Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous


NOTE: This chapter is about the capture, torture, and death of Aro. If this effects you in any way, I would avoid reading this chapter.


Daniella Canalis dressed for her part as the enticing doctor making a house call in a black pencil skirt and a white silk blouse that wrapped snuggly around her more than ample breasts, like a present waiting to be opened. She had styled her long brunette hair in a chignon.


Her combination of both professional and sensual would entice any virile male to immediately want to play patient to her doctor. According to the operations plan, Daniella’s appearance would cause Aro to be so distracted, that it would prohibit him from suspecting that anything was amiss. She was simply a doctor responding to his call. The extraction team was in place and prepared. As soon as Daniella gave them the signal, they would immediately implement the extraction. Edward and Bella were making their own preparations, because they had a surprise for Aro. Daddy Dearest was in for a very rude awakening.

Daniella was carrying a black leather medical bag containing the standard items one would find in a doctor’s kit, as well as the items needed to carry out the plan. A secret compartment within the bag contained her 9mm, zip ties, and a syringe filled with Propofol, just in case Aro became suspicious and decided to put up some resistance. Edward and Bella had instructed that they wanted Aro to be as coherent as possible, so he would be aware of what was happening, as well as feeling the pain. The extraction team had already prepared syringes of adrenaline in order to revive Aro if he passed out from pain.

“I am ready to go in.” Daniella said, making one more check for her silent alarm that was part of her watch and that the camera contained in her necklace was sending a live feed to the waiting team.

“Affirmative. Proceed to the target, commence the operation. I want that fucker to start suffering. Extraction team, standby for signal.” Elizabeth smirked.

Affirmative responses were received from both Daniella and Diego, the extraction team leader.

Danielle exited the townhouse and got into her rented red Audi S5. The extraction team was following her in a white panel van. The van was carrying a specially designed container for moving Aro, a medium size wooden crate that had been specially fitted with sharp metal stakes protruding into the crate every six inches from the top to the bottom on all sides. Diego designed the crate based on a medieval torture device, the Iron Maiden.

Danielle arrived at the hotel and walked through the lobby and directly to the elevators up to Aro’s room. Taking a cleansing breath outside of his room, she put her game face on, and knocked on the door.

Aro had been on pins and needles all night until the desk clerk called and informed him that the doctor would be up first thing in the morning. He had hoped, when he woke up this morning, that things would be back to normal, but he was the complete opposite. His situation was rapidly deteriorating. As he was showering this morning, he noticed that his dick was still limp, and no amount of jerking, or gripping, helped. He also became panicked when he saw large clumps of hair falling from his scalp as he was washing his hair. It was no wonder that he was ecstatic when he heard the knock on the door. Remaining ever suspicious, he looked out the peephole and gasped at the stunning woman who was standing away from his door holding a doctor’s bag. Was this his doctor? “Who is it?”

“I am Doctor Canalis. The concierge called and said you had a medical emergency.” Daniella said.

Removing the locks, Aro opened the door and stared at the woman before him. She had to be one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. “Please, please come in.” Aro cooed.

“Thank you. Good morning. Are you Arturo Cygnet?

“Yes, yes I am.”

Aro led Daniella into the sitting area and motioned for her to have a seat on one of chairs while he sat on the couch.

“So, tell me, what is going on, Mr. Cygnet?” Danielle asked.

“I am having some serious issues, doctor. First, my hair has started falling out in huge clumps and my dick is limp.”

“Pardon me?”

“My dick is limp. It won’t get hard.” Aro groaned as he waved his hand towards his crotch, as if the doctor didn’t know where it was located.

Daniella cleared her throat and looked at Aro Volturi, mentally acknowledging that his hair and dick would soon be the least of his problems. “Sir, it is well known that men your age sometimes experience periods of erectile dysfunction. Has this problem occurred before?”

“NOT ME!” Aro yelled. “I have never ever had a problem with getting or keeping an erection. So there has to be some other reason.”

“Calm down, Mr. Cygnet; let’s review your medical history and see if we can find the cause of the problem.” Daniella was preparing to ask the basic medical questions when Aro reached over to the table and picked up the two four inch thick folders full of his medical information. When he left Seattle, it was the first thing he took out of his safe, knowing that he would need medical attention at some point. “Here is my complete medical file.”

Daniella took the files from Aro and tried her best to maintain her role and not laugh. She had been made aware that Aro was a hypochondriac. As she flipped through the sheets, she was amused by the things that he complained about. “I see you have had several health issues over the years.”

“Yes I have. My numerous health issues are directly linked to the genes I got from my father.”

“I see you are on a drug and vitamin regimen. Let’s get your vitals and I can get a better picture of what is going on, sir.” Daniella removed the stethoscope from the bag and checked Aro’s heart rate, while taking his pulse. She then applied the cuff from the portable blood pressure machine, and check his blood pressure. “Well, sir, everything seems to be normal; since you have stated that you never experienced this type of predicament before, I would like you to try a topical steroid cream and see if it helps.” Daniella pulled out a box containing various medications in pill form, liquids, and creams. They wanted it to appear that the “doctor” had medications stocked in the bag, so that Aro would not question her having the cream readily available.

“Has it worked in the past for other patients?” Aro worriedly asked.

“Yes, sir. The steroid cream has multiple uses, and has a high success rate for temporary erectile dysfunction. Now one of the side effects is a slight case of a burning sensation when first applied, but that should subside rather quickly.”

“If this helps, a little burning is well worth it. And, when this cream works, I would love nothing more than to show you just what a hard cock can do, doctor.” Aro smirked, thinking about all the erotic things he could do to the good doctor.

Daniella swallowed down the bile that wanted to make an appearance, and tried to keep up appearances, because she really wanted to pull out her gun and kill this sick bastard. “Okay, Mr. Cygnet, please stand and drop your pants for me.”

“With pleasure, my dear.” Aro said, licking his lips at her.

Daniella reached into the case and pulled out a pair of latex examination gloves and the tube of cream. When she righted herself, she came face to penis with Aro’s limp, lifeless dick. Swallowing back another bit of vomit that was trying to make an appearance, she put on a smile and began putting on her gloves. She wondered what the surveillance team was thinking, as they had an up close and personal view of Aro’s limp, hairless dick. “Mr. Cygnet, as I said earlier, this might cause a slight burning sensation, but that is totally normal.”

“As long as it corrects my problem, I can take a little pain.”

Squeezing on a large quantity of the cream onto her fingers, she rubbed it all over his lifeless dick and then squeezed another large amount and coated his testicles, ensuring every inch of his privates was coated with the cream. He was going to be in a hell of a lot of pain. “Okay, that should be sufficient. Please put your pants back on, sir.”

Aro licked his lips and grabbed Daniella’s left arm tight. “But, wouldn’t it be easier if I left them down? Because, as soon as this cream does its job and I am hard, I plan to ram it into that tight pussy of yours over and over again, until you cry out my name in ecstasy.”

Danielle had enough of this asshole and she needed to put him in his place. Rearing back with her right hand palm side up, she thrust it with all her strength into Aro’s nose, immediately hearing the satisfying crunch of his nose breaking. Take that, you fucker she thought.

“YOU BITCH!” Aro screamed, letting go of Daniella’s arm and holding on to his bloody, broken nose and falling back into the chair with his pants around his ankles.

Daniella quickly and smoothly reached into the bag and grabbed the specially made zip ties they had designed for Aro. Instead of the usually smooth surface, these had hard sharp teeth cut on the inside that would dig into the captive’s skin. She quickly circled behind Aro, pushed his head down and grabbed his wrists and placed the ties around them and pulled it tight. “Shut up, you sick bastard.”

“That hurts, let me fucking go, you bitch! Do you know who you are messing with?” Aro seethed, his teeth grinding together tightly.

Suddenly, the door opened and in walked Edward and Bella, guns drawn and pointed at Aro. “Well, well, well, look who we have here. Daddy Dearest.” Bella chuckled. “Looking a bit under the weather, I see. Nice job, Daniella.”


“You fucking whore, let me go!” Aro yelled. His nose was fucked up and bleeding, his wrists throbbed in pain, and he began to feel an intense burning sensation on and around his dick; as the seconds ticked by, the pain was increasing. “What the fuck is going on? What the fuck are you doing in my room?” He tried to turn around to see the doctor; then he yelled out, “My dick is on fire, make it stop.”

“Oh no, no, that won’t be happening.” Edward smirked. “This is only the beginning Aro. Il dolore è solo voi a partire fottuto maiale. (The pain is just starting, you fucking pig). ”

“Fuck you. Fuck all of you. Let me fucking go!!!!!”

Edward laughed a devilish chuckle. “Don’t swing that way. I love my wife’s pussy too much. Now, this is what is going to happen, we are taking you back to Seattle in first class accommodations. Your sick ass is going to pay for all the pain and heartache that you have inflicted, not only on my family and your own family, but on the O’Leary family as well.

Aro tried push through the extreme amount of pain his was feeling to get a grip on the situation. He was at a fucking loss as to what fuck he did to the O’Leary family. “I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about, motherfucker. I have never done anything to the fucking Irish.”

Edward stepped up and threw a punch, whipping Aro’s head around. “You fucking killed and dumped the body of Lisa O’Donnell, daughter of Peter O’Donnell of the O’Leary Family. Sound familiar now, cocksucker?”

“What do you care what happened to the whore?”

Bella rushed forward and hit Aro over the head with the butt of her gun. “Don’t you ever call her a whore again! That young girl was a beloved sister and daughter, and you took her life and discarded her like a piece of trash. For that, your fucking death will be drawn out and extremely painful.” Bella growled.

Aro spit blood all over the front of Bella’s blouse. “Fuck you. You are nothing but fucking mistake that should have trickled down your mother’s thigh, bitch.”

Edward punched Aro’s jaw so hard, he caused several teeth to fly out of his mouth. “You will not speak to my wife like that, you fucking monster. You are not fit to be in her presence. The only mistake in this room is you. The fact that you are still breathing is only temporary, and something I plan on correcting very fucking soon.”

Edward turned to the team members who had followed Edward and Bella into the room. “Get him ready for transport and get the cleanup crew in here.”

“Yes, sir.” Jack said with confidence and pleasure. The cleaning crew was the best in the business. Not only did they remove all physical evidence, but also electronic evidence. When they were through, there would not be one fraction of a millisecond of video left of Aro or any of the Cullens. Their trip to New York would be non-existent and new video and pictures would reflect the whole family in Seattle for the entire time.

Bella turned back to Aro. “See you in Seattle, motherfucker. Have a nice trip.”

Edward smirked and took Bella’s hand and walked out of the room. Their vehicle was waiting and the entire family was in the process of making their way to the airport to board the plane. Emmett and Seth had been with Edward and Bella as they took Aro captive and Jasper and a large security team made sure the rest of the family arrived to the runway safely.

Daniella helped the team get Aro prepared for transport. The first order of business was to tape his mouth shut. Daniella inserted a ball gag before applying the duct tape over it. They all were getting sick and tired of hearing his moaning and groaning. Fucker was an annoying shit. The specially constructed five foot by five foot wooden box was brought into the room. If he moved in any direction he would be impaled by the metal stakes, which just gave the team a warm happy feeling. After Aro was placed in the box and the lid was nailed shut, they loaded him on a cart and wheeled out to the van.


Jack was driving the van and made sure to hit every bump and pothole between the hotel and the airport. Yes, he was one evil sucker and he loved his job. He was still full of rage for Aro; he had been the unfortunate one to locate the suitcase and Lisa’s body, and so any pain that he knew that Aro was feeling made it just a little sweeter. Soon, they arrived at the airport and he drove the van to the cargo hold of the airplane. The team rolled Aro’s temporary coffin out of the van and placed him into the cargo hold. The ride to Seattle was going to be cold and noisy and every minute of displeasure that Aro endured would be just one second of pleasure to those who had been touched by his cruelty.

Edward and Bella had boarded the plane and the family was very interested in how the extraction had went and if everything had gone as planned.


“We are very pleased with how the Coven team has performed throughout this operation. Their precision, dedication, and success are admirable. We will be proud to promote this team to other families who will need the services of the best assassination team in the world.” Edward proudly announced. “Aro is currently in a box in the cargo hold. The Seattle team has the warehouse all set up and currently have Michael Newton in a cage awaiting our arrival.”

“Fucking Newton. I can’t believe he was that stupid.” Carlisle murmured. “Did you find Jessica?”

“Not yet, but we are continuing our search.”

“When are Sean and Peter going to arrive?” Esme asked.

“Actually they left about an hour ahead of us. Since we needed to take care of loading up the extra dead weight.”

“What? Aro’s dead already?” Esme squeaked.

“No, Mom, not yet, he will be wishing for death before that mercy is granted.” Edward smirked.

Elizabeth was sitting toward the back of the plane with her laptop open, but, instead of going over the information concerning the cleanup crew’s progress, she was daydreaming about Sean O’Leary. How had this man managed to get under her skin so quickly? She had tried to distance herself from him, but, every time she did, her heart physically ached. Thinking back to all the conversations they had, she began to think that perhaps she had been too overly critical of Sean. Maybe, just maybe, she could open up more to him. He had said he would be there for her and she knew that she would need someone strong to lean on during Lisa’s funeral. Because, as much as she wanted everyone to think she was holding it together, in reality she was barely functioning. Damn Irish sweet talker. She really had missed the Irish brogue; every time he called her lassie, her heart would skip a beat. She was so afraid that she was going to be hurt again, but she knew that if her sister had been here, she would tell her that the great treasures are those that you endure some pain for. For the first time since this trip started, she actually allowed herself to smile. Now she only hoped she hadn’t pushed him to far away; she was going to allow herself to open up to Sean’s advances and see where it took them.

The Cullen family put all thoughts about what was going to happen once they arrived in Seattle to the back of their minds. It was the first time since Aro’s escape that they were breathing a sigh of relief. Edward and Bella sat as close as possible on one of couches in mid cabin. They were relaxed, cuddling with each other, and whispering in hushed tones. “Are you sure you are ready for this?” Bella asked.


“Oh, baby, I can’t wait.” Edward said as picked up Bella’s delicate hand and kissed each knuckle sweetly.

“Okay. I was scheduled to have the shot on Friday, so I will cancel the appointment. But you do know it may take some time before anything might happen, right?”

“Yes, but we’ll have a fuck load of fun practicing, literally.” Edward joked as he then wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her even closer.

Hot Couple 2_zpsjepp3pnq

Esme watched her son and daughter, yes, daughter, not daughter-in-law; Esme felt as though Bella were the daughter she never had, but always wanted. As she watched them, there was something about the way they touched and looked at each other and then it hit her, they were talking about a baby. Was Bella already pregnant? Was she going to be a grandmother? “Carlisle.” Esme whispered.

Carlisle leaned closer to Esme. “What is it, my love?”

“Look at them. I think our family is going to be getting larger.”

“Really.” Carlisle answered, not really questioning his wife’s intuitive nature.

“I think so. Oh, Carlisle, that would be so wonderful.” Esme cooed.

“It really would be, but, sweetie, let them come to us.”

“Oh, I will.” She promised, but she was already thinking of themes for the nursery.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and the security team kept an eye on Aro with the mini camera that been installed in the box. He was in a lot a pain. Even though he was gagged, one could tell he was screaming out in agony. When the plane touched down, the ground team was ready to take Aro to the warehouse, where his torture would continue until his ultimate demise.   After the team left, the family disembarked the plane and headed into the limos that were waiting for them. The family would be staying at the Cullen Estate while Aro was being dealt with, but Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, and Seth would be in attendance for each and every hour of torture he was to receive. Michael and Tony would be attending, along with Sean, Peter, and Elizabeth. Several members of the Coven team were going to assist as necessary and help with keeping Aro conscious. Alec had decided he did not want to be there as his father was being tortured, but elected to stay with his mother and Maggie. Even though Aro was a demon, who possessed a black and evil heart from hell, he was still his father and, as much as he hated everything about him, he just couldn’t be in the room when he was killed.

The Cullens and Volturi arrived at the warehouse and were met by Sean and Peter. Elizabeth had ridden in with the Coven team which had arrived before everyone else to make sure all preparations had been made and everything was in order. Edward and Jasper had given them a list of tools that they would be needed.

Before walking into the warehouse, Edward pulled Bella to the side of the door. Over the years, he had participated in numerous tortures and killings of those who had wronged the family. He knew that, once he set foot through the door, he would need to be in a different mindset. He would no longer be the loving, caring man that Bella knew, but the hardened, unforgiving Don of the family. But Bella would also need to turn off her emotions and walk in as the Donna of the family. The man that was tied up might be her biological father, but she could not, at any time, show any weakness for him.

“Baby, we talked about this. When we walk in we need to be in the right mindset. Once we step through that door, we must rid ourselves of our compassion, hell, our humanity.” Edward implored. “Do you think you can do this?”

Bella knew what was about to happen and she had been preparing herself mentally for this all week. “Edward, I have considered everything that man has done, everything he could do if left to survive, and I am also aware of how I need to perform during this time. I need to see this to the end. I will see it end, and I can handle it. We are doing the world a favor, and I am looking forward to starting our future without his shadow. We need to do this for our family.”

“Okay, love, I just wanted to make sure you are ready. Let’s get this over with. I love you.”

“As I love you.” Bella said, reaching up and placing a kiss on his pouty lips.

Edward turned back to the group, who were standing by waiting to enter the warehouse. The Don and Donna would enter first, according to protocol, and others would follow in a sign of support and loyalty. Edward opened the door and the smell of piss and blood flooded his nose. The Don side of Edward relished in the smell, because he knew that the smell was an indication of fear. He also knew the smell of death would soon be joining them. Making their way down the hallway, they entered the main room where the Coven team had both Aro and Michael Newton suspended from meat hooks. Michael was stripped naked, his feet were tied by ropes and his legs were stretched as far as possible. The welts on his sides and back indicated that the team had gotten a few good shots, providing him a preview of the real pain he was about to receive.

Located in the middle of the room were two metal surgical tables, accompanied with side tables, which contained the specific instruments that Edward had requested of the team before they departed New York. The floor was concrete with sewage drains located under each table. There was a hanging spotlight over each table and metal restraints built in at the throat, ankle, and hand locations.

Edward nodded to one of the team members, Kevin, to bring Michael forward using the pulley system the meat hook was attached to. Michael was gagged, but the muffled sounds emanating from him, clearly demonstrated that he was unhappy.

“Mr. Newton, since you are not at liberty to speak, simply nod yes or no for the required answers. Do you understand?” Edward started with the questioning.

Michael nodded his head yes.

“Good, good, Mr. Newton. Do you know why you are here?”

Michael shook his head in the negative.

“Well, Mr. Newton, perhaps I should refresh your memory. Strength of the family, like the strength of an army depends on the loyalty of its members. You have not been loyal to the family. In fact, you tried to steal from the family; for that, the sentence is death.”

Michael eyes grew wide as he heard what Edward said. He didn’t know how Edward had found out about him trying to hack into the system, but he must have underestimated the security that little shit Alec had designed.

“Newton, your downfall is that you were thinking with your dick and not your brain. Wrong head, man. Jessica was sent to seduce you by that asshole over there.” Edward smirked, pointing at Aro, who was also hung up by meat hooks, which were pierced through his shoulders and his collarbone, with his shoulder bones supporting his weight. “Take Mr. Newton down and strap him to the table.”

Jack and Kevin came over and loosened the rope and allowed Michael to drop hard on the cold hard concrete floor with a loud thump. Chuckling, they removed the ropes around his ankles and yanked him dragging him across the floor to the table. Picking him up, they threw him on the table and strapped each wrist and ankle. “Ready whenever you are, boss.”

Edward took off his jacket, tie, and cufflinks and began rolling up the sleeves of his crisp white shirt. Turning to Jasper, “Did you bring my little friend?”

jasper 3_zpsrxvxxmvh

“Yes, Boss.” Jasper smirked as he reached into his jacket and pulled out Edward’s favorite knife.

Newton was screaming and writhing on the table, trying to figure a way out of this, but, of course, the gag was not allowing him to give the excuses he was thinking up.

“Oh, my little friend, I haven’t seen you in a while.” The last time he had seen or used the knife was on the guy who had killed Billy at the docks. “Newton, I am going to tell you how this is going to go down. I am going to cut off each one of your fingers, for trying to steal from me and then I am going to cut out your heart, for breaking the code of the family.”

Michael thrashed around trying to get loose, but to no avail. Edward was pleased that Jasper, who was the keeper of his knife, had made sure that it was razor sharp, so cutting off each of Michael’s fingers was like slicing through butter. By the time he cut the last one off the table, rivulets of blood were running down from where each finger had been sliced away, and made their way into the drain. Edward reached down and grabbed a handful of hair and brought Michael’s face closer to his. “We took you in, we gave you a job that paid you well, you were protected under the family, we trusted you, and this is how you repay us? May the devil welcome you into the depths of hell for your betrayal.” Edward said, dropping Michael’s head and jabbed the knife into his chest and cut his heart out. Dropping the heart onto the table, he turned to everyone present. “Family first.”

“FAMILY FIRST!” Everyone yelled.

Walking back to the table, where all the tools were laid out, Edward picked up a towel and cleaned some blood off his hands. It was not something Edward wanted to do on a daily basis, but enforcing the code of loyalty was a necessary evil and it felt good. “Take Aro down and strap him to the table.”

Jack and Kevin lowered Aro; once his feet were on the ground, they pulled the meat hooks from his body. Aro’s face went deathly white and then his head fell forward. He had passed out from the pain.

“Oh, no, we won’t have any of that shit; wake that motherfucker up!” Edward barked.

Daniella rushed forward with the syringe of adrenaline and jabbed it into Aro’s leg, pumping in a large dose. Aro’s head began to sway back and forth as he began to wake up.

“Once he is strapped down, remove his gag. I want to hear his cries.” Edward smirked.

They carried Aro over to the table and strapped each wrist and ankle to the table. Once secure, they lifted the edge of the duct tape and ripped it from his mouth taking the ball gag with it. Aro cried out in pain.

Edward picked the cat o’nine tails and walked over to the table. “You have boasted that you are a Dominant, but you are not. You don’t put the needs and desire of your submissive before yourself and do not care that you inflict damage to your submissives. As a Dominant of good standing in the community, I am here today to right this wrong. I will be dealing out the punishment for your many sexual transgressions within and outside of the community. Then, I will report to the community that no aftercare was given.”


Edward took a step back and with all his strength, he snapped the cat o’nine onto Aro’s chest. The razor sharp teeth cut into the flesh and, as it was ripped back out for another strike, it tore the skin into deep gashes. With each strike, Aro’s cries grew louder and louder. Finally, after the fifth strike, Edward admired his handy work. The gashes were all over his chest and legs, which were bleeding quite profusely. He smiled down at Aro and then spit on him. “Fuck you to hell for the pain and suffering you have caused, asshole.”

As Edward walked away, Michael Volturi walked up to the table. “You have brought great shame to this family. Your soul is as black as night and I do not consider you my son.” Michael said, and then pulled a black handled knife from his pocket. “You planned and tried to harm my wife, your own mother. That you would even entertain the idea of harming a single hair on her beautiful head is unbelievable, and for that I am going to remove the hair from yours.” Making several quick semicircular cuts on either side of Aro’s head, and grasping a hand full of his hair, Michael yanked it back quickly, removing the scalp from his head. Once the scalp was removed, Michael poured a cup of sulfur over the open wound.


Aro couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t think of anything but stopping the pain. The world was spinning and he didn’t know what hurt worse at that point and he just wanted it to end.

“MERCY!!!!” He finally screamed in agony.

“We will show you the mercy that you have so graciously shown your victims.” Edward spat.

Elizabeth walked over to stand beside her father and Sean. As Lisa’s family, she and her father would be administering the last part of Aro’s torture. They walked up to the table, one on each side.

Peter looked down at the bloodied face of the monster who had robbed him of his daughter. “You took away a bright light from this world. My daughter, Lisa, who you abused, and brutally murdered, then threw away like a piece of garbage, had a long life ahead of her. She was intelligent, beautiful, and loved, until she met you. As her father and sister, we invoke the right of revenge.” Peter said, trying to hold it together.

He nodded to Elizabeth, who had been told that she and her father would be sharing in ending the life of the monster who had robbed them of their sister and daughter. It was not a reunion for the two of them, but a common goal, getting justice for Lisa. Picking up the cattle prod she rammed it up Aro’s ass in one swift motion, and turned it on. Aro screamed out in pure agony.

Peter walked around to the head of the table and bent down to Aro’s blood filled ear and spoke, “Che tu possa bruciare all’inferno.” (may you burn in hell) It was an Italian phrase he had asked Edward to translate for him.

He nodded once again to Elizabeth, who yanked the cattle prod from Aro’s ass, as Peter took a piece of barb wire into his gloved hands and wrapped it around Aro’s throat, pulling tightly. The spikes cut deeply into the skin and Aro gasped for air. “Che tu possa bruciare all’inferno” Peter repeated. Aro gasped and gurgled as he choked on his own blood, thrashing about until his eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped upon the table.

Aro Volturi was dead.



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