Teaser for Chapter 22 of Bound and Dangerous

Who would like a little teaser for Chapter 22 of Bound and Dangerous? Yes/No? Oh I heard it a HELL YES! So here it is…. (note not Beta’d)

“Maria, I have a wonderful idea, would you mind allowing Esme to come in and do a beginners submissive class for those women who have expressed an interest? That way they will be familiar with the rules and what is expected of them.”
“Do you think she would consider it, caro?”
“I am positive she would. She actually conducts classes at Diamond Knotts once a month.”
“I forget that she is a submissive.” Maria confessed. “Carlisle is such a wonderful man and I can see how much he adores and loves Esme, I guess I don’t think of them that way.”
Bella knew what Maria was alluding too. “Maria, Aro was not a dominant, he was an evil controlling bastard. In a true Dominant/submissive relationship it is not the man who holds the power, but the woman.”
“Yes. I am assuming that you were not aware that I am submissive.” Bella questioned.
Maria eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open. She had no idea that the Donna of the family was a submissive. How could that be? “How?” Maria asked.
“I have known I was a submissive for years and actually self-taught myself the rules and mannerisms. Edward was my first and only Dominant.”

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