“Maria, that is not a true Dominant/submissive relationship. Look, why don’t you go sit in one of the training sessions and you will see what I am talking about?”

“I will think about it.” Maria mumbled. Could there be another way?

“As much as I would love to stay, I need to get back to the office.” Bella proclaimed.

“Oh, that is right, the big meeting in Vegas is coming up.”

“Yes and everyone we invited has said that they are coming, so we need to make sure we don’t put people who hate each other in rooms that are next to one another or next to each other at the dinner table.” Bella chuckled. Maria stood and hugged her pseudo daughter, as well as Elizabeth as they departed.



Elizabeth was extremely busy with planning the details for gathering intel on Roberto Cortez. What made the job difficult was, not only did he live in Colombia, but he was in the states a lot doing modeling for BOSS. That was something they couldn’t seem to understand. Most people want to stay under the radar, but Roberto loved being in the limelight. She was planning to use his obvious arrogance against him.

As she worked, she felt her anxiety rising. She knew Sean was flying in this evening. Over last few weeks he had spent an enormous amount of time in the air, flying back and forth between Boston and Seattle. Each time he came they went out to dinner, they’d take long walks along Pike Place, talk for hours, and had some very heated make out sessions. They had kissed and dry humped, but Sean never tried to push it past that point. And when he had to leave to go back to Boston, she would become frustrated, emotionally and sexually. That Irish lad had won over her heart and soul, so, tonight, she was going to let him know she was ready to proceed further into their relationship. Fuck that, she was going jump his fine ass and ride him into next week.

She had gone to the spa and had the works done. By the time she left, there had not been one inch of her body that had not been touched in some way, shape, or form. The next stop had been the lingerie shop, where she had taken her bonus check and purchased a shit load of sexy lingerie. The set for their first time was an emerald green bra and panty set that reminded her of Sean’s eyes when he was aroused.


The times when they had been dry humping, she could feel the outline of his cock and she hoped it was a glorious as it felt. She also purchased several other sets, for the days and weeks to come.

Sean was in the air again, making his way back across the states to his love. He had rushed home to take care of some problems. He would so glad to see the Coven team take care of Roberto; his organization had been causing nothing but problems over the last few months and his tactics were getting more vicious than ever before. Two of his men had been ambushed outside one of the warehouses and killed, the warehouse was emptied of a shipment of guns. Damn that fucking asshole. But what kept him from going off the deep end, was the lovely red-headed lass in Seattle. Everything about her called out to him; he knew that she was the one for him. Elizabeth was going to be his wife as soon as his he could convince her to accept.

It had taken every bit of his self-resolve to not to push their relationship further than kissing and rubbing against one another, but he didn’t know how much more his poor dick could take. He was hard all the fucking time and, no matter how many times he rubbed one out, it wasn’t enough. It needed to be in that hot pussy. Fuck, hard again.

Elizabeth dressed in her lingerie and a dark green wrap dress and fuck me heels. She had told the hair dresser that she needed the style to be a “take me bed NOW” look, and the hair dresser didn’t let her down.


It looked fucking amazing. Applying her makeup with sultry eyes and lips, she was ready to go.   She had told Sean that she was cooking dinner, but, in fact, she had ordered in from the local Chinese restaurant and it was scheduled to arrive ten minutes before Sean. He had called when he landed and was in route, but traffic was horrible.

The dinner had arrived and as the minutes ticked by to the arrival of Sean, Elizabeth became very nervous. What if she forgot how? What if she wasn’t good enough? Sean had been known for his sexual prowess and here she was not having had sex since her husband’s death. Yup, no sex in four years. She had a drawer full of toys that took care of some of her needs when it got too great to handle, but there was nothing like a long, thick, warm cock. Fuck, she was horny as hell. A large box of condoms was sitting on the nightstand, waiting to be used. They had not talked about birth control or testing and, with Sean’s history, she didn’t want to take a chance; even though she felt sure he was healthy, in this day and age you couldn’t take it for granted. When Tony was alive, they always used condoms, due to the fact that she had an allergic reaction to the birth control pills she had been taking. She had contacted her doctor when she knew that Sean and she were progressing in their relationship and he told her that were some new pills, but he recommended a diaphragm. Research showed that it had less side effects, but was still effective. She had went in and got one to be on the safe side, not that she had not dreamt about little red headed babies.

When the doorbell rang, it broke her out of her daydreaming. Taking a deep breath, she walked to the door and opened it up to find her sexy boyfriend with a bouquet of yellow roses in one hand and a small red box in the other. Every time he visited, he brought another charm for her bracelet, each embracing their Irish heritage.


Sean almost dropped his flowers when he saw Elizabeth in that short, green dress that looked like if he untied the bow on the side it would fall open. FUCK! “Fhéachann tú leanbh álainn sin fucking.” (You look so fucking beautiful, baby) Sean cried.

Go raibh maith agat.” (Thank you) Elizabeth said as her cheeks bloomed in a bright red glow. “Come in.”

Sean walked in her apartment, which was bathed in candlelight. She had placed candles on the floor, in front of couch was a group of pillows and on the table were place settings with Chinese food on them. “Did you make Chinese?”

“No, I ordered in. I thought it would be nice to stay in.”

“It is, oh, these are for you, lass.” Sean said handing her the roses. “And this is for your bracelet.”

“Oh, Sean, they are beautiful.” Elizabeth said, bringing the roses up to her nose and taking in the lovely scent. She laid them on the table, along with her box and wrapped her arms around Sean’s neck and began to kiss him with all the passion and love that she had inside of her.

Sean wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and pulled her tightly to him. God, how he loved this woman. They continued kissing until there was no air left in their lungs. “Fuck, baby, I missed you.”

“I missed you. Come let’s eat and enjoy the evening.” Elizabeth said, taking his hand and leading him to the sitting area she’d set up on the floor.

Dinner was filled with conversation of their week and with every opportunity a touch, kiss, or caress. Elizabeth finally had enough. She turned to Sean and pulled the tie of her dress, causing it to fall open, exposing the emerald green and black lace bra and panty set. “Sean O’Leary, I want you to make love to me.”

Sean shook his head in disbelief. He had dreamed of this, but he never thought it would happen like this. Coming out of his stupor, he grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap and began to kiss the living shit out of her. “Fuck, baby, are you sure?”

“Yes. Oh, yes!” Elizabeth moaned as Sean kissed down her neck and to her silk covered breast.

She tasted so fucking good and he knew that he needed to slow things down, because his dick was so hard that he could cum at any moment, but he needed to take care of her needs first. “Baby, let’s go to the bedroom so I can love you better.”

Elizabeth nodded and Sean was on his feet, scooping her up and carrying her into her room. She had lit candles and put on soft sensual music on before Sean arrived. He lowered her to the floor and pushed the dress off of her shoulders, causing it to fall into a emerald green pool at her feet. Kissing down her neck to her shoulder and slipping off the straps of the bra, he reached behind and unclasped it. Her breasts fell out and were on full display, ready for him to pay homage. “Oh, baby, you are so fucking beautiful. I can’t believe you are mine.”

“All yours, for as long as you want me.”

“Well, be prepared, lass, because you are it for me.”

Sean dropped to his knees, reached up and grasped the side of her panties and slowly pulled them down her firm smooth legs. Leaning in, he placed soft kisses on her smooth mound.   Fuck, she tasted good. Standing up, he took a step back and drank in her beauty. How the hell had he gotten so fucking lucky to find someone like her?

Elizabeth reached forward and began to unbutton his shirt. With each button, she slid the backs of her fingers against his skin, sending shivers down his spine. When she reached the bottom, she pulled the shirttail from his jeans, pushing it off his shoulders. His arms, chest, and abs were toned and muscular and she was happy to see a dusting of red hair on his broad chest. Scraping her nails down his chest, over his abs, she reached for the button of his jeans. Fuck, she loved button fly jeans on a man. Slowly, she unbuttoned each one and when the last button was undone, she reached in and stroked his thick cock. If she wouldn’t have looked like a fool, she would be doing a happy dance, because her man was going commando.

“Commando, baby?” She smirked, licking her lips.

“Fuck, baby, you’ve had me so worked up lately, that I couldn’t stand to wear underwear anymore. Lay down, my beautiful lass.” Elizabeth laid down on the bed and looked up at Sean, who was removing his pants, causing his long, thick, glorious cock to bounce.

“Sean, I wasn’t sure about things, so I purchased some condoms.” Elizabeth said, hoping that she hadn’t overstepped her bounds. “We haven’t had the conversation about being tested and past sexual histories. I know that you have been with other women.”

“I have, but it has been over six months since I have been with someone and I just went for a checkup last week and the test came back clean, but until you see the results I don’t mind wearing a condom, even if we both know that it is sin to do so.”

“Sean, you are a Don of a crime family, you have killed people; I think wearing a condom is the least of our worries with God. But, thank you, and I haven’t been with anyone in a long time.” Elizabeth whispered.

“How long?” Sean questioned, wondering if it had been someone he knew and whether or not he needed to kill the fucker.

“Well…” Elizabeth stuttered, the blush traveling down to her chest.

Sean took her face into his hands and looked deeply into her eyes. “Don’t be embarrassed, lass. How long, my love?”

Elizabeth’s heart began to quiver. “The last night my husband was alive.”

“Oh, my sweet lass, never be ashamed of that. I am so fucking grateful that you are giving me this gift. And I promise to cherish it and you until my last breath. I love you, Elizabeth, with all that I am.” Sean proclaimed, then placed a long passionate kiss upon her lips.

As the kiss ended, Elizabeth smiled with tears in her eyes. “Sean, I loved my husband, but what I feel for you is so much greater. I love you.”

The rest of the night was filled with shared breaths, urgent moans, and their sated bodies entwined together. At the end, the box of condoms lay empty on the floor.


Over the next few weeks, the Coven continued planning their hit of Roberto. Elizabeth had contacted Alec to use his IT expertise to get his photoshoot schedule from his agency’s database. It would save time on assigning surveillance teams more accurately. They had a team watching his apartment in New York and his mansion in Colombia, but something wasn’t adding up. There were days that he would disappear and even though the team had his electronic devices tagged, the signals were dropping off the grid. Team leaders were frustrated and when they provided their weekly update to the Coven Commission, they were not happy. What were they missing?

Everyone was packing for their trip to Vegas. The details had been finalized and Edward and Bella couldn’t wait to show off the talents of the Coven team. The income possibilities were endless. Edward still had a gut feeling that something bad was coming their way, but the security team that he had questioned said that there had been no suspicious activities. He was still worried. If he had learned anything in life, it was to trust his gut feelings. He pulled Seth in the office and told him that he wanted him to be extra vigilant when they were in Vegas.

Bella packed her luggage for the trip, making sure she had all of the dresses and suits that she would be needing for each event. By the time she was finished, she was exhausted and decided to lay down and take a nap, which was rare for her to do.

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  1. Uh-oh… Edward has a bad feeling… Not sure I’m liking that. But it was an awesome chapter… I love all the description and the characters are amazingly written… Hold on for more. Thank you for sharing.


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