Bound and Dangerous Chapter 20

After ridding the world of the demented Aro and the delusional Michael, everyone who attended, or been in contact with the bodies in anyway, were required to remove all clothing, to include shoes, and take a sterilizing shower. The Coven’s cleanup team had been dispatched to remove all traces of DNA and evidence of the prior events, leaving no traces of Aro and Michael’s existence, just in case the pigs started nosing around.

Once Edward had changed into the spare suit and shoes that had been brought along, he returned to where Bella was standing with Carlisle. His father had his arm wrapped protectively around her. She had remained strong during the torture, maintaining the perfect facade of a true Donna, but he knew, from past experience, that she was going to be need him as much as he needed her. The extreme emotions that one experienced either by participating or simply witnessing torture and eventual deaths, needed to be vetted. Once they were alone, he could finally come down from the adrenaline required to deliver the punishments, either as the man who just delivered a death sentence, or beat another.

Fire Edward_zps1jkzlyco

He would soon find and give comfort wrapped within the arms of his beloved. She was his center; his affirmation of all the wonders life provided. The connection they had was strong and growing with each passing day. He couldn’t wait to spend a very long life with her. She was still blissfully unaware that, each and every morning, he would awaken before her to lay beside her and watch her sleep. She was so beautiful and so caring; she was his own personal angel. However, she also possessed a steel fortitude that enabled her to install fear with compassion required of the position of Donna. His Bella was a loving angel and a badass Donna.

When he reached her and his father, she immediately made her way to close the distance between them, and wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face into his chest. Edward placed a kiss upon her head and wrapped his strong arms around her, embracing her tightly.

“Let’s get out of here.”


Carlisle stood and admired the couple before him. He couldn’t have more prouder than he was at this moment. He knew for sure that the family was in better hands than it had ever been. Edward had handled Michael Newton with the a level head and strong hand. His Dominant training showing through; where others would have lost their cool, he remained in complete control. No member steals from the family. Then, his beautiful daughter, Bella, stood on the side, dedicated to the task and unwavering, she didn’t flinch once, even when Aro was finally killed. She had once told him that she considered him her one and only true father, and that the other men who had been in her life were insignificant, meaningless. Stepping up, he placed his hand on Edward’s arm. “Sono così orgoglioso di voi due . La famiglia non è mai stata in mani migliori .” Carlisle declared. (I am so proud of you both. The family has never been in better hands.)

“Grazie, padre. Prima la famiglia.” Edward exclaimed. (Thank you, father. Family first.)

Michael walked up and placed his hand on Bella’s arm. “Tu sei l’unica cosa buona che è venuto da mio figlio . Sono così grato di averti nella mia vita e di essere il capo della famiglia .” (You are the only good thing that came from my son. I am so thankful to have you in my life and to be the leader of the family.)

Kristen Stewart

Grazie, nonno . Prometto di prendersi cura di loro con la mia vita .” Bella said. (Thank you, Grandfather. I promise to take care of them with my life.)

“We will see you tomorrow, once Elizabeth and her father have made plans for Lisa’s funeral. I want everyone that is not needed here to be in attendance in Boston. Elizabeth needs the family’s support during this difficult time.” Edward said. “Michael, I hope that you can make it as well.”

“Do you think that is wise?” Michael asked.

“Elizabeth knows that you had nothing to do with it. She and her father witnessed the punishment that you doled out to Aro. You are most welcome; please come and support her, because she is part of the Cullen-Volturi Family.”

“Then Claudia and I will be there. I need to return home to inform Maria that she no longer has to worry about Aro. Please let me know of the plans.”

“We are headed home.” Edward said, and then turned to Jasper. “Take care of my little friend.” He instructed with a smirk.

Jasper had always been in charge of Edward’s knife. He took great care in making sure it was cleaned and no traces of blood were left. “Sure thing, Boss.”

Edward took Bella’s hand and left the warehouse. Seth went out the door first and checked the area; when he felt it was safe, he motioned Edward and Bella to exit. Once he opened the door to the SUV, they entered and snuggled close together. The entire drive home was done in complete silence. They both needed time to digest the events of the evening. Bella was amazed that she was able to remain so unfazed by the torture and death of two men. After her conversation with Edward before going in, she knew that it was going to bad and she had hoped that she could be the Donna that the family would be proud of. She had seen blood when she shot James, but nothing prepared her for the amount of blood she witnessed this evening. At one point, she thought she was going to lose her composure, but then she felt Carlisle wrap his arm around her back, giving her the support that she needed. After that, she was able to pull strength from the man that she considered her true father.

Soon, they pulled up in front of their house and quickly made their way in. It felt good to be home. Their time in New York had been stressful, and when they returned, they headed straight to the warehouse. This was the first time they had been home in several weeks.

Edward circled his arms around her from behind and she lended back, the connection between them pulsed and hummed in relief. “I love you beyond measure.” Edward moaned into her neck as he began to place kisses on every accessible piece of skin. As he got to the spot behind her ear, she let out a deep lustful moan. Their embrace alone awakened their arousal.

“Oh, Edward, I love you so much.”

Turning her around, he grabbed her ass and lifted her up, so her hot pussy was now rubbing against his hardened cock. “I need you so fucking back.”

“Take me, I am yours.” Bella cried. She was so turned on that she needed Edward to quench the fire that was raging inside of her.

Edward carried her up the stairs and into their bedroom. Walking over to the bed, he carefully and slowly lowered her legs and feet to the floor. He delicately removed her clothing piece by piece, until she stood before him in just her bra, panties and stilettos. “You have the sexiest body on this planet. I can’t believe you’re mine.”

“I am. My heart, body, and soul belongs to you and you alone. I could never love or want anyone other than you.”

Hot Couple 7 _zpsajtzakoe

“I feel the same. Lay down and let me worship my goddess.”

Bella sat on the edge of the bed. Edward gently pushed so she was in the middle of the bed and laid back. Edward admired the sight before him, God, he was a lucky bastard. He needed to be in that tight pussy. Removing his suit, shoes and lastly his underwear, he stalked her as a panther stalking his prey. As he made his way up her body he kissed, licked, and nipped her sweet skin. When he reached her perky tits, he wanted to send a very expensive bottle of champagne to the person who designed front latching bras. Unlatching the clasp of lacey black bra, he released her aroused breasts, ready for him to worship. Leaning in, he began, licking and sucking one breast, while he rolled and pinched the nipple of the other one.

Bella Gift 2_zpsxaa6lrue

“Oh, Edward, please I need more.” Bella moaned.

Looking up, he gave her one of his sexiest grins and licked his pouty thick lips. “You need more? What do you need, my little kitten? Do you need me to pet your pussy?”

“YES! Please touch my pussy.” She cried, arching her hips trying to find some relief.

Edward leaned back in and continued to worship her breast. Bella thrashed her head back and forth, she wanted, no, needed Edward to touch her pussy. Arching her hips even higher, she tried to rub up against Edward’s body.

Edward grinned against her rose puckered nipple; he loved the fact that he could arouse her so intensely. He, too, was in need of relief; his cock was so fucking hard that each time she arched her back, she hit the tender head, causing it to weep with need. This caused him to bite down harder than before, which caused Bella to cry out.

“FUCK ME!!!!”

Sitting back on his calves, he took his long thick cock, and laid on top of her lace covered mound. He could feel how wet she was. Taking his cock into his hands, he began to pump it up and down. “Do you know what I am going to do?”

“No.” Bella cried. At this point, she really didn’t care as long as it involved his dick inside of her.

Edward reached down and ripped the tiny lace panties from her body. Taking a long nimble finger, he rubbed the swollen wet labia he knew she was very fucking ready. Lining up his cock to her wet entrance, he thrust deep inside of her hot pussy. He was fucking home.

Bella was in heaven; she was filled so completely. With each thrust of his magnificent cock, it hit all the right places; her orgasm was on the brink of exploding. “I am so close.”

Edward shifted his hips and in this new position his cock hit the right spot, over and over causing her legs that were wrapped around him to quiver. With each thrust, he could feel the quivering of her muscles. Her pussy clamped down around his cock in a stranglehold, causing them both to explode in a glorious, heavenly release. Then, his release began, shooting long streams of cum deep with her. Life giving sperm looking for the golden egg. After the orgasms subsided, they still remained connected, drinking in the celestial feelings.

“I love you.” Edward declared with all his heart and soul.

“As I love you.”

“I am so proud and honored to be part of this life with you.” Edward exclaimed. “Till my last dying breath I will belong to you.”

*******************B&D ****************

Elizabeth was sitting in her apartment, digesting all the preparations that she and her father had planned for the funeral. Lisa’s funeral was going to be a traditional Irish funeral. Peter had been distant during the planning and she was happy about that. Down the road, she would confront him, but now was not the time. After he had left, she texted Sean and asked that, if he had time, she would like for him to come over and talk. He quickly texted back that nothing was more important than her. She couldn’t help but smile when she read it. Her heart began to soften to the thoughts of the two of them together. Sean was going to arrive in thirty minutes and she didn’t know what to wear. Before now, she never even thought about it, but now she was panicked about it. What to do? She needed advice. Picking up her phone, she called the woman who had become a good friend.

“I need your help.” Elizabeth begged.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know what to wear.”

“Elizabeth, what are you talking about?”

“I don’t know what to wear. I invited Sean over to talk. Now, I am standing in front of my closet naked and don’t know what to wear.”

“Well, knowing how bad Sean has it for you, I would say that you are ready.”

“Not fucking funny. Bella, seriously, I need your help.”

Bella laughed. She had never heard Elizabeth like this; it was nice to see that she was excited about seeing Sean. Edward had told Bella that Sean’s feelings for Elizabeth were similar to those he had for her. “Elizabeth, why don’t you just wear a pair of skinny jeans, that green top that we bought last month, and a pair of flats.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, now go get dressed, because, if you answer the door right now, I won’t hear from you in a week.”

“Funny. I don’t even want to know what you and Edward did last night.”

“Oh, I think you mean last night, late last night, early this morning, this morning, oh, and about thirty minutes ago.”

“Fuck, girl.”

“Yes, I was. And it was fucking great.” Bella giggled. It was nice to have a girl who knew all about her and she could be herself.

“You do know that your child’s first word is going to be fuck, right?”

“Yeah, I am afraid so. Now get dressed. Elizabeth, remember that Sean is a good man.”

“Thanks, I needed to hear that. I will call you later and give you the details of the funeral.”


Elizabeth hung up and pulled out a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, the green silk top, and paired it with a pair of black flats. After putting on a dusting of powder, mascara, and a lip gloss, she opened her jewelry box, for a pair of earrings. The first thing she saw was her wedding band and engagement ring. She had never gotten rid of them; they served as a reminder of her love and happiness with Tony. She loved Tony, but the feelings she was experiencing with Sean made her question if Tony had been the love of her life. This was the main reason why she had kept Sean at arms distance; she didn’t think she could survive another heartbreak. Picking up the diamond earrings that her parents had given her on her last birthday, she put them in and glanced in the mirror. They were perfect. She was amazed at the woman before her. This woman was glowing and had a sparkle in her eyes. Maybe, just maybe, this was the start of her happily ever after. The doorbell pulled her out of her day dreaming.

She went to the door and, after a deep cleansing breath, she opened the door. There stood Sean O’Leary, he looked so fucking handsome in his jeans and white button down shirt, with the top buttons open enough to see a dusting of red chest hair.


“Come in.” Elizabeth said.

Sean had been nervous ever since he received the text from Elizabeth. He had never been nervous about anything in his entire life, but this slip of a woman held his heart in her delicate hands. He had talked to Edward about his feelings for this woman; Edward had told him he couldn’t go into this like every other relationship he had. He told him about how damaged emotionally Elizabeth had been after her husband had died, but also because of the loss of her family. She was denied contact with her sister and now she had to deal with the loss of opportunity to ever reestablish her relationship with Lisa. Now, here he was standing in her living room, hoping for a chance.

“Please have a seat.” Elizabeth said, motioning to the couch.


Sean sat down and Elizabeth sat beside him, pulling her legs underneath her and turning toward Sean. Sean turned so they were now facing each other. “Sean, thank you for coming today on such short notice.”

“Elizabeth, nothing in this world was more important than spending time with you.” He declared.

“Sean, I am sorry for the way I have been treating you. I have been trying to protect myself and by doing so, I have been distant and harsh to you.”

“Elizabeth, first of all, you don’t need to apologize to me. I came onto you very hard and didn’t give you a chance to get to know me, but I want to change that. Now, about protecting yourself, I would never intentionally hurt you. My feelings for you are something that I myself am unfamiliar with; you are always, I mean always on my mind.” Sean said, wanting to reach over and take her hand, but he was sincere in his intentions, and knew he had to take this at her pace.

Elizabeth’s heart was pounding. Through training and intuition, she was able to decipher sincerity and honesty in others, and it was apparent that Sean’s admission was both sincere and honest, which meant that he truly did have feelings for her. “I would like to get to know you and you to know me.”

Over the next few hours, they talked about anything and everything. Elizabeth was amazed on how much they had in common and, with each passing minute, she fell just a little more for this Irish lad.

“Look at the time.” Sean said, hoping he could convince Elizabeth to go out to lunch with him. “Do you know any good Irish pubs?”

“Yes, I do.” She grinned, excited to show Sean her city.

“Would you like to show me? I mean, would you like to go to lunch with me at the pub?” Sean stuttered.

Elizabeth had to giggle at the hard ass Don stuttering about asking her to lunch.

“Are you laughing at me?”

“No. Well, maybe a little. And I would love to go to lunch with you.”

Elizabeth took him to the little Irish pub that she went to when she missed her sister. Mulleady’s Irish Pub was a tradition for her. It boasted Irish fare, weekend brunch, and whiskeys galore in an elevated pub with woodwork & stone fireplaces. They also provided her favorite, a wonderful Irish stew. They sat with their bowls of stew and a pint of Guinness and continued to get to know each other. At the end of lunch, Elizabeth decided that she wanted to pursue a relationship with Sean O’Leary and see where these feelings went.

After lunch, Sean walked Elizabeth back to her door. “I had a wonderful time.”

“So did I.”

“I guess I will see you on the plane back to Boston.”


“Fuck, Elizabeth, may I kiss you?”


Sean slowly moved in and captured her lips in a sweet but passionate kiss. Finally pulling away, he looked deeply into her lovely green eyes. “I have wanted to do that for so long. It was even better than I could ever dream.”

“I know what you mean. I hope this is a beginning of something special.”

“It will be. I see a very bright future for us.” Sean implored. Then kissed her once more. “I will see you tomorrow morning.”

“Have a good evening.”

“I won’t, because you won’t be with me.”

Elizabeth smiled at the comment and went into her apartment before she asked him to stay. She needed time to think about all that had happened.

Sean left with a spring in his step and love in his heart. He was so lost in this red headed lass.

The rest of afternoon, Elizabeth called Bella and filled her in on her date, yes she considered it a date with Sean and the plans for the funeral. When she found out the amount of people who would be in attendance from the family, she broke down and cried. She might have Irish blood running through her veins, but her family was Italian.


When the members of the Cullen/Volturi families, along with her parents, Monica and Anthony Servillo, boarded the plane, Elizabeth handed out an itinerary of the events for Lisa’s funeral, that she and her father had organized.

Prior to leaving Seattle, Elizabeth had placed an obituary in the Boston Globe. Lisa’s body was currently being kept at O’Brien’s Funeral Home, in the south end of Boston. Because of the time constraints and the condition of Lisa’s body it would be a closed casket. It was planned that a mass would be held at Cathedral of the Holy Cross, followed by a graveside service.

Edward and Bella had agreed to have the family and Coven team members stay at the townhouse. Sean had agreed to escort Peter, Elizabeth, and her parents, the Servillos, to the funeral home to make the arrangements.

Upon entering the funeral home, Elizabeth became ill, and was glad she had Monica and Anthony there for support, as well as Sean. Elizabeth and Peter selected a beautiful white casket. It would be covered in an enormous spray of pink and white roses, Lisa’s favorite. The funeral home also suggested, due to the enormity of the funeral, that a white horse drawn carriage would be a nice touch for the procession from the funeral home to the cathedral, and then to the cemetery. Peter mumbled that he didn’t see anything wrong with a hearse, but Elizabeth and Sean both vetoed that idea, and arranged for the carriage. It was to be drawn by two beautiful white horses bearing pink feather plumes.


Elizabeth asked Peter if she would be permitted to access Lisa’s wardrobe to select an outfit, to which he agreed. They picked out the traditional Irish prayer book and cards, which would be available to visitors at the cathedral entrance. The funeral director requested a picture of Lisa that would be used for a poster to be display on an easel next to the coffin at the church. Peter acquiesced that he would provide a current photo.


After all the arrangements were made, everyone retreated back to the Cullen townhome, where there would be a small reception held in Lisa’s honor.

Elizabeth was feeling extremely emotional and drained. Monica suggested that she may want to lay down and rest for a while. Sean said he would take her up to her room and see that she rested. They sat for a while as Elizabeth recanted the various adventures she and Lisa had while they were growing up. Sean listened attentively as she reminisced about her childhood, and noticed that, after a moment of silence, Elizabeth had drifted off to sleep. Sean placed a quilt that was sitting in a chair to the side over Elizabeth, lightly kissed her forehead, and left her to rest.

The day of the funeral dawned with bright sunshine, blue skies, and unseasonably warm temperatures. Elizabeth felt refreshed as she arose for the day. She heard a knock on the door, and opened it to find Bella and Monica with a tray of breakfast foods. The three women sat on the bed chatting about the events for the day, while Bella and Monica made sure Elizabeth was supported in any way they could.

After donning a simple black tank dress and heels, along with her cross necklace, the family Bible, and rosary that she had be given by Peter the day before, she was ready to face the daunting task of saying her final farewell to her beloved sister.

Limousines were lined on the street outside the townhouse to take all the family members directly to Holy Cross cathedral. Elizabeth rode with Edward, Bella, Sean, Peter, and Monica and Anthony. Sean held her hand tightly throughout the ride to the church, and continued to stay firmly by her side during the greetings, and service.

Once the casket was placed into the horse drawn carriage, all in attendance followed on foot to the cemetery, which was a half a mile up the road from the cathedral. The Boston Premier Bagpipe unit led the processional up the hill to the cemetery.

After the Bishop gave the sermon and the traditional benediction, Elizabeth rose from her seat and stepped up to the podium that had been provided. This was to be her only opportunity to speak for and to Lisa. With a handkerchief in her left hand, and a rosary in her right, she began.

“My name is Elizabeth O’Donnell Servillo, and I am Lisa’s older sister. I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with my wonderful sister over the last couple of years, but I loved her any less. She was my sunshine. Lisa was a beautiful woman, with a loving and caring spirit. Her presence among us was too short, and she will be truly missed. I would like to say the traditional prayer of our Irish brethren.

Death is nothing at all.
It does not count.
I have only slipped away into the next room.
Everything remains as it was.
The old life that we lived so fondly together
is untouched, unchanged.
Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
Call me by the old familiar name.
Speak of me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no sorrow in your tone.
Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that
we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was.
Let it be spoken without effort
Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same as it ever was.
There is unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind because
I am out of sight?
I am but waiting for you, for an interval,
somewhere very near, just around the corner.
All is well. Nothing is hurt; nothing is lost.
One brief moment and all will be as it was before.
How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting,
when we meet again.

Elizabeth wiped away her tears and simply said, “ Weep nach, do tá tú i gcónaí i mo chroí.”  (Weep not, for you are always in my heart.) As she stepped away from the podium, Sean placed his arm around her waist and held her as the mourners filed by. The mourners each tossed a white rose upon the casket, which was lowered into the ground. Everyone was then invited back to Sean’s home for a wake in Lisa’s remembrance.


Jessica couldn’t believe she was in this tiny town that didn’t even have a Starbucks, or even one designer shop. She was currently wearing a pair of jeans, a blouse, and tennis shoes that she purchased for $30.00 at a Walmart before she arrived in this one red light town. She had been on her way back home when she spotted one of members of the Cullen family storming into the apartment building, and, in an instant, she knew that the idiot Michael had been caught. Slipping out a side door, she caught a cab and she laid on a sob story about how she was running away from an abusive relationship and the cabbie agreed to go the ATM for her, so she wouldn’t be seen on surveillance and buy her bus ticket out of town.

The bus took six hours to get to the little town that was four hours away from Seattle. She rented a room at the only motel/hotel in town and laid low. She would reach out to Aro in a few weeks when the dust had settled, but, for now, she would just have to suffer.

After eating another terrible meal at the diner, she was walking out the door when she ran into a man. Looking up, she became really nervous, he had on a policeman’s uniform and, when she looked at the name tag it said “Chief.” Fuck.

“Are you okay, ma’am?” He asked.

“Yes, I am so sorry.”

“Oh, you didn’t hurt me. You must be new to town.”

“I am.”

“Well, welcome to Forks.”








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  1. Another wonderful chapter. I’m glad that Elizabeth is becoming open to a relationship with Sean and that she was able to have closure with her sister. I loved the intimate time that Edward and Bella had together. I truly love this story, thanks for sharing it with us.


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