Teaser for Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous

Here is a teaser for Chapter 19 of Bound and Dangerous.  Please note that is it not beta’d.  Enjoy.

Daniella helped the team getting Aro prepared for transport.  First thing that had to be done, was his mouth was taped shut.  Daniella inserted a ball gag before applying the duct tape over it. They all were getting sick and tired of hearing his moaning and groaning.  Fucker was an annoying shit.  The specially constructed five foot by five foot wooden box was brought into the room.  If he moved in any direction he would be impaled by the metal stakes, which just gave the team a warm happy feeling.  After Aro was placed in the box and the lid was nailed shut, they loaded him on a cart and wheeled out the to van.  Jack was driving the van and made sure to hit every bump and pothole between the hotel and the airport.  Yes he was one evil sucker and he loved it.  He was still full of rage for Aro, he had been the unfortunate one to locate the suitcase and Lisa’s body, so any pain that he knew that Aro was feeling made it just a little sweeter.

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